tagGroup SexWeekend Getaway Ch. 03

Weekend Getaway Ch. 03


We each took cold showers -- separately -- and quickly gathered up the rest of our clothes. I helped Sarah with a few coolers of food and beer, while Vera warmed up the Suburban. Andi seemed to be the only one not in a good mood, and packed up most of her things and put them in my car.

"I don't know if I want to go with you guys," Andi whined. "I think I better go home. Do you mind?"

I walked over to Andi, putting my hand on her waist and pulling her aside. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Things are getting too weird," she said. "Showing off in front of your friends was fun, but I didn't expect to be fucking them this weekend. Now, if I go to Vera's cabin, everyone will expect me to fuck her husband -- a total stranger. I don't know if I can go through with it. I mean... he might be gross."

"He's not gross, but he does have a thing for younger girls with perky tits and nipples." I smiled at her.

"See, that's what I mean. Luckily, Ken is very nice, and..." Andi stopped for a moment.

"And what?" I asked.

"You'll get upset. Never mind," she answered.

"Andi, just go ahead and tell me. I won't get upset." I assured her.

"Well, even though it hurt at first, I really liked Ken's cock. Don't get me wrong, you get me off faster than anyone, but there's something about his thing that won't let me stop thinking about it," Andi continued.

"Could it be that it's as wide as your forearm and he's going to try fucking your ass with it again? Or that next time you're going to do whatever it takes to make it happen?" I asked.

"That, and the fact that he's so gentle with me compared to the way he fucks his wife. It's almost like he doesn't enjoy it with her or something," Andi said.

"I'm sure he enjoys it, but I think he's more interested in you, these days," I added.

"Does that bother you? I mean, aren't you jealous?" Andi asked.

"Do you want me to be?" I asked, back.

"No, I guess not. I'm kinda glad that you're being cool about it because I think I might actually have feelings for Ken," Andi said.

Well, that was a surprise. Not that she felt it, but that she said it.

"I've known Ken a long time and I'm sure he's a devoted father and husband. I've known Sarah a long time, too, and when the time is right, she's obviously a very "open minded" person. This might be a one-time thing with them, so if you're not too freaked out, you should probably stick around and make the most of it," I added. "Just don't make more out of it than it actually is, okay?"

"I'm not sure about Sarah. I don't think she likes me, but she seems to like you plenty." Andi said. "That makes me feel a little less guilty."

"Sarah likes you, too. I think she's just been trying to get your goat so you'll open up a bit," I said.

"Have you seen Ken's cock? I think I've opened up quite a bit!" Andi cried. I tried not to laugh.

"Yes, you have. I have to admit that seeing him try to stuff his short monster in your ass was almost comical," I said with a smile.

"Well, his cock hurt like hell, but your cock went in a lot easier last time." She rubbed the front of my pants and whispered, "It felt really good, too. Who would have thought I'd ever like being butt-fucked?" Andi smiled, and then turned to pick up a backpack.

"So, do you still want me to take you home?" I asked.

"I guess not." She looked at Vera in the Suburban, and then looked at Sarah as she finished cleaning up the campsite. Sarah looked in our direction to let us know she locked the camper.

"You're right. This is probably a one-time thing -- for you AND me -- right?" she asked.

"Yeah, probably." I answered. I wasn't sure about Andi, though. She was still young and impressionable, and now she might be getting emotionally involved, even though it was pure infatuation. At the time, she had probably done more sexually this weekend at 18, than most women experienced in a lifetime -- with the exception of Vera and Sarah, of course.

As we headed to the Suburban, the rain began coming down heavier, and we were once again soaked by the time we got inside.

"Fuckin' rain," Andi whined.

"Potty mouth," Vera said.

"In more ways than one," Sarah added, causing us all to giggle.

We quietly smiled at each other as Vera drove off to her cabin. About 20 minutes later, we were on the other side of the lake, and Vera pulled off onto a dirt road that would have been easily missed by anyone not familiar with the area.

About a mile or so down the road, I could make out the shape of a rather large estate. It was only one story tall, but had a separate 4-car garage and a boathouse. It was one heck of a cabin. Ken's truck was parked in front of one of the garage doors.

"This is your cabin?" I asked Vera.

