tagIncest/TabooWee Wee Monitor

Wee Wee Monitor


Starring Hilda, Harriet and Henry Humper in:

"Wee Wee Monitor"

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

"What the hell was that?" Hilda Humper cried out, sitting her large- breasted body bolt upright in bed and wondering what it was that had awakened her from a sound sleep. "Oh, fuck! It's Henry again. I can hear him through the baby monitor."

Hilda stretched her arms out and behind her back, pushing her more than ample chest charms out boldly in front of her, trying to shake off the effects of having been jolted awake.

"I can't believe that boy can't even go one fucking night without me taking care of his wee wee," Hilda sighed, getting out of bed and slipping into a pair of panties and some slippers, purposely not bothering to cover up her weighty watermelons. "I never get to sleep an entire night lately. He just whimpers and moans until I get in there and play with his pecker. Oh well, no rest for the wicked, they say."

Naked boobies bouncing, she walked down the hall softly, so as not to awaken Harriet. Hilda opened the door to Henry's room and stepped inside.

"Oh shit, I'm so horny, I can't sleep," he moaned to himself, grinding his penis against the mattress of his bed, the bulbous head of it so swollen that he knew that his fucktool needed emptying. "I need to squirt till my fucking balls are empty."

Hilda crept, titties first, into the room, aggravated by being woken up, but still wanting to surprise her son with the sexual thrills she was about to bring to his overindulged penis.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Henry moaned, sighing as he felt his busty mother's hands reach beneath him and touch his manhood. He turned over as his melon-boobied parent rubbed the big spongy head of his penis, almost consolingly, knowing the sexual need that lay inside of it. "Mom?"

"I'm here, baby," Hilda said, leaning over and whispering into his ear as her heavy headlights pressed against his body. "Mommy's here."

"Thank goodness you're here, Mommy," Henry whined, reaching up to paw at his mother's large, pendulous breasts, the nipples almost within reach of his mouth as she leaned over her boy. "Wee wee needs you so bad!"

"Oh, sweetie, I'm here," Hilda cooed, grabbing Henry's boxers by the waistband and attempting to pull them down.

"Lift your hips, baby," she urged him, struggling to get them off and laughing as Henry grabbed a nipple with his rough hand, pulling on it playfully until she moaned softly. "My goodness, sweetcheeks, you sure are eager, aren't you?"

"Oh, I need you to touch my big fucking dick, Mommy," Henry told her matter-of-factly. "I couldn't even sleep because I'm so horny. I gave myself a couple of tugs and even that didn't do it. I can feel the jizz all backed up in my balls and I need to come. Oh, how I need to come!"

"It is backed up, isn't it?" Hilda agreed, reaching and weighing his balls reverently as he pulled on one of her nipples. "I mean, that stuff is sloshing around in those ballies, isn't it, honey?"

"Fuck me or suck me or grab me or something, Mom! Let me jizz on your tits or down your throat or in your snatch or whatever! I need to either get sucked or get some poozle!" Henry told her urgently, kissing one of her breasts on the side as his cock became so achingly erect and stretched guiltily in her direction.

"Okay," Hilda said, slightly amused as she gave the tip of his throbbing wee wee a sweet kiss. "Then poozle it is, you sleep wrecker! Tee hee hee!"

She smiled as she stood up, swung her boobage around for his benefit, switched on a lamp, and then began to take her panties down. She might as well enjoy a fuck since she was already awake anyway.

She leaned over to pull her panties down over her hips, then past her knees before kicking them off when they reached her ankles, which only caused her twin peaks to jostle around that much more. Turning to look at Henry lying on the bed, his johnson standing high and proud, Hilda felt a tear form in the corner of her eyes.

"It's moments like these that make me so glad to be a Mom," she said softly to herself, touching her perfect puppies as she felt her pussy tingle. "Alright, Henry. Are you ready, baby?"

"Holy fucking shit, am I ever!" Henry replied with a sly grin as he eyed her terrifically tawdry ta tas. "Ready, willing and fucking able, too, ha ha."

