tagMatureWedding Ch. 01

Wedding Ch. 01


I usually don't like weddings much-I'm not big on ceremony and circumstance. But this time I couldn't avoid my cousin's wedding, and so I reluctantly made my way to Boston, and braced myself for the endless family stuff that I dislike.

The ceremony went well actually, and was quick and actually entertaining. While we were waiting for the reception and the meal to get set up, there were drinks and hors d'ouervres in a large area of the hotel where I milled about talking with some family and friends that I hadn't seen in a while. Most of the people there were from the groom's side, and so I didn't know too many people. As I was talking to a couple other cousins who I like, but don't see all that much, I noticed a very unusual and striking woman. Definitely not from my side of the family. She was tall and dark, dresses in a tank-top style camisole, with long flowing scarves around her waist and a long, flowing flowery dress. Sort of gypsy like. She was probably 40 or so, but quite striking in appearance. Her long, dark hair stood out against her bronzed skin and blue eyes. She was holding a drink and seemed to be politely engaged in conversation with someone from my side of the family I barely knew. She was sort of running her fingers up and down the champagne glass, catching the condensation drops in a rather seductive manner, whether she was conscious of it or not.

I wasn't that far away, perhaps 10 feet or so, and our eyes met, and she smiled and held her drink up to me, and I did the same. Something drew me to her, and I am not sure what exactly it was. I thought she was extremely pretty, and definitely different from most of the other guests. She had large breasts beneath her top, and lots of skin showing, from her arms to her chest, although definitely not in a cheap way at all. The scarves she had on moved as she did, and gave the observer (definitely me) an occasional glimpse at her abundant breasts that I couldn't tell if she had on a bra or not. Perhaps that's why I kept looking. I was trying to be discreet in my glimpses her way, and I guess it was obvious that I was more interested in her than the conversation I was then having.

Being temporarily alone, I looked more closely at the beauty, and was continually drawn to her (and it wasn't just because I was ogling her breasts). There was something else. She was so very seductive, partly because of her looks, and partly just her demeanor-confident while not aloof, and definitely very feminine.

We sort of drifted closer together, and how much was me wandering her way and how much was her going mine, I am not sure. She didn't seem to be with someone, so I was hoping for at least an introduction and some fun dancing. I didn't want to seem too overly interested, but I was definitely very interested in her.

There was still some time before the meal was served and I wanted very much to talk with her. So I made definite progress her way and was standing just behind and off to the side, waiting for a break in the conversation she was having to try and talk to her. I approached her and her conversation partner, and offered them a refill on champagne. She looked at me long and hard, and then smile a very beguiling smile, and agreed, and offered me her glass, and said, "Some more champagne would be nice, thank you." The other one said something similar, but I wasn't listening at that point. There was again something deep about this woman, who already had me under her spell.

As I was waiting for the champagne from the bar, I was racking my brain for the name of the other person, and it came to me, a rather distant cousin I met only a few times at similar occasions, Emily. So at least that was a start. I returned with full glasses for everyone, and introduced myself as a cousin of the bride, and avoided any awkward moments of Emily forgetting my name. She introduced herself as Liza, and that she was a friend of the grooms family. We made some pleasant conversation about the ceremony, the wedding, blah, blah, blah. Emily and I exchanged some greetings and small talk about other family members present and Liza politely listened in, and kept looking long and hard at me, as if studying me, my face, whatever.

Presently, Emily excused herself, and I was standing, alone, talking with this beautiful woman I just met, and I felt a little nervous. She was about 10 years or so, older than me. We talked about this and that, where we were from, trip to get here, and all the while, I felt as if she was analyzing me. I was trying to ask her what she did, and how she came to know whoever she knew in the groom's family, and yet, she somehow continued to steer the conversation away from her occupation or what she did. She said she did some palm reading, but that this was just her hobby, and not her real job. I continued to ask and probe her, and she offered something vague, like a counselor, and again, moved the conversation to something else.

She then said that I had an "interesting aura."

