tagFirst TimeWearing Down A Virgin's Resistance

Wearing Down A Virgin's Resistance


A 26-year-old virgin, Tammy had a lot of uneasiness "going all the way" with a man before marriage.

But over time, in her latest relationship, she would allow this one guy she met to engage in some "everything...but" which she believed would be "easier" on her conscience.

After their dates, Tammy and Don, who was a little older, would often make-out on the couch. This was limited to intimate hugs and deep kisses.

Tammy didn't want to go much farther because she considered herself a good Christian girl, though she was becoming aware of her growing feelings for him and realized she really wanted him and had to admit that she wanted to feel a man inside her.

One night, after some passionate kissing, he did some "dry rubbing" against her thighs, cumming into his pants, leaving a tell-tale sign.

She was a little shocked he did that but soon realized that's what a guy needed to do.

After dating for four months, one night they went back to his place where they laid next to each other and kissed passionately, like before.

He wanted to take things slow because he knew she was a religious woman and didn't want to appear like he only wanted to get into her pants, even though that was his goal.

Don began caressing her breasts and started to move his hands into her shirt.

"....Not... not yet, love.....," she said nervously.

Don caressed her breasts more but kept his hands on the outside of her shirt.

Encountering no resistance, he moved his hand inside her shirt and cupped one of her breasts under her bra, bringing her some thrills through his squeezing.

After bringing her some pleasure that way, he moved his hand down to her womanhood and brushed her outside her clothes. Tammy moved her vagina and down, signaling contentment with his hands journeying to that intimate place.

Tammy noticed a bulge growing in his pants and touched him.

"Unzip it," he asked her.

Tammy opened the zipper and Don's manhood popped out. She stroked it for a little while as Don caressed her breasts.

Shortly, some precum oozed out.

Feeling more comfortable with the sexual feelings, Tammy pulled off her shit and removed her pants while Don disrobed.

He saw her beauty as she lay there in her bra, which her breasts well-filled. He noticed her panties were a little darker.

Don began to unbutton her bra.

"....Don... don't..."

Don retracted his hands but continued kissing and hugging her, and then started to caress her breasts, still inside her bra, with his hand.

He noticed the feelings getting to her and quickly began unbuttoning her from behind her back.

Sliding her bra off, Don started kissing and sucking her breasts as Tammy reacted with excitement.

As he kissed her boobs, she took his penis by her hand and caressed it. He jerked a little as she cupped it with her nervous hands.

Sucking her breasts gave Tammy a new feeling in her clitoris and she spread her legs a little.

After the light sex-play, Don told her he thought it "was time" he showed her some things a woman needed from a man.

As he made his request, he began to pull her panties down.

Tammy resisted and moved them back up, telling him,

"... Wait until time, dear," she said, almost terrified.

Don kissed her breasts more and Tammy seemed overtaken by the passion. She'd caressed a man before, but never had one entered her panties. This gave her feelings she'd never felt before and noticed she was becoming wetter.

After sucking her breasts, Don moved his fingers into her panties and felt her more.

Don ran the palm of his hand up and down it, felt its wetness. As he rubbed it, he would occasionally slip his finger inside.

His digital stimulation gave her new feelings as well, shuddering as he moved his fingers in and out.

Becoming more interested, Tammy removed her panties, exposing her womanhood in all its beauty to Don as she lay on her back.

Spreading her legs wider, she allowed Don to caress her vaginal area more. He lightly moved the palm of his hand up against her bush, which was very wet.

"Tammy... I love you and respect you, but I need to show you what a man can do," he said.

"....Okay," she said, sounding less worried.

Don moved his head to her pussy to begin kissing and sucking.

He started slow, kissing her, inserting his tongue, which caused her to shake some.

She rocked her hips up and down as his tongue entered her.

She'd never had a guy go down on her before. For the first time in her life, she orgasmed as Don sucked her even more, swallowing her juices as his hands caressed and squeezed her breasts.

Finishing the oral, Don enjoyed looking at the sight of her face from the angle of her vagina. Was quite a sight peering into her laying back with her legs spread wide and he seeing her face between her sexy breasts as he wiped his mouth wet with her juices.

He knew he really wanted to fuck her even more. And she knew she wanted him as well, despite her protests.

"Let me show you some things, luv," she said to him as she took his penis in her mouth.

He thrust it a little as entered her.

"....I don't want you to fuck me -- yet.... I'm a virgin, Don..." she said as she sucked Don's penis even harder. "But that doesn't mean we can't do 'other' things. I'm not a prude," she said, pausing between her suckings.

Her language sort of gave away her growing lust and signaled she might be willing to "give away" something else....

Raising her head up to his, Don "distracted" her with some sweet talk, moving his erect penis between her upper thighs as he told her how much he cared for her.

She positioned her vagina next to his penis and seemed like she wanted him in her.

She seemed a little more at ease as he began thrusting between her thighs, and she responded favorably.

She told him, "Ah... but don't go in ... yet..."

Raising his back up a little and placing his arms around her, Don moved his penis up and down against her wet clitoris.

