tagFirst TimeWedding Night

Wedding Night


Monica looked at the clock as she and Charlie walked into their hotel suite. She had been married for exactly 5 hours now, and the butterflies that had started on the limo ride over from the reception had not stopped. They had intensified if anything. She wondered how long it would take Charlie to get them both undressed, and figured however long that was, she had about that plus 5 minutes left of her precious virginity. She still didn't know exactly what to expect. Her parents has raised her in the box of the church, and although her faith was but a fraction of her mothers, she somehow managed to not learn what sex even was until she was 16, a mere two years ago.

Sex just simply wasn't spoken about in her house. When her and Charlie had first started dating, she hadn't really known what the differences between men and women were. Monica's mother had sat her down, and embarrassingly stumbled through a child's definition of intercourse. Despite the simplicity of her explanation (he puts his thing inside you 'down there') Monica had laid back and tried to visualize how it happened, and it resulted in the first (and only) time she had ever tried to masturbate.

She had laid on her bed, cautiously and slowly opening her legs as she ran her hands up the inside of her thighs, her skirt bunching at her waist. She had tried to imagine the feel of a mans body on top of her, Charlies body - and as she did, a sharp tingling began to radiate from deep within her belly. The feeling intensified as she let her fingers caress the sides of her panties, sliding over that delicate skin that wasn't quite the lips of her pussy. Slowly she let her finger tips go lightly over her cotton panties, and as she drew them up her slit, her breath escaped her. It seemed that a lightning bolt of pleasure had shot through he body, starting between her legs and going all the way to the top of her head. She wanted more.

Feeling a little bolder, her hand slipped under the waist band of her panties, cupping her pussy. Her finger pressed between her lips, in to the wetness that was now there. Her breath quickened. Monica's finger had found her opening. She rubbed around on the outside of it, trying to imagine how big a mans 'thing' was - a detail her mother had left out. She was about to slide her finger tip in to herself when she heard her mother coming down the hall. Panicking, she quickly pulled her skirt down. As her mother walked in, Monica felt like she had what she had just done written in huge letters across her forehead. Her cheeks blushed a deep red, and when her mother asked her is she was alright, Monica claimed it was just warm in her room. Her excuse sounded hollow to herself, but her mother didn't press it. She had a feeling she would of gotten an ear full if her mother knew what she had been doing

Her courage gone, and her arousal fading, Monica didn't try to resume her exploration. Now, she was married and about to learn first hand all of the answers to the questions that had raced through her mind (and body) that day. The feeling of butterflies came on strong in her stomach, and as she thought about what was about to happen, that feeling sank down lower towards the chaste folds of flesh between her legs. She felt heat rise to her face and realized she was blushing furiously.

Charlie embraced her from behind, his arms wrapping around her slim body. He cupped her firm breasts through the flimsy evening dress she was wearing, and as his hands caressed her, she began to tremble. Her breath quickened as the butterflies and nervousness intensified. She felt Charlie press his lips to her ear and as he kissed them softly, an enormous heat seemed to fill her crotch and a soft moan escaped her lips. Charlies hands now traced along the fabric covering her shoulders and reached for the dresses zipper. Monica stood as still as she could as the metallic sound of her impending undress filled the room. The dress dropped and bunched around her feet, leaving her standing now in only the bridal lingerie her friends had helped her pick. Her skin broke out in goose bumps despite the heat of the room.

Charlie turned his new bride around, drinking in her beauty as she stood in what would be the last thing she ever wore as an innocent woman. Monica could feel his gaze upon her mostly naked body. She stood frozen, unsure of what to do - if anything. Charlie took the lead. He was as physically inexperienced as her, but had a better understanding of what to do. Charlie was no stranger to self pleasure and had had the benefit of a few porns his friends had so eagerly shown him. He took off his tux jacket and tossed it on the floor. Unbuttoning his shirt, he stepped closer to Monica. His hands caressed her face, and lifting her chin, he brought his lips to hers. She kissed him slowly, her mouth opening just enough to allow his tongue to slip between her lips and slide against hers. She moaned softly in to his mouth as his hands reached behind her, unclasping her delicate bra. It dropped to the floor and his hands went down her lower back, his fingers tracing the waist band of her lace thong. He cupped her exposed ass cheeks and pulled her body into his.