"What do you mean by 'aura?'" I asked her. She said it was just a feeling, and perhaps she could explain it later, over dancing. She said she had a sense about some people, and that certain people 'interest her a great deal by the energy that surrounds them.'

Well, not being one to dismiss that which I cannot explain, and especially if it would give me a chance to dance with her later, I accepted the remark and took it as a compliment, thanking her.

Just then, the meal was being served and I located my name and table number, and regretfully, was not at the same table as Liza, but as I went my way, I told her I would look forward to dancing with her later.

Again, that long, hard, inner look, and then with a most mysterious and sensual smile, she said, "I think I would like that very much. I am at table 14."

Needless to say, this sorceress had me totally unable to concentrate on the meal and the speeches; I just wanted the music to start so I could get closer to this very mysterious and very sexy woman. I managed through some actually interesting conversation with some people I knew at my table, but my mind and my eyes kept going to table 14.

After desert and speeches, the band started up playing and they did the requisite bride-father dance, and then others joined in. Without seeming as anxious as I was, I went to table 14, and asked Liza if she would dance with me. I held out my hand and she accepted readily, and we proceeded to do a couple dances, like waltzing and some simple ballroom steps. I have taken some lessons before, so I sort of know what I am doing, and when I am with someone who can follow too, it's really pretty fun.

The music was loud, and we just smiled at eachother. I still felt like I was being studied; perhaps she was sensing my aura again. Maybe that's what the feeling was. I don't know, I never had my aura felt before. I tried very hard to be discreet, but I couldn't help but look at her lovely breasts, close to me, and occasionally exposed by her flowing clothes. She had such incredible skin, olive dark, and long, lanky arms covered in jewelry, bracelets, rings and an incredible necklace with some large ruby-like center, surrounded by small diamonds and gold. I used the necklace as a pretense for looking at her chest, as it hung just at the top of her cleavage, inviting my gaze there, and lower.

She also smelled so different. Sort of musky and fresh and natural. Not any cologne I recognized, but something as intoxicating and as beguiling as she was. I used every move and excuse to hold her close to me, so I could inhale her scent and feel her body against mine. Finally, a slow song came on and I was delighted to hold her close, and as the music was softer, I held her to me, feeling her breasts against my chest, and feeling the soft skin of her hand in mine. I leaned close to her, and told her I loved the way she smelled, and that she danced wonderfully. In response, she smile up at me, and pulled my hips to hers, so I could press my cock into her stomach. That made me harden yet more, and I knew she could feel it pressed against her, stiffening and throbbing. The feeling of her body undulating and slowly gyrating with the music was quite exciting for me, and I just savored the pleasure of the senses.

As the band took a break, she asked me if I wanted to go out to the outer hall where we were waiting before dinner and talk for a while. "I want to look at your hands and see if what I feel shows in your hands."

"Absolutely, I would love that." With that, we went outside, and found a small table to sit at, and brought our drinks with us. We sat down and again, she held her glass and I just watched as her fingers toyed with the stem, rubbing it up and down in a way that was unmistakably sexual, at least for me. Whether or not that was her intention, I don't know. But it sure seemed that way to me.

As I was transfixed by her hands' actions, she reached forward with one hand for mine and held it out, palm up, for her to see. She looked long and hard, and then putting the glass down, with the other, she traced the lines on my palm. The touch of her finger to my palm sent electricity up my arm and right down my spine to my cock. I swear I felt something through her hand that touched some inner part of me. I have never felt something quite like that before-or since.

She was quiet for several moments, staring, studying. She turned my hand over and again, traced lines along the veins on the back of my hand, and down to my fingers that sent gentle but unmistakable sensations up my arm and down my spine, to my groin, which was now throbbing and squirming. I sort of squirmed too in my chair, trying to rearrange my erection which was now quite full and pushing up into my suit trousers.

"Interesting. As I thought. I sense some strong signals from you," she softly spoke at last, looking intently into my palm, then to my eyes.

