tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 11

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 11


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


"Now Debbie, let's turn our attention to you." I said as Marilyn continued to suck on my ramrod. "Have you ever fucked any of these men?" I asked. She did not answer as she tried to fight off Mark and Bob as they prodded her body with their hands and their cocks rubbed up against her.

The gagged beauty shook her head.

"Too bad. Any of you guys ever try anything with her?" I asked as I tried to humiliate the bound beauty in front of her friends. There was no response. "No one?" I asked.

"A few months before I met Marilyn, I tried but she was pretty cold." Steve said.

"Anyone else?" I asked.

"No, but I'd love to get a piece of her." Mark said as he continued to caress her suspended body.

"And so you shall." I added. I was a bit surprised that she'd been avoided by the others. "Any of you girls ever made it with her?" I asked, realizing that she may have been a lesbian. There was no response. I watched Marilyn's head move up and down the length of my shaft. She had me on the verge of exploding as her sharp fingernails raked my balls and her mouth sucked with unbelievable skill on my cock. Her hot mouth sucked hard as her talented tongue went after my pisshole. I wrapped my fingers in her thick hair and lifted her face from my cock. "Not yet my dear, I have other uses for it first." I teased and she nodded her head. I released my grip and she once again wrapped her lips around my cock and lowered her head down as she continued to suck on my root but not as intensely.

Geri looked like she was getting ready for her first mouthful. Bob held her head gently and then wrapping his fingers in her long, dark hair, he pulled her face down onto his cock and exploded deep in her mouth. She tried to twist free but it was useless as he held her face to his crotch. The young beauty gulped and swallowed feverishly as she tried to keep from drowning in his flood of cum. She was not able to swallow it all and cum oozed out of her mouth and dripped down onto her naked breasts. Once his cock was spent, he eased his grip on her head but held her as she continued to suck on his spent shaft.

"How was she?" I asked.

"I don't have much to compare it with, but the sensation was beyond belief." he confided.

"That's good. You'll both be getting more experience, just stick around." I teased. "An admirable first try." I said to Geri as she knelt before her boyfriend. "But you must try to swallow it all." Geri knelt before her boyfriend and her best friends totally humiliated.

"Which one is yours?" I asked as I turned to Mark.

"Sandy." he replied as he looked over at her naked body.

"We've given Sandy a little more experience in the last day or two." I said. "I think you'll find it to your liking." I taunted. Mark started to get angry and pull at his bindings.

"It's okay." Sandy called out to him. "Don't do anything or he'll take it out on me again." she pleaded. "Please, Mark." she cried. He stopped struggling. I lifted Marilyn's face from my crotch and tying her wrists to the chair, I walked behind Mark and tied his wrists together as a precaution. I released the noose from around his neck and sat him down in one of the chairs.

"Okay, Geri, time for some more experience." I said as I walked the naked beauty over to Mark and forced her to her knees in front of him. "This time, I want you to swallow all of it." I said as she reluctantly reached out to his cock and took it in her hand. She leaned forward and wrapping her lips around the head of his cock, slid her head down the length of his shaft. It was hard for him to be too angry with me as he watched this beautiful, naked woman slide her moist lips up and down the length of his cock. He couldn't use his hands, so he slid his hips forward and moaned as she sucked on his cock.

Walking back to Bob, I tied his wrists behind him and then walked him over to sit beside Bob. I had Sandy come over and kneel between his legs. Both guys watched as she leaned forward and sucked his cock into her mouth. He too slid his hips forward and the two of them watched as their girlfriends sucked on each other's cocks.

I stepped up to Debbie and walked around her bound body. Her arms were high above her and her large, creamy white breasts looked delectable. I reached out to touch her chest and she pulled away from me. I kicked the stool she was standing on and as it tipped over, her body fell with a thud. Her feet hung inches form the floor as she swung gently. Her massive breasts drew tightly against her chest as she felt the ropes around her wrists tighten. I reached out towards her pussy and she crossed her long legs.

"You are going to be a pleasure." I taunted her as I picked up the whip. Debbie screamed as the lash cut across her creamy breasts. She continued screaming as I beat her breasts again and again as she hung below the loft. As her body thrashed, her long legs swung free. I reached down and caught her by her ankle. Pulling her leg up, I hit her across her open thigh. She howled as she kicked me with her other leg.

