tagInterracial LoveWeekend in Memphis Ch. 3

Weekend in Memphis Ch. 3


They spent the whole day traveling around the city seeing all of the regular tourist spots. They kissed and held hands like two children who had just discovered they were in love. Sometimes when they kissed Daniel copped a feel of Teri's breasts and she in turn wrapped her hand over his cock occasionally and everyone around them would see this affection, and they got some looks from people who thought a white woman shouldn't be fondling a black man, but that didn't bother Teri, after all, it was not where she lived and after all she didn't have any prejudices.

Naturally by the end of their day they were both horny as hell so when they stopped at a city park they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

They were at a picnic table and they didn't notice anybody in the area they were in so Daniel had Teri's blouse pushed up and her tits were exposed and he was caressing them, she in turn had opened his fly and had her hand filled with his cock, and her mouth was watering. He worked her dress up to her hips and then grabbed her panties exposing her pussy to the open air. She spread her legs and welcomed his hand, which pushed into her beyond the second knuckle. Her clitoris was on fire and she humped back at his hand. She had his cock out of his pants now and she was swallowing as they kissed and his saliva flowed into her mouth. He stood and moved between her thighs and she put his cock at the entrance to her cunt and he pushed his way inside of her. Her hands wrapped around his neck as he began to fuck her, she was kissing him hard as she enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her body. Daniel was enjoying himself immensely as he moved his cock in and out of Teri's body, and he felt the head of his cock begin to tingle and knew he was going to cum soon. He told Teri he was going to cum and she said "Cum in my mouth please, that way I don't have to worry about the cum running down my legs."

Daniel pulled his cock out of her cunt and she dropped to her knees and her mouth filled with his meat, just as he began to pump his sperm from the end of his cock. She swallowed and swallowed as his cum emptied into her mouth. When he had finished she smiled and told him she thought it had been fantastic, and the chance that they would be caught had heightened the experience even more. She stood and smoothed her skirt and he stuffed his cock back into his pants and they sat back on the table and held each other.

She wondered what Roger would think if he knew she had fucked or sucked 10 men in the last two days and just been fucked in a public park. She smiled to herself and thought "I guess what he doesn't know won't hurt him." She loved the fact she could still taste Daniel in her mouth, and she had had three orgasms while he had fucked her. She was truly in heaven although they called it Memphis.

Daniel asked if she would like to go on with what they were doing, and she said yes, she didn't want this day to end.

Again they held hands as they walked around the downtown areas looking in the shops and going into the different businesses. Finally they decided to have something to eat, and found a quaint restaurant and were seated at a table in the dimly lit dining area. The sat close to each other and Teri kept her hand resting in Daniel's lap as they looked at their menu's and they kept kissing, and fondling each other. When the waiter came over to talk with them he noticed that Daniel had his hand between Teri's legs and her skirt was pushed up and it looked as if he had a finger buried in her cunt. Teri looked at him and asked what he was looking at. The waiter, whose name was John by the name tag on his shirt, said "I'm sorry".

Teri told him she didn't mind him looking, that Daniel was her lover and he made her horny as hell. Daniel smiled at John, and pulled his hand free of her cunt, exposing her pussy for him to see. Teri spread her legs a little more and her cunt gaped open and she ran her tongue over her lips and moaned a little.

When John turned and went away Daniel said, "Damn girl, you shouldn't do that to a man unless you finish the job. It's never right to work a man up and then let him down."

"I'm sorry Daniel, I was just playing."

"You should find a place, in the men's room or someplace that you can finish what you started. Now get your ass up and go apologize and finish what you started. The damn boy is probably walking around with a hard, and if he gets fired, it's all you fault."

Teri stood and did as she was told, she went to look for John. She found him near the kitchen and told him she was sorry for what she had done. He said, "That's no problem, I'm sorry I stared at your pussy."

Teri said, "My man wants me to finish what I started for you, and if you know of a place, I'll do as he said."

"You don't have to ma'am, I understand."

"No, you don't understand, my boyfriend really wants me to do this."

"I don't want to get fired, ma'am, so I'll go talk to him."