Hilda climbed up onto the bed and straddled Henry by hovering over his hips and placing one knee on either side of his torso. With not even a word, she raised herself up a few inches and immediately impaled herself on Henry's rigid fucktool, lowering herself on him until he was into her up to the hilt.

"Mmmmmm, that hog feels good in my little poozle, honeybunch motherfucker! Tee hee! That wee wee is tearing that shit open! Tee hee hee!" Hilda squealed as her titanic titties heaved heartily up and down as her son's penis pierced her pussy perfectly.

"Ohhhhh, gosh, Mommy, but it feels good in that cumdumpster of yours! Aaaaahhhh, yeah! I'm gonna start sliding it in and out a little bit, to make us both tickle so fucking good," Henry breathed out as he felt his sleek stick angle up and into her humpslot, her motherly boobahs jiggling and jarring atop her powerful chest, their nipples growing as sharp as knifepoints and as hard as pebbles.

"Mmmmmm, I'm gonna move too, sweet fucker baby," Hilda Humper said, shaking her shoulders as her sheath housed his horsecock. "Remember that equation I always taught to all my students with wee wees? Remember?"

"I can't think of anything but fucking you right now. What was the equation?"

"It was U + I = P. Tee hee. Ohhhhh, that feels yummy when you thrust, baby! Fuck, yeah! It means that, and I quote myself 'Up + In = Penetration.' Tee hee! You remember, motherfucker!"

"Oh, I remember, Mommy," Henry replied, his voice coming out as a guttural grunt as he raised his pelvis upwards to drive himself even further inside his mother's warm, moist feminine cleft. "I always remember the important shit you tell me."

"Oh, baby, you are one horny little motherfucker, aren't you, sweetie?" Hilda inquired rhetorically as she bounced up and down on her boy's large, erect part, her enormous jubblies bounding up and down and from side to side so provocatively that Henry nearly salivated as he gazed at them. Reaching out with his two big hands, he captured one of her bounding boobahs in each and pawed at them roughly, squeezing and kneading them until Hilda gasped with pleasure.

"This feels so fucking good to my wee wee!" Henry cried out, biting his lip in an attempt to stave off the inevitable as he enjoyed her pussy and bomb-sized bazooms.

"You don't, uhhhhh, uhhhhh, fuck....me......harder.......Hennnnnry! You don't have to hold back this time. I know how bad you need to come. This fuck is to help you sleep and shit, so go ahead and squirt that shit up in me when you want to. You don't have to fucking wait for Momma! Just fuck! Just fuck!" Hilda yelled louder than she had intended to, Henry bracing her on his humpstick, one of his hands on her left boob and the other supporting her at the waist as they both looked down to watch his wee wee work easily in and out of her vagina, plumbing her wet cunny like a sexual spelunker. "Work that motherfucking fucker like a motherfucking jackhammer of fuck!"

"Uhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhh!" her son grunted, enjoying humping his bust- laden mother so unashamedly and in such an unrestrained fashion. "Oh, Momma, I think the cum is coming in a few seconds!"

"I know, baby. I know," Hilda said sweetly as she rode atop her son like a woman possessed. Her back was arched and her head rolled back as she ground her pelvis against his, her gigantic jugs jutting out proudly in front of her as they jounced and bobbled on her chest. "Just make sure you get all that sticky shit out, baby. I'm so tired from having to get up and take care of you several times a night, sweetie. I need you to stay fucked for at least the rest of the night, sweetcheeks. Now come on, work all that ooey gooey sticky shit up through the tube of your pecker and splash it all over Momma's insides. Oh, yes, that's the way, baby. Come on, coax it out."

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Henry grunted as he pounded upwards into his mother's overused pussy, feeling the semen rise up through the tube of his pecker.

"I'm coaxing! I'm fucking coaxing the shit out of this cock!" Henry wailed, squeezing both of her weather balloon-sized knockers now as he felt the first drop of semen leak from his pee pee pole's bulbous head. "And I am.......yessssssss.......this sleepy motherfucker is spitting like a cobra! Fuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!"

Chesty Hilda cooed as she felt her own tingles of orgasmic nirvana and then felt his oozing wee wee convert to a spurting firehose that blasted not water, but the jism that she had to have.