Though he wanted to enter her then and there, he wasn't "overtly" trying to enter, but wanted her to feel his manhood and thought he could try breaking down some of her resistance by rubbing up against her vulva.

A "religious" man who shared similar beliefs with her, he nonetheless had sexual feelings and wanted to experience the sexual love a woman could give him.

"...Don... that's very close. I'm a virgin... I believe in waiting. I don't want to...."

Shh.... he interrupted as he kissed her lips.

His thrustings increased with intensity and she breathed even more heavily as he made love to the outside of her vagina.

As he thrust up against her wet vagina, she began losing some of her inhibitions.

In her mind, she wondered what it would feel like if his penis went in and fantasized about making love. She'd heard of other friends letting other guys screw them, and as a Good Girl who kept the no sex before marriage ideal, wanted to feel it inside her as well.

Yet, she seemed to fear the loss of her innocence.

Sending she wanted him, Don raised his body a little higher and began to move his forehead into her, which see seemed to be silently screaming for him to enter....

"...I love you and really want you, but Don... not yet."

Her pussy was getting wetter by the moment.

"...I want you, girl," he told her, as she "blocked" his penis from entering her with trembling hands.

"I respect your morality, but I really want you. I've done this with some other ladies who wanted to remain virgins, but I need a good woman's love now."

She didn't respond but knew he desired her.

Rubbing and thrusting some more, he increased his pace and realized he couldn't take anymore of her vagina in front of him and sensed he was about to cum.

As he rubbed up against her vaginal walls and pubic hair, he shot his cum onto her tummy, careful to not aim it into her vagina.

A few more thrusts sent the rest of his love juices onto her. He wrapped his arms around her tighter as he cummed and she felt his wet juices and knew she'd brought him to excitement and realized she was close to becoming a woman, which kind of frightened her.

"....Girl, I want to enjoy ALL of you ...." he said as he pulled his penis from her pussy area.

She caressed his hair and kissed him as he held and cuddled her, caressing her breasts and entering her still wet vagina with his fingers, giving her more sensations.

She thanked him for not entering while she caressed him and his fingers kept exploring her innocent womanhood.

Still, she knew her time as a virgin was coming to an end.

They kissed and hugged more. Exhausted, they soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later, while still dark shortly before dawn, as they slept together naked, Tammy awoke and tried to bring Don back through caressing him.

Asleep while she caressed him, she awoke him by putting his manhood in mouth, which she sucked bringing him to attention.

Awakening, he said, "You're awake, love..." as he played with her hair as she sucked. Her oral delights caused him to slightly jerk himself in her mouth.

Not wanting him to cum, Tammy removed his penis from her mouth and moved her body alongside his.

She took his penis by her hand and moved into her vaginal area, which wasn't "wide open" yet. He started to move and rub against her bush, and expected to fuck the outside of her virgin vagina like earlier.

After beginning some rhythm and light thrusting, Don noticed she opened her clitoris a little wider than before. She seemed "more interested." She wasn't as nervous as earlier as Don positioned his forehead right up against her vulva.

Becoming more at ease, Tammy rolled over on her back and pushed up her hips, placing her naked pussy fully on display as she spread her legs wide.

She let him thrust even more up against her vaginal lips, which were even more wet now.

The sensations Tammy felt with Don's penis between her labia were indescribable. She loved the feeling he gave her as he rubbed his head right up against her vaginal opening.

He kept slowly inching closer and was so close to entering and fucking her.

Tammy didn't move to stop him, like she did before. This time, she seemed to enjoy all the great feelings his penis provoked in her.

As he moved closer into her looser labia, he looked up to her and they both looked like they understood what was going to happen next.

Don looked in her loving eyes and sensed she was ready to let him fuck her.

Realizing she'd played the "Good Girl" and had dangled her vagina in front of him long enough, Tammy figured it was time to let him in, like she knew he wanted and as she had also been secretly increasingly desiring.

"...I want you...." she told him.

"If you're sure," he said.

"....I'm sure," she said, pausing as she took-in the gravity of what she'd told him and how it would change their relationship – and her life – forever.

"....I'm ready and want you too...."

Don's forehead remained paused in the front of her vagina's entrance

Before she let him proceed, she had one request.

She told him she wanted him to pull-out "just in time" before he cummed.

"...As I'm a no-sex before marriage type of girl, and as I don't want to become a mommy, if you pull-out in-time, it should be okay."

"....and please, don't tell anyone we made love..."

Nominally agreeing, Don kissed her even more passionately.

Finally, he knew he'd be able to enjoy this sweet innocent woman he'd wanted all along.

He was about to change her life, and she his, by giving him her sweet virgin pussy.

There was no stopping them now as her demeanor gave him tacit approval to advance his forehead into her.

Careful of her comfort, Don he moved his penis in even more but slowly.

She reached her arms out and moved his face closer to her's and kissed him even more passionately.

He kept telling her he loved her as he moved in farther.

Shortly after he entered, he felt a little resistance as he broke her hymen, causing some bleeding.

"uhh...uhh," Tammy said, trying to hide the slight pain she felt his enormous cock bring.

