Weekend Ch. 01


Weekend, Part 1. -Wednesday

Another bad day was drawing to a close. This was my Spring Break. This was my very first Spring Break since starting at the University. It was supposed to be a week-long party with my friends. Instead, my parents decided to paint the entire house and I was sent to stay with my sister, Michelle. I love my sister, but she is not the warm and welcoming type.

My parents are very strict people who believe in a philosophy of early curfews, firm bedtimes and absolute obedience to the rules. I was determined to get my degree, but unless I was willing to pay for it myself, I was expected to abide by those rules. My father was the law in my household and my mother was the enforcer. Every day, after my last class, I was required to come home and check in with both my parents before I could go out with my friends. If only one parent was not there, I had to wait for the other, and both of them knew my class schedule. My friends were allowed to come over, but there were so many rules imposed upon them during their stay, it was easy to forget one or two of them and then I was grounded. It wasn't usually worth it except during the weekends, which were a little more relaxed. My sister did a lot of rebelling when she was in her early teens, and I was paying the price for her freedom. To make things worse, when she finished her junior year of high school, she suddenly stopped rebelling and my parents philosophy became her religion. When I was informed that I would be staying with her for my entire vacation, I was devastated and miserable. I would be going from house arrest to Michelle's medium security prison of an apartment, but I knew better than to argue.

Michelle made it very clear from the moment I arrived that I was intruding on her life. She was even less thrilled about the arrangement than I was. She gave me a short, but thorough tour of the apartment. I was shown the couch where I would be sleeping. I was shown where I could get blankets and sheets and pillows. I was informed as to precisely what time those blankets and sheets and pillows should be back in their cupboards each morning. I was shown which towels were to be mine for the week. I was shown to the washer and dryer where I would be doing all my laundry at the end of the week, including sheets, pillowcases and towels. I was shown the front door, which I was never to use without letting my sister know precisely where I was going and how long I would be out. Since I had never before been to this city, and had nowhere to go that I could tell her about, I knew I would not be leaving the apartment. Finally, she showed me to one closed door. Her roommates shared that room. They were out of town for a few days and would be back late Thursday or early Friday. When they arrived, I was to keep out of their way and stay quiet. Until they arrived, I was not to go into their bedroom or even approach the door. I had no business in their room.

There were a few good things about staying with my sister. Michelle kept late hours, for one thing. She left early each night and never got back before 4 am. I may have been confined to the apartment, but I had the run of the place. My parents were not breathing over my shoulder every minute. She had a large collection of videotapes and I was allowed full access. Best of all, I had unlimited use of the phone, including long distance, so long as Michelle didn't need it. Michelle had been mistakenly sued for a huge amount of money by her long distance provider and as an apology, they had given her free long distance service for a year.

Still, after a few days, it was all starting to get old. I was feeling a bit stir crazy from being stuck in that apartment all the time. It wasn't much fun calling my friends either. When they were home at all, they were talking about all the parties I wasn't going to and the fun things I wasn't doing. It was a little depressing. By Wednesday, I was tense and frustrated and ready to do something crazy.

My sister was going out again. She would be gone all night again. While she was getting ready, I made up my mind to do something other than just sit around while she was gone. As she hopped into the shower, I shut off the movie and went into her room, looking for something that might better occupy my time that night. Boy, did I ever find it.

In just a few minutes, I learned more about my sister than all my 19 years had ever taught me. My sister, the conservative, uptight, unyielding bitch had drawers full of the sexiest, frilliest lingerie I had ever seen in my life. She had two closets full of hot, sexy clothes and accessories. She had a second, erotic, collection of videotapes. She had a great big box of sex toys. I was speechless. This was an incredible discovery. My sister was secretly cool.

The shower quit and I fled to the living room. I plopped on the couch and turned the movie back on. I would wait until she left and then explore properly. It seemed to take forever for her to get ready. She always insisted on looking perfect before leaving the apartment each evening. One movie ended and I popped in another. It was another inane romance. Boy meets Girl. Boy lies to Girl. Boy loses Girl. Stupid Girl forgives Stupid Boy. Happily Never After.