"Ohhhhhh, yeeaaahhhhhh, wee wee bear! I am orgasming too! And this squirting ought to keep your wee wee fucked and tided over for the night! Yeeeaaahhh, Henry! Spray Momma good in her girly spot! Wheeeeeeeee!"

"Ohhhh, squirt, shoot, SPRAY!" her well-hung boy cried nonsensically as he open-palmed her protruding paps.

Hilda continued to bounce atop her overendowed son until both of them collapsed after mind-shattering, toe-curling orgasms that left them both feeling exhilarated, yet spent.

"Holy sweet motherfucking shit," Henry sighed, lifting his arms to fold them behind his head as he closed his eyes and tried to bring his breathing under control.

"Oh, baby!" Hilda cried out, leaning her top-heavy body forward to rest her forehead against Henry's chest. "That was a fucking doozy, wasn't it? I can feel your heart pounding inside your chest, just like mine is. Wow, I can't remember when I've had a fucking orgasm that felt that fucking good."

After gathering her thoughts for a moment, Hilda pulled herself away from Henry's body, his now nearly flaccid penis coming out of her body with an audible wet popping sound. Flopping over to lay beside him, Hilda almost automatically reached out to stroke his private parts absent-mindedly, just as one of his hands immediately strayed to rest atop one of her mountainous orbs.

"Henry?" Hilda asked her boytoy slowly and deliberately as he slowly caressed one of her huge boobs, the other resting against his side, while she subtly fingered his cock. "Are you too tuckered out, or would you be up for another humpy?"

"Mom, I'm a horny teenaged boy with a heeeuge wee wee who has only been fucking his mother and sister for a few days. What do you think?" His rising member in her hands immediately answered her question.

"Well, then," Hilda replied, giving his penis a forceful squeeze as he fondled her boob bags. "I guess you get to be on top this time."

The next morning..........

"Harriet, hurry up or you'll be late for school!" Hilda shouted as she gobbled down the last bite of her toast and washed it down with the remains of her cup of coffee. "Henry? Are you ready to go, baby?"

Hilda heard heavy footsteps on the staircase leading down from the bedrooms and before she could turn around she felt her son's arms go around her from behind and his head bend down to plant a wet kiss on the nape of her neck.

"Oh, sweetie, don't do that to me when we're in a hurry," Hilda told him, swatting at his groping hands. "You know I can't resist that shit. Now grab something to eat and get going or you and Harriet are going to be late and make me late too."

Harriet Humper finally joined them in the kitchen, bounding into the room in a short skirt and tight sweater that enhanced her ample boobalicious curves.

"I think somebody was having some fun last night, weren't they?" Harriet said teasingly, smiling at her hot-hootered mother and horse- hung brother. "I heard a little huffing and puffing coming from Henry's room at about three in the morning."

Hilda and Henry's faces gave away the fact that the two of them had been partaking of each other's private parts.

"Oh, shit, I left my fucking car keys in my room," Harriet cursed, turning to race up the stairs, her triple H honkers bounding all the way.

"Now, what was I doing?" Henry laughed, leaning in and grabbing his mother by the tits, kneading her hefty humps randily as he kissed her hard on the lips.

"Oh, baby, you have to get me all worked up," his mother tittered as the kiss ended and she grabbed his groin with her right hand as hard as she could. "This big boy fucked me so good last night, lover."

As she squeezed his penis through his pants, she shoved her mouth against his, sticking her tongue in his mouth, while he still played with her zeppelin jugs. Henry moved closer to his mother, pressing the full length of his body against the full length of her, pushing her backwards until her back was braced against the kitchen cabinets.

"Oh, baby, don't get me all worked up like this when we don't have any time for sucky or fucky," Hilda said, trying to push him away from her. But Henry was persistent, pressing his lips firmly against hers and their two tongues wrestling inside Hilda's mouth as he groped her bulging boobs lasciviously. Henry ground his pelvis against his mother's, and Hilda could easily feel the considerable bulge forming in his trousers.

"Ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm," Hilda moaned, wanting to give into the desire coursing through her body, but knowing that one of them had to pull away and get out of the house on time.

