tagGay MaleWeekend Party

Weekend Party


I had decided to finally attend one of those group sex nights advertised on a popular gay chat side. The posting on it had said that it was in London and only black guys, in their mid twenties, good looking and in shape should apply. Luckily, I fit that description.

I arrived at the flat, which was in Chelsea, later than I thought I would it take me. A handsome black man, mid twenties and with a nice smile opened the door. I heard an American accent as he invited me in. I could hear music playing and voices coming from the living room.

"I'm James by the way," the American said," this is my place."

I was eyeing him up as he led me around, noticing the smooth, brown skin and bulging biceps that told me he had a hot body.

We were in the kitchen where he got me a drink. "I noticed you were versatile, in your message. Is that right?" he asked me.

"Yeah, versatile, versatile bottom." I said and sipped on my glass of gin and tonic.

"That's cool. We've had a bit of a snag. We were meant to have two bottoms come along but they cancelled at the last minute. So now we only have tops here."

"Really? That kind of sucks. How many guys are here?" The thought of all those guys and I was interested.

"Including me- four." James said. I kept staring at him because he had such a handsome face. "Would you mind bottoming?"

As soon as he asked that, I began to think about a fantasy I've had for a long time. This was my opportunity to be gang fucked by a group of sexy studs.

"Are they all as hot as you?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, most definitely." James said, smiling at the compliment too.

"Well in that case, yeah, no problem. Only one rule though, no one should touch my dick." I said.

James was happy with that condition," I like that. You want to be the power bottom and we're going to be the tops- so no, your dick doesn't get touched."

I was happy to hear that. "Cool."

"But, you think you can handle us all?" James asked, trying to double check now. I smiled at him, turned around and lifted my shirt, showing off my sagging jeans and my ass. Immediately the effect on James was noticeable- I had one of the sexiest, most fuckable bubble butts. A nice, big phat juicy booty that was crowned by a slim waist and strong upper body. When I was a kid, I was a little chubby but lost all the baby fat when I started playing a lot of sport as a teenager. But my ass still kept most of it and I was left with the ideal bottom's bottom. The effect on James was predictable. Most tops suffer an immediate effect of lust as soon as they see it. James was no exception and I knew that since he liked to fuck guys, he wouldn't hesitate to do what he could to fuck me.

"Damn, that's a nice ass." He said, his eyes shining with lust. "Alright then, let's meet the others."

The others were Ian, Damon and Bruce. All of them were in their twenties- or so it seemed- and very good looking. Ian was handsome; amber skinned and had a nice build. Damon was dark skinned, quite pretty; tattoos on his neck and had a thug style to him, which I thought was quite sexy. Bruce was brown skinned, nice full lips, handsome features with a strong jaw and a big, beefy build- obviously sculpted in the gym. By the look of things, I was in for a treat.

Also, it turned out that only Damon was from the UK. Bruce was American and friends with James from Philadelphia and Ian was Jamaica.

"Wassup guys, I'm Ben," I introduced myself. I sat down on the couch between Damon and Bruce and immediately, the conversation and flirting started to flow. It was cool how quickly we all got on and with a few drinks and some joints flowing around, the atmosphere got pretty amiable and flirtatious. Someone passed me a joint; I took a hit and immediately felt a head rush.

"We expecting anybody else, James?" Bruce asked. James told him that this looked like everybody. Bruce looked a little worried then,"well not much of a turnout then. We ain't going to be doing much with five tops."

"I'm not a top," I announced, sharing a look with James as I said that.

"Oh? What you a bottom?" Bruce asked, suddenly looking a bit more hopeful.

"Yeah. I'm a bottom."

"We going to need more bottoms than you shawty," Damon said. "There's four of us."

"Maybe... or you might find me to be just enough."

They all laughed."Shit son, you serious? You think you can handle us all?" Bruce asked.

"Damn right. I got a secret weapon," I said and stood up. Just like before I raised my shirt and showed off my ass and just like before, the reaction was immediately vigorous from the tops. Like all alpha males shown a piece of ass, they got excited and loud.

"Damn! That's a nice ass Ben. A sexy boy like you shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes," Ian, the Caribbean said with his sexy accent.

"No problem." I said and unbuckled my belt and stripped down to my underwear. I was wearing tight boxer briefs, with checkered blue and white colours that always made my ass look even fatter than normal.