Michelle finally finished her preparations. She left without a word to me, which I took as a good sign. No warnings or threats or scoldings. She was evidently satisfied with my behaviour so far.

I'm ashamed to say that I ran to her room. I embarrassed myself with my eagerness, but I was that impatient. I did calm down enough to do a more thorough inspection of Michelle's room. Michelle had the master suite of the apartment. It had its own bathroom and his and hers closets. Michelle had filled one of those closets with cocktail dresses, sundresses, formal dresses, short, long and mini skirts, tops of every color and description. The wooden box of sex toys was in there too. The other closet had belts and scarves and ties and jewelry and shoes. Along the back wall was a series of shelves containing Michelle's second video collection. There were R-rated Playboy style videos, hardcore sex videos, and some extreme bondage stuff I was too intimidated to even touch. It was all organized neatly, each shelf labelled by category in Michelle's firm hand. On the floor of the closet was a large wooden box full of plastic, penis-shaped toys. Some of them spun and vibrated. It was all a little overwhelming.

I left the closets and examined the contents of her dresser. It was thrilling. Back home, I had a black lace thong stuffed behind my bookcase where my mother couldn't find it. Michelle had two drawers filled with thongs and crotchless panties and bras and G-strings of every colour ever seen. There were tiny straps and tissue-thin fabrics and cutouts and metal studs and things I wouldn't even know how to wear.

I quickly shucked off all my clothes and plunged in with both hands. I pulled out several flimsy bits of see-through fabric and tried each of them on. I have to admit, I looked damn good. I felt sexy and powerful. I felt more naked than I did when I wore nothing at all. The little strings riding up my butt made me totally aware of how exposed my ass was. In those bras, my boobs did not feel covered up, but on display. When I looked at myself in the mirror, it seemed that my whole body was begging to be stared at and touched. I felt so vulnerable, I had to turn off the lights and look at my reflection in the low light coming from the hallway. My face was burning with lust and shame.

I tried on several sets of underwear, but I had to stop before I got to them all. I was so totally aroused, I could feel the moisture seeping from between my legs. I didn't want to leave any telltale evidence on Michelle's things. I didn't really believe she would be sniffing her own panties to see if I had been in them, but I didn't want to take any chances. When we were kids, Michelle always knew when I had been playing with her toys, no matter how careful I was.

I reluctantly put away the lingerie and eagerly opened the closet full of clothes. I tried on a tiny, slutty and lowcut cocktail dress and slid the door closed so I could ogle myself in the full length mirror. I have to say it. I looked good! I looked damn good. All my curves were shown off to the best possible advantage. I liked the way my nipples could almost be seen through the thin fabric. I loved the way my ass looked in that skirt. I found myself wishing that some of my guy friends back home could see me here in this magnificent outfit. If my sister had been a little nicer, I would have asked her to take a few pictures.

I had taken off the first outfit and was trying to choose another when the front door suddnely opened. I must have jumped four feet. I almost screamed. If she caught me trying on her clothes, she'd kill me. If she even caught me in her room, I'd be sleeping on the balcony the rest of the week. There were footsteps coming toward the bedroom door. It wasn't even completely closed. I panicked and jumped in the closet to hide.

I was terrified. My heart was pounding and my head was swimming. My hands were shaking and I was breathing hard. My whole body was trembling. I felt like I was about to faint. The bedroom door opened and I heard more footsteps.

Then I heard a voice from the living room call in, "Emily, what are you doing? Why are you in Michelle's room?" It wasn't my sister, but her roommates.

A second voice, Emily's, I assume, answered. "Don't you remember? Michelle's sister is staying here this week. I'm sure she's sleeping in our room.

"I thought Michelle was going to make her sleep on the floor or in the closet or something," said the first voice, sounding irritated.

"Do you do everything your sister tells you?" There was amusement in Emily's voice. "Imagine growing up with Michelle. That poor kid must be aching to break a few rules.

I knew exactly what it was like to grow up with Michelle. She was a controlling bitch with a fierce temper and a cruel sense of humour. Rebelling was the last thing on my mind. I had learned to obey Michelle absolutely. She had forbidden me to enter her roommates room, so it had never occurred to me to do so. At that moment, I was heartily wishing that she had declared her own room off limits as well. I wouldn't be in such a mess if she had.

