tagLesbian SexWeekend Away Continues

Weekend Away Continues


I probed my tongue into her as hard and as fast as I could. Her juices pooled in my mouth, and my chin was saturated with her excitement. I slowed down, and gently inserted a finger into her. I rotated my wrist and twisted and pushed my finger into her. I was so turned on just watching my finger disappear into her hairy cunt. I pushed in another and buried them right in there, listening with ever increasing excitement at the slopping noises that emanated from her hole. I was working my fingers slowly in and out of her, deciding to slow the pace and build on my own excitement. Several times Connie sighed or moaned as my fingers re-entered her, and I wondered if she was doing so, so that I would punish her as I had done earlier for crying out, and speed up the pace. But for now that wasn’t going to happen. I was mesmerised watching hand sliding in and out and over her pussy. I watched her muscles contract as I fucked her slowly with my fingers, and was fascinated in her bush having droplets of her juice building up.

My own pussy felt heavy with excitement, and I began clenching my legs together to try to ease the dull ache there. This only managed to make me feel even hornier, if that was at all humanly possible.

Connie’s puckered asshole teased me relentlessly whilst I was busy pleasuring her pussy. It seemed to wink and invite me nearer. I remembered earlier when I had licked it and tasted the salty rim of her. It had made my head spin at the utter dirtiness of it. I wanted it again, and I wanted to violate Connie, as she desired.

I inched closer to her ass, while still gently pushing my fingers into her, and began to blow gentle warm air onto her fanny. Her scents from both of her nasty little holes were like a drug to me, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to suck and probe and chew on every piece of her.

I began to quicken the pace of my fingers, pushing them so hard into her eventually that she was rocking on all fours. My tongue began its assault again on her asshole and I was in heaven.

I sucked on her and made filthy slurping noises like a baby drinking from its mother’s breast. Though I felt this was much more fulfilling!

I tried to push my tongue into her back entrance, but it was shut up so tightly.

Removing my fingers from her hole I could see how much lubricant she was sharing with me, and decided to use it to try and violate her most private of places.

I massaged around her ass and gathered great dollops of her own lubricant to rub over it. Ever now and then I would reach under when I had a free hand and grab hold of a swinging breast or claw at her clit.

Connie’s breath was heavy while I continued to pleasure her. But she had not uttered another word.

I had passed caring whether she was deriving pleasure from this. I was in my own world, and as selfish as it was, cared only now for my own pleasure from all of this.

And at last success! My finger entered her ass. I watched as I slowly pushed it in. Her hole relaxed slightly and allowed me to push it right in. I collected more of her juice and spread it over my finger as I pulled it out slightly. Pushing it back in met with a bit of resistance so I pushed harder to get it back in. I was so intoxicated by the sight. Connie ceased to be anything to me but a toy, a luscious ass, a dripping cunt, my own little pleasure machine.

I twisted my finger into her and tickled around her cunt with my other hand. I was fucking my best friends ass with my finger! I increased my pace, happily humping away at her. I was so turned on, I could feel an orgasm building inside of me, simply from the sights and smells I was experiencing.

I rammed my finger into her and moved it in her ass with a “come hither” motion to tickle inside her. I carried on doing this faster and faster. My breathing became ragged as I felt the familiar wave rush through me. I was cumming.

My other hand worked at her cunt my pace increasing as my orgasm reached its peak and I began to cry out. “Oh God Connie you filthy slut. Oh fuck. Look what you’ve done!”

I felt a gush of liquid run down my leg as I came. It was an odd experience to come without being touched. I tried to ram more fingers into Connie.

She moved away abruptly from me, my finger leaving her ass with an audible pop.

“Stop!” she cried. “Stop it. I don’t want this!”

But it was too late for not wanting it. We had been writhing and poking and licking on the floor for what seemed like hours. We were way past her not wanting this…

Connie jumped up and ran for the bedroom. She slammed the door, and left me sitting there stunned as to what just happened.

I didn’t know what to do or say. She had wanted this, it had been her suggestion, and now all of a sudden she had been the one to freak out.

I started to clean up around the lounge. I didn’t know what else to do. Suddenly I was embarrassed and couldn’t face Connie.

Tears slipped own my cheeks as I took our wine bottles into the kitchen to dispose of them. I felt that our friendship could never recover from what had just happened.