I couldn't talk right then. I was still mesmerized by her touch to my hand, and the feelings I got from her. I found myself staring at my hand in hers as if it didn't belong to me anymore. My gaze went to her breasts and her necklace, before going up to her face, and meeting her eyes. Her bright eyes shone, and were looking deeply into mine. All the surroundings were not even there for me at this point. I could only see this woman, her scent strong in my mind, and the touch of her hand had me completely under her spell.

I recovered some voice and after a full minute or two, which seemed like longer, I managed to say, "How so. Tell me what you sense, what you feel."

"I see strength in your hands, like you use your hands for your work, for something important, for helping and healing people."

I just nodded. So far, she was right. I am a doctor. But she could have gotten that from anyone at the wedding that knew me, even Emily.

"I see caring and tenderness in your touch. And I see intensity and another side of you many people don't know about, even those with whom you are close."

"Perhaps so." This was pretty vague, but maybe she sensed something about me that was correct, at least to her. I was certainly very attracted to her, and I am a very sexual person and I love spending hours with my lover, making her crazy with my hands and mouth and cock, both giving and receiving. "Tell me what else you see."

"I know you are a very sexual man. I can see it in your eyes and in your... hands."

Well, she said just what I was thinking. She's right again. "This is true."

"I can tell you are attracted to me, and I can feel your excitement."

"True again."

"I know you are aroused by watching.things."

"Again, you are right."

Her hands continued to trace the lines of my hands, and I don't think I was capable of significant coherent thought at this point. I was beyond that. Perhaps she was putting words in my mouth. Perhaps she was leading me with her questions and such was true of most men she came into contact with. At this point, I don't know, nor did I care.

"Perhaps we need to find some place with a little more privacy. I think there are some things I would like to...show you."

My mouth was dry and my mind was blank. Blank except for her presence. Maybe, in retrospect, she was hypnotizing me, or something. But I surely wanted to find out what exactly she wanted to show me.

She took my hand and led me to a nearby office. She opened the door as if she knew it was going to be unlocked and unused. I followed her in, and she sat on the small sofa on one side of the room and pushed me to the desk chair opposite.

After a few moments of just looking at her, I finally found my voice, and as if on cue, I asked, "What did you want to show me."

Meanwhile, she was fingering the crystal on the necklace that hung near her breasts, and was using one finger to caress the soft surface of the stone. I was looking at this, and her breasts below as I asked, hoping beyond all hope that she would show me something in this vicinity.

"I could tell you were interested in this earlier," she said, indicating the most interesting necklace.


She continued to caress the stone, stroking it, and all I could think of was how that would feel on my skin, on my chest and on my cock. She had wonderfully sexy fingers that moved with such provocative sensuality.

"Or was it this you were interested in?" She dropped her hand lower, and started stroking her breasts, pushing aside the scarf that hung there. This time I unabashedly gazed hungrily at her chest, and was completely mesmerized at the sight of her hand on her breast. Oh how I wanted to be that hand.

"Wouldn't you like to feel this too? I know your hands would enjoy this." It was more a statement than a question.

I could only nod in response. My voice had left.

I shifted in my chair as my cock was very, very hard and almost painful in my pants. She noticed my discomfort and looked at the prominent bulge at my crotch.

"Perhaps there is something you should show me now." Again, it was more of a command than a question. I looked at the bulging from my painfully hard cock and then to her face, as if asking the question that didn't really need to be asked. "Yes, take it out for me to see. Take your cock out of your pants, and stroke if for me." The word 'cock' from her mouth sent the same signals to my spine that her touch to my palm did moments earlier.

Without hesitation, I loosened my belt, and unbuckled it and my pants. I lifted my hips up to slide them off my hips, and pulled my underwear down too, so my cock was out in the open, to her hungry gaze. I pulled my shirt up so it wasn't in the way, and looked at her again, as if waiting for my next instructions.

"Go ahead, touch yourself for me. Do it like you like it. Show me. I want to watch too."

I held the base of my cock for her, and started stroking it up and down, familiar strokes. Her voice filled my ears, and I was still quite unable to speak.

