tagIncest/TabooWedding Night Blues

Wedding Night Blues


Trudy Copeland had just become Mrs. Jason Daniels; the wedding ceremony had ended less than an hour ago and she was now back home in the new two-story home her husband had bought for them. She stood in front of a floor-length mirror in the master bedroom and examined her naked body; she was a gorgeous woman fully clothed, but naked she was even more stunning.

Trudy cupped her 36C tits and gently pushed them together, lightly brushing the nipples with the soft pad of her thumbs. Her nipples instantly became hard fat nubs as she gently rubbed them with her thumbs. She closed her eyes for a long moment, enjoying the sensations of her touch. In no time, the twenty-five year old woman's pulse quickened and her breathing became shallow.

She opened her soft brown eyes and watched as her delicate hands moved from her tits to the firm, flat tummy and caressed the soft sun-bronzed skin. She made lazy circles around her belly button with the tip of one long index finger, feeling the electric caress send shudders of desire deep into her tummy. Trudy sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Her beautiful eyes dropped to the smooth mound of her pussy and she spread her feet apart so she could see the pink lips that were becoming wet with passion. Trudy moved the pink palms of her hands slowly over her well-rounded hips, then back up her soft inner thighs. Her gaze was riveted to the tips of her fingers as she slowly raked the long nails lightly over the smooth, freshly shaved pussy mound. She cried out softly, arching her back as tremors of pure delight made her legs tremble.

Suddenly, without warning, Trudy stopped and gazed into the mirror at her face. Long, soft auburn hair fell to just above her shapely ass and framed a narrow face, with brown eyes and a wide, sensuous mouth. The expression of lust and need had vanished from her beautiful face and now reflected the wretched emotions that flooded her head.

Jason should be here doing all of the things she was doing to herself. She should be on her knees taking his eight-inch cock deep into her mouth, deep into her cock-hungry pussy. His hands should be on her tits, his fingers caressing her burning pussy, his lips on hers, with his tongue deep inside her mouth. It was unfair that she should be home alone on this night, their wedding night.

Trudy had stopped taking the pill over a month ago so she and Jason could work on making a baby. During the last several weeks they had brought each other to climax with oral sex so she wouldn't become pregnant until after their wedding day. All she had thought about for the past week was this night and finally getting Jason's cock deep into her pussy again.

The trouble, though, was Jason was a workaholic. No more than fifteen minutes after the ceremony, he had rushed to the airport to fly to Chicago for an emergency meeting with an important client. She had known he worked hard and sometimes she felt that he loved his job more than he did her. There was no one to blame but herself, Trudy realized as she stared at her naked image in the mirror.

The sudden ring of the doorbell startled Trudy and she grabbed a terrycloth robe and hastily pulled it on. She left the upstairs room and hurried down to the large anteroom. To her surprise, when she opened the door, she found her father-in-law standing on the enclosed porch.

"Hey, dad," she said brightly. "Come in."

She stood back and let Brian Daniels in, then closed the door and led him into a lavishly appointed living room. Without asking, she poured them both a scotch while they bantered lightly about the wedding, and then settled onto the sofa beside him. She was consciously aware that she was nude under the robe and thought about changing into something else, then decided against it. For some reason, the knowledge of being naked under the robe while she sat next to her handsome father-in-law was a little erotic.

"I'm sorry things turned out the way they did," he offered.

"What can I say?" Trudy shrugged. "He has to work."

"Yes, but not on your wedding night. No job or client is worth that."

"I agree," she said softly.

"I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed in my son," he said.

"Oh, well, what's done is done, dad," she said, forcing a little cheer into her voice.

Over the next thirty minutes they talked about his lake home that he'd purchased a few years ago just after he and his wife divorced. Brian Daniels was a self made man and had made a fortune in leasing commercial coin-operated laundry equipment to motels, apartments and laundry mats. After selling the business, which had become very profitable, for a nice sum, he'd decided to retire early. At fifty-two, Brian was living the proverbial life of leisure.

They were on their third drink and Trudy was beginning to get a buzz. Maybe it was the booze but she couldn't help looking at her father-in-law, studying his rugged handsome face. For a man his age, she had thought long ago, he was very attractive. He was lean and muscular with dark, wavy hair and gorgeous green eyes that she enjoyed looking deep into. The light gray at his temples added to the overall look and Trudy caught herself wanting to comb her long fingers through his hair.

The young woman sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly. What's the matter with me? This is my father-in-law, Jason's dad, and I'm wondering what it would be like to fuck him. She pushed the thoughts from her head; yet, in no time, they were back, tempting her with images that she shouldn't entertain. Against her will, Trudy felt her nipples harden under the robe, felt her pussy become moist with desire and she inhaled sharply. What if she tested the water a little? What if she sort of led the conversation around to sex? Would he be disgusted with her?

"It was hard getting ready for tonight," she said, venturing into the water.

"I'm sure it was. Your efforts show, Trudy. You're a beautiful woman."

"I shaved about an hour before the wedding so my legs would be soft for Jason tonight," she said, venturing a little further.

"Yeah, it's a shame that he, ah, is missing out on it."

