tagIncest/TabooWeekends with Laura

Weekends with Laura


I glanced at the clock on the mantle and rolled my eyes. It was after seven which meant Laura had gotten stuck working late again. It also meant more time that I would have to wait for my weekend with her to officially start.

I sighed and stretched out on the living room couch, goddamn I was horny! The only time I have with Laura is from Friday night until Sunday night. Because of that, it's a long five day wait that's usually spent fantasizing about what we'll do during the upcoming weekend. I learned quickly that Laura has a wicked imagination that far surpasses even my sex crazed mind, and leads to the week dragging even more.

I suppose the fact that she's twenty years older than me gives her an edge in that department. What makes matters even worse is the fact that I see Laura everyday! Every morning I have to see that long auburn hair, those baby blue eyes and full lips before I go off to work. It's even worse at night.

When I get home from my evening classes and she's lounging around on the couch still dressed from her job at the office. Laura's work outfits always consist of an above the knee skirt, and a blazer, which is always off at home, exposing the little tank tops she wears underneath. Her legs are usually in thigh high stockings and I know that whatever color the skirt, the lacy things underneath will perfectly match.

Laura knows all this drives me wild and probably gets a kick out of it. I'm sure sometimes it gets to her as well because if I sneak out at night, and listen near her bedroom, I can hear her vibrator going and her moaning as she cums. It's a hell of a tease for both of us, and to be honest I'm not quite sure why we can't during the week, but Laura makes the rules and I follow them. After all it's not polite to argue with your mother.

I shook my head a little as I lied there thinking of how god awful the thought of having sex with one's mother is to most people. I have to say that if someone mentioned it to me a few months ago I'd have said the same thing. However, at this point what's done is done and since the line's been crossed why not? The fact that my mother happens to be the hottest woman I'd ever had the pleasure of sleeping with doesn't hurt either. Another Jerry Springer comment right there for you! I thought, chuckling out loud.

The Jerry Springer reference has become a private joke between me and Mom; I mean Laura. The first rule she made was that during the week, she's Mom. The woman that works her ass off to keep a roof over our heads after my asshole father took off to parts unknown with his secretary three years ago. The woman who cooks, cleans and does everything she can for me, her twenty one year old son Kevin, who also works full time to pick up dads slack and goes to school three nights a week to try to obtain a degree in graphic design.

On the weekends when we play, Mom becomes Laura, the red hot insatiable cougar who, at times has worn me out to the point that I can barely go to work on Monday morning. As is it seemed I was going to be waiting awhile, I thought about how Laura and I had gotten to this point.

Let me just say that right off the bat that I would think people would expect either some type of bizarre circumstances or a long winded explanation as to why one would want to have sex with his mother. Well for what it's worth, I really don't have much of one, except Laura is hot and had not been getting any in quite awhile and I found myself more than happy to give her the attention that she had been sorely lacking.

I suppose the one thing in my defense, although it's pretty weak, is that since becoming sexually active at the age of sixteen I have always found myself attracted to and aroused by, older women. By older I don't mean twenties, I mean thirty five plus.

To me there is nothing sexier than a professionally dressed, good looking woman in her sexual prime. Not that I haven't been with girls my age, but after hooking up with a 36 year old school teacher I had met at karate class when I was eighteen I was hooked! This woman knew more about my body than I did and spent several months teaching me how to take care of hers. Showing me how to take my time, and fully appreciate every inch of her hot needy flesh. Let's face it, these women are in their prime and the average guy their age is either a one and done, or are chasing the girls my age (see my prick father for more on that one).

Since then I've been able to land a few encounters with "cougars" or whatever you want to refer to them as. Especially since I turned twenty one and have started hanging out in bars. I'm a pretty good looking guy. Around six feet and although not "Jacked" I have been studying Martial Arts for the last six years and the 185 pounds or so I carry is lean and hard. I have my father's dark hair and even features , he was a jerk but a good looking one, but was gifted with mom's big blue eyes which all the women love.

