tagIncest/TabooWednesday Woes - Poppy Brown

Wednesday Woes - Poppy Brown


I went to the cloakroom to check my bottom for marks in the large mirror, knowing the slightest red splat would earn me even more from my dad, maybe even a stand-up whipping, I hate those, I hate the whip on my front.

I have such tender, still growing I hope, titties and he always makes sure they are well covered, marked and bruised.

He also liked to bruise below too to make me a tighter fit when he uses me, to console my upset and tears.

As I grow older, I feel I am growing wiser, if I act the simple little Baptist girl it really is who I am, but just lately, on the odd occasion I have felt I need to maybe question the odd thing.

It all depends how brave I am in the future if I do ever ask, knowing it's a beating for sure.

I got off the bus at the stop before mine, I wanted a little bit more of "Me Time" just to try and calculate what the next few weeks could bring, two options as I saw it.

Both with boys at the centre of my thoughts.

I had originally thought of 3 options, the last one just stopping with my Daddy and after training becoming the house 'Slave'.

Maybe slave is the wrong word, but anyway, I realise it could never be a true option.

"Hi mum hi dad your lost sheep is home."

We hugged and cuddled an had a cup of tea.

"Go change out of your work clothes poppy and put your dressing gown on, you have a strapping due after dinner."

"Yes dad." I kissed him as I went upstairs.

Now why was it a belting and not just a spanking. The norm was spanking in my bedroom then I would kneel to thank him and when rock hard he would place his willy in his preferred place, usually my waiting pussy but sometimes between my tiny tits.

Sometimes when he really needed me my spanking would stop abruptly and I'd be laid over the end of the bed and taken from the back.

Never in my bottom though, that traditionally is saved for a new husband and something I know Daddy will be training me for in the coming months.

I was in the shower when my bother came home from college and decided to join me, it was a tight squeeze but by placing various body parts in snug places we managed. :-)

We had dinner, the thought of what was going to happen after dinner never stemmed my appetite, I was starving.

Dad stood up, "Clear the table mother please."

My staring turn had come.

Dad unbuckled his belt, which was the signal for me to lose my dressing gown and he pushed me over the table.

I jumped back up with a fork sticking in my tummy, just a graze really but annoyed dad.

Mum pulled it out, "Sorry father."

He gave her a stare, "Your up after poppy."

"Yes Sir, my apologies to you both."

I got a swift 25 or 30 hard cuts, enough for tears at 8 and screams at around 16.

He finished with a diagonal one across my back.

"Shows over son," I heard my brother go upstairs as dads zip came down and he eagerly went to mount me over the table. "Mother."

Mum watched on as she had not been dismissed and walked forward to put his willy in my pussy, her hand went under me and 2 fingers split my lips as her other hand was wanking dad as she put him in.

Just as he grunted the cum grunt, "Get ready mother."

My head was facing her way and I saw her remove her pinafore and went under her dress and lowered her knickers to the floor and step out of them.

In one of our girly talks once mum told me to expect at least one spanking every day or so and fucked at least once a day.

She mentioned our girly time and said the practice did not stop, just a change of entrance.

She also said she was still fucked by whoever dad put to her with me not being around much, if dad was away his brother or dad would come around and give her a hiding and a fucking.

When my brother comes of age, he will take over that spanking and fuckin duty.

I said I was sorry, and would she like me to come home, mum said she was not complaining, she too needed plenty of stimulation and smiled.

I was stood up by dad and told I was grounded, and he would be up to see me before lights out.

I knew this meant going over his knee and him taking seconds on top of me.

As I left, I saw mum had taken my place on the table as dad went to his cane cupboard.

He opened his belt to act as a whip, lifted her skirt over her back and began to whip her.

I sat on the stairs a while and listened, she must have got 30, then the whoooosh crack of his senior cane, she got a dozen, then the slapping of his balls on her bottom as she too was fucked from behind.

I passed my brothers room, he had heard what was happening and had his willy out wanking, I went in and took over as he played with my titties.

"Is dad coming up to deal with you before bed time Poppy?"

I nodded.

"Would you like me to come in and cuddle you after he has gone?"

"Yes please," I kissed his forehead and went to get the shower running on my belting.

I got out of the shower and heard dad and my brother raising their voices, I creeped onto the landing and watched through his open bedroom door.

Dad was unbuckling his belt again and my brother was stood in the prayer position, arms high above his head and hands pointing up as if praying.

Dad walked round him whipping him in every place, his willy was growing, dad stopped, doubled the belt, grabbed his willy and milked him as he whipped his bottom till he cum.

"Get that cleaned up boy and be ready over your pillows before lights out I'm not done with you by a long way, shop lifting indeed!"

I rushed back into my room as dad came in, he took the towel off my front and fingered me to a cum "Be over your pillows at 9.30 sweet pea, I may let you off with just a slapping."

"Yes dad, thank you dad." I kissed his lips and lay on my bed, as soon as he left, I had two more wonderful shudders.

I heard mum in with my brother and again had a sneaky look, she was putting cream on his whip marks and moved to his willy and rubbed that to a stiffy till he shot into her hand.

True to his word dad went into my brother's room at 9.20 and spanked him over his pillows,

I heard the floor boards creak on the landing and new it would soon be my turn.

"Did you enjoy seeing your brother whipped Poppy?"

"Is it naughty top say, Yes Sir."

"Not at all completely natural family life. Did you see him squirt?"

I looked down, he lifted my head and slapped my face.

"Yes, Sir I did."

He dropped his pants and turned me over, still on my pillows.

"Then you can look at your dad squirt, push those little tits together."

I did as I was told as dad fucked my tits and cum all over them and my face.

He moved further up for me to lick him clean.

"Good girl Poppy, stay in your room when you wake, you have a breakfast spanking due, to teach you not to use your phone in work time."

"Yes, I will dad, thank you, love you." How the dickens did he know about the phone incident?

I went to the bathroom to clean up and my brother was in my bed when I got back, I pulled back the covers to get in and his willy was like a poker, so I mounted him and squeezed his hands on my nipples and tits.

He fucked me twice during the night and I woke him with a suck, I don't know why but his is the cutest, sweetest willy I had ever sucked, I loved it.

He left and 20 minutes later dad arrived, and I went over his knee for yet another spanking he lowered me to my knees and I sucked him to a cum.

I can tell you I was happy when I sat on the bus to work, how lucky was I to be so loved.

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