"We go to the woods in style, sweetheart," Vera smiled. "We also like to entertain friends whenever we find friends that like to be entertained. This is a nice place to do that, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I guess," Andi said shyly. She looked like she still had reservations.

I leaned over and whispered in Andi's ear, "Look, I'll be here for you. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, okay?"

"Okay," she answered, and I could see she felt a little more relaxed. She leaned over and gave me a kiss like she meant it, and I silently thanked the inventor of mouthwash.

Walter and Ken came out to great us, and to hurry us into the cabin, as the rain was pouring down harder. We grabbed as much as we could carry and headed for the front door of the cabin.

When I walked inside, I was instantly in awe of their wealth. Everything in the cabin appeared over-the-top, but without being tacky. They were definitely a couple with good taste (Vera -- literally).

"I may as well lay out the rules while I show you around," Vera spoke as she removed her sandals. "Leave your shoes here," Vera instructed.

We removed our shoes and Vera led us around the house. The kitchen was big enough to run a restaurant and was immaculately clean, as was the rest of the house. "The bathrooms are here, here, and down the hall to the left. That's the master bathroom. The bedrooms are here, here, and down the hall to the right."

We came to a large room in the center of the cabin. There was a large, deep sectional that wrapped around most of the room. In the center of the room was a large bearskin. To one side was one of the largest fireplaces I had ever seen. On another wall was a large TV, and next to that was a large window overlooking the lake.

Behind us was the most unusual part of the room -- an open-air shower. It looked like any other shower you might see in a bathroom, but a little larger. It was a separately tiled section centered on the shower head, which seemed to just randomly stick out from the wall, and a tiled floor section with a drain. No glass doors. No shower curtain. It was just a shower right there in the living room.

"You never know when you might just want to rinse off. It's very invigorating," Vera added proudly.

"Clothing in our home is optional, so I hope none of you embarrass easily," Vera said as she removed her shirt and laid it on an overstuffed chair. Her tits were beautifully proportioned to her body, and Ken felt his cock began to swell.

"We have a wine cellar over there, and a Jacuzzi over there. The help comes in once a week to clean up, and we pay them well enough to keep our lifestyle private. They were here yesterday, so we shouldn't have to worry about any visitors." Vera continued to walk around the room as she spoke. "We have plenty of towels, bathrobes, toiletries, and just about anything else you might need. Just ask."

She walked over to the shower and removed her Capri pants. She turned on the shower and steaming hot water gently poured from the shower head as unseen jets sprayed water from several small crevices in the wall. She stepped under the shower head and put on quite the show, complete with showing us how she could bend over and direct one of the jets of water directly into her ass or pussy. She pulled a towel from a hidden linen closet next to the shower, and dried off. She grabbed another towel and wrapped it around her hair, and then walked past us and into the kitchen.

Even without make-up, Vera was beautiful. I later found out that half the garage was filled with exercise equipment. Whenever Vera wasn't being naughty she was working hard to maintain an older, but healthier body. Andi and Sarah both wondered if they'd be able to look that good at 55.

"So, does anyone want a drink?" Vera asked as she fixed herself a gin and tonic.

Sarah, knowing something about wine, walked to the wine cellar that was built into one of the walls and pulled out something she recognized. "Do you realize this is a $300 bottle of wine?" Sarah asked. "Yes, but you're worth it. Go ahead. Try it," Vera offered.

Sarah uncorked the bottle as Vera handed her a glass. Sarah sniffed, and then sipped the wine. "That's really good. Here Ken, you try," Sarah said as she offered the glass to Ken. Ken took a sip and swirled it in his mouth like mouthwash and Andi giggled.

"What?" Ken asked.

"Inside joke," Andi answered as she took the glass from Ken and tried the wine, too.

"I have more glasses," Vera said disapprovingly.

Walter pulled another bottle from the cellar, and offered me a glass. "I think I'll have what Vera's having," I said.

Vera fixed me a drink and walked to the front door. She looked through our coolers and then walked back into the kitchen.

"Well, we can eat bratwurst if you want, but I have steak and lobster if you think you can stomach it," Vera inquired.

We unanimously agreed on the surf and turf. Vera removed her towels and put on an apron. The front of the apron barely covered her tanned tits, and her ass was completely exposed as she walked around the kitchen. I could only imagine how lucky Walter was to have a wife like Vera that was ready to fuck any time of the day.