"Does this help?" She pulled the straps of the shirt she was wearing down off her shoulders, and slowly, inch by inch, her breasts came into view, first the swell of the top, and then the tops of the dark circles around her nipples, and then her hard, dark, large nipples. Finally, the material fell to her waist and both her lovely breasts were open to my gaze.

I had to squeeze my cock hard to keep from coming right then. This was so sexy and exciting, I could hardly stand it.

"That's right. Not yet." Again, sensing my feelings. "Stroke it softly, slowly." Her hands came to the underside of her breasts and held them up as if in offering to me. Her thumbs emerged to caress her nipples to even harder points, and her eyes closed briefly, as she sighed, acknowledging her own pleasure. Then she opened them to look at me, and I briefly looked at her, struggling to take my eyes off her breasts. I know she saw the glaze of passion in my eyes, and the slight struggle to keep myself in check.

"That's right. Show me how you like to stroke yourself." She shifted in her seat, and her dress hiked up a little bit so her knees were exposed above her calf-high boots. Her legs were bare, and she had similarly wonderful, dark, smooth skin. She let one hand away from her breast and pulled the edge of her skirt up higher so I could see her thighs. She continued to look at me and at my cock as she pulled her dress up, an inch at a time.

"Slowly now. No coming yet. Make it last a little longer. It will make things better for later."

I don't thing that registered fully, but the promise of more later with her made me immediately obey what she wanted. I looked at her and my eyes registered my question, without having to ask it.

"Yes, that's right. I think we should get to know eachother better later. This will help you be not quite so..eager. More patient."

Her hands pulled her dress yet higher, and I saw the hint of underwear, which slowly appeared to my view. Her one hand continued to stroke her nipple, occasionally taking it fully between her thumb and forefinger and twirl it softly. I saw her panties come into view, and they were red, satiny and appeared quite wet from where I was sitting. Again, I let out an audible moan and stopped stroking for a minute to let things settle down.

"Good. You are learning quickly. Slow and gentle is the key. That makes everything so much better. You must show patience."

Her fingers brushed the edge of her mound and I could see her fingers press there for a few moments. Again her eyes closed briefly, feeling the sensations of her own hand touching her wet sex. I could sense her pleasure, and the smell of her perfume was now accompanied by the scent of her arousal. Such intoxicating aromas for me.

"Is this what you would like to see too?" She looked down at herself, not waiting for any response from me, and surely not needing one. She opened her legs further, affording me full view of her barely covered pussy. I could see the wetness on her underwear, and she pulled one edge of her panties aside so I could see her eager sex. Her pussy was covered by the same dark colored hair as on her head, and I could see she was wet and her outer lips were glistening with her juices. Her finger traced along her slit, coating it with her slick juice, and she used it to touch her clit and then place her finger gently, slowly into her pussy.

She then inserted another finger deeply into her awaiting channel, and I was almost over the edge. Her breathing was shallow too, and she was using her thumb to caress her clit as two finger were inside her pussy, and the other hand was pulling harder and harder on her nipple.

"There, isn't that what you were so interested in seeing? I could tell by your aura that this is what you wanted. It was what I wanted too."

She stroked herself like that for a few more minutes, and I noticed her inner thighs quivering and her breathing getting a little more shallow and quick.

"Are you almost there? I am. Wait for me. Not yet." Again, a command, not a question. I slowed down for her, and within moments, she looked at my cock and my hand moving slowly on it, and then just looked in my eyes before she closed them and shuddered, pinching her nipple and holding her hand tightly to her pussy. I knew she came and was savoring the sight of her spasming body, warm and inviting.

After a few more moments, she withdrew her hand from her pussy and it was so wet and glistening from her juice. I was staring at it and at her hand still clutching her nipple.

"There, that was a nice one for me. Now come for me. Let it flow from your body."

Those words were all I needed, for after just a couple more firm, fast strokes, I looked at her, and she nodded at me, giving me the final OK, and I squeezed my eyes tight, and let my come go, shooting spurt after white, hot spurt of my fluid onto her bare legs, and then down onto my hand, coating it with its sticky wetness.

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