I also grew up quite a bit when dad screwed us over and carry myself much older than I look. I'm flattering to all women, but more so older ones and have learned that being respectful and patient helps. These women want to fuck a young stud, not a teenage moron. It was this fetish for the older crowd that first put the thoughts of my mother in my head. A few months back we went to a pool party at the new neighbor's house. It was the first time I had gone swimming with Mom since I was a kid when we used to go to the beach every Saturday.

For lack of a better way to put it, I was absolutely blown away by my mother's- ok it should be Laura at this points- body. Laura is tall, and although not too large on top, jogged four days a week which gave her the best shaped legs I had seen in a long time and the bikini bottom did little to hide an amazingly firm ass. The running had also given her a hell of a tan, and with her long reddish brown hair she was nothing short of stunning.

I wasn't the only one noticing. The guy who was hosting the party almost got belted by his wife at one point for gawking and I overheard a couple of guys my age talking about how much they would love to have those legs around them. As I sat there listening, I thought I should be a little disgusted. Instead, sitting there listening to someone talk about fucking my mother had me hard right there by the pool! It was at that moment that I realized that had she not been my mother I would be all over her.

That night I lied there in my bed unable to sleep. I hadn't gotten any in a couple of weeks and was kind of horny so before I knew it I found myself jerking off. I started thinking of Jenny, a fellow student I'd hooked up with a couple of times. Half way through, an image of Laura came crashing through; bending over to dry her legs off by the pool, that perfect ass pointing straight at me. Oh Kev, you are sick I told myself, but couldn't stop. The image became more graphic, me on my knees behind her, sliding the bikini to the side exposing not only her ass, but what I would bet anything would be a smooth shaved pussy.

My cock was rock hard and my hand started stroking faster as I let my mind run away with the idea of banging my mother doggy style, listening to her call my name as she never had before. Telling me to give her what she needs. My cum exploded out of me harder than I could ever remember from just jerking off. I lied there panting, knowing this was going to be a problem. Sure enough it was. For the next couple of weeks Laura became the focus of not only every stroke session I had, but even when I hooked back up with Jenny for a night, her cute little blonde head became Laura's bobbing up and down in my lap, giving me the kind of long slow blow job only a woman her age could.

At one point, I surfed the net looking to see if there was any similar situations out there and ended up coming across an erotica site that had literally thousands of stories revolving around mothers with their sons. I read several of them, all of which gave me the desire to fuck Laura even more. The one thing I noticed is that a lot of the authors gave their characters some long winded explanations or tragic circumstances as to why and how they came to love their mothers in the carnal sense.

Mom was oblivious to this and it was driving me nuts. Walking around the house in the short red robe that she had been wearing for years and now had a whole new attraction for me. Sometimes when Mom would lie on the couch she would put her feet up, causing the robe to ride up towards her hips. One night she fell asleep like that and, after staring for awhile, I came to the conclusion that, for the robe to be that high with nothing in sight, she was either wearing a thong or nothing at all. Worse was the fact that sometimes when she was tired and stressed I would offer to rub her feet.

In the past this was a legitimate act of kindness on my part. Mom worked her ass off to support us so I wanted to do something. Now this was nothing short of torture. To feel those soft feet and have those long legs right there in front of me. It was everything I could do not to just keep sliding my hands up, which is exactly what I did in my head later when I whacked off.

Hot on the heels of my discovering that Mom was that desirable, came the thought of why the hell isn't she getting any? I'm not a little kid and god knows I hate dad at this point so I would have no qualms with her bringing a guy around. I mean work hard play hard right? One night I even brought it up to her and she told me it was just a matter of time and place.

By the time she got out of work she was beat, and at this point didn't really know where to meet someone decent. When I told her she didn't have to find a boyfriend that she could just find a good time for a night, she had laughed and asked me why I was so concerned with her love life.

To that I came out with one of my standard bar replies. Telling her it was a shame that a woman who looked as good as her had no one at home to truly appreciate her. That it was practically a sin for a woman like her to keep waking up alone. Mom laughed again saying;

"Well aren't you smooth? No wonder you don't come home every night!"