I began sob while I thought of everything that had just gone on. It was because I had used Connie as a plaything, that was it. I was sure of it. But hadn’t Connie wanted to play rough? Oh god my head spun. I cursed the wine. I cursed it for making me feel so ill now, and for turning me into such a depraved sex fiend only minutes earlier.

I had to apologize to her for what I had done. I didn’t know how the hell I was going to do it, but I had to do something!

I crept to the bedroom door, and tapped against it.

“Connie?” I called softly. My cheeks flamed red as I thought of how I had tongued her just a while earlier. “Connie. Let me in. I am so very sorry. I shouldn’t have done it. I know you wanted it, but I didn’t realise the implications. Connie…Connie. Please! I am sorry!”

Connie pulled the door open and stood there. She was still naked, and her pussy glistened with her hot juices. I gulped but looked her in the eye. Her face was blotchy and red from crying.

“Its okay. I am the one that’s sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted like that.”

“No Connie Hun. I am sorry. I should have stopped when I realised that you weren’t enjoying it.”

Connie began to giggle. She laughed harder when she saw the confusion on my face. Is Connie having a breakdown I wondered? She was crying moments earlier and now laughing hysterically. What the…?!

Must be the wine.

“Connie come on. Calm down, and go to bed.”

“No Jo. You don’t get it. I wasn’t upset because I wasn’t enjoying it, quite the opposite.”

Yes that confirmed it. Connie was indeed having some form of breakdown. She was enjoying something so to show her appreciation she says no cries and runs away.

She grabbed at my wrists.

“I know what you’re thinking. I have never been fucked like that Jo. It was all that I had ever wanted. And more,” she added. “And it was coming all from the person I have loved for as long as I can remember. I just never ever thought it would become THIS kind of love!”

I frowned and Connie knew she had completely lost me.

“Come on. Let me show you. I’ll show you what I felt and then maybe you’ll understand.”

Connie still had my wrists gripped tightly and led me to the bed. She turned me, and pushed me roughly onto the covers. I automatically drew my legs up for balance as I began to topple, but Connie caught them. She pushed my legs up and then roughly pushed them apart. She was stronger than I had expected and had my legs pinned neatly now under knees. I could feel the heat of her pussy near my thigh, and watched her breasts jiggle as she tried to make herself comfortable atop me.

“Connie stop it please. This isn’t fun anymore. The whole thing is going to destroy our friendship. I love you so much and I cant bear the thought of losing what we have, just because we’re drunken sluts! Please Connie…Please…” I begged her to get off me. Felt so powerless, and confused. I genuinely wanted her to stop for all the reasons I was giving her, but at the same time I could still taste her asshole and I wanted more. I felt physically sick as my emotions pulled me one way and then another.

Tears began to slip down my cheeks again as I tried to make sense of everything that was happening. I ran the full gamut of my emotions in about 60 seconds and my mind was reeling. Did I didn’t I? Should I shouldn’t I?

All the while my brain and groin having a little battle with each other, Connie was still balanced on my legs. She was staring at me. A half smile on her face but lust deeply embedded in her eyes.

Her moisture was warm against my leg, and it wasn’t helping that every now and then she would move ever so slightly and brush her thick pubic hairs against me. She was not saying a word, not comforting me or questioning my tears. She was waiting for me to get over myself and either say yes or no.

Connie of course knew me far too well. She could probably see so clearly on my face the confusion that I felt. And if she hadn’t picked up on that my body betrayed me.

My chest was heaving, and my nipples were as hard as they were going to be. I felt like I was naked in an igloo with 20 pounds of ice cream smeared on my body. I shivered and tingled and my nipples were so terribly erect that they ached. My pussy was throbbing, leaden with lust, and I could feel the excitement literally dripping from me. So Connie knew. If she waited just a moment longer, struck at the right time, my lust would finally overcome all rational thinking, and we would be fucking again in no time. Damn her, and damn knowing each other so intimately. Even Rick didn’t know me that well. When I had tried to play the whole “rape” scenario with him, and I had protested no no Rick don’t touch me (when my eyes and body were begging to be fucked) he had turned away and said goodnight. Shit if only Connie had been there that night!

