tagMatureWednesdays with the Lady Judge

Wednesdays with the Lady Judge


The Senior Judge had a reputation as a stickler for the rule of law, quick with the gavel to reprimand and hold in contempt any who might dare to violate the decorum of her courtroom. But her Honor was to find it was she who would lose all control of the proceedings -- the day he showed up in her court.


His kiss left her breathless, flushed, panting through her opened mouth, and desperately yearning to hang on to the hard young body that now drew away from her. Still holding her loosely in his arms, he looked deep into her softened blue eyes while his hands went up to clamp her naked shoulders. Without a word, he pressed the woman to her knees. And at his silent urging, the Honorable Judge Miriam Bryce-Havens, Senior Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the great State of New Jersey, slowly lowered herself to kneel before her young lover -- the handsome college boy -- a boy young enough to be her son!

Her eyes took in the white jockey shorts banding his narrow hips -- the telltale bulge of his manhood stood prominently before her. A throb of lust resonated through her. Being forced to her knees by her young lover brought on a most powerful surge of arousal, one that always left her breathless. For reasons she never knew, and no longer even questioned, she found that to be forced into submission like this stirred something deep within her, excited her to the very core of her being!

So now she knelt here, erect and motionless, mesmerized by the tented front of his white cotton underpants. The lad's fully-hardened erection could be seen through those tightly-stretched briefs. Her hands rose up with a life of their own, helplessly drawn to the elastic waistband at his hips.

Through half-lidded eyes he watched her reach for him. Her curling fingers slipped into the waistband, eased his underwear down, till his suddenly freed prick sprung up to stand quivering before her. She quickly looked away to continue drawing the underpants down his straight legs, bending down to allow him to lift each bare foot in turn so she might free him from his briefs.

He couldn't help smiling, inanely pleased to see this mature, sophisticated woman leaning into him with head submissively lowered. Looking down on the precisely styled hair -- that silvery-blond head that was poised so near his throbbing sex, his grin widened. He watched her take in the sight of his erect penis, a splendid, naked cock, fully upright now and standing at rigid attention, just inches away from her wide blue eyes.

His trembling hands found her head. Fingers dug into the short blond hair curling, tightening his grip, till he held her firmly in both cradling hands. Slowly, he drew her into him and at the same time shoved his hips forward till she found herself held tightly against his body -- Miriam Bryce-Haven's tastefully made-up face jammed into this randy college boy's hot, sweaty crotch.

With her face buried between the boy's thighs, Miriam closed her eyes to let the intoxicating smell of his pungent sweat fill her flaring nostrils: a raw, musky smell - a man smell. The haze of moist pubic hair tickled her nose. He arched up, pushing her lower, pressing her in to nuzzle deep into his underarch, her nose against his lightly-furred scrotum. She inhaled deeply, drinking of him, taking in that masculine scent she found between his legs. 'God, I loved the way he smells' she thought. Her hands felt their way up the back of his bare legs till they cupped those tight boyish buttocks.

With those well-manicured fingers, tightening on his clenching butt, Blake rose up on his toes, squirming, writhing up to let her get the full feel of his needy prick, rubbing up along her cheek, his smooth, hard, young cock pressed against her flushed face. He let his head fall back and closed his eyes to allow himself to savor the moment, sensuously rubbing himself all over her lightly-powdered face of the elegant woman who knelt at his feet.

"Kiss it!" It was a husky voice, one that held the note of quiet authority that thrilled her, never failed to send a shiver down her spine. His was a mastery so very rare, seldom found in a grown man, and almost never in a youth, even such a reckless, self-confident one. And yet this boy had it. He was special -- a man-child who had an easy way with women of all ages; a young man who was sure of himself and who had somehow come to dominate her life. She swallowed the knot of lust that rose up to constrict her throat. Her mouth was dry; she licked her painted lips and dutifully kissed his intolerably hard, youthful cock, just under the taut crown.

He held her there for a few seconds, her lips pressed to his cock, then the pressure on her head eased, though he still kept her captive, her face sandwiched between his hands. He tilted her head back till she was looking up at him her wide blue eyes soft and unfocused, glazed with desire.

"Yeah...that's what you want isn't it? You want my cock. You want to suck it, don't you?"

Looking up at him, Miriam's lips parted, but no words came out.


She swallowed, hard. "Yes...I want to suck your cock," she whispered breathlessly. She was burning up now, huddled over, her small sagging breasts dangling loosely, heaving with the effort of her panted words.