At which the twisted thought of home is exactly where I would like to be cumming every night went through my oversexed brain! It wasn't too long after that night that the last piece of the puzzle fell into place and put my perverted thoughts into overdrive. I was working in the basement, trying to fix the washer so we wouldn't have to buy another one, when I heard voices.

I looked behind me and realized I was standing under the old laundry chute. The door sometimes didn't close all the way making it so you could hear anything said from the kitchen. This had been an invaluable tool when I was growing up and could eaves- drop on Mom and Dad, especially when I thought I had done something wrong. That night put an end to any thoughts I had that I would be able to put my infatuation behind me.

Mom was talking to her friend Kate, who had stopped by and they were discussing men. Kate was a year older than mom and although not quite as attractive had caught my attention on several occasions. Matter of fact at a barbecue last summer I swear she was flirting and as much as I wanted to, Kate was Mom's best friend and that would have been awkward. Of course in the perspective of wanting to seduce my mother I guess it wouldn't have been so bad after all!

Apparently Kate had in fact been flirting, as she told Mom that what she loved once in awhile between relationships was a nice young stud. My mother had laughed it off, but then Kate painted the very accurate picture of a guy like me; good looking, built, and in total awe of a real woman and the best part of guys my age according to Kate? They were eager to please and willing to follow directions. By the end of it, Mom was showing more than a little interest, asking Kate where she found them.

Kate then dropped the name of a bar that I not only hung out in sometimes, but had even scored! It was in downtown Providence where Mom worked and tended to be full of the mid thirties to forties professional types, which is why I went there. I had never seen Kate, but from the sound of it she had done okay for herself there. To my surprise, I heard Mom tell her she would go sometime. Kate offered to go with her, but mom said she'd rather go alone, it would be weird to have her watching or trying to help. Mom then told her that on Friday nights I usually went out and as she put it;

"Must do okay, because he only comes home for half of them."

Kate added that she could see that, as I was pretty hot. Mom ignored that, but went on to say seeing as I wasn't always around she would go this week and promised Kate so she couldn't change her mind. I walked away deciding I had heard enough. My cougar mother was going hunting! The thought of any guy my age that wasn't me getting a piece of her bothered me. If a young eager guy was what she wanted then look no further! Yup, I thought as I put my tools away, Friday night I was going to go to that bar and pick up my own mother.

That had been on Tuesday night and the next three days were spent with me in a hot and heavy debate of how wrong this was as opposed to how bad I wanted it. The only thing that held me back was how would Mom react? If this backfired it would be therapy for sure, or me being told to leave. The only thing I had going for me was element of surprise and if Mom got in a huff I could always turn it around and ask her how could she think that way? I'm only trying to be affectionate. After all isn't a good pussy licking a way to show affection?

Friday dragged on forever and when I got out of work at four I rushed home to shower, shave and change into a pair of Dockers and a short sleeve collared shirt. I went immediately to the bar, figuring that since it was only a couple of blocks from Mom's office that she would go straight there rather than come home first.

I got there a little after five and took a seat close to the door so I would see her when she first came in. I started thinking she had changed her mind when 6:30 came and went and there was no sign of her. I was just about to go to the bar and pay my tab when Mom walked in and, if there had been any doubts, they quickly vanished.

Mom had gone home and changed as there was no way in hell she would dress this way for work. She was wearing a low cut red tank top that showed off her smooth tanned shoulders and was tight enough to show her smallish, but still firm, high tits. The best part though was a tie between the black thigh length mini skirt and matching stiletto heels that completed the outfit. Mom was wearing deep red lipstick that matched both her finger and toenails and her long auburn hair was down, fanning across her open back. Oh my god! Was the thought that came immediately to mind.

Mom walked past me and after standing there both looking and being looked at, went and sat at the bar. Fortunately for me there were a couple of empty seats next to her, which I'm sure was why she picked the spot. I watched as she ordered a martini then made my way over. As good as Mom looked, there was no way in hell I was going to give someone a chance to jump in. I approached her from behind and asked;

"Hey pretty lady is this seat taken?"