"He likes it when my legs are smooth," she said. Trudy could detect a slight tremor in her voice as she watched her father-in-law. She decided to go even further, be a little brazen. "He likes to rub his cock on my thighs."

Trudy saw Brian inhale sharply at her last statement. His brow arched when he glanced at her, then at her legs. The hem of the robe was a couple of inches above her knees and the young woman wondered if she had gone too far. Yet he just nodded and smiled at her. Trudy steeled herself and shifted around a little so that the robe was forced a little higher on her legs.

"Do you like soft legs, daddy?" she asked softly.

"I'm not sure we should be talking like this," he said nervously.

"No one will know," Trudy countered.

"Yes, but…well, it's wrong."

For a moment, Trudy was crestfallen. She had just acted the part of a sleazy slut in front of her father-in-law, had made seductive comments in order to seduce him. She wanted a cock so bad that she had gone beyond proper decorum just to get Brian Daniel's cock in her wet, cock-hungry pussy. She felt ashamed of herself and her mind raced trying to find an excuse for her behavior. She just hoped that Brian wasn't let down with her obvious seduction ploy and would forgive her.

Then, suddenly, she happened to glance at his pants. Trudy almost gasped out loud when she saw the bulge of his hardening cock. She looked away quickly and smiled to herself. What she was doing was wrong. She knew better than to seduce her father-in-law but she couldn't help it. She had to have him. The young woman turned to one side so that her left side leaned against the back of the sofa. Without a word, she settled her feet on his lap.

"Feel how soft my legs are?" she said.

"I…Trudy…" In spite of the fact that he was apparently aroused by his daughter-n-law, Brian touched Trudy's calves with hands that trembled.

"Do you like my legs?"

"Yes…of course…" His voice was low and husky.

"Feel my thighs," she said softly, her eyes on his hands. She pulled on the robe until the hem was just below her sopping wet pussy. "Feel how soft they are."

Brian swallowed hard and looked into his daughter-in-law's eyes. "I shouldn't be doing this, Trudy. You're my son's wife."

"No one has to know," she reasoned in a low, soft voice.

"Oh, Trudy."

She watched as he slowly slid a hand along one soft inner thigh, then back down to her calf. Back and forth his hand caressed her legs, her thighs and calves, while the other gently massaged her sexy, petite feet. His hands felt good and the taboo part of what they were doing only heightened the pleasure that coursed madly throughout her. Knowing that she had just seduced him, something she'd never done before, stoked the fire in her burning pussy.

"Dad…" She waited for a moment after she got his attention and their eyes were locked together. Then she reiterated: "No one has to know about this. It's just you and me."

Slowly, with her eyes still on him, she shrugged out of the robe. She saw the way his eyes widened and raked her naked body with an intense gaze that left her breathless. For her part, she felt slutty for lying naked while her father-in-law drank in the sexy beauty of her body. It was a feeling that Trudy suddenly realized she liked. She raised her left leg and settled it onto the sofa back and shifted the other to one side so that her legs were spread wide, fully exposing her pussy to him.

In a small, tremulous voice, she said, "I also shaved my pussy tonight, daddy. Do you like it?"

"I love your pussy, Trudy!" he husked.

"Eat me, daddy! Eat my pussy!"

Trudy was beyond self-control, lost to her own lust for her husband's dad. She watched through lust-filled eyes as he crawled between her widespread legs and began to lick her thighs. His tongue felt good as it bathed her soft skin, sending tiny electric jolts deep into her tummy. She combed her long fingers through his dark, wavy hair and reveled in the pure desire that overwhelmed her senses. It was crazy doing what she was doing but Trudy couldn't have stopped if she had wanted to.


Brian's tongue slid easily up along her wet slit and over her sex-swollen clit. She arched her back and pulled his face tighter against her pussy. His tongue began to probe her cunny hole, tease her clit and bathe her puffy mound with exhilarating excitement. Small gasps of pleasure came from her mouth and she began to babble as the intensity of Brian's tongue continued to heighten her pleasure.

Trudy began rocking her hips slowly, humping her father-in-law's mouth with her drenched cunt. Her head twisted from side to side in frenzied passion as she bit her bottom lip. It was so good! Her sexy, handsome father-in-law was eating her pussy! She couldn't get enough of his fiery tongue!

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" she cried out. "Sooooo fucking good, daddy! Do you like eating my pussy?"

"Oh, yeah, baby!" Brian replied in a husky voice. "I love your pussy! I could eat it all night!"

"Yesssss! Eat me all night! Don't stop eating my cunt!"

Their relationship had been warm and casual, as it should be between a father and his son's bride-to-be, but this was entirely different. Having him between her long, naked legs while he ravenously ate her pussy was not a normal father-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. It was taboo and Trudy loved it. And talking dirty to him just aroused her even more.

"MMMMM!" she hissed. "You're such a good cunt licker!"

"You like that, baby? You like having me eat your cunny?"

"Yesssss! You like eating my little-girl pussy?"

"Oh, fuck, yes!"

"Yessssssssss! Babyyyyyyyyyy! I need to cum! Make my pussy cum!"