Blake smiled, wildly elated. Fingering his lust-swollen prick, he tilted it toward the older woman who was kneeling at his feet.

"Oh yeah, you're gonna suck it real good. Go on now...suck it! Suck my cock!"

The naked penis seemed to beckon her. She leaned into him, stuck out her tongue, lovingly lapping her way up that quivering shaft from the base to the very tip of the boy's straining manhood. They she licked hungrily, lavishly, holding him clenched in one hand while she worked him over in a frenzy of wild enthusiasm.

He closed his eyes to give himself up to the tickling feelings that slavishly working tongue were generating in his loins. The moan he tried to stifle with tightly-pressed lips forced its way through to emerge as a helpless whimper. The sound of his plaintive surrender brought on a massive surge of lust, driving the woman on in her single-minded obsession, wildly desperate to please her man. She bent her head and took him in, went down on him; soon he was guiding her bobbing head between his hands while she tightened the ring of her lips and sucked him with grim determination.

He groaned, his weakened hands fell away, only to clamp her shoulders and tightened on them in a death grip, determined as he was to hold on to cling to his sanity for just a few seconds more while the unstoppable rise of creamy pleasure threatened to erupt from his pumping loins.

Her head was bobbing furiously now; her fingers tightly clenching his hardened butt. She had her man teetering on the very brink of ecstasy when he abruptly clamped her face between his hands and held her to still the pistoning motion. Looking down, he found her questioning blue eyes looking up at his from under a shock of smooth blond hair.

Blake grabbed his throbbing prick from her, and his familiar touch instantly brought on a tremendous upsurge of erupting sperm. He clenched his teeth while rearing back, to jack off furiously, aiming right at the face of the kneeling woman, shooting thick gobs of his cream on her brow, her cheeks, across her closed eyes, and even in her hair. Soon sticky strings of the young man's sperm decorated the mature blond face of the attractive lady judge.


Sprawled out naked on the queen-sized bed, the young guy idly fingered his softened cock while his eyes followed the woman in the cream-colored brassiere as she padded back and forth across the room in the act of getting dressed. At the moment, she had her back towards him, and was leaning over to step into her panties. Was she unaware that in the process, she was offering her middle-aged bottom to the boy jutting back in inadvertent provocation? In any case, Blake resisted the desire to take a swat at that tempting target, contenting himself with the sight of the fading pink blush that still tinged the cheeks of Miriam's womanly bottom -- the residue of the thorough spanking he had so zealously laid on to those nicely-plump buttocks no more than half an hour ago.

With her underpants hitched up into place, the judge straightened, and rushed to complete getting dressed. She hadn't much time. While her schedule allowed these Wednesday mornings romps with her young lover, she simply had to be in court by 1pm for the usual half-day session. As she opened her mirrored closet to select an appropriate outfit, Blake noticed the judicial robe hanging there - a spare to the one she kept in her office; an idea came to him -- an idea that sent his flaccid cock stirring in his lap.

That day Judge Miriam Bryce-Havens was to do something that was unthinkable! If one of her neighbors had seen her driving to work that warm Wednesday afternoon, they might have idly wondered why the judge was already wearing her long black robe. What they would not have know, could not possibly know, was that that single thin loose robe was all the lady had on! Under it, the judge, as ordered by her dominant lover-boy, wore absolutely nothing but a pair of thigh-high dark-tinted stockings! To go out dressed in such an outrageous manner was an audacious thing to do; to go to court, even worse! An incredibly stupid thing! She kept telling herself, again and again. She had to be insane...to take such a risk! Yet she couldn't deny the wild and crazy thrill it gave her, -- an incredibly sexy feeling of being wicked and fantastically free. She couldn't help squirming in the leather seat like an excited schoolgirl as she hunched over the wheel, driving her BMW much too fast in her haste to get to the courthouse that day.

But Miriam's utter astonishment at the outrageous things she had done was nothing compared to the stunned amazement that was to befall her later when the courtroom doors were thrown opened that afternoon. Just as the first group of spectators began filing into the public gallery, she saw him ...walking calmly, nonchalantly strolling into her very own courtroom! Her young lover found a place in the line and was now taking a seat toward the back of the room. And as she gaped, speechless, astounded by the unbelievable collision of her two worlds, he looked up, straight at the bench, to give the petrified lady judge a decidedly wicked grin, and then, a broad and knowing wink!

The End

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