"You'll regret that, you bitch." I hissed as the lash cut a dark, red welt across her creamy thigh. I pulled on her leg and then hit her squarely across her open pussy. The naked beauty howled. I pulled her leg to the side and tied it to one of the loft ropes. She again tried to kick at me but I just grabbed her ankle and pulling it wide to the other side, tied it to another rope that dangled down from above. She hung like an inverted 'T' before me.

"Now let's see what we have to play with." I teased her as I stepped up to Debbie's suspended body. Her nipples were rock hard and they glistened with perspiration and sexual excitement. Red marks covered her beaten flesh and I closed my teeth around her swollen nipple and bit down hard until I heard her scream. I slid my hand down between her legs and taking a grip on her soft, pubic hair, pulled her hanging body towards me. Her legs were split to their limit. I then slid my fingers between her swollen labia and up into her cunt.

"A cherry! How very nice." I announced as I continued to probe her spread pussy. Debbie turned crimson with humiliation. "Never had anyone?" I asked sarcastically as I continued to probe her open pussy.

"That's going to change fast." I teased her. "You are going to beg to fuck every man here and then to lick out every one of these pussies." I taunted her. "And when you're done with that, we're going to go to work on this beautiful ass of yours." I added as I slapped her sculptured cheek. Debbie was trembling with fear as Mark erupted in Geri's mouth. She gulped and swallowed getting every drop of his cum. Sandy was still sucking on Bob as Mark watched her.

I picked up the whip and stepping to the side, lay a hard stroke across Debbie's beaten breasts. The naked beauty howled as she felt the leather cut into her soft flesh. Methodically, I began to beat her naked breasts until angry, red welts covered her creamy white skin. Then turning slightly, I began to beat her spread thighs. She howled as each stroke inched closer to her spread pussy. I hit her across her ass and the ends of the leather wrapped around her open thigh and kissed at her pussy. I hit her on the other thigh with the same results. Then stepping around behind her, I brought the lash up from the floor and hit her directly across her virgin pussy. The bound beauty screamed in pain and her body thrashed wildly as the lash bit into her tender flesh.

"Fuck me, please fuck me." she cried. "Anything. Just stop hitting me." she pleaded.

"I never thought you'd ask." I taunted the suspended beauty as I wrapped the whip around her neck and let it hang over her beaten breasts. I cut her down from the loft and she was too weak to stand. I dragged her over to the special chair where Leslie had been impaled on St. Peter's revenge. Once she was bound in place, I began to pinch and pull on her beaten titflesh. The young beauty began to scream as I abused her tortured flesh. As I pulled on her tits, my cock rubbed up against her spread pussy. My hands came down between her open thighs and I shoved my fingers into her beaten pussy. Debbie screamed as she felt my fingers probe deep into her virgin pussy. As I abused her, she seemed to be in a daze. I slid my fingers from her virgin pussy and smeared her juices across her lips and under her nose before shoving them into her mouth. Then picking up a glass of water, I splashed it across her bound body. She screamed in surprise and then came back to reality. She looked at me, her eyes filled with hatred.

"You are about to lose your cherry. Beg me to take it." I taunted her. Debbie was silent. When I reached out to the lash around her neck, she quickly begged.

"Fuck me - please." she mouthed.

"Geri." I barked.

"Yes." I heard her say behind me.

"Over here." I said and the naked beauty lifted herself up and walked up to Debbie's side. She looked down at my ramrod and at Debbie's open pussy. "On your knees." I said as I wrapped my hand around the back of her slender neck and pulled her over to stand next to Debbie's open thighs. Geri sank to her knees as I turned my body to face her. My cock was even with her mouth and she guessed what I wanted of her. She was only partially right.

"Let's see if you've learned anything." I said as I pulled her face to my cock. I felt the tip of my ramrod brush across her soft lips and then she opened her mouth as I slid my cock all the way in. Debbie looked down and watched as her friend sucked on my cock, knowing that in another minute or two it would be rammed up into her own virgin pussy. I felt Geri's tongue snake around my cock as it filled her mouth. Taking a grip on her soft, brown hair, I guided her beautiful face up and down the length of my ramrod. "You're getting good at this." I teased her as I shoved my cock all the way into her mouth.

