tagLesbian SexWeekend in Atlanta

Weekend in Atlanta


It was four o'clock on a sunny Friday afternoon and I was ensconced in a well appointed hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia. Full of nervous energy, and with my mind operating at what felt like warp speed, I was anxiously working through the journey that had brought me here on this warm September day.

My name's Kate and I'm a thirty-eight year old married mother of two kids. Dan, my husband, would tell you that my thick blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes and slim, athletic body still turns heads wherever I go, however I suspect that he may be a little biased. I love to dress in a sexy, though understated, fashion and as an attorney I'm generally afforded lots of opportunities to do so. Today, however I was casually dressed in a yellow spaghetti strap top, which perfectly showcased my smallish 32b breasts, and a pair of tight white jeans.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my phone light up with an incoming text. Scooping it up I quickly read the message on the screen.

"Leaving the airport - be there in half an hour!"

My fingers trembling slightly, I texted back, "I'm in room 1403, see you soon."

My nervousness ticked up another notch. The text was from Kari, a twenty-nine year old woman that I had met in Chicago earlier in the year, at the annual conference held by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys. We had found ourselves sitting next to each other over lunch on the first day and since most of the table seemed to be populated by crusty old men who were at least twenty years our senior, it was no surprise that we found ourselves talking somewhat animatedly with each other.

It was abundantly clear right from that first conversation that there was chemistry between us. I was entranced by Kari's cute open smile, pert button nose and gorgeous brown eyes which, framed by short, curly brown hair, proclaimed her to be a modern, confident and sexy woman. I was a little surprised by the intensity of attraction that I felt to her; after all, I was a happily married woman, had two wonderful children and still loved my husband, Dan, as much a I did on the day that we were married.

However, Dan and I had begun to explore our sexual boundaries over the past year. That exploration culminated in a swapping experience with my boss Crystal and her husband Dave. In addition to being fucked by Dave multiple times over a very sexy weekend at their lake house, I had also enjoyed my first experience with a woman. Crystal had seduced me on Saturday afternoon while the guys were on the lake fishing and I discovered that having my pussy eaten by a woman is a wonderful thing.

With the blessing of both Dan and Dave, Crystal and I had continued to explore our bi sides after that weekend and had regularly been having mind-blowing sex over the past few months.

Now, here I was in Atlanta, preparing to spend a weekend with Kari. A weekend that I hoped would be full of great food, good wine and, best of all, great sex. Normally the prospect of such a weekend would be something that I relished. However, normally I'd be enjoying it with my husband Dan, rather than a young, beautiful woman that I'd met at a conference and had never even kissed, let alone fucked.

So maybe now you can understand the feeling of terror that gripped me when I read Kari's text and realized that all of the things that she and I had talked about over the past few months were going to be happening very soon. Looking back, I guess it wasn't so much terror, as much as nervous tension and awkwardness regarding just how the weekend would play out. It certainly felt like terror in the moment, however.

Twenty minutes later a gentle knock at the door roused me from my thoughts. "Oh, my God, she's here already!" I thought to myself as I crossed the room towards the door. Steeling myself, I drew the door open to a bright gleaming smile from Kari.

"Oh my God, Kate! We get to meet again at last," Kari squealed as she embraced me in a deep hug.

I smiled back at her glowing face and realized that all my nerves and anxiousness were, in that single moment, gone. I ushered her into the room admiring her tight ass as she passed me. Kari dropped her bag by the desk and swiveled her head to take in her surroundings.

"Nice room Kate! They must have given you an upgrade! Don't look so worried!" she said, as she walked towards me. My heart was beating wildly as she approached.

"It's so nice to see you again, Kate," she whispered, looking into my eyes.

Moments later, our lips were locked in a long passionate kiss that seemed to go on and on but which, in reality, lasted only a minute or two. We held each other tightly as she used the tip of her tongue to softly trace the line of my lips before allowing it to delve deeply into my mouth. Our tongues danced, rolling over each other and exploring ardently. Kari's hands roamed across my body, finally stopping on my ass and pulling my lower body against her.

Breathless, I broke the kiss. "Whew!!...Kari!. I've been so nervous waiting for you, but now that we have that first kiss out of the way I'm fine. It really is so good to see you in person again."

We had spent a fair amount of time talking on the phone and over FaceTime in the past few months but it felt really good to finally be in the same room as her again. Taking her hand, I led her to the sofa, asking, "How was your flight?"

"Uneventful, thank God. I spend so much time on airplanes that I usually dread traveling for pleasure but everything went very smoothly today!"