John walked over to where Daniel sat and told him that he was okay and didn't want to be put in a position to be fired.

Daniel nodded his head and said, "John, here is my number, when you get off work, if you want Teri to thank you for being so kind, call me and I'll arrange it. She will only be in town until Saturday morning, so call if you want to."

John said he would call when he finished work tonight and thanked Daniel, then he went back to where Teri was standing and stood close to her and told her what Daniel had said. Before she went back to sit down, John looked around and when he saw the coast was clear, reached his hand down, raised her skirt and ran his finger over her clitoris, and she jumped a bit.

He leaned close to her and whispered, "I didn't know you were a nigger whore, I thought you were his girlfriend. I'll see you later."

She told Daniel that John had called her a nigger's whore, and he laughed. Seems little John was prejudice. Daniel said, "Well he's right isn't he? You are a nigger's whore aren't you?"

They drove home and she leaned over and took Daniel's cock out of his pants and kissed and licked it unti they reached the house. Daniel told her to go take a shower and return to him naked. She did as she was told and when she went back to the living room, Daniel told her to sit on the couch and spread her legs wide. She did what he wanted and then he pulled a camera out from the bag next to him and said he was going to take some pictures. Her legs were wide apart and he cunt was gaping as she saw the flash go off.

Daniel had her pose in different positions, then told her to grab her ass cheeks and bend over and show him her ass hole. She stood spread her ass cheeks and he told her to look at the camera and the flash went off again. The flash went off several times as she stood with her ass exposed for the camera to see. He told her to sit back on the couch and hold her pussy open, she did, and again the flash flooded over her. He told her to masturbate and the flash went off as her fingers busied themselves on her clitoris. He told her to stick a finger in her ass as she masturbated and she did. The phone rang and Daniel answered it. He was giving directions to his house to the person on the other end and when he hung up, he told her "John will be here in about 5 minutes."

Teri got up and headed for the bedroom to get some clothes.

"Where are you going?"

"To put on some clothes, Daniel."

"Sit you whorin' ass back down on the couch, and spread the lips of your cunt again, like you were, and put that finger back into your ass hole."

"Daniel, please don't make me be that way when he comes here."

"Why, you slut, you're going to end up that way before he leaves. Now do as you're told, or I'll send for some of my friends and they will fuck you in the ass until you leave Saturday. You owe John for teasing him, you were willing to show him your pussy at the restaurant so I want you spread for him when he walks through the door. I want to see that cunt wide open and begging for him to do something about it."

Teri turned red, but she sat back on the couch and her legs spread open. She knew she was getting wet and when she reached down and started fingering her pussy again, her finger slid very easily lubricated by her own juices.

There was knock on the door, and Daniel walked over to open it. "Keep those legs spread wide open Teri, I want John to remember what he saw at the restaurant tonight."

Daniel opened the door and ushered John into the room. John immediately saw Teri, and said "Damn you look happy girl."

Daniel looked at Teri and told her, "Show John how happy you are that he came over tonight."

Teri stood and walked over to John and sunk to her knees. She undid his belt, pulled his zipper down and then pushed his pants and boxer's down his legs exposing his cock and balls. His cock was circumcised about 6 ½ to 7 inches long and fairly thick. His balls were normal sized and hanging a little loosely as he stood there.

Daniel told him, "Why don't you turn around and have her clean your ass hole before she starts on you, I know after a hard days work, you need cleaning up before you have sex. Let Teri clean you up."

John said, "That sounds like a good idea, Daniel." He turned and grabbed the back of the chair and said, "Clean me up Teri, I hope you enjoy the taste."

Teri got behind John and her hands grabbed his ass cheeks and her tongue licked along his ass hole. The sweaty taste was a little disgusting, but she did her best to make his feel good, and after the first couple of licks his taste was actually normal and she went to work on him, making him moan especially when her tongue probed deeper into his ass. After she had worked on him for 5 minutes, he pulled free and turned around, grabbed her hair, his cock and pushed it into her mouth. He looked at Daniel and asked "Where did you find this slut, man?"

Daniel told him, "She's a friends wife, and he sent her to me for the week."