"Fuck!" Bruce said, squeezing my ass. I felt hands begin to touch it and allowed it, bending over slightly so that they could squeeze and slap my booty. I love it when my ass gets a lot of attention; it's like I got more nerves in there than most people and the feel of a strong hand squeezing and roughly kneading is one of my favourite bits of fourplay.

I knew that if I wanted my fantasy to be fully realized, I had to get them very heated up. I started shaking and bumping my ass, doing a bit of booty hopping to the music which obviously got them very excited and they were smacking my butt in encouragement. I started grinding on to them, feeling their bodies with my ass and thighs. That was obviously getting them very aroused but not nearly as aroused as I was. I felt very excited, not having done this before, it felt very whorish and I was enjoying myself. The lights were on dim now, giving the living room a sexy atmosphere.

Damon got up from behind me and pressed himself against me. He offered me some of the joint and I smoked it, taking some heavy hits.

"Easy sexy, that shit is strong," he warned me. He wasn't lying either. I could feel that buzz building up.

He ground his crotch into my ass as we both slowly moved to a rhythm. I could feel his erection pressing against his jeans. With one hand behind my back, I began to press against his crotch until his dick began to protrude from out his pants. I had to have it.

I turned around and dropped onto my knees. Damon knew what to do and he was already unbuckled and unzipped by the time I opened my mouth. I took his dick into my hot lips, swallowing as much as I could in one go before letting it go and breathing. It had been a while since I was with a dude and everyone could tell by how energetic I was when sucking Damon's dick, bobbing and licking the shaft like it was my last dick, spitting on it, licking the balls and even deep throating him.

"Shit! This nigger can suck a mean dick!" Bruce said, watching me work my tricks and noticing the intense expressions of pleasure on Damon's face. I do love sucking dick, love being on my knees and a nice, big dick stuffing my mouth with meat.

The others got around me. Their dicks were out as well and pretty soon, I was sucking 4 dicks and not just one. I let them fuck my face, feeling their big, black balls slap against my chin. They smacked me with their dicks and this only made me moan more and more.

James had the biggest dick- in fact, it was plain massive. Maybe 11 inches or even 12. And really thick too. After I had gotten used to Damon's, Ian's and Bruce's – all of which were pretty big themselves, I tried to deepthroat James, going as far as over half way but it was too much even for me. Never mind, I had three others and as soon as I caught my breath, I swallowed Damon's to the root, letting it rest there for a bit before pulling out in a flurry of spit and heavy breathing.

Damon had a really nice fat dick, the kind that stuffs your mouth and stretches your lips. I went all out on him like a whore, loving that feeling of fat meat inside my mouth. I couldn't wait to do more with it. By now, nearly everyone was butt naked. I was still wearing my boxers though. I like to leave that on till the last minute possible.

But I couldn't tear my eyes off Bruce. He had the sexiest body. It was beefy and muscular- just that sexy bit of chunk and he had a very nice ass. After sucking enough dick for a while, I told him to turn around and bend over. He did.

I started to lick his butt, eating his sexy brown eye like he was the bottom. But clearly he was a top and a top who obviously liked to get his ass eaten because he kept shoving it in my face till it was separating his sexy, muscular cheeks. I stuck my tongue deep in his crack, almost fucking him with it. He reached round his back and pushed the back of my head against his, forcing me to toss his salad. Someone else was also pressing my head into Bruce's ass.

After that, another dick was shoved into my mouth and I greedily sucked, looking up to see that it was Ian. While sucking his dick, I jacked off James and Damon. I altered between their dicks too- sucking on one and the other and switching occasionally to try and keep all of them satisfied. As I was on my knees the whole time, all I could see around me was big black dicks. I began to recognize each one by the person it belonged to. James had long, fat dick that actually scared me a little. Damon had that nice fat pipe. Ian had that nice long and slightly curved island dick and Bruce was fat, long and had a big set of balls on them. I especially liked to play with his torso, as he had the most delicious looking pecks and the perfect abs, adorned with tattoos and nipple piercings. I must have sucked their dicks for about forty minutes straight and none of them seemed to get tired of it.