"No, Henry," Hilda said forcefully, pulling her lips away from his, swatting his hands from atop her hilly hooters, and pushing him away from her reluctantly. "You and Harriet really have to get going. Harriet, are you ready yet?"

"Coming!" Harriet yelled from upstairs, her buxom hot body finally heading down the stairs. When she was finally on the first floor of the house, she looked at her mom and sibling. "Gosh, Mom. Your blouse is all disheveled. Tee hee. And Henry, you have lipstick all over your face. Hee hee. Somebody was fooling around, weren't they?"

The oversexed boob queen of the cheerleading squad tittered at the carnal amusement of their new family arrangement.

"Oh, fucking shit! I forgot something!" Henry said, feeling the warm pressure emanating from his crotch as he looked longingly at both pairs of mountainous mammary glands in front of him, especially his mother's.

"What the fuck did you forget, Henry?" Harriet sighed, adjusting one of the straps of her tittie-trappers. "We're going to be fucking late for school."

"I have to go get a bra. And it's a big one too. It belongs to my English teacher, Mrs. Rack. She left it in my room the other night and she wants it back. Be right back. I have to grab that big fucker."

"Shit, no wonder you're getting an A in her class, tee hee," Hilda said to Henry's back as he raced upstairs to retrieve his big-boobed teacher's boulder-holder. "That boy's smarter than I thought, Harriet. He sure knows how to use that big fucktool of his to get a good report card, tee hee. Oh, by the way, Harriet, while Henry's upstairs I have a favor to ask of you. Henry has been keeping me up way too much lately with that needy pecker of his and I am beyond exhausted. Is there any way you could take over for me tonight? I know it's a lot to ask, but I really could use a good night's sleep."

"Sure, Mom, I'd be happy too," Harriet replied sweetly, seeing the obvious signs of a few sleepless nights on her mother's pretty face. "As a matter of fact, I sometimes get pretty horny at night too, so this will help both of us, tee hee hee."

"Thanks, Harriet. You're a good daughter and I appreciate this so much. Now, you two better get going or you'll be late. Henrryyyyyyyyyy! Are you coming?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Henry shouted back as he retrieved the object he had gone back upstairs for and raced back downstairs to where his big- breasted mother and sibling waited for him. "Hang on to your titties, Mom, I'm coming, ha ha."

"It's about fucking time, little brother," Harriet said in annoyance as she saw Henry eyeing the two cartoonish bulges in the front of her sweater. "If I don't get time to fuck Bobby Brunton before class begins, it will be all your fault. That bitch Missy will get to him before I do if you take much longer."

"Okay, I'm ready," Henry announced, chuckling as he honked his sister's titters one by one. "Love ya, Mom."

Hilda kissed Henry firmly on the lips and they both squeezed each other's assets simultaneously as Hilda whispered "Fuck ya later, big boy" into his ear.

"I'm driving, big tittie sister!" he said playfully, slapping his sister on her big round ass.

"No way, Henry! It's my car! Yours is in the shop!" Harriet protested, her juggernauty jaunty juggers moving with her speech.

"No, Harriet," Henry laughed as he flicked her in the tittie. "I'm driving, you're sucking!"

"Oh, gosh, all right," Harriet caved in as she mentally saw a visual image of her boobies dangling as her brother's dick slid in and out of her mouth. "But this time you better adjust that steering wheel a little higher and give me some fucking head room!"

Later that night..........

"Oh fuck, it's Henry's wee wee monitor," Harriet Humper realized as she sat up in bed, trying to clear her mind as she figured out what had awakened her. "I almost forgot that I promised Mom I would take over tonight so that she could catch up on her sleep."

"Alright, Henry, alright," she spoke under her breath as she got out of bed, Humper H cups gloriously naked as she peeled down her panties, the only garment she ever wore to bed. "I'm coming, I'm coming."

Opening the door, she stepped out into the hallway, her big breasts bobbing as she walked, shivering slightly as the cool breeze from an open window caressed her naked body and created little pebbly nipple hard-ons.

"A Humper's work is never done," she said to herself with a deep sigh. "One tug, two washes and a couple of humps already tonight, and Henry's still whining for some attention to be paid to his pecker. But as Mae West used to say 'Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.'"


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