tagLoving WivesWeekend of Surprises Ch. 01

Weekend of Surprises Ch. 01


Note: If you're looking for wall-to-wall sex, this story isn't for you. There's quite a bit of sex, but also at least a modicum of plot and character development. So you need to have some patience to enjoy this story.


"Wow, how are you? I haven't talked to you in what, about three years? Where? When? Absolutely, we're not doing anything, we'd love to see you! Okay, give us a call when you get closer."

I was a little annoyed; from the end of the conversation I could hear, we were clearly going to be having some visitors. Sarah and I were just starting our summer vacation at home. The kids had been packed off to summer camp just a few days ago, and we were reveling in our solitude. As a college professor, I had a much more flexible schedule during the summer than during the academic year. Even though I had research to do, I often worked from home, and therefore got to spend a lot more time with Sarah. I was looking forward to not having many responsibilities beyond getting up in the morning, doing a little work, some cooking, and figuring out different ways to enjoy ravaging my lovely wife's body. Sarah and I had enjoyed a very active sex life, even though we'd been married for almost fifteen years. Our sex life had improved the longer we were together, as we discovered new ways to bring pleasure to each other.

So the prospect of unannounced visitors was not an exciting one for me. As soon as Sarah hung up the phone, I asked her, "Who was that?"

"Carla and Andy," she replied. "They're on their way back home from a meeting Carla was at. Andy had tagged along, and the meeting finished earlier than expected. They were in no rush to get home, as Carla's parent's are watching the kids, and they realized it wasn't too far out of their way to stop and see us."

Carla and Andy were people we knew from where we used to live. I wouldn't describe them as friends, more "friends of friends." We would see them at various functions, and enjoyed talking to them, but had never really socialized with them one on one. I don't think either of us had talked to them since we'd moved away a few years ago, and our only contact had been the annual holiday card sent to one another.

I had to think for a few seconds to retrieve a mental image of the two of them. As it came back, I recalled that Carla was an attractive woman. She had a similar figure to Sarah -- carrying a little bit of extra weight, undoubtedly from the two (at least I think it was two) children she had, but very well proportioned with nice tits and a wonderful round ass. I remembered that she had generally dressed very nicely, in a way that accentuated her figure and made the most of what she had. She was also tall, for a woman, maybe a couple of inches taller than me. She had blonde hair, and I also recalled that I had always admired her smile and her sparkling eyes, which always lit up when she laughed. Even though I had not spent much time with her, she always had struck me as a fun person, one who enjoyed having a good time and who wasn't immune to dropping the occasional "shocker" on what had been a polite dinner table or party conversation.

I didn't remember as much about Andy, of course. I always tended to remember the women in couples more than the men. I had never talked much with Andy, so it was difficult to get a picture of him in my mind. Like me, he was a college professor, but I couldn't even remember what he taught.

"When are they going to be here?" I asked Sarah, still a little peeved at the potential interruption to our vacation.

"Well, they were going to be leaving late this morning, so they thought they'd be here late in the afternoon. They talked about spending a night or two before they had to be home on Sunday. Carla said something about a hotel, but I thought we'd just invite them to stay with us."

"Are you sure you want to do that?" I asked her. "We really don't know them that well." While my memories of Carla, as I remembered more about her, were pleasant ones, I simply couldn't remember whether I even enjoyed being around Andy or not.

Sarah gave me a semi-disgusted look. "Oh c'mon, Bob, how bad could it be if they stay with us for a day or two. The kids are gone for a whole month, we'll have plenty of time to ourselves, why not? I know we don't know them really well, but I remember having a good time laughing a lot with Carla. I'm sure they'll be fun -- we'll show them around, have some good food, a few drinks, and before you know it, they'll be gone. It will be a nice chance to get caught up on some gossip about some of our old friends," she said, with a smile.

I sighed, resigned to the fact that Sarah would get her way. I loved her dearly, and we had a wonderful relationship. She was definitely more assertive and insistent than I was, and while she often goaded me into things I wasn't sure about, they usually turned out fine. "Okay," I told her.

