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Weekend in Paradise


My name is Nelson Johnstone and this is my story or part of it at least. I am one of those uber computer geeks more than anything else. I am thirty years old, six foot tall and weigh about one hundred and eighty pounds with brown hair and eyes. Not in too bad of shape though a little more exercise wouldn't hurt. Rather hard to do when you're working twelve hour days and half the time, a meal is ate running from one crisis to another. Never married, really only dated two women in my life that meant anything to me.

As I said I am a computer geek, not sure that term really applies as I consider myself a relatively normal person. Matt and Chelsie Devine and I own a computer security business we started from scratch after college. We discovered a function of string theory combined with quantum physics anomalies that not only determines what happens to atoms but can be used for almost anything if applied correctly. We applied our function to the banking industry and can almost determine fraud or illegal activity before it happens. We have nabbed quite a few criminals over the last few years.

Another friend of ours, John Sebastian, who is a lawyer and works hand in hand with us. He handles the actual criminal capture then determines which agency to turn them over to. The best description of what we accomplish is to combine the TV shows, Numbers with Person of Interest. We get paid handsomely for our actions. The biggest problem we have is several companies want our software including the government. We actually need to expand but are burnt out. So we sold out to the highest bidder for a lot of money.

Not sure which is harder, building a business from scratch or selling one. I swear, the lawyers make such an infectious inflection of every word in a document that it can make your head spin. Before you know it, the legaleze is so riddled that nobody can understand what it says except them, then I am not so sure. But we are finally through it and in a little over a month the whole thing will be over and done with, July 1st to be exact.

I also own a rather large ranch that I grew up on and inherited from my mom and dad a few years ago. We raise thoroughbred Arabians mainly for equestrian riding. We also have a couple Clydesdales we use to pull wagons and till the garden but that is mainly for fun to keep them active, their offspring is a more important prized asset. We also board a few horses for the local gentry that don't have the space or know-how in most cases. We also teach riding lessons for beginners to the advanced dressage as well as jumping. A pair of border collies to keep the hungry critters away from the animals and garden. Yes their offspring get trained as well and marketed, but not to just anyone, we want all our animals to go to loving homes. A few chickens and a couple cows to keep fresh eggs, butter and milk on the table. And yes, that once a year trip to the butcher.

With all the activity described already you wouldn't think we would have time for our hidden offerings. A little side business in handmade fitted pony gear with training of course. You wouldn't believe the amount of requests we get in this area of expertise and of course we are happy to oblige on our schedule which can be difficult at times. The crew loves it as it brings a much needed break from the daily boring chores.

There is also a playroom that is handled by a couple members of the crew that provides a service to our BDSM customers. To me it may be less kinky depnding on taste. We also make custom leather outfits and special trinkets to go with everything. A lot of it comes on commission and can take a few months to make depending on the complexity.

Now you know the particulars, its on with the story....

I woke to a wonderful May Saturday morning with a blissful spring sun streaming through the window, the birds chirping their melody in the old oak tree just outside. It had been a long week at work and taking the weekend to get away to the family horse ranch was a much needed break. This is a sanctuary to me and a side business that has its rewards. All I really do is merely oversee things that need my attention otherwise the day to day operation is in the hands of my main crew of Bruce and Deuce.

Pushing the covers off my naked body and having a morning stretch to get the sleepy cobwebs out of my system, a lazy comfort I hadn't had in a few weeks. Off to the bathroom to relieve my early morning piss hard-on or was it caused by a wet dream, debatable for sure. A soothing hot shower and some breakfast seems like an ideal plan before checking in on the crew to see what is up. No actual agenda for three days is a luxury I haven't had in months, I think as the soothing hot water rushes over my body and begin to lather up. I shave, brush my teeth and flossed though the latter seems a bit of a waste as I pull on a pair of old of jeans and a t-shirt with food on my mind. While I put on my socks and pull my cowboy boots on I can smell frying bacon wafting through the air which made my tummy rumble with excitement. First, make the bed then check out what is on tap in the kitchen.