"Well, welcome to our humble abode for the weekend," I said, allowing my eyes to sweep across her body. She was dressed in a short blue shirtdress, opened at the neck and showing just a hint of her breasts. She was just as cute and sexy as I remembered and I knew that we were going to enjoy a fantastic weekend together.

"There's wine and beer in the fridge. Would you like a drink, Kari?"

"Oh, I'd kill for a cold glass of chardonnay right now," she replied with a laugh.

While pouring the wine, we chit chatted about our respective lives. Kari lives in Miami and had, thankfully, managed to find a direct flight that had gotten her here in just under three hours, door to door. My trip had been a little more eventful but I was just glad to be here, with Kari.

"There's a great restaurant just down the street where I thought we might have dinner. I made a reservation for us." I knew from our conversations that Kari, like myself, was a connoisseur of fine dining and would enjoy checking out "Aria" which has a reputation for serving great food in a quiet, romantic environment.

"Before we do anything I need to shower," Kari said. "It may only have been a short flight but I'm definitely in need of freshening up".

"Be my guest. They've given us a lovely walk in shower that's just delightful. I luxuriated in it for at least fifteen minutes when I arrived".

Kari smiled. "In that case I'm going to take myself off and clean up. Won't take long."

As she headed to the bathroom she paused for a moment, then walked back and kissed me softly.

"I'm so glad we decided to spend this weekend together. I owe Dan big time for agreeing that you could come."

With that, she turned and walked to the bathroom, leaving me alone with my thoughts and a burning desire to explore her delicious body. For a moment I imagined the two of us in the shower, my hands running over her pert breasts, tugging gently on her hard nipples as she moaned softly.

I thought of turning the vision into reality and joining her in the shower but decided instead to surprise her by changing into some a sexy lingerie. I had packed a few different options; the first being a black lace piece that wrapped around my body and tied flirtatiously in the back with a silk ribbon. In my mind it was the perfect combination of sweet and sexy and seeing me in it always drove Dan wild. However I'd also thrown in an emerald green, silk cami set that I love to relax in when feeling sexy. It never failed to let Dan know that I was in the mood to be fucked and I hoped that it would send exactly the same message to Kari.

Laying back on the bed, I heard the shower stop and while I waited in the silence for Kari, my mind was a whir. I hadn't seen what she had taken into the bathroom, I had no idea how she would look when she emerged. A sudden panic assaulted me, what if she came out wearing jeans and a tee? I'd be so embarrassed!

I needn't have worried however, since, after what seemed like an age, the bathroom door squeaked open and Kari emerged totally naked. She was gorgeous; her small, pert breasts were beautiful and complimented perfectly by long, stiff nipples that stood out proudly from the center of each breast. Her stomach was flat, easily leading my eyes down to her neatly trimmed, and very sweet looking, pussy. Her legs were toned and a perfect fit for her tight, compact body.

I watched her eyes sweep over my body, devouring me, as I lay on the bed. Her face lit up in a sexy smile.

"Mmmmmmm Kate, you look delicious in that! I really didn't see much point in getting dressed and it seems I was correct," she giggled, as she approached the bed.

Reaching down, she caressed my cheek and looked into my soul with her deep brown eyes. Moments later her mouth was on mine and we kissed with a softness and tenderness that I'd rarely felt before. Despite the softness, the kiss was electric, lighting up every nerve in my body and causing me to moan Kari's name softly. Joining me on the bed, our kisses became deeper and much more passionate as we our hands began to familiarize themselves with the other's body. My hands were drawn to her to her breasts, one of which I squeezed softly, before rolling the bullet like nipple between my fingers. Kari moaned as I pulled and tugged at her breasts, letting me know that she was loving the attention I was giving her. After a few minutes she began kissing my neck with soft, butterfly kisses, slowly moving down to my shoulders and breasts. Her fingers traced the outline of a stiff nipple below the green satin material of my cami.

"I want to suck on your tits," she said, grinning at me.

Quickly, I sat up and pulled the cami over my head, giving her unhindered access to my breasts. She gazed at them for a few seconds, before lowering her head and sucking one into her mouth, her tongue flicking gently at the engorged nipple. After a minute or so, she repeated this treatment on the other breast. By this time my hands were holding her head, urging her to keep on doing what she was doing.

"Oh God, my nipples are so sensitive." I gasped, as she bit down gently on one of them.

