tagLoving WivesWeekend Visit Ch. 3

Weekend Visit Ch. 3


Darren awoke the next morning reflecting on the night before. He felt his cock begin to grow. He pulled his cock out and began to gently stroke it.

He thought better of it when he heard someone get in the shower. He put his dick back in his underwear, threw on some jeans, and slipped out the bedroom door bare chested, heading down the stairs.

He hoped it was Jeff in the shower and that Diane was downstairs, not the other way around. He heard dishes rattling as someone was getting coffee. He rounded the corner and there she was.

Diane was still wearing just a long shirt down to her knees, and panties underneath. She turned her head when she heard a noise behind her, and she smiled when she saw Darren. Her crotch began to tingle with excitement just at the sight of him.

She was surprised when he slipped his arms around her waist and his lips were on hers. Then she realized that the shower was going and she knew that Jeff was out of the way. Her mouth sucked on his lip eagerly as his hands slid up over her shirt to grasp her breasts.

"Mmmm…" she moaned into his mouth as his hands kneaded them erotically. Tingles of arousal shot from her breasts straight down to her crotch, and her pussy moistened. The small woman was helpless when he spun her around, and her arms went around his neck.

They kissed passionately, tongues exploring each other's mouth as he pressed her against the counter. He squeezed her ass cheeks through her shirt as they made out, and Diane was very conscious of the bulge in his jeans pressed against her belly.

She broke the kiss and began to kiss at his chest, her tongue snaking out and teasing at his nipple. She allowed him to lift her up onto the counter and she watched, passively as he slid her shirt up above her waist. She placed her feet at the edge of the counter on either side of him, showing him her white cotton panties.

Her vagina was buzzing uncontrollably now, anticipating the attention she would soon receive. Darren knelt down between her legs, he could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he drew closer to her treasure.

He gently kissed her pussy over the moist material of her panties, and she gasped, pleasure shooting up her body. For the first time, Diane found herself incredibly happy that Jeff took such long showers!

Impatient, she reached down with one tiny hand between her legs. He watched her as she slowly eased her panties to one side, exposing first the brown curls of her pubic hair, and then the swollen pink lips of her treasure.

She looked down at the man between her legs, desire in her eyes, holding her panties aside for him. He looked into her eyes as his lips touched her cunt in a kiss. More tingles shot up her small body and she had to stifle a moan.

His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her delicious pussy up to the top, nudging her clitoris when he got there. He slid his tongue in between the folds of her cunt, tasting her, gathering her juices.

He sucked the lips of her pussy into his mouth and he began to run his tongue lightly up and down them, causing her to squirm before him.

"Ohhh…" she sighed, subtly writhing her crotch in his face as he ate her out. He released her lips, his tongue sneaking up to her clit. He teased her sensitive button with his tongue, lightly running a circle around it.

She placed her feet on his shoulders, unable to sit still. Suddenly, he sucked her tiny clitoris into his mouth, trapping it between his lips.

"OHH!" she gasped, a little too loudly as bolts of pleasure fired throughout her body. Darren ran his tongue lightly but rapidly back and forth across the clit that he held between his lips, knowing she was getting closer to the edge. He released her clit, and using long, soft strokes, began to lap at the little nub over and over again.

"Oh God…" she whispered, feeling an orgasm approach. His tongue was unrelenting, using those long, gentle strokes, she writhed her cunt into his face. "Unh!…." was all she could squeak out as orgasm hit her full force. Her heart was pounding, her breath wouldn't come, the inner walls of her pussy were pulsating.

She stretched her legs out behind his head as he continued lapping at her cunt. "Oh God!" she gasped, finally able to catch her breath as her orgasm subsided a little.

Darren stood up, pulling his cock out of his jeans as he did so. Diane stared hungrily at the cock he held in his hand. Her one hand still held her panties to one side as she reached for his manhood with the other. Her small hand gripped his shaft as he stepped closer.

She eagerly ran it down the puckered lips of her wet cunt, stopping only when it reached her entrance. In the back of their minds, both were aware of the shower still running.

He stared down at the sight of his thick helmet pressed against the pink of her treasure.

He pushed forward and watched them part for him, allowing him to squeeze inside. "Ohhhh…" she sighed as she felt her pussy slowly fill up. He just kept pushing, her horny cunt taking more and more of his long cock until finally, he was inside her all the way in just one stroke.

She was so hot and tight around him, and he just kept himself deep inside her for a moment, cherishing the intense feelings that had overcome him. Still holding her panties to the side with one hand, Diane reached up with the other and pulled his head down to her.

Her searching lips found his and they kissed passionately, tongues exploring as he slowly pulled his rod out of her partway. He jammed it back in, hard, and she gasped in his mouth as a bolt of pleasure shot up her body once again. They held each other close as he began to slide himself in and out of her needy pussy, her feet were flailing helplessly behind his thrusting ass.

Jeff continued having his shower, having no idea that his good friend was right down stairs with his cock buried in his wife.

Diane, meanwhile, was on the verge of another orgasm. This man's cock touched her so differently! It felt so good sliding in and out of her like that! She came, moaning, breaking the kiss.

Darren leaned back and watched his dick slide in and out of the pink folds of her pussy, her tiny hand holding those panties so far to the side he was surprised they didn't rip. He began to fuck her harder, knowing that he probably didn't have too much time.

If Jeff were to come around the corner, he would see the bottom of his wife's feet, flailing behind Darren's ass. Darren's jeans were around his ankles, his underwear around his knees, and his ass was thrusting full speed in between Diane's wide open legs. He would hear her stifled moans of ecstasy.

Darren continued to pound into her, he could feel his balls begin to heat up and he knew it wouldn't be long now. He moaned, jackhammering into her a few more times lightening quick. He slid his penis all the way into the married woman's hungry vagina and he held it there.

He grunted, cock jerking inside her, letting loose a thick stream of his hot cum. His dick jerked again, another load of his semen firing into her helpless womb.

They moaned in unison as he half collapsed on her, his dick still trickling jism. They both realized suddenly, that the shower had stopped, and neither had an idea how long that was the case.

His lips found hers and they kissed for a moment as he softened inside her. Then they broke it off and he slipped his semi hard penis out of her full pussy. He pulled up his pants and underwear. Diane simply let her panties slip back over her cunt. She felt them become even wetter as some of Darren's cum leaked out of her when she stood up.

Jeff came down moments later, ready for breakfast.

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So your pretty good writing about the sexual act and the act of betrayal with no remorse and for that matter no interaction between the three adults during the stay or how each one felt...simpleton...anyonemore...

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