I was just starting to realize how big a mess it was. Scarves and belts and shoes and purses surrounded me, but not a single pair of shorts. In my panic, I had chosen the wrong closet to hide in. I was completely naked and all of Michelle's clothes were in the other closet. As awkward and embarrassing as it would have been to be discovered in Michelle's closet, wearing her clothes, it would have been prefereable to the utter humiliation I'd be facing if I was caught like this.

I peeked out throught the crack between the door and the wall. A blonde girl was lying motionless on the bed holding a pillow over her face. Her legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. A second girl, with dark red hair came in and announced she was going to take a shower. The girl on the bed lifted her arm and gave a thumbs-up gesture, but didn't move otherwise.

Instead of heading to the bathroom, the redhead came towards the closet instead. I thought she had somehow seen me peeking out. I held my breath, waiting to be discovered, but she was only coming over to look at her reflection in the mirrored closet door, much as I'd been doing when they'd arrived.

She posed and smiled and flirted with the mirror, studying her own reflection. She was beautiful. I'm not bad-looking, but I would kill to have a figure like that. The girl started removing her clothes and dropping them to the floor, her eyes never leaving her reflection. In a few moments, she was as naked as I was, but rather than hiding in a closet, she was standing in the middle of the room, boldly admiring her own body. She didn't even turn off the light. I felt like a naughty, prepubescent boy, peeking at his sister's friends undressing. It was forbidden and exciting.

The girl on the bed pulled the pillow from her face and watched her friend. My face burned with shame and embarrassment at the thought of being watched like that. The naked girl finished her examination and went into the restroom. I heard the shower come on a moment later.

The girl on the bed called out to her. I recognized the voice as the one belonging to Emily. "Laura, Michelle is gonna kill you if you leave your clothes on her floor."

There was no response from the shower. Emily lay still for a few minutes. For a moment, I thought she had fallen asleep. I thought about trying to sneak out, but my body was still terrified and refused to move. Emily twisted herself over and around so that she was lying face down with her face and shoulders hanging off the foot of the bed. She started folding the clothes on the floor and putting them to the side. She found Michelle's dress and pulled it out from under the bed where I'd kicked it. Her hands stopped moving as she considered it. She reached further under the bed and started pulling out my clothes. She lifted her head and looked first toward the bedroom door and then the bathroom, an expression of concentration and curiosity fixed on her face.

She glanced at the closet. Her eyes moved away, but immediately came back to gaze steadily at the closets, her eyes shifting back and forth between the clothes closet and the door I was hiding behind. She knew I was there.

There was a long moment of forever. I was frozen in fear. Emily didn't move, but seemed to be staring right at me. The moment was broken when the shower quit and Laura came back out, dripping wet and rubbing herself vigorously with the towel. Emily looked up at her roommate and then back toward me. She winked at me and a smile slowly spread across her face. I had never met her before in my life, but that expression was one of mischief if I've ever seen one.

"Laura," she began innocently. "Do you think Michelle's sister knows what we do for a living?"

"Oh, hell, no!" exclaimed Laura. "Michelle's too careful for that. I'd been living here most of a year before I tumbled to what you two were up to."

"Maybe we should let her in on the secret," Emily giggled.

Despite my predicament, I was curious. Michelle had told us that she was taking pictures for local advertisers. If that wasn't true, I couldn't imagine what kind of secret life Michelle might choose.

"Oh, hell, no!" said Laura again, even louder. "Michelle would beat us black and blue and throw us out in the street. I've come to like this lifestyle, but I couldn't do it on my own and I'd be too scared to work for a pimp. I wouldn't even know how to find one. Michelle may be a controlling bitch, but she's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm not gonna mess it up."

"Maybe you're right," Emily said, a huge grin on her face. She glanced at the closet and back to Laura. "I'm pretty sure the sister already knows what's going on, but she certainly won't hear it from me." She started laughing wildly, rolling around on the bed in hysteria.