We had at least a few hours before they would likely arrive, so we tidied up the house a bit, made sure the liquor cabinet was stocked, and Sarah ran out to pick up some food for dinner. There are plenty of nice restaurants in our town, but on a Friday night they get packed and we thought it would be nice to just have a quiet, relaxing dinner at home.

About 3:00, the phone rang again, and I answered it. I heard a voice say, "Bob, is that you? It's Carla."

I immediately recognized her voice, and hearing it helped to clarify the mental image of her that I had been working on conjuring up. "Hi Carla," I responded. "I understand we're going to get to see you."

"Yes, we're only about an hour from you, but we wanted to find out if you can recommend a hotel in the area so we can call them to make sure they have a room."

"No, Carla," I told her. "You and Andy can stay with us, we have plenty of room, and it's crazy for you to stay at a hotel." After a few protests, and with Sarah's silent urging from observing the conversation, I convinced Carla that we really wanted them to stay with us, and she finally relented. I gave her directions to our house, and she said she'd see us soon.

A little over an hour later, a car pulled into the driveway. Sarah and I got up, and walked out on our deck, as Carla (who was driving) and Andy got out of their car. Carla was wearing shorts and a tank top, and was very much as I remembered her. If anything, it looked like she may have lost a few pounds from last time we had seen them. Her tank top was fairly tight, and it showed off her tits quite nicely. Sarah called out a "hi" to them, and Carla gave that big smile that I remembered, waved, and yelled "Hi, sweetie," back. As she bent back into the car to get something, I had a nice shot of her ass in her red shorts. Just as I remembered -- quite round, yet not overly large, just the right size for the rest of her body.

I looked over at the other side of the car, as Andy was also waving and smiling at Sarah. As soon as I saw him, I remembered him. He wasn't bad looking, not necessarily somebody who most people would described as "handsome," but he too had a nice smile, and at about my height, was an inch or two shorter than Carla. Seeing him didn't help me remember much about him, just that I did not recall anything bad or offensive about him. I figured that was a good sign.

They each grabbed a bag out of the back seat, and walked up the stairs to our deck. I shook Andy's hand with a hearty "Good to see you," while Sarah and Carla were hugging and simultaneously saying, "Wow, you look great!" They both laughed, and hugged once again. I realized that not having seen Sarah in a few years, Carla was probably surprised to see that Sarah had lost quite a bit of weight since we had moved. Sarah had resolved herself to finally shed some of the extra pounds from our two kids, and was very successful, dropping about 30 pounds. She was looking great, something that I had come to take for granted, but I forgot that people who hadn't seen her in the last few years didn't know she had lost all that weight. Sarah was short, just a tad over five feet tall, and still carried a few extra pounds, but like Carla she had very nice tits and a luscious ass that I just loved. I realized just how tall Carla was as she towered over Sarah. As Sarah greeted Andy with a peck on the cheek, Carla turned to me with a hug, and said, "And of course you're looking great as usual, too, Bob."

The four of us went into the house. Sarah showed them to our guest room, where they dropped their bags, and we gave them a quick tour of the house, including our large deck and hot tub. We then went out on the deck, where Sarah brought out some salsa and chips, and I took drink orders. I brought the drinks out, handed them out, sat down and joined the conversation. They were getting caught up on all that had happened in the last few years, mostly involving each of our two kids. They had two boys, about the same age as our kids, and there was the usual list of accomplishments all around -- musical performances, dance recitals, sporting achievements, and the like. It was nice, easy banter and I was getting over my initial funk of having company spoil our vacation. Andy was a good conversationalist also, and while Carla seemed to be the more vivacious of the two of them, he could certainly handle his end of the conversation. We got a little of the gossip from them on what had been going on with some friends we had in common, as well as stories from the university Andy and I had both taught at (turns out he was a historian).

Carla described the meeting she had been at. She was in banking, and had been in some negotiations with a big client. Since the semester was over, Andy had come along to do some sightseeing. As I mentioned, they had left their two boys with Carla's parents, and since her negotiations had wrapped up earlier than expected (much to her delight, Carla reported), they found themselves with the weekend free.

