tagBDSMWeekend Revelation

Weekend Revelation


Carl and Gina were having some difficulties in a romantic sense due to their busy lifestyles. Carl worked most of the day as a court clerk and Gina had recently finished grad school and was teaching at the junior college. By the time each arrived home in the evening there was little else to do but go to sleep. Carl had tried to instigate some sexual advances but was poorly received. Neither one knew the exact problem but were both aware of their diminishing sex life. Their friends had mentioned to them a weekend retreat designed to improve their communication and rekindle romance. Carl was not one to make such a plan and Gina wasn’t very sociable so their two friends paid for the weekend getaway and offered to watch their home while they were gone.


“Do you have everything you’ll need?” Carl asked as he finished loading his stuff in the car.

“I guess. Do you really want to do this?” she asked.

“Sure. It eliminates some of the monotony,” he replied.

It would be safe to say the last time the two made love was late July. It was now mid-September and Carl was looking forward to some sort of focused intimacy.

The two got in the car and drove an hour south of their home on the north end of the Olympic Peninsula to a gravel parking lot near the ocean shore.

“Are you sure this is the place?” Gina asked incredulously.

“Yep. There is the edge of the reservation,” as he pointed to the map. “I think this is private land.”

There were about two dozen cars in the lot but no one around. They didn’t know what to do next but in the distance an old Land Cruiser was emerging from the woods. The rugged looking vehicle pulled up and a bearded man said,

“Are you the Sirace’s?”

The couple nodded and grabbed their bags.

“My name’s Dutch. Get in!”

The three drove up a jeep trail into the woods for about ten minutes until they reached a clearing. There were many little out buildings and a couple lodges.

A woman dressed in a full rubber suit approached them and opened their door. Her nipples were clearly erect as was her outlined genitalia.

“I’m Sue. Leave your bags there and follow me.”

Carl and Gina stared at each other and then proceeded to follow.

The two were sort of shocked by the woman’s attire and lack of warmth. She was very direct and didn’t wait for a response.

“Hurry up,” the woman yelled.

“What’s going on? Where are the other couples?” asked Carl.

“The women are over in that building and the men are in that one. The others are way over there,” she said as she pointed off to a hut in the distance.

What? thought the two. What others?

“Okay. Carl, you need to check in to that lodge over there and meet the gentlemen and get up to speed,” said Sue.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are we late?” asked Gina.

“No,” said Sue. “These people have been her for a week and some even longer.”

“I thought this was only a weekend retreat. There are people staying longer than that?” asked Carl.

“Oh, yes. Most we don’t feel are ready to leave after only a weekend so we encourage them to extend their visit. I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Carl began to think about all the stuff at home he had to do and Gina turned with the same thought on her mind and said,

“I’m not so sure about this. I think we’d better be heading back. I appreciate your hospitality and everything but there’s so much for us to do back home…”

“You’re not going anywhere. This is why you haven’t had a good sex life in months. Admit it. You need to focus on one thing while you’re here and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.”

Both agreed and reluctantly nodded before their attention was suddenly grabbed by a woman’s shriek in one of the lodges.

“What was that?” asked Carl.

Sue turned and looked at the two.

“That was one of the many things you’ll hear while you’re here. It may be you if you don’t stop asking dumb questions. Gina, you’ll be coming with me,” said Sue as she grabbed Gina’s hand.

Carl just stood there watching as a male assistant gently grabbed his arm and led him to one of the lodges.

Once inside, Carl noticed around twenty men wearing black rubber thongs and sitting on benches. They were all sitting as if in class and watching intently as a stark naked woman stood silent at the front. Her long hair had fallen in front of her face and she didn’t bother pulling it back or even looking up.

A woman and a masked man stood on either side of her and instructed the class on different parts of the female body. She didn’t even flinch when her breast was handled.

“Hey, get undressed and put this on,” the man whispered to Carl as he handed him a leather thong.

“What? What’s going on here,” Carl demanded.

“Shhhhh! The man replied. “Just do it. You’ll thank me later.”

After Carl was stripped his heap of clothes were taken and someone beckoned him to sit down.

Carl sat and watched the lesson. The bare breasted woman instructor wearing only a rubber thong spoke up.

“Are you a top or bottom?” she asked while looking right at Carl.

Carl pointed to himself wondering if the question had been directed towards him.

“Yes. Are you a top or bottom?” she shouted.