Lacy must have noticed my car parked in front of the house and decided to take it upon herself to fix me breakfast like a good little maid. Lacy is five foot nothing with long straight black hair to her waist with small B breasts with brown eyes and weighs about one hundred and ten pounds. Her nipples are always set to high beam and we used to tease her about it even when she tried to hide them. She would blush even though her always tanned complexion would try to help hide it but her sassy smirk is always a give away that she adored the attention. Then she would go about her business proudly giving everyone a complementary tease. She always wears her makeup to perfection and maybe a little heavy as is her sluttish way but what a beauty. Just like a walking and talking wet dream. Of course there is more to that story which seems like a place to start.

She and her husband, James, started working at the ranch about eight months before mom and dad were killed in a freakish auto accident with a logging truck. That was a little over five years ago now. Lacy was hired as a maid and her husband, James, came with the package and was pegged to learn the trade from Bruce and Deuce as well as general labor.

Lacy and James are both twenty-six years old. They eloped and when their car broke down near town, were flat broke and heard through the small town grapevine that my dad was looking for some hired hands. They showed up one evening with a plea for help on bended knees as the story goes. I think mom and dad both liked the eye candy personally as they didn't usually take in strays. James is six foot with blonde hair, muscular now with one of those male lilting voices women seem to swoon over.

What I didn't know until I inherited the ranch, they signed a one year renewable contract to live and work here in those roles as a submissive and ranch duties when learned. One of their primary duties was the playroom at first. They have kept it operational since and have progressed to other areas as well. Needless to say the contract has been resigned several times since.

I was making the bed, if you call what I did making the bed, drooling over the smell of frying bacon hoping there were eggs or pancakes to go with it. Hanging my clothes in the closet I wore during the trip making a mental note to take them to the cleaners Tuesday morning. Thinking of Lacy in the kitchen and a nice blow job to go with breakfast gets my loins stirring against the tight jeans I put on. Being as silent as possible which isn't all that easy in cowboy boots on hardwood floors, walk down the short hall and peer around the corner. Had the idea of sneaking up behind Lacy, reach around cupping her tits, pull her body into mine while planting a loving kiss on her neck. Well that was the thought anyway but my wondering eyes latched onto a beauty that wasn't Lacy once it registered.

Glancing around, the table was already set with a stack of pancakes buttered and drizzled with syrup, just the way I like, a glass of OJ and chocolate milk with a saucer of bacon strips on a paper towel to soak up the excess grease. At the sink washing dishes was a woman about five foot five in a pony tail that reached just below her shoulders. Wearing a black leather skirt that barely covered her ass and what looks to be a leather halter perched on four inch black spike pumps. Mmmm, very nice muscular legs on a frame of about one hundred thirty pounds from the rear view. However the rather short dark red pony tail was well short compared to Lacy. Inner advice told me to halt my somewhat amorous assault and take a more cautious approach instead. Then again, dressed as she is, she must know who or better yet what I am and had been told exactly what to do. Still I have decided not to pounce on a stranger even though she is in my own home fixing me breakfast. So I lean against the entryway jamb and wait for a few seconds contemplating the situation.

Deciding to sit at the table and ogle the view. Taking a sip of the orange juice. Wish I hadn't done that first, as it is very icky tasting with just brushed teeth. Sitting the glass down a bit heavy alerted my hard working visitor to my presence as she whirled around. I was surprised when it registered that Ice was standing before me. Her real name for the curious is Glare Ice Snow and lives just a few miles away on the family cattle farm. It actually adjoins our ranch and is quicker to get there by horse. Yes, we have a childhood history, as a matter of fact we dated on and off the last three years of high school. She had subtle ways of annoying me to no end and it always seemed it was done on purpose and it caused several breakups. After I left for college we parted ways due to the circumstances and have only seen each other a few times since at a few local social and unfortunate events. Surprise, shock and confusion was registering all at the same time as I sought for something witty to say but only sat there with my mouth agape finally uttering a "Good morning Ice.".