Ken and Sarah helped Vera prepare the food while Andi and I joined Walter in the living room. "The furniture has all been treated, so don't worry about spilling anything," Walter informed us. He gulped the last of his glass of wine, and then stepped over to the shower. "You really ought to get out of those wet clothes. Care to join me?" Walter asked Andi.

"Not just yet, thanks," Andi replied. There wasn't much left for her to get out of. She had stripped down to her wet T-shirt and bikini bottoms to let her other clothes dry, and her nipples were still hard and erect. Her bikini bottoms had ridden up the crack of her ass as if she was wearing a G-string.

Walter shrugged his shoulders and took off his clothes. He was probably 5 years older than Vera, but looked like he could have been in his late 60's or early 70's. He wasn't fat, but he wasn't very muscular, either. The hair on his body was completely white, and the amount of hair was in stark contrast to my body, which was either shaved or trimmed. As he pulled down his pants, Andi gasped.

"Holy shit," Andi said under her breath. I caught Andi's gaze and found myself saying the same thing. Walter had been blessed with what I could only describe as a horse cock. It was at least 9 inches in length and almost as fat as Ken's -- and it was completely flaccid. Limp and uncircumcised, it was not a very attractive cock. The fact that it was this size limp made me wonder how big it became when it was erect. He must have been a freak of nature. I could see why Vera ended up with Walter for a husband. Hairy or not, Walter had the largest limp cock any of us had ever seen.

Vera must have been watching Andi and me and walked over to us for a break from the kitchen.

"Don't worry yourself, sweetheart. Walter can make that thing come for days, but he hasn't had a worthwhile erection in years." Vera commented.

"Was it big, you know, when it was erect?" Andi asked, hoping Walter wasn't listening.

"Not much bigger than it is now, thank goodness! But he could get that thing hard as a rock and go for hours." Vera reflected.

Andi subconsciously moved a hand to her crotch and licked her lips.

"Be my guest," Vera motioned Andi to Walter. "But I don't think you'll get very far." Vera looked at me. "That girl he was looking at in the lodge sucked on him for almost two hours yesterday morning and all she got was a few mouthfuls of come, " Vera added.

"Huh? You two were at it yesterday morning?" I asked. Vera smiled at me and pinched my cheek.

"Walter really likes the young ones. Not too young, of course, but younger than the likes of Sarah or me. He happened to be watching her on the beach, and he forgot where he was. We anchored just in case she felt like swimming out to the boat. But we eventually got tired of waiting and I decided to take a nap. I fell asleep in the bow. Walter fell asleep in the captain's chair with his pants around his ankles. The little waif swam out to the boat and stepped up the back ladder without waking either one of us. We're not sure how long she sat there looking at Walter's large, flaccid cock, but it must have been awhile as her pussy was soaked when I eventually put my fingers in her."

Vera looked back at Walter, who had finished his shower and was reaching for a towel.

"She must have been intrigued by that huge cock, but at the same time didn't want to give Walter a heart attack. She quietly slid between his legs and lifted Walters cock to her lips. It took her a little while to figure out how to support the weight of his cock without waking him, but she managed. Walter woke up thinking it was I sucking his cock, and didn't bother opening his eyes for at least 5 minutes. Finally, he looked down and saw this skinny, cute, barely-18 year-old sweetie, practically choking on the head of his dick. She looked up at him with awe and lust, and maybe a little fear. Of course, Walter came immediately, and when Walter comes, it's a lot. The poor girl gagged, waking me up.

She apologized and said she didn't know there was anyone else on the boat. I asked her what she thought she was doing, and she said she caught him looking at her while she was on the beach. She said he was jerking off to her, and she had never seen anyone do that before. It turned her on, the poor little thing, so she swam out to the boat to see what her admirer looked like. She was initially disappointed to see how old my Walter was, but once she saw his flaccid monster, she thought she would try giving her first blow job."

"Her first blowjob was on that!?" Andi cried.

"Yes, isn't it a shame," Vera answered. "The poor girl is going to think all men's cocks should be that big."

"Should they?" I asked.

"Of course not," Vera answered. "If Walter was the only man I made love to for the last 30 years, I wouldn't be able to walk today."

