tagGroup SexWeekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 05

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 05


A few hours later I was awake. I'm not sure if it was because the bed was rocking or the wet mouth sucking my cock and quite frankly I didn't care. I opened my eyes and saw Connie, on her hands and knees between my legs, bobbing her head up and down on my prick. I looked past her luscious lips and saw Dave slowly fucking her from behind. They must have been going at it for a while, as both of their bodies glistened with a slight sheen of sweat.

I reached down and gently brushed her golden hair out of the way so as not to obstruct the view of my cock parting her lips. She jumped slightly at my touch; obviously she thought I was still asleep.

"I thought I was losing my touch," she said, pulling her mouth off of the head. "I thought you'd never wake up."

"Feels great," I moaned.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "Let me know if you like this."

Still stroking her hand up and down my saliva coated rod, she trailed her mouth across my balls. She licked them for a few moments then eased her tongue farther down. I let out an even bigger moan as I felt her tongue poking and prodding around my ass.

"Bring your legs up," she suggested.

I grabbed a knee in each hand and opened myself to her. In a flash she was back down and I felt her tongue flatten out and lick my from my balls all the way down until she reached my asshole. I was moaning like crazy as she ran small circles, then flicked her soft tongue against my hole. At one point she pushed her face against me and slid her undulating tongue inside. After a few minutes of that delicious torture, she pulled her mouth away.

"Did you like that?" she asked.

I looked at her, and then moved my eyes to my throbbing cock, which was oozing precum like a faucet.

"Think you'll like this?" she asked as she raised her middle finger and took it into her mouth. She got it good and wet, and then pressed it against my anus. With her other hand she brought my cock to her mouth and let it rest against her lips. Simultaneously she slid her finger inside of me, while sliding my cock deep into her mouth. It felt incredible. She continued to suck on me while she finger fucked my ass with first one then two fingers.

"Yeah honey, I love watching you suck his cock," Dave moaned. "Take it deeper," he coached.

His pace quickened. He grabbed both of her ample hips and really started slamming into her. With a strangled scream, he started filling her pussy with cum. The second he was finished, Connie slid herself up my body and impaled her dripping pussy on my cock. Daves cum poured out of her and coated my crotch from my cock down to my ass.

As she rose then plunged herself down on me, Dave moved in behind her and started rubbing my ass with his finger. I could also feel his other hand rubbing Connie's butt at the same time.

"Oh yes..." Connie moaned to him. "Do it baby."

Suddenly he plunged his fingers in both Connie and me.

"Do you feel his finger fucking me in my ass?" she asked me as she pressed her big boobs into my face.

"Yes..." I moaned. "He's fucking my ass too."

Her eyes got wide as she ground her clit against me and started cumming. With the rhythmic squeezing of her pussy it was all I could do not to cum. But when Daves finger found my prostate, I was a goner. The second she finished cumming, I let loose with my load, once again filling her pussy to overflowing.

Once again the three of us fell quickly asleep.

"Hey guys time to get up." Connie's voice brought me out of my deep slumber.

I opened my eyes to see Connie dressed in a short blue sundress holding two cups of coffee. As Dave and I sat up and took our coffees, she told us that we needed to get up and get showered. Something about her having big plans for the day.

I got up and started to head for the guest bathroom when she stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going?"


"Our shower is big enough for the both of you," she smiled. "That way you have the added benefit of knowing its making my pussy wet thinking of you two washing each other."

Dave and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. It was obvious that Connie was taking her control game seriously. I turned and headed towards the master bath.

"You two feel free to play around in there," Connie said on her way out of the room. "But don't get each other off...I have big plans for today and I want you guys to save your strength. And when you're done, please come out dressed at the very least half way nice."

Connie wasn't exaggerating when she said there was more than enough room for Dave and I in the shower. It was huge. The shower alone was bigger than the master bathroom in my apartment. With two showerheads, one on each side, it resembled a small locker room shower. On the far wall, the tile jutted out forming a small seat.

I turned the water on and sat down, waiting for both the water to warm up and Dave to make his entrance. After a few minutes, the water ready, but no Dave. Figuring he chickened out, I stood and stepped under the spray. I was washing my hair when I heard Dave come in and turn the other showerhead on. I rinsed the shampoo from my hair and started soaping the rest of my body. I watched, my cock stiffening, as Dave did the same. When I turned to wash the soap off, Dave stepped behind me, reached around my stomach and stroked my hard soapy cock. With each stroke, he ran his own hard on up and down the crack of my ass.

When all of the soap was rinsed from my front, I turned and faced him. He immediately dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth.

Considering his lack of experience in sucking cock he was doing a great job. Making up for lack of practice with an unbridled enthusiasm.

I reached down, put my hands on the sides of his head to help regulate how fast he was bobbing up and down on my shaft. It felt great when he started sliding his wet hand up down, just ahead of his mouth. He would pause on the head, just like Connie, do a small twist then plunge my cock back deep in his mouth. He reached underneath me and started rubbing my still soapy ass. Gently he slid a finger inside and was soon pumping it in and out of me, in the opposite rhythm of his had and mouth.

Connie's warning about either of us cumming flashed in my head. Reluctantly I pulled my cock away from him, just as I started getting to that point of no return. I moved him over to the tile seat and had him sit down. I knelt in front of him, reached out and slowly stroked his rock hard cock, finally taking some time to really look at it. It was about the same length as mine, 7.5", and circumcised. It was not quite as thick as mine, but he did have a huge mushroom head. I pulled the foreskin up around the head while wedging my tongue in between. From the way his breathing quickened and his cock throbbed in my mouth, I had to guess he liked that little trick as much as I did when it was done to me. I kept stroking his cock as I licked my way down to his balls. I took one then the other into my mouth, swirling them around, feeling their heaviness. I went back to sliding his rod between my lips. I took two of my wet fingers and gently eased them into his anus. I fucked him in time with my mouth, hooking my digits so they were in constant contact with his prostate. Each time I pressed it, that big head swelled in my mouth. I could tell by his breathing and the way he was hammering his cock down my throat that he was getting close to cumming.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked as I pulled my mouth away. I wasn't 100% sure I was ready to swallow his cum yet. "Or do you want to cum?"

"God I want to cum," he panted. "But Connie asked us...no told us, not to. So we should probably stop."

I agreed. We both stood and continued with our showers. Both still sporting rock hard boners.

"So you cool with what's happened so far?" Dave asked.

"I should be asking you that question," I replied. "You're the one who is sharing his wife."

"It's not like I've been just sitting on the sidelines while you fuck her," he laughed. "It's been pretty fun for me too."

"You ever think about doing this before?"

"At different time and different scenarios, sure."

"What do you mean?"

"Sometimes when I am alone and jacking off, I will think about watching Connie with another guy, or girl," he said. "What really gets me off is thinking of fucking her from behind while she is in a 69 with someone. The idea of sliding my cock in and out of her while he or she licks Connie's clit, her pussy, my cock and my balls. Makes me shoot off in no time."

"Who knows, might end up happening sooner than you think."

"What about you?"

"Well, while we are standing here, sharing feelings, stroking our cocks together I guess it would hurt to tell you. For years, when I wanted to really get off, I would think of Connie. Her legs, feet, those big boobs and her ass. For me this has been great, for the last 20 hours, I've been living my ultimate jerk off fantasy."

By that time, we were getting a little waterlogged, so we quickly rinsed off and got out. We dried ourselves, both still rock hard, it was cool watching his cock wave up and down as he vigorously dried his hair with the towel.

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