Ice stood there with those adorable green eyes focused on me saying "Eat your breakfast Nelson. We will talk when you have finished." She came and sat at the table to my right and kept her head down fidgeting with her fingers on a cup of coffee and taking a sip when the mood struck her. Meanwhile I dug into the very delicious breakfast she fixed. While I ate, I pondered why she was here. Glancing at her occasionally trying to get some sort of inkling one way or another but nothing enlightening came to mind.

Finally finishing up I asked, "Ice, would you get me a cup of coffee, black two sugars? Somehow I think I am going to need it."

"Sure, I didn't know you even drank coffee." Ice quickly answered.

"I don't very often." I replied.

I watched her saunter to the coffee pot and pour the coffee and add the sugar. I just had to follow the sway of her ass and those gorgeous legs as she went. Memories from all those years ago kept flooding into my mind as she was my first and only for several years. Her return trip was more of the same though, I know she never wears heels that much but I was checking her tits out more than anything. She wasn't endowed in that area, a large B at the most but filled out the soft supple leather halter surprisingly well. I was wondering if Bruce or Deuce had a hand in the making of the outfit she wore or even James as I heard he was progressing well in that area.

From past experiences when a woman does this kind of event it means she wants something. Somehow I think this applies to what I am about to hear. We have a past, maybe not on the best of terms but still friends at least, so I am confused by this elaborate setup. I know Lacy must have a hand in this formality, which surprises me. Now that I have all my thoughts and observations in order I take a sip of the rather warm dark liquid.

"Very tasty. So was breakfast. Thank you." I said with candor and a pause.

"You have definitely piqued my interest being here dressed as you are. I am confused and surprised to say the least. So start at the beginning and tell me what is on your mind?" I asked questioningly.

She started rather nervously at first as I am leaving out all the ers, ahs, ums and most of the pauses. "I have rehearsed this speech in my head a number of times and I am not sure how silly it is going to sound by the time it ends so I beg your patience. Remember back to our teens when we were an item?" she started. I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

"You were my first as I am pretty sure I was your first also. After our first year or so together I wanted more out of the relationship other than the rare date, the heavy petting and the occasional fuck. I had heard a couple rumors of a few things that really went on at this ranch and I wanted to find out if they were true as it sounded exciting and I wanted to find out if it suited me. Truthfully it turned me on and still does immensely. I figured you were a part of it in some way, so I kept acting up so you would take the hint. You never did anything other than get exasperated at me then wouldn't have anything to do with me for a while. It was such a naive and foolish thing on my part and actually drove a wedge between us several times. I found out later they kept it from you, I don't know how but they did." pausing for a sip of coffee.

"Then you went away to college and everything ended for us. I knew I would never have a chance after that to tell you how I felt. I didn't exactly handle it all that well but time heals all wounds I thought. I don't think mom and dad understood how I felt then or now. I was either at the farm or the diner working to keep my mind off everything or sulking. I never dated much either, mom inquired about that a few times but I was able to deflect it to something else. Dad, I think, wonders why there was nobody special in my life but never says anything. We never had much as you know but we always scraped by at the farm and my meager income helps quite a bit in some aspects." Another pause for a sip of coffee.

"I was one of your mothers clients until the accident, well client isn't exactly right as I never paid, you know what I mean. We were also conspiring of a way to get us back together but that ended with the accident. Before you ask, your dad had no dealings with me whatsoever. I remember the late afternoon James and Lacy walked into the diner with just enough money to buy a cup of coffee. I was the one that sent them out here to see if they could get a job for the summer so they could get their car fixed. Lacy and I have been friends ever since. Lacy and I didn't know how to approach you and with you being gone most of the time it became a moot point. Lacy has tried to keep me happy with the occasional visit but it just isn't the same. No, I am not into the pony fetish before you ask. With me so far?" she asked while taking another sip of coffee. I just nod my head once again for her to continue.

"Lacy has told me you are selling the company and you might move back permanently which is one of the reasons I am here. It might seem selfish and very presumptuous on my part but I have a list of 'I wants' that only you can fulfill!" with shaking hands taking a large gulp of coffee this time before going on.

