tagIncest/TabooWednesday Night With Mom

Wednesday Night With Mom


I would suggest you read both "Aunt Pat" and "Gram Connie" before reading this story.

My Mom, Sara is 45 years old. She has 2 children, my sister Becky, 28 and me, Matt 21. When you ask my parents how long they have been married, they both simply answer almost 30 years. Fact is they have been married 27 years and 6 months. Mom got pregnant with Becky when she was 16 and married Dad after my Grandmother had a talk with both of them that spelled out exactly what was going to happen and the story to be told. Grams saw to it that each continued their education and went on to college. To this day Becky thinks she was a premature baby.

My Dad is a big time accountant with an office in the city. Mom works 4 days a week at the store even though she doesn't do much. When I graduated from high school they started this Wednesday night out thing because dad always spends the night in the city on Wednesday because her has a staff meeting beginning at 7am on Thursday. Mom usually leaves home at about 5pm and returns at about 2am. Mom always spends all afternoon getting ready and takes a small bag with her. The few times I've been awake when she got home it she sure didn't look like she'd only been to dinner. Usually she was about three sheets in the wind and I wondered a couple of times how she even drove home. I think this is their night away from their grown son when they can fuck each others brains out.

The one thing I haven't told you in my two previous stories is that My Gram and her daughters are not pretty women. As a matter of fact they might be described as somewhat plain with big Roman type noses. All three of the daughters wanted plastic surgery when they were young, but Grams would not hear of it. Grams wears very little makeup, but the daughters wear a lot. They seem to be able to downplay the nose thing to their satisfaction. You never see any of them unless they are dressed to the nines and wearing the best and most expensive perfumes available. My sister and cousins all seem to have inherited their Dad's genes in as much as the nose thing is concerned. I on the other hand have a great big nose.

Mom is slightly overweight, but she carries it well. Her breasts and hips are somewhat large but her waist is very small and as a result she has an hourglass shape even if it is somewhat large hourglass. She is 5'2" tall and weighs about 140.

About 4pm on Wednesday afternoon, I was laying on my bed reading and wondering what I was going to do tonight. Aunt Pat had told me last week she had to attend a dinner with my uncle and wouldn't see me this week. Since it had been a tough week at the store I decided to just rent a video and stay home.

I hadn't seen Mom in a couple of hours and figured she was getting dressed to go meet Dad. I went to Mom's bedroom to tell her where I was going because she would probably leave before I got back. I knocked on the door and told her I was going out and she said she needed me to zip her dress before I left. I opened the door and entered. Wow Mom. Her back was turned to the door and she was just stepping into her dress as I entered. She was wearing a black strapless bra, tiny black panties which just barely covered the crack of her ass, a black garter belt and black hose. She hurriedly pulled the dress up as I walked across the room. As I waited for her to adjust the dress, I saw a black teddy on the bed next to the small bag she was taking with her. I zipped the dress, kissed her lightly on the cheek and told her to have a good time. From the looks of the arsenal of underwear she had on and was taking, Dad was going to be the one having a good time. Mom and Dad had not been getting along too good lately. I had heard them arguing a lot recently and she had spent a lot of time talking with Gram in the office. Usually after one of these talks it was apparent Mom had been crying.

I went to the video store and picked up a couple of movies. When I got home I put a pizza in the oven, took a shower and put on a pair of boxers. I took the pizza to the den and started one of the movies. About 9pm I heard the back door close. I jumped up and ran to the kitchen just in time to see Mom closing the refrigerator. She had a full gallon of wine in her hand. It was pretty clear she had already had a few drinks and judging from the looks of her mascara she had been crying. I asked what was wrong and she said nothing for me to be concerned about. She then said my Dad was an ass hole and they got into a fight and she decided to come home. She said she was going up to her room.

I gave Mom about 30 minutes to calm down, before I went up stairs and knocked on the bedroom door. She told me to come in and when I entered Mom was sitting in the middle of the bed propped up on several pillows against the headboard with the now half empty jug of wine under her arm and sipping from a full glass. She had taken her makeup off but was still wearing the same clothes she had worn into the city. I asked if she was all right and she said yes and told me it was nothing I needed to be concerned about.

Mom asked if I wanted to watch the late night talk show with her, moved over slightly in the bed and patted the empty space next to her. I got into bed and propped up on a pillow next to her. We sat in silence and watched the program. During the commercial break Mom got up to go to the bathroom. She was beginning to get very unsteady on her feet. She returned in a few minutes and poured another glass of wine.