As Kari's mouth attacked my breasts, her hand moved down and slipped under the waistband of my shorts. I was very wet and her fingers easily parted my lips and found my clit. Her touch sent a bolt of lightning through my body.

"Oh...God, yes, just there, Kari", I moaned as the tips of her fingers rubbed me softly.

She smiled up at me. "Mmmmmmmm you are so wet Kate. I bet that you are going to taste delicious!"

I lifted my hips so that she could ease my shorts down, leaving me naked.

"Oh, my! Your body is incredible!."

Kari moved over me and I spread my legs wide to accommodate her. We kissed passionately, grinding our pussies on each other as we did so. We remained in this position for some time, moving and moaning in pleasure together before Kari slowly slithered down my body. Her head was between my thighs and as she drank in the scent of my sex, I waited for the jolt of pleasure that would come when she licked me.

I didn't have long to wait; her tongue ran the full length of my slit, parting my outer lips and allowing her to taste me for the first time.

"Just as I thought," she said, looking up at me. "Sweet as nectar."

Her mouth returned to my pussy, this time seeking out my clit, which she lapped at softly. I was in heaven, my hands adding to the pleasure that Kari was delivering by pinching my stiff nipples and squeezing my breasts.

"Oh God, Kari! That feels so good...don't stop," I moaned as she continued to work at my clit.

Her mouth sucked on my little bud and she swirled her tongue around the sensitive tip causing me to cry out in pleasure. A few moments later I was moaning deeply as she fed two of her elegant fingers deep into my soaking pussy. Slowly she began to fuck me with them, all the time sucking softly at my engorged clit.

She built my pleasure slowly, paying close attention to my breathing, which was becoming more and more ragged, and the movement of my hips as I tried to get her deeper in me. Each time she sensed I was getting close she would back off a little, keeping me on the edge of what I felt was building to be an earth sharking orgasm. My pussy squeezed hard against her fingers each time she entered me but she continued to fuck me with slow, assured strokes. I let out a long, deep moan as she added a third finger.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, Kari...please, I can't take that," I cried, as three fingers stretched me wide and filled me.

She didn't stop, but continued, insistently, to fuck me. My moans were continuous; loud gasping cries each time she drove her fingers inside me. Time had stood still for me; I was aware of nothing but the sea of pleasure that Kari had immersed me in.

Finally, her teeth bit down gently on my clit, pushing me over the edge. I came hard, bucking my hips wildly, as a wave of indescribable pleasure coursed through my entire body.

"Oh God!!...aaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhh," I screamed, unable to find any other outlet for the overwhelming pleasure my body was enduring.

"Unghhhh, Unghhh, Unnnggghh," I panted, as I rode the waves of orgasmic pleasure that surged through me.

As I returned to reality from the wonderful place that Kari's ministrations had taken me, small but potent aftershocks continued to assault my body. My pussy continued to convulse around her fingers but I was spent; hyperventilating in an attempt to get my breath back and unable to speak in any coherent fashion.

Kari looked at me lovingly.

"Wow, Kate! That sounded absolutely mind-blowing!" she said, a broad smile lighting up her face. "I'm so glad I could do that for you."

"It was...it was...just indescribable! I've never come as hard as that in my life. It was like my head was spinning, every muscle in my body drawn taught, and then...bam, an eruption of pleasure just overtook me!"

Kari lay beside me, kissing me softly as we connected in the afterglow of my orgasm. I could hardly believe that our months of conversations had led to this; one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life. I wondered how I would explain to Dan just what I felt when Kari made me cum and whether I would ever again be satisfied with the orgasms that he gave me. I worried about the impact that this weekend would have on my relationship with him. Would I really be able to see sleeping with Kari as just recreational sex as I had planned?

Slowly, I allowed sleep take me, my body exhausted for the moment by the orgasm that Kari had just given me and the myriad of questions that were running through my mind.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Pammm06/11/18

Absolutely Delicious

I have read stories on Lit that are similar to this one, two women, together, making love for the first time in some pre-planned location. And they have been good to read even a second time. But THISmore...

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by JoyJoy4Me03/13/18

Oh my...

...that was glorious. But damn it was over too soon. Looking forward to the continuation of this Atlanta tryst.

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by sandiebiF03/13/18

That was perfectly delicious! I'm also looking forward to the next chapter, indeed!

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by HiddenInTheOpen03/13/18

Really good first installment!

And I can't wait for the next part. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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by leigha37f03/07/18


Loved every moment of it. Enthralled from the beginning, it only drew me in further the more I read. Your talent is obvious!!

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