After a second round of drinks, we all retreated into the kitchen to begin the dinner preparations. Sarah had picked up a nice steak to grill, so I got the grill ready while Andy joined me out on the deck. This left Sarah and Carla in the kitchen working on the salad. We heard them laughing heartily every now and then, sounding like they were enjoying the reunion. I was a little surprised, because I didn't think they knew each other that well. But I also knew both were outgoing women who enjoyed conversation and were able to connect quickly even with people they didn't know that well. Andy regaled me with a few more stories of what was going on at my old haunts.

When dinner was ready, we all sat down. Sarah had opened a bottle of wine, and she began to fill the glasses. Carla began to protest, but before Sarah could open her mouth, she laughed and said, "Oh what the hell, we're not driving anywhere -- go ahead and hit me." I glanced over at her, and as she chuckled some more, her tits gave a nice little bounce. I looked at her more closely; she really was a cute woman -- not pretty, at least as most people would describe, but certainly cute. Her blonde hair was cut fairly short (as were Sarah's brunette locks) and it nicely framed her face. Her blue eyes and vivacious smile completed what was a very nice look. Putting that together with her sexy body, I realized she was quite a nice little package.

When I glanced over at Sarah, I saw she was also looking at Carla. Daisy is bi, and we both enjoy looking at women together. We're secure enough in our relationship that neither of us has any jealousies whatsoever. For the past few years we'd been swinging, and while we had met a number of couples, the realities of family, work, and other commitments left us with relatively few opportunities to play with other couples. But when we were able to play with other couples, Sarah enjoyed being with the woman as much -- if not more -- than she enjoyed the man. Having an attractive women sitting across the table from me obviously got ideas running around in my head, and from the look on Sarah's face, I suspected she had some of the same ideas. Of course, we had no idea about Andy and Carla, but one could always hope.

The conversation carried on throughout dinner without any of those momentary awkward pauses. I was definitely enjoying myself, and found myself quite happy that they had gotten in touch with us. I was laughing a lot, as both Carla and Andy were quite charming and told wonderful stories. When Sarah went to open a second bottle of wine, Andy said, "Oh, please don't bother, I think we've had enough." I was a bit disappointed, because I hoped that maybe some additional wine would help get everybody in a playful mood. But Carla piped up, agreeing with Andy, and said, "Maybe later, but Andy's right -- I think we've all had enough for now."

We all cleared the table, and while I loaded the dishwasher, Sarah put out the nice pie she had picked up in town. We enjoyed the dessert, cleaned up, and then went to go sit outside on the deck. By this time it was about 9:00 and a bit cool, as it was still the beginning of the summer and up here in the mountains the evenings stayed very cool. In anticipation that it would be a nice night for the hot tub, I had turned up the thermostat right before they arrived, so it would be a comfortable 100 degrees.

Carla commented on the coolness, and I seized the opportunity by offering, "Hey, it's a perfect night for the hot tub -- you interested?" She immediately agreed, as did Andy. Sarah said, "Great! Bob, you want to open it up and get it ready while we get changed and I get the towels?" I answered in the affirmative, and the other three went back into the house.

After getting the tub ready, I joined Sarah in our bedroom. She and I always went in the tub naked, and I was hopeful that our guests would do the same. The idea of seeing Carla naked was quite exciting. Anytime we had other couples in our hot tub, I always had in the back of my mind that it was a good ice breaker for swinging, but of course, 99 percent of the time nothing happened. But I still harbored some hopes.

"What do you think" I asked her, somewhat vaguely. This was the first time we had been alone since their arrival.

"I'm having a great time," she replied, "they're a wonderfully fun couple and I don't know why we didn't get to know them better before we moved."

"Don't know, guess we just never had the opportunity," I responded. By this time we had both shed our clothes and put our robes on. I sidled over to Sarah, put my hand on her ass, and said to her with a twinkle in my eye, "Think there's any possibility with them?"

She knew exactly what I was asking. She gave me a smile and a quick kiss, and said, "Oh, I don't know Bob, guess we'll just have to wait and see." The way she said it gave me the impression that she knew something that I didn't, which helped get my hopes up. But then she said, "I got out the guest robes for them, and when I gave them to them, Carla said, 'I'm so glad we had brought our bathing suits'. I told her they didn't need to wear them if they didn't want to, but she said it was no problem, they had them anyway. So I wouldn't get your hopes up too much, Bob"

The mention of bathing suits was a huge disappointment, as I was so much looking forward to those great tits and ass of Carla's. I grabbed the four towels and headed out somewhat dejectedly to the tub, with Sarah right behind me. On the way, she opened the second bottle of wine and grabbed four plastic wine glasses.