Still I played the charade of someone who cared more for the friendship (and in a way I did it was just that I was SO turned on) and no longer wanted anything sexual from my best friend. Oh god too late for that huh?! And just thinking about what we had done earlier caused a surge of electricity to course through my body, culminating in great pulses through my clit. If Connie had chosen that moment to brush those gorgeous pubes along my thigh I would have squirted all over her.

But she sat and eyed me, waiting ever so patiently. I closed my eyes and let my head sink further into the bed. Suddenly I was exhausted. I no longer cared if anything more happened or not. The wine had made me drowsy, and my head had begun to spin dangerously. I wanted to push Connie from me and run for the bathroom. I could feel the nausea begin its ascent through my stomach and into my throat. I swallowed hard, but all I could taste was Connie.

It seemed like days ago now that I had lapped at her sweet little hole. Again the warmth coursed through me as I remembered, but it did not take away the nausea I felt. My mouth had begun to pool saliva, and I opened my mouth slightly to breath out and it slipped from me. I tried to lift my hand to wipe my spilt away but I was too far-gone.

My thoughts seemed to drift into darkness. I was aware of Connie’s presence but could not stop myself from slipping into unconsciousness. I heard a moan but had no idea if it had come from me or not. I think I mumbled good night to Connie and heard her giggle, but I couldn’t be sure. I do remember thinking that I would never drink again. Never.

I woke with a start. My mouth was dry and I felt like I had a thousand hammers pounding me over every inch of my body. It was completely dark, and I was disorientated. I could feel moisture between my legs, and worriedly thought that I had lost control of my bladder. My head still spun, and it took me several moments to remember where I was. And oh god what had happened.

Those thoughts were quickly replaced with the sensations I felt on my breast. I lifted my hand and brushed against hair, not my hair. Oh god! Connie’s hair! She was very lightly nuzzling at my nipple. So gently that I could have been dreaming it. But no it was really happening. Her tongue flicked lazily back and forth against my semi erect nipple, and by the amount of juice that had gathered between my legs I wondered how long she had been there.

My questioning (or at least mumbling) as to what was going on, was met with Connie clamping her hand over my mouth, and her tongue working harder and faster over my tit. It was a weird yet wonderful sensation. I felt like I was being taken advantage of, yet it also felt like the most natural thing in the world to have Connie nursing from me. She began to suck more forcefully on my nipple, pulling it right out from my breasts and flicking her tongue from side to side. I wondered at how she was doing it without ever losing suction on me. It was a blissful sensation, one that I hoped would carry on a bit longer.

I no longer had the same thoughts as I did earlier, whether this was right or wrong. It was neither, and I should really just shut the hell up and enjoy what she was doing.

“Mmmm. Connie. You are so beautiful,” I whispered. “Take everything you need from me.”

Connie continued her assault on my one breast and did not answer me. She had flattened her tongue against my nipple and occasionally pushed down a little harder. Everything she was doing to me felt like it was the first time, like I had never experienced it before.

I wanted to touch her, to caress her again and make love to her cunt with my fingers. I wanted it this time to be gentle and kind, and for her to feel how much I loved her. I longed to slip inside her again, and feel the warmth and wetness that I had experienced before.

But Connie would not let me do that. She suddenly stopped what she was doing to my titty and slung her leg over me. She grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head so I had little chance of touching her, or doing anything for that matter. Her bush was ground into my stomach and I could feel her moist lips parted against my naked skin.

She began to rock gently up and down, the lubricant from her hole making the journey a little easier. She rubbed herself all over my torso, and began to climb higher onto my chest. She somehow held my two hands with one of her own, and directed my nipple to her cunt. She rubbed herself all over my tit and almost winced each time the nipple connected with her clit. It was absolutely unreal.

Connie had not uttered a word in this entire process, but her breathing was heavy and every now and then she emitted a grunt or a sigh. Though not too audibly. She let go of my hands now as she straddled my face. I could see nothing in the dark but her pubic hairs were tickling around my mouth and I could smell her musky aroma. I reached my tongue out to taste her but she raised herself slightly so I could not reach. I clasped around her hips, and my fingers dug into my flesh as I tried to pull her to my mouth but she resisted. I was worried that the tousle would end up with her crashing into my face, and me trying to explain how I got a broken nose to my doctor, or even worse my husband!

So I eased off a little and let Connie do whatever it was she planned to do.

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