I remembered what that girl from the lodge looked like. She was probably five and half feet tall, 100 pounds wet, with long black hair and pretty blue eyes. She probably wasn't a day over 18. What I thought was her boyfriend could have been her brother.

Vera continued, "Well, this poor girl didn't know what she was doing, other than the basic understanding that the penis was to go in the mouth. I gently pulled her aside and did my best to teach her. Of course, Walter was the perfect gentleman and told me when he was about to come. I asked the poor girl if she wanted to try swallowing again, assuring her that it was perfectly alright, and she attempted it again."

"And how did it go the second time around?" Andi asked.

"Oh, the same as the first, " Vera rolled her eyes. "The poor thing practically threw up. She asked me if swallowing got any easier, and I told her that the more she swallowed, the easier it would get. Then she wanted to know if his cock was supposed to get any harder, and I made the mistake of saying that it was -- but it took a lot of effort.

Well, that's all I had to say. You'd think she was trying out for the cheerleader squad they way she was giving it her all. She even slipped out of her bikini, not that it was leaving much to the imagination anyway. She shyly walked around on the boat, showing off her slender, young body. That gave Walter a rise, and I thought I was going to get my birthday fuck early, but he never grew more than three quarters erect."

"Does it still work, even if it's not fully erect?" Andi asked inquisitively.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, " Vera said. "But it's nowhere near as much fun as when he's good and hard. Twenty years ago you could sit on his cock and he could walk around with you on him like some sort of cock puppet." Andi was stroking her crotch through her bikini bottoms and starting to breath heavier.

Vera went on. "That's right... twenty years ago, you weren't even born. Sorry. Yes, his meat still feels good, but it's more like making love to an uncooked pork tenderloin than a Louisville Slugger."

"So what happened with the girl?" I asked with a bulge in my pants.

"She kept blowing him, and again, he came in her mouth. She was very cute, even with come on her face and in her hair. She hadn't started trimming her pussy yet, not that there was much hair down there to trim. I sat next to her, helping her suck and stroke Walter's thick cock. I didn't want her to get bored. The poor thing had been on her hands and knees sucking and stroking for over an hour. I decided to spice things up a bit and ran my fingers up and down her legs, eventually stopping at her pussy. She was startled when I put my fingers inside her. I had to tell her to relax, that it would help things. Even after she relaxed, I could barely get two fingers in her sopping wet pussy. I figured she must have been a virgin, or not far from it, and decided Walter would tear the poor thing apart if he tried to make love to her, even flaccid.

I convinced her to lie on her back for a few minutes while I showed her a few other "tricks". I put two fingers back inside her and rubbed her G-spot as I nibbled at her clit. Within 2 minutes, she moaned and shook like she was having an epileptic seizure. It must have been her first orgasm provided by another person. I was honored."

"Wow, it sounds like you had fun." I said.

"Well, it looked like things were going to get even better when she offered to go down on me." Vera said. "I sat across from Walter next to the captain's chair and spread my legs for her. She was amazed to see so much of my pussy hair missing from my crotch and asked how I did that. I explained that I shaved it to make it more appealing. She asked if I would shave her, and I told her to wait until she had more hair to shave. She finally knelt between my legs, pulled her hair to one side, and put her mouth on my clit.

Just then, there was a call from the shore. Her brother or boyfriend was looking for her. She quickly put on her bikini and quietly stepped into the water. She swam away from the boat and gave a little wave as Walter pulled up his pants. Poor girl, reminded me of Andi, here," Vera concluded.

"Oh, fuck," Andi gasped as she brought herself to orgasm right there on the couch between Vera and me.

Sarah walked into the living room and paused momentarily to catch a glimpse of Walter's flopping huge cock as he pulled on pajama bottoms. Her eyebrows were raised as she looked at Vera, "And you can still walk?"

Vera and I both smiled as Ken called us from the kitchen, "Dinner's ready!" Ken said it would be about 30 minutes before the food would be ready, and he was right on time.

The dining room was designed to be comfortable, even with your clothes off, and Vera and Walter took full advantage of that feature. Even Andi decided to take off her top while we ate. Sarah suddenly became tired halfway through the meal, and I helped her to the large sofa in the living room.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up next to her. I must have been asleep for a while. I had drooled on my arm, which felt like it was still asleep.

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