Carl had no idea what she was asking until the man next to him whispered,

“A top. You’re a top.”

“I…I’m a top,” replied Carl.

The woman continued with the girl in the front.

“She meant ‘do you fuck or are you fucked?’” the man next to him whispered.

“Good answer,” replied Carl.

“KNEES!” the woman shouted.

Without hesitation the girl dropped to her knees with her hands at her side.

The woman stepped behind her and pulled her hair into a tight ponytail. The girl’s face was devoid of expression as she labored to remain upright despite the tugging.

“Okay, UP!”

the girl was back on her feet as the masked man produced a sort of riding crop. The lesson was about striking your lover or slave in all the right places. The blows were not hard but the sound of the crop was intimidating. The instructors knew their material well and expressed the depraved details as a matter of fact. Carl was astonished to find some of the men clutching their cocks at the sight of the demonstration. When they finished a woman came to escort the girl from the building.

“At ease gentlemen,” the masked man said.

Everyone chatted and walked about.

The naked woman approached Carl with the riding crop.

“Are you sure you’re a top? There was a delay in your response,” she said with a wink.

“Me? Yes, I’m a top.”

“If your not then you belong in a different lodge,” she said as her tone changed.

“Is that some sort of punishment?” asked Carl.

“No. If you’re truly a bottom then it is there where you belong. Each new arrival spends some time in that lodge to see if that is his place. You’ll learn tonight, in fact.”

“What then? What if a bottom doesn’t admit to his position after that?” asked Carl.

“THEN there is punishment and it aint pretty,” she replied as she turned. “We’ll know.”

The men walked about looking at graphic photos and diagrams. This was all very organized.

Meanwhile, at Gina’s lodge there were fewer women in there and right away she was asked if she was a top.

Gina replied in the affirmative having a better idea of what the term meant.

“Strip down to your underwear,” demanded Sue.

Most of the other women were wearing bra and panties and a few that only wore panties.

The pressure of staring eyes was too much as Gina decided to disrobe.

Gina’s boobs were not very large so she either dressed without a bra or wore a camisole like she did on this particular day.

She was surprised when Sue took it upon herself to lift the camisole up from behind. Gina instinctively raised her arms to allow the garment to come off. Her nipples became instantly erect as the slight chill wafted over them.

Gina crossed her arms in an attempt at modesty while the other women simply stared her over. Sue still standing behind her gently pulled Gina’s arms to her side and briefly patted her tiny waist before walking back to the front.

Her panties were white satin with strings connected to a full back.. Gina pulled on the fabric for more coverage and then stared at Sue with contempt.

“A moment ago I asked if you were a top. I have the feeling you’re dishonest and I want you to demonstrate to me you’re not,” said Sue as she clutched a riding crop.

“Why am I on the hot seat? Isn’t this to enhance our love lives?” asked Gina.

“We’re cutting through the bullshit, Gina. We’re getting to know ourselves right now.”

Sue turned and said something into her radio. Someone promptly replied with a ‘yes, ma’am..’

“Fuck this,” Gina yelled. “This is strange.”

Sue blocked her from leaving.

“Please sit down. You’re running from yourself,” said Sue. “I’m bringing in a ‘bottom’ and I want you to demonstrate to me what you really are!”

Suddenly the door opened and a naked woman in a black hood was escorted in. One of the women guided her to the front of the lodge where she stood in all her glory.

Gina’s stare at the woman was interrupted as she was handed a thick g-string with an attached penis.

“No, I wont do this,” said Gina. “I’m a top, not a lesbian.”

“It doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian. Just show us you’re dominant!”

“I said no,” insisted Gina.

You’ll do it or you’ll be on the receiving end!” shouted Sue.

“Well, fuck you then!” barked Gina as she turned to run out the door. The bottoms’ escort was still outside the door and grabbed her in a clothesline hold. He shoved her back in the room and shut the door.

The women in the room jumped on her in unison and wrestled her to the floor. Her panties were ripped off in one motion and she was held down as Sue peeled her rubber suit off. She stepped into the strap-on and approached Gina.

“Why don’t you just take your rightful place as a sub and be honest with yourself? Now you must be punished for deceit. Ladies, hold her tight!”

Gina was held face down on a bench with someone on her back and her head locked between another set of legs.

Gina screamed as she was penetrated forcefully.

“Shut up, bitch!” yelled one of the women. “You’re a sub, remember?”