He pulled-out and the blood was evident.

He asked how she felt.

"....I'm fine..... It doesn't hurt as much as I thought. I love you and want you. Please don't stop..."

Don lined his cock up against her entrance and moved in more, entering and going out, slowly, as she slowly started rocking her hips to move her clitoris against his pelvis.

He thrusted a little, slowed, pulled out a little with his cock in her wet vagina's entrance, then went back in, each time a little deeper, increasing the speed of his movement as he thrusted his love into her.

The obedient Christian, she opened her legs even wider and wrapped them around the man she loved. She liked the sensations and moaned with excitement.

Her rocking her hips against his allowed him to feel her move her vagina to the rhythm of his movements, and held him even tighter. This gave Don an incredible and unexpected sensation, one he'd never felt before her.

Her gold cross and chain dangled between her breasts as his thrustings took away her innocence. She knew she was finally becoming a woman and prayed she'd be okay.

Don was impressed. Tammy seemed to know some things about sex and knew she wanted to please her man. Though she called herself a Christian, she didn't consider herself a prude and felt it "was time" she experience some physical pleasure as she'd seen some of her Christian friends experience with their guys.

She breathed heavier as his pounding brought her to climax.

"Faster, my love," she told him drawing him even closer to him as she wrapped her arms around his back. She closed her eyes, breathing heavily as Don continued pumping into her with long heavy strokes.

Sensing she was more comfortable, Don drove in her a little harder and plunged deeper, showing her his confidence he could please her.

As he pierced her womanhood, Tammy raised her vagina up from the bed a little, bringing it closer to the man she loved and the man she gave her sweet virginity to.

"....Oh, my God.... Keep thrusting, Don... I want all of you... Fuck me more and more...."

This was what she'd wanted. Getting older, she really tried to remain chaste but still wanted a man to fulfill her. For a Christian man, Don seemed to know what he was doing and she liked his confidence.

He kept making love with her, entering, going deeper, pulling out, thrusting more and increasing his pace of thrusts and both were breathing heavily.

Sensing he was about to cum, Don began to pull-out of her wetness, as he'd halfheartedly "promised." He was a gentleman, after all.

Unexpectedly, Tammy grabbed his buttocks and held him even tighter, pulling him closer and preventing him from withdrawing out of her. Surprised, Don paused his thrusts.

"Don... I love you. Fuck me even deeper... God.... I want you so bad...."

"...Tammy... You're a Christian lady. I thought you didn't want a guy's seed in you. If we do this, there may be no going back...."

Tammy sighed and said,

"...I know I SAID that, but I want ALL of you.... I'm a big girl. I'll take the consequences...."

Confident she wanted him and felt comfortable with him inside her, Don pushed his penis even deeper, deeper than he'd ever gone that beautiful night. And deeper than he'd ever entered a woman's vagina. And Don hadn't had much sex, only a handful of partners, lonely Christian ladies who gave their virgin and non-virgin vaginas to him.

Tammy felt him quiver as he made his final thrusts. She held him even tighter.

Soon, his penis began spasming deep into her clitoris, a spot no man had ever visited.

Don's juices flowed freely into her, with no restraint.

In a matter of seconds, without the protection of a condom that many unmarried Christian couples who don't use the pill depend on, she kissed him more passionately and maneuvered her pussy even closer in alignment with him as he shot his sperm-laden semen deep inside her.

She silently prayed Don's seed wouldn't impregnate her and prayed that she'd be forgiven.

She felt bad for carnally desiring Don, though she tried to hide her cravings.

At the same time, she was maturing and realized she as a Christian woman was still human and subject to temptation.

It was okay, she now understood, for a woman to desire a man's penis, at least once in a while, and let him fulfill her.

She recalled all the times she secretly wished she could've gotten laid by some of the guys she dated, but never expressed overt sexual interest in them.

"... I love you, girl," he told her as he couldn't control his pulsating penis. He clearly felt her Christian love.

Feeling his warm creamy juices, she moaned even more as the rhythm of her vagina accommodated his thrusts which satisfied her to no end.

As he began to go limp, he pulled out of her and she saw some of his cum intermixed with her warm pussy juices sticking on his penis.

"...I love you, too," Tammy told him as he laid, exhausted, on her, his flaccid penis now spent.

After a brief pause, Tammy took his penis in her hands and moved it into her mouth, sucking out any remaining juices, which she found salty tasting.

They laid together a little while before rolling over.

Tammy and Don made love more in the future. She would spend some evenings at his place and sometimes, after a passionate night together, the two would attend church the next morning.

They later got engaged and married.

Even if they didn't work out, as a committed Christian, Tammy could date other men and have some sex inside loving relationships.

She realized she as a Christian woman had sexual desires and allowing Don to express his carnal desires freely with her was a natural and normal thing. She wouldn't feel as hung-up about not letting guys express their feelings that way.

If they hadn't gotten married, she wouldn't have felt ashamed to tell her future husband, even if he was a Christian man like Don, about her past and he wouldn't have thought "less" of her because he too likely indulged in some sex with some women before meeting her, the love of his life.

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