"I want to be the woman that wakes you up with your cock in my mouth. I want to be the woman you whip or spank because I did something wrong or just because you want to. I want your cock in my pussy, mouth or ass anytime you want. I want to be owned by you, more like need, and I mean totally. Although I would also like to be your wife and have your children, those are only on my 'wish list'." as she shakily takes another slurp of her coffee. I am of course rather amused and highly surprised so far and haven't a clue of what to think.

"With that off my chest." she continued on. "Now for the bad part of the news and please don't take this the wrong way." she goes on. Here it comes, the proverbial but, usually turns something into nothing rapidly. She saw my brow wrinkle and that seemed to mortify her. But stoically she speaks her mind with the bad news.

"The financial crisis the last few years have taken their toll on us and the farm. The bank is going to foreclose on the farm next month if we don't pay up. Please don't think that I am here selling myself to secure the farm." as she starts crying, gets up and runs to the bathroom.

I get up and fix myself another cup of coffee. I would go console her but I think she needs to get it out of her system and calm down. Besides, it gives me time to ponder the situation and what to do. Putting things in perspective, her trying to goad me into spanking her at a minimum when we were dating in high school kind of makes sense now. She probably did hear rumors of what went on here that I wasn't privy to or even thought of. I was a naive little kid when I was younger. Matter of fact I didn't even know there was a secret room downstairs until I came home from spring break unexpectedly for a surprise visit and found the secret door open.

I was suppose to go skiing at Aspen that year but the trip got cancelled and I was twenty-one at the time. I walked into the secret room, a woman was suspended from the ceiling with nothing on but 6 inch heels and a full hood. A flogger was on the table nearby. I took my anger out on the poor woman with it. I was inexperienced and later learned that it was labeled as a light and gentle punishment to my relief. It did let me get the anger out my system however and I loved it. When I quit and thought I had better leave before I was found out a little voice echoed in my ears.

"Like father, like son." as mom had been there the whole time hidden in a dark corner wearing nothing but a smile. Think my cock was the hardest it had ever been at that point and mom wanted to know if I needed it taken care of and pointed to the woman. I said no, but would talk later, mom was there for crying out loud. I never knew who the woman was either.

That was when I found out about all the hidden agendas that went on around the ranch and was trained in those matters. Mom and dad were great teachers on just about everything related to BDSM. I learned that some only want to do it because it is something different and exciting every once in a while. Some balance their lives around the life style mostly because of social pressures. For many though, the life style is a permanent fixture in their every day lives usually to the chagrin of others. But above all it must be safe, consensual and abide by an agreed upon set of boundaries.

I wasn't much into the pony play part until Bruce told me to treat them just like one of the Arabians only gentler. It took me a long time to understand the aspect of pony play but figured out it is basically a part of BDSM, only kinkier. The big difference is they get to act while they play. More like a dream world to take them away and become something else. I also found out there are those that like to be dogs, cats and even cows.

So many memories that keep flooding in this morning. Truthfully this was the best proposition I have ever heard from a woman. I really loved her once. I have actually carried that flame to every woman I dated and they just never compared to her, except for Chelsie. Then again Chelsie tried the same thing with me only she got herself in trouble. Chelsie still is my closest friend and business partner. Okay, so I have talked myself into it.

I have made up my mind already, Ice will be totally mine. Moreover that could be construed as a marriage proposal even, strike while the iron is hot so to speak.

First things first, I picked up the phone and called the bank and talked to Jeff, the bank manager, before they closed as it was a Saturday. Of course you are not suppose to give that info to just anybody but I am not exactly anybody and Jeff is another of those childhood friends. Jeff actually told me what was happening, someone had purchased the note and was possibly making a land grab and that was the reason for the sudden foreclosure. Treachery afoot and I hate that with a passion. I will have to be utterly quiet about it but will need to look into that. $100 grand was the outstanding balance, quite a large sum one would think but it takes quite a bit to run a large farm as it does the ranch. Okay, she was being truthful about the farm and I am not about to let it go into foreclosure no matter what. So I told Jeff to arrange the payoff from my personal account and be quiet about it, even to the point that the transaction is untraceable. That made the farm free and clear of any debt, what are good neighbors for anyway.

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