Teri was sucking John's cock, and she cradled his balls with one hand. This was the first white man besides her husband and she wanted to make him happy. She found that she didn't mind being used by Daniel and it actually turned her on when he ordered her to do something. She thought to herself, "Maybe I've been a pervert all my life and it's just now coming out."

She concentrated on the cock in her mouth and caressed John's balls as she sucked him. He didn't last too long before his cock swelled and his balls tightened and he pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to sit back and open her mouth. He stood above and jerked his cock a few times and then covered her face with sperm, some hitting her mouth but most of it covering her face and dripping down her chin and falling on her tits. He pushed his cock back into her mouth and told her "Suck it bitch."

Teri took his cock and did just that, she sucked it and got the last little bit of cum she could from it.

Daniel watched as John jerked off in Teri's face and he removed his clothes and had his cock in his hand as she finished sucking of John.

Teri looked up saw Daniel and he told her "Now, get on all fours, and pull your ass cheeks apart for me, I'm gonna rock that ass."

Teri got on her and leaned forward, she reached back and held her ass cheeks apart as she looked back at Daniel kneeling behind her, he put his cock against her ass and pushed forward making Teri let go of her ass to catch herself as his cock stretched her ass open and the head popped in. She held on tight as he pushed all the way into her, and began to fuck her. She moaned as she enjoyed his cock sliding in and out of her, and she reached back under her and started to rub her clit. She looked at John and licked her lips and said "Give me you cock again, baby. I want to suck your cock."

John walked up to her, got on his knees and offered her his flaccid cock. She took him in her mouth and began to suck him and she mewled. Her tongue paid attention to the head, and she worked all around it and the piss hole. John moved his cock from her mouth lifted it and told her "Suck my balls you whore."

Teri took his balls into her mouth and her tongue worked on each of them. The cock in her ass made her feel so good and she loved having a cock in her mouth.

Daniel pulled his cock from her ass stood and went to the bedroom. When he came back he turned on the TV, and inserted a tape. Teri couldn't believe it, he was going to let John watch the tape of her getting ganged banged. Daniel announced, "John watch this, it'll show you just what a whore she it."

The video came on and the first thing that came up was her with a black cock in her cunt, and one in her ass, while there were two others in front of her feeding their cocks to her. Daniel said, "John, you could see better, if you got behind Teri."

John moved over behind Teri, and he shoved his cock into her ass and began fucking her. Daniel moved in front of her. She looked up and he said "Suck my cock my little nigger whore."

She took his cock into her mouth and began sucking it and as she saw the film show the two cocks in her mouth began shooting sperm on her face.

They fucked her from both ends for the next twenty minutes changing positions and at one time she had Daniel in her pussy and John in her ass as she screamed through the 5th orgasm of the evening. When John left at 3 in the morning, she and Daniel showered and lay together and drifted off to sleep.

She loved the time she spent with Daniel this week and she couldn't wait to get home, because she wanted to tell Roger about her new adventures, she hoped he would understand, but she knew she had to tell him, she had always told him everything.

Daniel woke Teri up the next morning and took her hand and they went to the shower together. Teri sat on the toilet and pissed as Daniel started the shower. When she was finished she stepped into the shower and Daniel pissed in the commode. Teri took the time to wash his body and he in turn washed hers. When they finished they toweled each other off and Teri took his hand and led him into the bedroom. She had him lay back on the bed and spent the next 30 minutes giving him the best blow job she had ever given, the end result being he pumped another 8-11 spurts of cum into her waiting mouth while she looked him in the eyes.

She loved the taste of his cock and cum, but she found she liked the taste of cum from anyone, and her thoughts went to worrying that she was becoming a whore quickly. Roger should have never let her have sex with Daniel in the first place she worried. Even though she had spent the last two days sucking different cocks her jaws weren't sore and she still craved the cum she coaxed from them. If they could bottle the product she would probably become addicted.