But my ass was starting to feel a little left out. James must have noticed this because he suddenly grabbed me by my boxers, lifted me up with them and began to squeeze and slap my ass. That's what I wanted, and the attention my butt was getting was getting me really excited. My boxers were being tugged and I was getting wedgied till it looked I was wearing a thong. While this was happening, I took the opportunity to smoke some more of that weed, getting really quite high. I shook my ass a little, getting them excited.

Suddenly, I was pushed on to the couch. I fell forward and ended up on my hands and knees. Hands began to tug at my boxers, till they were stretched and disproportionate. Bruce, with an obvious show of strength stretched them till they tore to pieces, exposing my sexy bubble butt for the first time. I spread my legs, welcoming them onto my ass. Bruce accepted the invitation and spread my ass even further, exposing my hairless, puckered hole. It was obviously very tempting because Bruce immediately dove in and began to eat my ass. As soon as that tongue hit my hole, I nearly screamed and had to bite my lip to stop myself from doing that. I pushed my ass out in his face and let him eat, forcing Bruce to return the favor I had given him minutes ago. He knew how to work an ass with his tongue, that was for sure- obviously seeing as he knew what turned him on. All that heat and wetness on my puckering boy pussy had me moaning like a whore. My body was flush with feeling, my eyes clenched shut and my hands fisted and pushing against the sofa. It was an amazing feeling.

"Yeah man. Eat that ass. Get in that nigger! Eat my pussy!" I encouraged Bruce, just as he salivated all over my crack and licked up the juices.

But he wasn't the only one there. Ian, it turns out, was a freaky top too and also liked to get his ate. But for now, he wanted to just eat mine and got his face in between my buns next to Bruce's and the two tops dined on my ass like it was an all you can eat buffet.

Meanwhile, James climbed on to the couch and got on my side. He showed me his dick only inches in front of my face and I immediately swallowed it to the hilt. The taste and smell of James's big fat dick in my mouth and the feeling of hot tongues on ass made me moan excessively, no doubt turning on the guys even more. Damon was obviously feeling a little left out and appeared on my right, opposite James and presented his dick for my sucking. As soon as I released James's long dick from my mouth, Damon's was there and waiting- but not waiting for too long. A rhythm developed from this and we went on for a long time, with the occasional break for some weed or a drink. Of course I didn't get a break as I kept on sucking dick and getting my pussy eaten, with all four guys taking alternating between eating my ass and fucking my mouth. But out of all them, Bruce was the master salad tosser. When he used that high speed fat tongue of his to work up a storm on my boy pussy, I nearly cried with in ecstasy. He was truly a freak. But I guess we all were.

Bruce had some really fat fingers and when they began to probe and push against my hole I whimpered and moaned. He pressed his finger into me till it reached his first knuckle, stretching my hole and licking it at the same time. Damn! Another finger entered me and then another- James's this time. I had three fingers in me from two different dudes. I was moaning and whimpering a lot but knew it had to be done, I was about to take a lot more than fingers.

After a while, it no longer hurt and as they stretched my ass, I only moaned in pleasure. They could always tell when I was enjoying it 100% because my moans were more effeminate then, with a strong and obvious hint of pleasure, rather than the more uncontrollable pain moans which were purely masculine. When four fingers were stretching my ass and my mouth was being ruthlessly fucked by Damon, I was ready.

James suddenly picked me up and lifted me off the couch. He was one strong motherfucker as he carried me over his shoulder and into his bed room and I wasn't exactly very light either. I was thrown on to the bed and almost immediately my legs were spread open. Bruce got in between them, pushed them back so my ass was raised and lined his dick up against my hole. A pillow was put underneath my ass and I soon felt the pressure of Bruce's fat dick head prying me open.

"Ahhh! Fuck!" I moaned as Bruce suddenly entered me, leaving behind the resistance as his dick pushed into me. Bruce leaned forward and embraced my body with his as he slow dicked me, letting me get used to that fat pipe inside me. I moaned in his ear and rubbed his back with my hand. His mouth covered mine and we kissed passionately, tongues swirling in each other's mouths. When our kiss broke, immediately a cock appeared dangling above me. James demanded that I suck him off and I happily agreed, though I moaned a lot on his dick and had a hard time concentrating- Bruce was slowly fucking me. Trying to get my ass used to his dick was a war of attrition for him and he was clearly an experienced soldier in this field, driving slowly but firmly into me with the full length of his dick before slowly and firmly again pulling out, stretching me open in ways his fingers could not have done. Getting used to this was tiresome but soon I was feeling less pain. Bruce and the others could tell, my body was more relaxed and my moans were becoming more sensual.

