tagRomanceWeekend With Kate Ch. 01

Weekend With Kate Ch. 01

byA.W. Root©

Part One: The Picnic

It was a lovely Saturday morning. The summer sun poured in thru the open window as Nick opened his eyes. He stretched and yawned, being careful not to disturb Kate, his live-in girl friend, who was sleeping peacefully next to him.

He turned on his side to watch her as she slept. The movement caused her to open her eyes. He leaned across to kiss her lightly on the lips but she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily. When she broke the kiss, she said.

"Good morning, my love. Are you ready for our picnic? Remember you promised to take me kite flying today."

"Yes, I remember."

He leaned closer to follow up on the kiss. Kate kissed him quickly and hopped out of the bed.

"Get a move on, buster, we have a few things to do before I let you devour me."

"Rats. I thought we could spend the day in bed."

He climbed slowly out of the bed and, with a quick move, caught Kate by the waist as she passed by. He hugged her tightly from behind, planting kisses on the side of her neck. She languished in his arms for a few moments and then firmly moved his hands away.

"Later, big boy, but only if you're good." Her eyes sparkled with delight and her broad grin belied the mock sternness in her voice.

A short while later, after separate showers and breakfast, they loaded the little BMW convertible with the essentials for the trip. Two kites, with plenty of attached string, a fully laden picnic basket, a blanket, and the Saturday newspaper for after lunch. Nick wore shorts, an open necked short sleeved shirt and his boat shoes. Kate also wore shorts, a blue blouse that buttoned up the front, and her boat shoes. Being slender of build, Kate rarely wore a bra and on this morning, she could feel the fabric of her blouse brushing lightly against her nipples as she moved. She was excited by the thought that this feeling would only get better as the day progressed.

The little car's engine roared to life and they were off. Down the winding road which cut the side of the foothills to the center of the sleepy town and out to the bridge. The bridge crossed the south end of the Bay and was built in two sections. The western end, which Nick and Kate were now approaching, was a steep climb to the top of an arch and an equally steep descent to just above the water on the other side some 400 yards from the shore. The arch was installed to allow large boats to access the south end of the bay. Once over the hump, the bridge was a flat road for the remaining 10 miles across the bay at about 20 feet above the water level.

Exiting the bridge on the east end, Nick took the highway north. He turned east again at the Channel Highway, which cut through the East Bay foothills, then turned north again. After following the road for about 10 miles, Nick exited the freeway at the Mt. Diablo turnoff. So far, they had been traveling for just over an hour.

Nick and Kate had been enjoying the drive thus far, chatting happily, singing along with the radio, and occasionally caressing each others bare legs. Now the driving became serious for awhile. The road into the Mt. Diablo State Park was only two lanes wide and twisted its way up the side of the 2,500 foot hill. Nick drove cautiously up the incline, always watching for a spot for their picnic. About halfway up, the road traversed the side of the mountain through a beautiful pasture. At one place, there was a grove of trees and Nick pulled off the road and up under the trees.

1,200 feet in the air, sunshine, an open pasture, and an excellent breeze for flying kites! Absolutely perfect, thought Kate, and far enough off the road for complete privacy. After ensuring that the car would remain in the shade for the morning, Nick began to unpack the kites. He unloaded hers first. Hand in hand they walked to the center of the meadow where Kate took the reel of string. Nick held the kite by the crossbars and walked downwind. When he had unwound about a hundred feet of string, he threw the kite up into the breeze. Kate held firmly onto the string and the kite was airborne.

Nick then launched his own kite, using a running start from about the same spot. From then on, the challenge was to keep the kites in the air as the breeze changed direction and velocity. They laughed and yelled to each other, called instructions, and cheered successes for the rest of the morning. Somewhere around midday, Kate started to reel in her kite, suggesting that refreshments were desperately needed. The mere mention of food quickly caught Nick's favor. He too reeled in his kite. After retrieving them, Nick began to repack the kites while Kate unpacked the lunch she had prepared.

There were several sandwiches, some fruit, some soft drinks, and slices of apple pie for desert. The food was demolished in a short time and they both were ravenously hungry from the morning's exercise in the fresh air. When the utensils were packed away, Kate brought out two small pillows and the day's newspapers. With the pillows to support their heads, Nick and Kate lay on their back, side by side, to relax for awhile.