"Now open her up and put me in." I said as I slid my cock out of Geri's mouth. She had never touched another woman and was very uncomfortable about doing it but she knew better than to disobey me. With trembling hands, she reached out and slid her hands between Debbie's open thighs. She pulled the young virgin's pussy lips apart and then taking my cock in her hand, guided the tip to Debbie's virgin pussy. She wedged the tip inside her friend's body and then released her grip on my ramrod.

"Don't go away." I said as I released my grip on Geri's head. She sat back on her knees as she watched my cock slide a bit deeper into Debbie's spread pussy. She had never seen a cock up this close as it entered a pussy. She was fascinated as she watched the tip slide deeper into her friend's spread pussy.

Taking a firm grip on Debbie's beaten titflesh, I looked down at my cock as it was wedged into the entrance of her virgin pussy. I pulled on her tits as I slid my cock slowly into her bound body. She gasped as she felt the tip of my cock touch her taut hymen. Her body went stiff and she looked down at my cock as it stuck into her pussy. Letting go of her tits, I slid my hands down around her ass and squeezed her firm cheeks. She was crying.

"Don't do this to me, please." she begged me.

"But you just begged me to a moment ago." I taunted her.

"Only because you made..." Debbie screamed as I pulled her body forward and rammed my cock all the way into her virgin pussy. She felt the tip of my ramrod rip through her taut hymen as her tight pussy stretched to accommodate the thickness of my cock. She was unbelievably tight as my cock rammed all the way into the hilt. I stood for a moment as my cock filled her virginity and then she gasped as I flexed my ramrod deep in her body.

"Now let's fuck." I said as I began to thrust my cock deep into her spread pussy. Reaching back up to her beaten breasts, I squeezed them as I continued to shove my cock deep into her virgin pussy. She was unbelievably tight. Soon her screams of pain became moans of passion as her pussy began to flood with her sweet juices. I could feel the slickness inside her body when she suddenly gasped and her body stiffened. I smiled to myself as her first orgasm wracked her beautiful, young body. I could feel her inner muscles begin to grasp at my invading cock as I rammed deep into her seething cunt. As I rammed my cock deep into her tight pussy, I could feel my own cum beginning to boil.

Releasing my grip on Debbie's abused titflesh, I placed my hand on the top of Geri's head as she knelt beside me. I pulled her face forward and she watched as my cock slid in and out of Debbie's open pussy. She could see that my cock was slick with her friend's cum as it pistoned in and out of her lush, young body. I pulled her face closer and she felt her cheek press against Debbie's open thigh. Suddenly I pulled my cock from Debbie's body and shoved it into Geri's mouth. The young beauty was startled as she felt the sticky head of my cock press against her soft lips and she opened her mouth as my cock shot its full load across her tongue. The kneeling beauty gulped furiously as my cock sprayed into her mouth. She felt my hand pull her face all the way onto my cock and she was terrified of drowning in cum as she swallowed hard. Debbie and I both watched as the kneeling beauty swallowed my heavy load. Once I'd finished cumming, I eased my grip on her hair and Geri continued to lick and suck on my spent cock.

"You're getting better at this, I see." I complimented Geri as I released my grip on her soft hair. I moaned as I felt her tongue lick at my cock in her mouth. "Okay Steve, since you tried before but were denied, you get to be the next to fuck her." I said. Slowly he slid out of his chair and walked over to where I stood. I eased my cock from between Geri's soft lips and moved out of the way. Steve looked down at Debbie's open pussy and at Geri's beautiful face as she knelt close by.

"Okay Geri, suck him hard and then put him in." I instructed. Reluctantly, the kneeling beauty leaned forward and wrapped her fingers around his ramrod. She looked up at him and then wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock. She heard him moan as she teased the tip of his cock with her tongue. She felt his hand on the top of her head and she slid his cock all the way into her mouth. She sucked on him for a moment and then looked up at him. He was dying to cum in her mouth but didn't want to miss the chance at Debbie's open cunt. Reluctantly, he released his grip on her head and she turned his body and wedged the tip of his cock into her friend's pussy.

"Time to beg," I taunted the bound beauty. She remained silent. I lifted up the lash.

"Fuck me, please," she said softly.