I couldn't believe it. I pulled away from the closet door in shock. If Laura was telling the truth, she was a prostitute. They were all prostitutes. My older sister was a prostitute. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of men had paid money to have sex with her. In my mind, I pictured a long line of men, all naked, waiting for their turn with Michelle. It was a powerful, but disturbing vision.

I peeked out again and got another shock. Emily and Laura were locked together in a tight embrace and deep kiss. I'd never seen girls kissing. I'd heard of such relationships, but I didn't seriously believe in them. It was an amazing sight. I've been kissed many times, by boys. Most of them were trying to prove something. They had been rough or gentle or dominant or shy. Usually, they were trying to show me how much of a stud they were; expert kissers who had kissed a lot of girls before me. Never had I been kissed with such total passionate abandon, however. These were two girls! How could it be possible for a girl to feel such desire for another girl?

They pulled away and Laura started undressing Emily, who was grinning at me in a goofy way. Laura trailed light kisses over every inch of newly exposed skin. Emily's bra dropped to the floor and joined mine and Laura's and Michelle's clothes. Laura's mouth slid down and around the smooth skin of her very firm breasts. Her tongue licked between them. Laura kissed Emily's nipple, then clamped down hard. From the the movements in her cheek, I could tell Laura was sucking on Emily's tits.

I couldn't help but wonder if a girl's tongue felt different. I probably would not have been able to tell. I had only let two guys ever see my boobs and only one of them had gotten to play. I didn't have very much experience, but at that moment, I really, really wanted some.

Watching those two girls was exciting and erotic. Again, I felt like that naughty little boy. I found myself longing to be out there. I wanted that to be my skin that Laura was so gently carressing. I wanted to feel those kisses on my body. When Emily knelt on the floor in front of Laura, my pussy was itching to feel that tongue.

Suddenly, a voice called out from the bedroom doorway. "Just make yourselves at home, girls. Can I bring you anything to eat or drink or shall I wait until you're finished? You will let me know when my bedroom will be available for me to use, won't you?"

I knew that voice very well and I knew that sarcastic tone even better. Michelle was home. I stopped rubbing myself and froze up, trying to be as silent as possible. The naughty boy was gone. I was again the terrified little sister, naked and hiding in a closet.

"Do either of you happen to know where my sister is?" asked Michelle. She seemed to have heard my thoughts and fears even without knowing I was there.

Laura lifted herself onto her elbows. "She's in our bedroom, Michelle. Don't be mad."

Emily pulled her face from between Laura's legs and said, giggling, "Yeah, we're only practicing for Saturday. You keep telling us how important it is."

"I told that little bitch to stay out of your room. I will not stand for this. I do not have time to follow her around keeping her out of trouble. While she is in my apartment, she will respect me and my rules or she's out of here."

"Come on, Michelle, give the kid a break," Emily said, still sitting on her knees between Laura's legs. "We don't mind her using our room. Your bed's more comfortable anyway.

Laura's expression became indignant. "Hey, speak for yourself! I like our bed."

Emily put two fingers into her mouth to moisten them, then slid them all the way into Laura's pussy. Her thumb pressed into the skin just above her clit and started massaging in circular motions. "Shut up, Laura," she said.

Laura flopped back down onto the bed, making little grunting noises. "Okay," she moaned in a breathless, high-pitched voice.

"That's all fine and dandy," Michelle said. "But where am I supposed to sleep tonight?"

"What makes you think you're gonna get any sleep?" Emily asked, giggling. Her face took on a naughty expression and she opened her mouth. She wiggled her tongue up and down as if she was licking something.

Then Michelle did something so unusual and out of character, I could hardly believe it was really my sister. She smiled.

"All right," she said with a big fake sigh. "You win. I give up. Do whatever you want to me."

Emily pulled her fingers out of Laura and crawled over to Michelle. Laura whimpered, but raised her head to watch. Emily kneeled at Michelle's feet and hugged her legs tightly. Michelle's short skirt was lifted above her waist, exposing her ass cheeks and thong underwear. Emily gripped the sides of the thong panties and in one swift, practiced motion, yanked it down to her ankles. It was obvious she'd done it many times before.

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