After less than a minute or two Sue pulled out of Gina and removed the strap-on.

Gina sat silent as she continued to be held down.

Sue opened a cabinet and pulled out several pairs of handcuffs and some cord. The women cleared as Sue approached. She grabbed Gina’s wrists and clicked the cuffs in place. She repeated the same to her ankles and then hooked the cord around each. A woman knowingly grabbed one cord and pulled as another did the same with the other.

“Usually we punish slaves with whips in the courtyard but yours cannot wait,” said Sue.

She pulled out a long whip with several cords and brought it down squarely on Gina’s back. Gina, of course, let out a scream and more whippings followed.

In the end, her entire back side was covered in welts. No more than an inch separated each welt from her neck to her ankles - many of which crossing previous welts.

At some point she passed out as the whipping continued.

“There’s nothing I hate more than a closet sub,” seethed Sue.

When she finished the women left to their respective cabins. Most of the women lodged with other women but a few lodged with men.

Sue traced Gina’s curves with her fingertips then reached between her legs and held her hand over her crotch. Gina didn’t flinch.

“Half of the couples that come here know their places,” said Sue to Gina.

Gina laid there on her belly staring straight ahead.

“They go home after the weekend. Others usually require work - like you. We wont let a sub leave with another sub. Even if that sub is your husband.

“So you’re saying you wont let me leave? Is that it?” asked Gina.

“Depends. Is Carl a sub?” asked Sue as she helped Gina sit upright.

“How should I know?”

“When was the last time you had an orgasm?” asked Sue.

“What? I don’t remember.”

“It was not with Carl. I bet it was only through masturbation.”

Gina became very embarrassed at the direction of the conversation.

“You masturbate on a daily basis, don’t you Gina? You act like you’re too busy to think about sex but you know you’re preoccupied by it, aren’t you?” Sue demanded.

“Everyone thinks about sex from time to time,” Gina replied.

“That’s not what I’m talking about. You fantasize about bondage and sex with other women all the time. Am I right?”

“No!” said Gina.

“Your recurring fantasies are similar to what you just endured! We know this.”

“You know this? How can you say that?”

“We’ve seen your porn collection, Gina. We know,” Sue fired back.

“How? How could you know about that?” asked Gina, now in tears.

“Your best friend, Kathy. She has stayed at your house before. She’s cleaned and she has snooped. She paid for this retreat and provided me with your profile.”

“That bitch! What if the magazines were Carl’s?” replied Gina.

“Oh, Carl has his porn. You will be surprised. But in the meantime let’s focus on you and the truth. Most people aren’t honest when it comes to sex. We have to find out by other means. You’re of an Italian-Catholic upbringing. I don’t expect you’ll volunteer your desires.”

“Carl? Carl has porn? What kind of porn?” asked Gina.

“Let me just say that one of you wont be leaving soon,” said Sue with a laugh.

Gina tilted her head and stared at nothing in particular while she took it all in. Sue stood up and said, “You and Carl have similar fantasies except he likes the company of men. I think your marriage is one of convenience. That is shameful!”

Sue walked to the cabinet as Gina caught herself watching the dom’s body in motion. Sue was nearly six feet in height and walked with a swagger. Sue turned quickly to catch Gina watching her.

Sue returned with a jar of salve and began rubbing Gina’s whipped backside.

Her hands were gentle as she caressed the welts with the cool, soothing ointment.

Sue continued with her interrogation.

“It’s okay to have submissive desires. You wont be immediately or continually punished for those feelings, Gina,” Sue advised.

“I watched your response to that shriek earlier in the courtyard, remember? I saw your eyes momentarily light up and your knees bob slightly. You were aroused, correct?”

“I was frightened,” replied Gina.

“You were frightened that whatever that girl was enduring you might enjoy and everyone would find out,”

Gina sat silent.

“I already know,” said Sue. “It’s not so bad, now is it.”

“I feel guilty about enjoying the idea of punishment. Then I feel I should be punished for wanting to be punished. I could be punished around the clock!” Gina said with a sigh.

“You punish yourself around the clock for denying yourself. Let me decide when you should be punished,” Sue gently remarked.

Gina tilted her head to the side and said, “Your hands feel good. Thank you.”

Sue began to breathe heavily as she envisioned Gina as her personal slave and fuck toy.