They lay together in bed and talked about different things, until the conversation turned to Roger and the next morning. Daniel asked what she was going to tell him and she said if her would give her a copy of the tape they had made of her, she would just let him watch it. Daniel laughed and said, he would give her a copy to show him, in fact they could show him the pictures he had taken last evening if she liked. She said that would be great, and she lay her head on his lower belly looking directly at his black cock. She caressed his balls as she lay there. She told him "I'm going to miss you Daniel."

Daniel stroked her hair and said, "And I will miss you, my little whore."

Teri turned around and moved up to kiss Daniel, and her tongue entered his mouth and danced with his. She kissed him hard as he kneaded her ass, his cock pushing against her body. Her legs spread and she rolled over on top of him, feeling his cock laying against her cunt. She ground her pelvis into his cock as she kissed him, and she knew she was making his cock wet from her juices. She ground against him and she kissed him hard, her tongue trying to enter his throat. Her saliva was entering his mouth as they kissed and he was swallowing. She reached between them, grabbed his cock and put it at the entrance of her pussy.

She pushed herself onto it, coming to rest when she was full of his meat and ground trying to get him as deep as she could. Finally she began to ride him, enjoying the feeling of his cock in her body she leaned and sat up straight and held her tits as she fucked him. She moaned in orgasm as she flooded his cock and balls with her cum. She was so wet she couldn't even feel his cock any more, just the fullness it was giving her. She sat still for a moment letting her orgasm die a little, then reached down and positioned his cock at her ass hole, and lowered herself again onto him and she began to ride him groaning as she felt his cock go deep into her ass. She rode him for 10 minutes when he said, "I'm going to cum, Teri."

She lifted off him and took his cock in her hand and jerked it a couple of times and watched as his cum flew from the end of his cock and landed on his belly and in his pubic hair. When he slowed cumming, she took the head in her mouth and cleaned it, then bent down and licked the remaining cum from his belly, then her tongue cleaned the cum from his pubic hairs. She made sure she made sounds for him to hear as she sucked the cum from his pubes, then took his cock in her mouth and sucked what she could from it.

Daniel said "Damn Teri, you still amaze me, you are a sex machine, I wish you would stay with me."

"I love you Daniel, but I love Roger too and he is my husband, but he will always have to share me with you, I won't have it any other way. I've become used to your cum, I think it's my favorite flavor."

They lay together and drifted off to sleep. Teri would see Roger tomorrow and she couldn't wait.

When they awoke it was 9:30 at night and Teri knew she only had a few hours before she would be leaving, she got off the bed and went to take a pee, as she was sitting on the commode, Daniel walked in and told her he too had to piss. She wiped and moved for him to pee. She watched as the stream of piss churned up the water in the bowl, the he looked at her and asked, "Wanna shake it dry for me?"

She laughed and said, "Sure why not" and took his cock and shook the little piss off the end, then she kneeled in front of him and put his cock in her mouth.

Daniel shook his head and said, "Don't you ever get enough?"

She said "Uh-um" a little muffled because she still had a mouth full of his cock, and he relaxed and let her go. He grabbed her head with his hands and began to fuck her mouth, his balls slapping her chin and throat as he mouth fucked her. He didn't take long and then his cock erupted again, but there wasn't much of it. She let go of his cock and began to work on his balls with her tongue.

"I don't think I can take much more, baby, my cock is sore, and I don't think I've got any bodily fluids left. I think you sucked me dry."

"I don't mind if you cum or not Daniel, I just love the feel of your cock in my mouth, I love you so much."

"I want to make sure you have enough cum to eat, so, I'm gonna call a couple of the guys so you can blow them before you go."

"No, I just want to be with you, Daniel." "I told you, I'm going to call a couple of the guys to come over and feed you some more cum. Do you understand that?"

"Whatever you say Daniel."

Daniel walked into the living room and picked up the phone and she listened to him tell someone on the other end "Come over, I've got a white whore here that needs something to eat. Yea, that's okay, bring them too. See you in about 30 minutes. Bye"

"Teri, I found you some cum, Bobby and a couple of his friends were at their house and I told them to come over and enjoy. Make them happy for me."

Teri nodded her head and went to get dressed. Daniel told her there was no need to do that, just sit on the couch and get ready to suck cock.

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