Brian attacked her pussy fiercely. His tongue licked every inch of her dripping womanhood, probed her fuck hole, and lapped at her clit with an obsession as he drove Trudy closer to an orgasm. Her hips rocked feverishly as she grunted words of heated need. Her hands roughly pulled and twisted her hard nipples until she cried out with delirious delight. She was close, very close. Suddenly, she arched her back.


Her screams were loud in the room as Trudy writhed and thrashed and bucked her hips. Her pussy rubbed his greedy mouth forcefully: tiny, quick up and down jerking movements as she rode the crest of what was the most intense, overpowering climax of her young life. Brian held Trudy's hips, held onto her until she finally fell back on the sofa, gasping and trembling violently. Her eyes were wide as she stared at her father-in-law.

"I can't believe it!" she gasped. "I've never cum so hard before!"

"You are one incredible young lady," Brian grinned.

"I want you to kiss me," she said softly.

"It's the least I can do," he smiled.

Brian pulled her gently into his arms and pressed his lips to hers. Trudy's mouth opened instantly and she uttered a tiny whimper of delight when his tongue slipped between her parted lips. They kissed long and deep, their tongues exploring each other's mouth with an ardent excitement. The two lovers touched and caressed each other and Brian relished the feel of the young woman's soft body under his hands.

Trudy's hands began undressing him, moving frantically as she worked the buttons on his shirt. Brian kicked off his shoes, removed his socks and helped his daughter-in-law take off his slacks and underwear. When he was finally undressed, Trudy lay back on the sofa and gazed longingly at his naked body. Lean and hard and bronze, his chest covered with a thick mat of black hair. She dropped her eyes to his cock and moaned softly. It was big and fat, just like his son's.

"Fuck me!" she hissed. "Stick your big dick in me!"

"Are you sure?" he asked. "You said you stopped taking the pill and…"

"Yes," she said. "I need you in me! I want to feel your cock explode deep inside of me and fill me with your seed!"

"Oh, baby…"

Brian moved between Trudy's widespread legs and positioned the fat head of his cock against her wet pussy lips. Slowly, teasingly, he moved the head up and down between her wet slit to lubricate it and, with his eyes on Trudy, he pushed his cock deep inside of her in one swift, hard thrust. She gasped and cried out with pleasure. Brian mashed his mouth to Trudy's and kissed her hard and deep. Her long legs went around his waist while he began rocking his hips, sending his cock in and out of her pussy. Her arms went around his neck, her hands caressing his back while she willingly accepted his cock inside of her.

"I'm gonna cum in you, Trudy!" he growled with a husky voice.

"Yes! Fill me with your hot cum!"

"I'm gonna make you pregnant! I'm gonna make a baby in you!"


Brian couldn't believe he had just told his son's new bride that he was going to make her pregnant. The forbidden act of lust he was engaging in with her and the notion that she wanted his baby sperm in her was exciting. He groaned with the incredible velvet-soft feeling of her pussy encasing his hard, throbbing cock. It felt good. The guilty feelings he'd had earlier were gone. All he wanted to do was fuck this sexy desirable creature.

"You want to see my tummy big with your baby?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"I like talking dirty to you," she husked. "I like having you fuck my cunt even more!"

"I like fucking my slutty daughter-in-law!"

"Yesssss! I want to be your slut!"

"You are my slut, Trudy!" he exclaimed as he chewed her bottom lip. "From now on you're gonna be my little slutty baby machine!"

"Oh, daddyyyyy!" she cried out. "Fuck me hard with your big daddy-dick!"

Brian began to pound his daughter-in-law's pussy hard and fast. His balls slapped her ass each time he sent his cock deep inside of her. She squealed with delight, raked her long nails across his bare back and thrust her pussy up hard against his pounding meat. They writhed and bucked together, grunted and gasped with white-hot pleasure as they clung tightly together.

Before long Brian felt the familiar tingle that told him he was about to cum. He wanted to slow down, hold off awhile longer and enjoy the feeling of his sweet little daughter-in-law's pussy longer. But he couldn't. He continued to slam his cock into her with long, hard, fast thrusts that brought grunts of pure delight from Trudy's sexy lips.

"I'm gonna cum soon, baby!"

"Yes! Cum in me! I want to feel your seed shooting in me, making me pregnant!"

Brian thrust twice more into Trudy's wet fuck hole, then stiffened as his cock exploded. He grunted, loud and harsh, as his balls began to empty into her pussy. He pulled it out, then slammed it back in and held it deep inside for a moment, then pulled out and slammed back inside. Trudy screamed and pressed her cunt up hard against him as she began to cum. Brian trembled with the desire and passion of his orgasm and fucked with half a dozen hard, deep thrusts before he collapsed on top of her.

They lay panting, arms and legs tangled together, their eyes open, lips touching. Brian rolled to one side with his back against the sofa back and scooped Trudy into his arms. A buzz of emotions went though her head and she realized that she suddenly had two men in her life. Right or wrong, Trudy knew that she would not be content unless she had both father and son in her life, loving her and needing her as badly as she needed them.

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