Monica felt her naked breasts pressed into his chest. Her hardened nipples poking into the warm flesh of he new husband. Monica felt as if her body was on fire. Charlie broke off the kiss and scooped her up off of her feet, carrying her to the bed. He sat her down on the edge of the bed and continued to undress. Monica watched with an eager nervousness. She had never seen a naked man before. She had an idea of what would come out of his pants, but when Charlie finally dropped his boxers, exposing his hard member, Monica gasped. She had no idea it would be so large, or have so much texture. In her mind she had always pictured a smooth cylinder, slightly larger than her index finger - but what she was looking at now, almost face to face, was a veiny, throbbing shaft topped with a thick mushroom head. It had to be at least 3 of her fingers wide, and if she had to guess, it was 7 inches long. Her anticipation now turned a little more than slightly to fear, as she thought back to the day she had touched herself, remembering how small her own opening had felt. Surely he wouldn't be able to fit this inside her!

She stared, not taking her eyes off it. As much as her conscious thought may be in disbelief, her body clearly wanted what she was looking at . The fires that had been stoked in the lowest part of her belly now burned with desire. Charlie took her hand and guided it to his shaft. Slowly she curled her fingers around it, feeling for the first time how warm it was. Charlies cock twitched from her touch, and Monica gasped a little. He guided her hand up and down, showing how to stroke him. As she did, he reached down and ran his finger over her stiff nipple, causing her to breath hard. Charlie couldn't wait any longer, and as he pushed her on to her back by her shoulders, Charlie crawled between her legs.

Her legs spread open before him as he lay on top of her. Monica could feel his thick shaft pressed against the front of her barely there thong. The small triangle of lace barely covered past her clit, and now it was the last thing that kept her husband from thrusting in to her. She couldn't concentrate on any one thought, her mind was a torrent of emotions - excitement, fear, anticipation. Charlie kissed her neck, and as his warm tongue touched her skin, Monica shivered and moaned. His mouth moved down her neck to her collar bone and then down to her firm breasts. Charlie kissed lightly and then took one of her erect nipples in to his mouth. The sensation was overwhelming for Monica at first as she moaned out and moved her body. It was quickly replaced though by an even greater sensation, as she started to move her hips against the hardness of Charlie's cock. Pleasure erupted from beneath her thong and radiated out through her body as her clit pressed and moved against her husbands shaft. Monica moaned out uncontrollably at these new sensations, and the fact that Charlie was now taking her panties off didn't even register until she felt the warmth of his tip press against the virgin flesh of her pussy.

Monica froze. She could feel her pussy throbbing with excitement and eagerness, but her mind was terrified. All of her friends had told her the first time hurt, but none of them would tell her how much. Now that she had seen what was meant to go inside her, she thought it would be quite a bit. Her breath trembled and her hands shook as she grasped Charlie's shoulders. Her stomach was one giant knot and she barely felt it as Charlie positioned the head of his cock between her lips and on to her opening. He pressed very lightly, but the sensation immediately brought Monica's attention back to the matter at hand. She desperately tried to relax, but couldn't, and right as she was about to ask Charlie to go slowly, He penetrated her. Hard.

For a second, Monica didn't know what had happened. Her entire mid section seemed to explode in pain. Her breath stopped, and then as sensation came back to her, she let out a loud scream as every muscle in her body tensed. Her pussy felt as if it was being ripped open, and she could feel him insider her, the head of his cock pressed deep into places she didn't know existed. Monica's eyes filled with tears, and body writhed against his intrusion. His hips pressed against hers and she knew he was all the way inside her. The pain was intense and she was overcome by the sensation of being stretched wide and torn, her insides being pushed out of the way as he husband filled her.

Charlie began to move himself slowly out of her. As Monica's walls closed behind his shaft, she moaned out, and then he was inside her fully again. Monica's stomach heaved and twisted as he moved in and out of her, and her mind was swimming in the pain that only comes with defloration. Monica locked her legs around him, instinctively drawing him deep in to her. Her finger nails bit into Charlie's back as he kissed her and wiped the tears away that were streaming down her face.