Mom turned with an expectant smile that faltered a bit when she saw it was me. I didn't let it bother me, after all she had come to get laid not hang with her son. Little did she know she could do both.

"Oh hey Kev," She recovered her smile. "What are you doing here?"

I sat down next to her.

"I hang out here sometimes." I told her, then decided to embellish. "I was supposed to meet someone like an hour ago, but think I got stood up."

"Aww," Mom said, putting her hand on my cheek. "Who could stand up such a good looking young man?"

I shrugged.

"Maybe she got a better offer."

"I would find that hard to believe."

"So what about you?" I asked, turning it around on her.

"Oh, well..." Mom seemed a bit uncertain which I was fine with. "I heard this was a good place, so I figured I would stop here after work."

I smiled at her.

"Oh come on Ma."


"You went to work like that?" I asked, making it a point to look at her legs. "In those shoes?" I added. Those shoes that I would love to see up around my shoulders.

I had played it right, Mom blushed furiously.

"I well..." She sighed, shook her head, and then picked up her drink, which she drained in several long swallows before continuing.

"Kate told me this was a good place to meet guys and even you said I should be putting myself out there so I figured I would have a drink and see if I still had the bait so to speak."

"Oh I would say you definitely do." I told her.

She looked at me oddly.

"Thanks, I guess."

"You know not for nothing Ma, it's kind of embarrassing having a mother that looks like you. I mean you should hear the shit guys say about you."

Mom laughed a bit nervously, she was still red, but I think as much from chugging the drink. She then blew me away by saying;

"To bad all they do is talk about it and not come on over."

It was my turn to play awkward.

"Umm yeah okay." I said.

Mom ordered another martini and asked if I wanted another. Taking a chance I said;

"You know what Ma? Why don't I get going? You're here to meet someone and that's not going to happen with me sitting here."

With that I made to get up, but Mom stopped me with a hand on my arm.

"No stay Kev really. I ..." She sighed again. "I'm not sure I could go through with it anyway, meeting someone and taking them straight home." She shook her head.

"Hey you're a grown woman." I told her. Then tossed in. "And a pretty hot one too. What's the problem? Work hard play hard no?"

"That another one of your lines you use on the women Kev?"

Now it was my turn to blush.

"Well yeah sometimes."

"Yeah? Those older ones you chase around?" Mom smirked as I must have looked surprised.

"Umm..." I started.

"Don't deny it Kev, Kate's seen you in here. Told me she saw you go home with a couple of what are they called MILF's?"

I was stunned; this was not what I had planned. Mom picked up her second drink and swallowed half of it in a couple of quick gulps.


"That's okay, at least I know you have taste." Mom said laughing.

Then leaning over she whispered to me;

"Besides I came here to find a young one."

"Too much information Ma." I told her. "But all the more reason for me to leave."

"Nonsense. I think you being here wasn't a coincidence."

"You don't?" I asked nervously.

She shook her head, then killing her drink waved the glass at the bartender, I had never seen her drink like this before.

"Nope. I think it's a sign this wasn't meant to be tonight."

I relaxed a bit on that note.

"So instead I'll sit here and have a couple of drinks with you. After all you spent your birthday with friends so I never did get to take you out for a drink."

"You sure?" She nodded, and as the bartender brought the third martini ordered me a Heinekin.

We sat quietly until the drinks came then Mom held up her glass. I clinked my bottle against it and we drank. Well I drank, she chugged.

"Did you drive here?" I asked.

"Nope took a cab. Figured I'd either be too drunk to drive or be getting a ride from some hot young guy." At that she smiled at me, her eyes already looking a bit glazed and said, "Guess it'll be both."

As much as that comment excited me, I told myself she hadn't meant it that way. So I kept playing along.

"I feel like I ruined your night."

"Well you got stiffed and I wasn't feeling too good about this, but at least I can say I had a drink with a good looking young guy."

Taking my cue, I tossed in;

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