One of the special guests on the show tonight was a woman of about 40 who was one of the last of the old style exotic dancers. She came out on stage dressed in a conservative business suit. The host showed a clip of her doing her act. The woman explained that while her act was erotic, it was not vulgar and left much to the imagination.

Mom asked me in a somewhat slurred voice if I found the woman attractive. I said yes, and no. Yes she was attractive when she did her act because of the clothes she was wearing, but no she was not especially attractive in her business suit because she looked like a working Mom. I said it was a classic example of proper clothing to setting up the right mood. She then asked if I found the lady's act exciting. I said I had not seen enough to know if it was exciting or not. She inquired whether I had ever been to a topless club and I replied that I had. Mom said she wanted my opinion on something.

Mom got out of the bed and walked to the foot of the bed facing me. She asked if I found her attractive in the dress she was wearing. I said yes. She then walked around to my side of the bed and asked me to unzip her dress. She returned to the foot of the bed and removed the dress. She stood before me in the black strapless bra, tiny black panties, black garter belt and stockings. She asked if I found her more attractive in the dress or her sexy underwear. Before I could answer, she started to giggle which started me giggling and before long we were both laughing hysterically. Mom was laughing so hard and was so drunk she had to reach out and hold herself up on the foot of the bed. I hurried off the bed and supported her to keep her from falling. I placed one arm around her waist and held her upright. Mom turned to face me and put both her arms around my neck and pressed her body close to me. In a playful way she asked if she were not my Mom would I find her sexy and seductive. I said most certainly. My Dick was beginning to react to the situation. It was getting hard and pressing right against my Mom's stomach. Her face turned a slight shade of red and she started to pull away, but suddenly reached up and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned that kiss with a long and passionate one. She responded in kind.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her on her back. When I climbed into the bed with her my Dick came out of the opening in the front of my boxers. Mom grabbed it with her right hand and caressed it gently while I kissed her neck. I reached down and placed my right hand into her panties and paused only slightly to feel the softness of her pubic hair the continued to the outer lips of her pussy. As I spread the lips with my fingers I felt her juices begin to flow. I inserted my middle finger into her as far as possible and began to move it slowly. She hungrily sought my mouth and began French kissing me. Within 30 seconds she had become moist, experienced stimulation and was now having her first orgasm. Her body convulsed and she repeatedly raised her legs off the bed and allowed them to fall back to the bed. The orgasm lasted a full 3 minutes. There was wave after wave, each stronger than the last until finally she started to settle down into a series of slight jerking motions. If I hadn't known better I would have believed this was her first sexual experience or at least her first orgasm.

I pulled the bra down off her breasts and was greeted by a wonderful sight. The aureole's were a very dark rosy color and covered almost half her large breasts. The nipples were only barely visible and appeared to be inverted. I took the right one in my mouth and it popped out of the breast to a length of about one half inch. I sucked the other nipple and it did the same. Mom was coming again just from the stimulation derived from having her nipples sucked. She was also feverishly caressing my Dick. I reached down and pulled her panties to one side, got up on top and entered her. She finished coming the moment I entered her and without a moments hesitation began to experience another wave of orgasm. I was more involved in bringing my Mother to wave after wave of orgasm than actually coming myself.

As soon as she finished coming the third time she rolled me over onto my back and sat up on me. She began to ride me. First rocking back and forth to achieve a forth orgasm, then side to side to orgasm number five. She then planted both feet on the mattress and assumed a squatting position and slowly raised and lowered herself on my Dick. She hit orgasm's number six and seven using this position. She then slowly lowered herself onto my Dick and without moving began to use the muscles in her vagina to tighten and then relax her grip on my Dick. I could tell by her facial expression and breathing she was about to come with orgasm number eight. She started to say my name softly at first then louder and longer until she was screaming. I began to feel my orgasm starting deep in my lower thighs. If grew warmer and more intense as it moved up my body. I never moved, I was completely relaxed. Mom was doing all the work and she wasn't moving. I came for what seemed like hours. I felt one spasm of ejaculation after another. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Mom literally fell off me exhausted. We lay there for what seemed like hours. At last I felt Mom's fingernail making small circles on my chest. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She asked if I was all right with what had just happened. I said yes, most definitely. She asked if I still loved her and I replied more than ever. She said she was going to take a shower and would be back in a few minutes and if I wanted to sleep with her tonight it was fine with her. She winked at me and said she might have a little surprise for me when she came back from her shower.

She came back in the black teddy. My Dad will never know what he missed that night by pissing my Mom off.

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