Her jellied hands eased down the small of Gina’s back and down to the abrupt curve of her big hips. She then slipped around Gina’s front side and grazed her erect nipples. Then her hands cupped Gina’s boobs completely as she breathed into Gina’s ear. She squirmed a little as her nipples were wedged between Sue’s fingers.

“Ooh!,” whispered Gina. “What do you want with me should I become subservient?” she said in a barely audible voice.

Sue leaned in and whispered into Gina’s ear, “I want you for my personal slave, you beautiful creature. I want you as my shadow and willing to please me at all times. All your worries in the world will go away except that desire to satisfy me.”

Gina shifted in the bench and scooted her butt back toward Sue’s inner thighs.

“Gina, I intend to soundly beat you on a regular basis but no punishment will be without its rewards and only I know how to satisfy you.”

Gina’s cuffed hands had already found her crotch and were quietly massaging away as Sue continued to arouse her.

The only sound was their heavy breathing and the handcuffs rubbing.

“Is that a yes?” asked Sue.

Gina immediately smiled and whispered, “Yes, master.”

Sue stood up from the bench and put her open mouth over Gina’s willing mouth and indulged for a minute. Gina had only ever envisioned herself kissing a manly woman. Being a petite beauty made her think she’d only ever meet up with a butch. This was not the case as both women engaged in a long kiss.

Sue suddenly remembered her place and ordered Gina on her knees.

Gina quickly complied and found herself staring at Sue’s bikini line. She swallowed hard at the sight of a ringed piercing through Sue’s clitoris.

Sue just stood there for a moment as Gina stared straight ahead in anticipation.

Gina then looked up at Sue for her next orders. Sue looked right in Gina’s dark hazel eyes and nearly melted. Her heavily smudged mascara was too much.

“You…you need a hood,” said Sue as she briskly walked toward the cabinet.

Sue needed to train Gina with a heavy hand and knew it would be difficult should the two make eye contact.

The hood was black rubber and fit over Gina’s head sufficiently only covering her eyes but left her mouth exposed.

“It fits too tight,” observed Sue. “Once your head is shaved it will be better.”

“My hair is going to be cut off?”

“No, slave. Shaved off. You’re going to be completely shaven tonight,” reminded Sue. I plan on piercing your nipples, too. Is that okay? Those knobs beg for rings!”

Gina smiled and licked her lips in an playful way.

Sue was smitten by Gina and decided not to delay the pleasure she sought in her new willing slave. She guided Gina backward and had her sit on the floor leaning against a permanent bench. Gina stared blankly in her hood while Sue tilted her head back onto the bench seat. Sue stepped over the bench and sat straddling Gina’s head and scooted her pussy right into the slave’s mouth. Gina blindly guided her lips until Sue’s inner thighs narrowed and squeezed her head into place. Concerned she wouldn’t satisfy her new master, she instinctively serviced Sue tirelessly and was well-received. When Sue began to rock Gina brought her cuffed wrists up and rubbed her arms over Sue’s thrusting rump. Gina had now experienced a woman climax in her mouth and was at that moment assured she had made the right decision.

“Fuck me again, Master, please,” Gina begged. “I want you.”

Gina even sounded pathetic for her own standards at the moment but didn’t care.

“In due time, slave,” Sue said as she began to put her latex suit back on.

The smacking sound and squeak of the rubber on Sue’s skin as she slithered into the suit made Gina writhe and plead.

“Get in the cabinet!”

Gina stood up and walked toward the cabinet as Sue guided her. Once inside her bound wrists were locked in place above her head.

“I’m going to the quartermaster to get your uniform. What are your measurements?”

Gina wondered for a moment then responded, “I’m 34b-25-40.

“Height and weight?”

“I am five three and 120 pounds.”

“Is that it?” Sue joked as she locked Gina inside the cabinet.

“Some women will be here shortly to clean you up; to shave you as I promised earlier. Be good and they’ll reward you, if you know what I mean.

The door to the lodge shut and Gina sat in darkened silence. She had plenty of time to regret her decision but did not. Then, out of nowhere, a scream filled the evening silence followed by distant laughter and cheering. She could only fantasize about that scenario except her hands were deliberately bound above her head.

She thought about Carl as everything began to make sense. His trips to Vancouver, BC had always made her wonder about his endeavors. She had worried because once she herself nearly accepted another woman’s invite for a weekend in Victoria. The woman was a guest speaker during her graduate studies who spelled out her romantic interest in Gina. That was not the first time a woman propositioned her in spite of her wedding ring.

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