I hung up the towels on the peg hooks near the tub, shed my robe and got in the tub. Sarah was right behind me, and it felt great. The air was just cool enough that the contrast with the warm water of the tub was a great combination.

A few moments later, Andy and Carla came out of the house wrapped in their robes. I harbored a flicker of hope that they would have taken Sarah's suggestion, but as they took their robes off and hung them up, I saw they both had their suits on. Carla's was a quite attractive green one piece, cut low in the top and high on the sides. The green was a nice compliment to her blonde hair. It showed off her tits even better than her tank top did, and the high cut thighs accentuated her long legs and beautiful ass. Remarking on how cool the air was, dressed only in her suit, Carla quickly slid into the tub followed by Andy. She moved over to a seat between Sarah and me, while Andy grabbed the one on Sarah's other side. Neither of them remarked about our nakedness, but I assumed that Sarah having subtly warned them helped to eliminate any surprise they might have experienced when seeing us without swimsuits in the tub.

"You ready for some more wine now?" I asked. They both nodded their heads, and I grabbed the bottle from the table nearby, filled the four glasses, and pointed out the cup holders attached to the hot tub. I turned on the jets, and in the din, we all just sat there without talking, heads back, enjoying the warmth and massaging action of the water.

After about five minutes, we resumed the conversation. I told them about my new faculty position, and compared it to our former university a bit. We talked about how we had purchased the hot tub when we moved to this house. The deck is very secluded, so that none of the neighbors could see it, especially in the summer when the trees are fully adorned with leaves. We continued sipping wine, just relaxing and enjoying the conversation and evening.

After 20 minutes, the jets automatically cut off. We were returned to just the quiet of our voices and the sound of the crickets out in the woods. With the jets off, I could once again make out Carla's quite prominent tits very nicely just below the surface of the water, and was enjoying the view. She rose, standing in the middle of the tub, and said, "I'm actually a little warm now." With that, and without further warning, she peeled down the top of her swimsuit, freeing those gorgeous tits. I stared at them, trying not to be too obvious, but was enjoying the sight quite the same. She had already developed a nice tan that summer, so that the contrast between her pale skin of her tits (being blonde, her skin is quite pale) and the tanned rest of her body was a sight to behold. Her nipples, while not large, were quite prominent, and a reddish-pink color surrounded by light brown areolas.

As I glanced over at Sarah, I could tell from her eyes that she was also enjoying the view from just a foot or so away. Carla reached over and placed a hand on Sarah's shoulder to steady herself, and then continued pushing down her suit with her other hand, bringing her beautiful ass into view. She was slightly turned toward Sarah, so I had a great view of two round globes, nicely split with a well-shaped crack down the middle. She lifted first one leg, pulling it out of the suit, and then switched hands and pulled out the other, tossing the suit over the side. She then settled back down into the water, commenting, "Now that's better" with a little smile. Because she was turned slightly to Sarah's side, I could not see her pussy, much to my disappointment.

Andy quickly followed Carla's lead, pushing his swimsuit down his legs, and tossing it to the side also. As most guys do, I quickly (but hopefully unobtrusively) glanced at his prick. Not that I was yet convinced anything was going to happen, but I was thinking ahead anyway. Because Sarah is so short, she has trouble with men who are too big. But I was reassured to see that Andy was about the same size as me. He had thick brown pubic hair, matching the color on his head. Before he sat back down, I noticed Sarah stealing a quick glance also.


As Carla finished taking her swimsuit off, I glanced over at Bob. I knew he wouldn't miss the display, and sure enough, his eyes were watching her quite closely. I knew she had exactly the kind of figure he likes, and I also knew he had hopes that the evening would lead in a certain direction. He tried to look at her unobtrusively, but I couldn't miss that look, and I suspected that Carla, out of the corner of her eye, had seen it also.

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