Nick started to read but Kate closed her eyes to nap. After a short while, Nick put down the paper and, as he gazed at the rise and fall of Kate's breasts as she napped, he began to get really aroused. Lying on his side, he reached across and lightly started to unbutton her blouse. As he worked, button by button, Kate stirred and, through half slit eyes, realized what he was doing and closed her eyes again to enjoy the sensations.

Second button, third button, fourth button, then finally the fifth and last button. Nick moved her blouse aside and her luscious breasts were bared. The breeze dancing lightly over her body had aroused her nipples even without his touch. Nick reached forward and caressed her breast with his fingers. She purred as he continued to caress first one breast then the other.

He took one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted it slightly. Kate groaned at this new sensation and squirmed on the blanket. She was trying her best not to interrupt his progress. As he tweaked the second nipple, Nick leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Kate couldn't help herself, she was so excited at this point. She put her hand at the back of Nick's head and held the kiss, running her tongue against his teeth. Nick then began in earnest. After some minutes of deep French kissing, he moved down to the side of her neck, then the hollow of her throat. As he kissed her, he caressed the insides of her thighs, which were partially covered by her shorts. A light touch along the inside of the thigh, he knew, drove Kate mad with desire.

When his mouth reached her breast, her hands went to his head and her finger entwined in his hair. When he sucked her breast, teasing the nipple with his tongue, she pressed his head hard against her breast and moaned loudly, calling out when he lightly bit her nipple. Nick spent some time attending to Kate's breasts, as he knew she really loved this kind of attention. He certainly didn't mind administering it either.

As his tongue began to move lower, across her flat stomach, she began to rotate her hips in earnest. The fever was taking hold of her and soon she would be completely out of control.

Nick changed his position, moving to his knees and sliding between her legs, without losing the touch of his lips to her navel. His hands began to undo the snap of her shorts, then her zipper came down, and his kisses trailed even lower. Kate was beside herself with desire. "Please hurry, Nick" she thought, Please, please hurry. I can't take much more of this teasing."

When the zipper was released, Kate lifted her hips to allow Nick to remove her shorts and her panties with ease. Now completely naked, on a blanket on a mountain, Kate was ready to be ravaged. Nick moved his hands to her hips and then, one at a time, slid them under her buttocks.

"Oh, Nick, what are you doing? Please fuck me now. No more teasing."

With that, Nick plunged his tongue into her pussy and licked from bottom to top. Kate screamed out loud at the foretaste of release. Nick held her buttocks and used his tongue on her pussy and her clit, holding her as he would a ripe melon. Kate grabbed handfuls of Nick's hair and, with all of her strength, tried to pull him inside of her. Time after time Kate called out until finally she was exhausted by the efforts of riding her orgasms. Nick covered her clit with his mouth and let his warm breath warm her aching clit.

As she began to calm down, Nick moved to lay beside her. He encircled her in his arms and just held her as she returned from the misty lands of emotional release. Kate clung to him as she regained her strength and her breathing returned to near normal.

"Just give me a minute" she whispered, "then it's my turn."

Although her breathing had returned almost to normal, the fire of passion still burned in her belly. The glow of this fire made her determined to give Nick as good as she had received from him. She sat up and unbuttoned his shirt. She managed to remove his shirt, with his help, and then began to caress his chest. She started kissing down his chest. When she reached a nipple, she sucked it into her mouth, eliciting a small groan from him. He yelped when she nipped at his nipple but otherwise remained calm.

Kate instructed Nick to relax, put his hands behind his head, and enjoy the sensations. Kate undid his shorts and, as he lifted his hips to assist her, she slipped off both his shorts and his underwear. She gasped out loud as his cock sprang to life, standing straight up from his body - hard as a rod. She gently kissed the head of his cock, then licked it, circling the head with her tongue. The temptation was too great for her, she had to have this beautiful cock inside her somehow.

Grabbing it at the base with one hand, Kate slid the head into her warm mouth. Nick moaned. She wanted to tease him for awhile just as he had teased her. She knew that Nick needed a long time to come in her mouth but that he really enjoyed the trip. With that in mind, she began to massage his balls with one hand, stroke the shaft of his cock with the other, and suck the head of it into her mouth. With the three actions coordinated, Nick was rhythmically moving his hips up and down, trying to get further into her mouth.