Steve looked down at his cock as it wedged into Debbie's spread pussy and thought about how many times he'd fantasized about fucking her. He reached out to her beaten titflesh and then rammed his cock all the way into her dripping pussy. He could feel how tight she was and how slick her cunt was. He rammed his cock into her soft body with a vengeance, as if he was getting even with her for her rejection of his interest in her. Debbie grunted and groaned as tears ran down her cheeks. Her pussy was unbelievably tight and he could feel her powerful inner muscles begin to clamp down around his invading cock as he rammed it deep into her beautiful body.

"Why don't you cum inside her?" I suggested and Geri sighed with relief as she realized that she would be spared another load of cum in her mouth. Steve continued to ram his cock deep into Debbie's bound body as he felt his balls begin to boil. Pulling hard on her beaten tits, he shoved his cock all the way into her and then with a loud grunt, his cock exploded deep in her quim as her own body convulsed in a powerful orgasm. He stood between her spread thighs, his cock rammed deep into her open pussy as his balls emptied their load into her tight quim. When he'd finished cumming inside her, Steve stepped back and watched as his spent cock slid out of her open pussy. Debbie also watched as his cock slid out of her body.

"Okay Steve, Marilyn will take care of you." I said and he turned and walked across the room to where Marilyn sat, bound to the chair. She watched as his cum-coated cock bounced back and forth with each step as he approached her. Standing in front of her, he straddled her legs and brought is cock to her lips. Marilyn looked up at him and then opened her mouth and wrapped her soft lips around his cock. He moaned deeply as he felt her talented tongue slide around the length of his shaft as she licked all of the cum from his cock.

"John, you're next but over here." I said as I pulled a long bench over under the loft. He slid off of his chair and walked over to the bench. "On your back." I said and he straddled the bench and then lay back. His cock lay across his stomach but it was not fully hard.

"Okay Geri, over here." I said and the naked beauty stood up and walked over to John. "Get him hard." I said and she reluctantly leaned over his body and sucked his cock into her mouth. John moaned as he felt her lips wrap around his cock and she began to suck on him. I stepped up to Debbie's body and taking her panting tits in my hands, I began to maul her beaten breasts. Then reaching down to her open thighs, I lifted them out of the brackets and let her stand up. I untied her wrists from the chair and dragged her over to where Geri was sucking on John. Binding her wrists in front of her, I tied them to one of the ropes hanging down from the loft and then hauled her arms up over her head. I gazed down at Geri and could see that she had sucked John to a respectable erection. I reached down and wrapping my fingers through her soft hair, lifted her face from his crotch. As she sat back on her knees, I lifted Debbie's leg over his body and positioned her pussy above his cock.

"Put him in." I said to Geri and she reached out and held his cock straight up. Debbie's pussy was still too high up and so, dropping his cock, she reached out to Debbie's thigh and pulled her down until her pussy almost rested on his stomach. Then pushing her body forward slightly, she guided John's cock to her pussy lips. As the tip of his cock touched her swollen labia, John could feel just how slick her pussy was. Geri then guided Debbie's hips backwards until his cock began to slide into her pussy.

"Is he all the way in?" I asked Debbie and she shook her head. "Then get him all the way in." I said and she slid her hips back a bit further until his cock slid all the way into her tight pussy. I gazed at her as her thighs straddled his body and his cock filled her to the hilt. Her arms hung loosely above her head as her panting breasts were fully exposed. "You are going to fuck him until he cums inside you. You are going to have to do all of the work. Every time you stop I'm going to beat your tits. Every time he falls out of your pussy, Geri will put him back in but I will beat your tits until you start to fuck him again. Now beg him to let you fuck his cock." I said.

Debbie looked down at John as he lay below her body, her pussy impaled on his cock. "Please let me fuck you," she whispered in her humiliation. Then Debbie began to ride John's cock as she braced her feet on the floor and used her bound arms for balance. We all watched as the naked beauty impaled herself on his ramrod as her magnificent tits bounced wildly on her chest. It took a long time but she fucked him until he grunted and as she plunged down onto his spurting cock, she could feel her own body convulse in a powerful orgasm. Then she collapsed onto his body. I let the young girl rest for a moment as I looked around the room.

"Up." I said to Debbie and she slowly straightened her legs and lifted her pussy off of John's cock. "Annie will take care of you." I said as I helped him get up. He walked over to Annie and she quickly leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his cum-covered shaft. He moaned as he felt her talented tongue lick the sides of his cock.

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