Bruce pulled out of me entirely and then firmly entered me. At first this was painful but then I got used to it and it became pleasurable. After a while, Bruce's thrusts became faster and I felt no pain and my moans and cries were only of wanton ecstasy. That's when Bruce put my right leg over his shoulder and began to drill fuck me, utilizing a constant rhythm that kept my body in a constant state of pleasure. Already I could feel that almost unbearable intense pressure building on my prostate that would inevitably lead to me nutting.

"Yeah nigger! Beat it up! Beat that pussy!" I encouraged Bruce, in between sucking mouthfuls of dick.

"Don't you worry papi, I got you right where I want you," Bruce said, panting as he fucked me. Sweat was already forming on his brow.

The others were all around me now, squeezing my nipples, fucking my mouth. Of course my dick got no attention but the rest of my body certainly did. But the three tops weren't satisfied with just that and soon James, Ian and Damon were bugging Bruce, trying to get their turn.

Damon got next. Bruce pulled out and Damon immediately replaced him, before anyone else could get in.

"Turn around Ben, let me hit it doggy style," he said and I flipped over. I raised my ass up and he pushed his dick inside me. Within seconds he was fucking me at full speed. I was slamming back to meet his thrusts now, helped by the fact that James was fucking my face from the front. Damon was driving deep into me like he was pissed off with me, smashing his pelvis into my phat ass. He was no doubt loving the sight of my jelly bouncing in front of him. His rhythm was a bit erratic at first- he was obviously very impatient and keen to fuck me. I enjoyed this particular style; it was almost like he was trying too hard until he found his rhythm and started to fuck me consistently, which was when I really began to moan. I threw my head back and bit my lip, feeling Damon's long pipe sliding into and stretching me open. I gave him a hand by stretching my ass with my hands and allowing his dick more entry into my hot hole. Then the others got to see what a real power bottom I was as I put a dip in my back and looked at back at him.

"Fuck that ass! Hit it!" I said to Damon who began to really pound into me. James was standing in front of me, his dick erect and mighty- demanding to be sucked. I took in; swallowing it till half its hilt and even its massive size couldn't stop the moaning sounds escaping my mouth. Both tops ran their hands along my back, using it as support as they fucked me hard from both ends.

Suddenly I felt Damon pull out and the empty feeling was distinct. I knew my ass was stretched. But it was replaced by another dick very quickly and my ass and I felt content again. This new player didn't waste any time and immediately began hitting my ass. I turned around briefly when James's dick left my mouth and saw Ian was fucking me. His hips moved as if he was dancing while he ground that sexy Caribbean cock into me. I was SO turned on. I almost blew my load then. I began to push my ass up, in hopes of getting more of Ian's dick to slide even deeper inside me. He took the hint and started to fuck me even harder. He moved his hips up and down as his torso stayed still. His chest was pressed against my back. I could feel his breathe on my right ear as he began to thrust his cock deep inside me. Ian was hitting all the right spots and I began to moan. Damon's dick was inside my mouth- still being serviced just after having been in my ass- and I broke away it from it when the feeling inside me hit fever pitch.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Fuck me!" I moaned passionately. This was obviously too much for Ian- his body tensed and I could feel it convulse. Suddenly he began to yell and then I felt the familiar warm feeling of seed inside me. Ian was the first to cum and what an explosion it must have been. He damn near got a heart attack and spent a good thirty seconds on his orgasm. I felt his beautiful black seed impregnate me and moaned. Just then, Damon pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his spunk all over my face, covering my good looks with his impressive volume of black baby juice. I love getting a good facial.

I milked the rest of the cum from Ian's dick before he pulled out and had me suck him off, letting me savour all that nutt and musk. I looked up at James who standing in front of me dangling his dick. He seemed to be able to read my thoughts.

"Come on Ben, let me hit that ass. I think it's had enough practice by now," he said and laid down on the bed, his dick pointing upwards like a pillar. I immediately straddled him, got up on my haunches and aimed my ass up above his dick, lining up my loosened hole against his enormous dick, letting it slide by as gently as I could. I sat down on his lap and it felt pretty much bottomed out.

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