After a short while, she stopped stroking his cock with her hand and engulfed it with her mouth, biting down slightly and scrapping the length of his cock with her teeth as she withdrew it. The sensation caused Nick to moan even louder and move his hips more rapidly. Kate finally couldn't stand it any longer. Although she had meant to tease Nick for a long time, her needs were stronger than her desire to tease him. With one swift movement, she placed herself above his stiff cock and began to lower herself down.

As the head of his cock touched the wet entrance to her pussy, Kate spread her legs wider in an effort to accommodate it. Nerve ending jangling, she pushed herself down, impaling herself on his hard spike.

"My God, it's huge. He will tear me apart." She thought. "But I don't care, I want it. Push, Katie girl, take it all in. It will be marvelous."

Her every nerve cell screamed for release as she pushed herself down onto his hard cock. Down more, and still more until her pubic hairs were meshed with his and at last she had it all inside her.

"Yes, yes, I can take it all." She gushed to herself. "It's mine, all mine. Now I have to ride it, yes, yes, up and down, up and down, up and down."

Nick opened his eyes as Kate lowered herself over his cock. Her eyes were closed, her face a mask of lust, as she enveloped him. He moved his hands to her waist and held her. When he heard her explosive outpouring of breath, he firmed his grip and began to help her move up and down on his cock. He knew she loved this motion and that he could let her ride his cock as long as she liked before he would come inside her.

While Kate reveled in the pure pleasure of riding Nick's hard cock, Nick reveled in the wondrous feeling of being able to provide this beautiful lady with what she believed was great pleasure. After a number of moves on his cock, Kate fell forward, limp from the pleasures inflicted upon her. Nick gathered her into his arms and then rolled them over on the blanket. He was now above her, with his cock still inside her. Kate moved her legs to encircle his waist and, after a short while, opened her eyes to smile up at him. She reached up to touch his face, then brought her hands down to finger his nipples.

Nick began to move. First he withdrew his cock almost to the end, then shoved it back in to the hilt. Kate groaned and squeezed him with her legs.

The second time he withdrew, he reentered her only halfway, teasing her with the presence of his cock but without the full sensation of penetration. He repeated the half entry ten times in rapid succession while Kate's breath grew ever more rapid, then slammed his cock fully into her on the tenth time. As he held himself completely inside her, Kate squirmed and wiggled and moaned. She bit his arm, grabbed his ass with both hands and tried to pull him into her further.

He rested a few seconds, then repeated this maneuver. Kate responded with even louder moans and pleadings for Nick to finish her.

"Come in me, Nick, don't tease me any more. Please finish me now."

At her urgent command, Nick began to fuck Kate in earnest. Each time he withdrew almost to the hilt, only to plough completely into her, and then withdrew again. As his thrusts became faster, his cock seemed to grow and stretch Kate's insides even more. It didn't matter to either of them. All she wanted was for this cock to plow in and out. All Nick wanted was to continue plowing deeply into Kate and relieve this pent up passion. Finally, Nick began to groan. Kate's pussy was on fire and only Nick's cum could put this fire out. With a loud moan, Nick drenched Kate's pussy with what seemed like gallons of his white-hot cum. Kate went over the edge of orgasm one more time as the tidal wave of heat released her own hot liquid.

Still locked together, they collapsed in each others' arms, regaining their breath and allowing the aftermath to roll over them. Nick supported himself on his elbows so as not to crush Kate but she reveled in his weight on her, at least for now. When he did extract himself from her, he rolled to one side and cuddled her in his arms. Kate curled herself around Nick and quickly dozed off to sleep.

About an hour later, they awoke. Although their passion had cooled for awhile, Nick kissed and caressed the naked Kate just as tenderly as he had earlier in the day. The time had come to dress and move off the mountain while there was still daylight. Nick delighted in the sight of the naked Kate rummaging around in the trunk of the car. When she returned, she had fresh underwear for both of them. It seems that Kate had planned this adventure in advance.

Weekend With Kate
A W Root 2


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