Charlie's thrusting had picked up speed, and he was now slamming himself in to Monica's tight pussy as hard as he could. She cried out each time the head of his cock pressed into her back wall, and soon He was ready to cum. He was helpless to stop himself, and at the moment of his orgasm, he thrust hard in to her and held himself there. Monica didn't know what was happening, only that she didn't think she could take anymore. Charlie moaned out and Monica felt his cock twitching inside her along with a faint warmth spreading against her walls.

Slowly he pulled out of her, and stood up next to the bed. Monica's pussy was sore and throbbed, and as she closed her legs, Monica cupped her red, swollen lips protectively. As her hand slid against her pussy, she felt wetness seeping out of her. She looked at her hand and saw cum for the first time. A globule of white, still warm, and tinged with the redness of her hymenal blood. She groaned as her insides ached, painfully aware of the feeling of emptiness as her body tried to calm down from the strain of defloration. She took a deep breath and curled in to a ball on her side.

Charlie laid down next her, draping his arm over his new brides slim body. He cupped her breast and lightly rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger, pressing his semi hard cock against her ass. Monica could feel the thickness of him pressed into her and as he played with her nipples, her lower belly began to tingle again. Her mind played over what had just happened, and as the thought of Charlie's cock inside her, the throbbing pain in her pussy became a throbbing desire. Charlie pinched her nipple, and a moan escaped her as she felt Charlie's cock stiffen against her back, still slick with her juices and the blood of her innocence.

Monica moved her hips against Charlie's body as the desire to feel him inside her again rose quickly. Charlie rolled her onto her stomach, and grabbing her hips, pulled her ass in to the air until she was on her knees, chest pressed in to the bed. Monica had never felt so exposed in her life as she did just then, the cool air of the room passing over her fully exposed pussy lips, which now throbbed with excitement. Her breath quickened as she felt Charlie get behind her. The head of his cock press against her lip, but this time she was more than ready for him. She wanted him. NEEDED him inside her. As the head of his thick cock slipped in to her opening, Monica let out a loud moan of pleasure and pain. Her pussy was sore and aching, but as her walls spread with each inch that entered her, the pain melted away to dull ache and pleasure over took her mind.

Monica gripped the sheets tightly in her hands as Charlie grabbed her hips and thrusted himself into her until she could feel his balls pressed against her lips. Her whole body shivered with pleasure at the feeling of fullness and of being taken from behind. As He started to move in and out of her, Charlie slipped a hand around her small waist and began to rub her clit. As soon as his fingers touched it, Monica cried out loudly in ecstasy and pressed her hips back against Charlie. Monica wouldn't have believed so much physical pleasure was possible if she wasn't feeling it for herself right then. She relished the sensation of Charlie's cock moving in and out of her while he rubbed her clit, thinking this was the height of sexual enjoyment and pleasure. Then, she came.

Her orgasm came on quick. The pleasure built rapidly in the lower part of her stomach as Charlie moved his fingers in a small circle over her clit, and then suddenly as he thrusted especially hard and deep in to her, her body exploded. Monica screamed and moaned loudly as her orgasm over took her. Her already tight pussy contracted over and over around Charlie's shaft, squeezing him tightly as he held himself deep in side her body, continuing to rub the sensitive nub of flesh at the top of her lips. As her orgasm subsided, her body trembled as Charlie began to once again move, slowly this time. The sensation of her orgasm has sent Charlie to the brink, and after only a few thrust, Monica once again felt the warmth of his cum splash against her back wall.

He withdrew slowly, and as her lips once again closed behind him, she collapsed on to her side, breathing heavily. Her pussy and mid section tingled with the after shocks of orgasm, and she noticed that she consciously aware of feeling empty down there for the first time in her life. Her insides throbbed and ached, but no longer outright hurt. As she lay there, she felt Charlie's cum begin to leak out of her and on to her inner thigh. Monica found this oddly satisfying and smiled, not bothering to wipe it away as Charlie laid beside her. She once again looked at the clock. An hour had passed since they had come in to the room, and she had learned more about sex in that 60 minutes than she had in all of the 18 years if her life.

Her mind was still swimming in the afterglow of pleasure as Charlie cupped her firm breast. She felt his limp shaft against her back as he spooned up tightly against her, and as she drifted off to sleep, looked forward to to next time he took her.

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