tagBDSMWell Disciplined Husband Ch. 04

Well Disciplined Husband Ch. 04


Grabbing Alfred by his ear, Agnes made him crawl behind her to the middle of the living room. Leaving him there kneeling, she went to the kitchen and returned with a chair which she placed near him. Brenda and Janice were standing on either side of Alfred, increasing his discomfort level considerably.

Janice started teasing Alfred, "Oh my god, Brenda he really does have his cock all locked up in a cage. That is so wonderful! There is even a little padlock on it."

"Alfred, how often does your lovely wife take you out of the cage and let you use your cock like a man?" asked Brenda.

Before Alfred could figure out a good answer, Janice walked into the room and answered for him, "If he is lucky he gets out of it once a month. Sometimes I let him jerk off to completion and other times well, I make him stop just before he squirts his little boy juice all over. Then I ice his cock down and lock him back in his cage."

Sitting down holding her hairbrush, Agnes spoke, "Now Alfred get over my knee so I can blister your naughty bottom like the little boy you are. And let me show Janice and Brenda how I punish you when you do not behave properly. I am sure they will be enjoying themselves at your expense!!"

As Alfred got into the required position, he heard the three ladies chattering on about how red his ass cheeks were, with Agnes pointing out the nice red marks between his cheeks where she had used the bristle side of the hairbrush just before dinner. She promised the women that she would demonstrate that type of spanking for their pleasure as well. Alfred started feeling very nervous as it sounded to him like this evening was going to be worse than Agnes had originally planned.

"Alright little boy, let's start your second fifteen minute bottom blistering today!" And what that the brush started to fall hard and rapidly. Alfred thought his wife must be trying to show her friends how hard she could spank. He heard them cajoling Agnes to keep it up, smack him harder, give him what he deserves. As the pain increased in his ass cheeks, he started to whimper, then cry and sniffle, and then as Agnes announced she was at the halfway point, he broke down and started to bawl like a naughty boy.

"Well ladies, are you enjoying yourselves?" inquired Agnes of her friends.

"Oh this is fun!" exclaimed Janice. "

While Brenda stated, "I am so glad you let us watch him pay for his disobedience. This is a blast!"

Hearing all this, Alfred knew that this was going to be a spanking to remember to say the least. Then he felt Agnes start in again and as earlier in the day, he swore she spanked even harder. By the time she finished, he was sobbing and crying uncontrollably much to the enjoyment of all three ladies. While remaining over her knees, he could hear their chatter about how red he was, about how it must really hurt now, and lots of laughter. Although he could hear all of their conversation as he was still bawling, he assumed it was the result of his poor red bottom.

"Alfred! Stand up and bend over the seat of the chair and hold on to the edges, show your pretty red ass for us to see!" It seemed like Agnes was thoroughly enjoying his total humiliation, he thought. But as he feared earlier, things were going to get even worse.

"Janice and Brenda, would you be so kind as to spread his ass cheeks as wide as you can so I can give him a dose of the bristles down his ass crack?" inquired his wife.

"Absolutely" was the immediate response of both women. Alfred's sense of humiliation just got worse and worse! Especially as he felt their hands spread his cheeks wide and he listened to his wife explaining how the bristles will dig into the tender skin of his ass crack. The sinking feeling in his gut worsened as he listened. Was there nothing she wouldn't share with her new friends?

As he continued to think, he felt the first smack of the bristles right on target, eliciting a scream from him that even surprised Alfred. And then Agnes continued to rain down smack after hard smack, even causing the bristles to land directly on his poor asshole several times, drawing laughter and praise from Brenda and Janice.

Finally Agnes stopped the spanking and Alfred tried to gain control of his crying and sobbing. Agnes ordered him to remain bent over the chair and not to dare get up or move out of position, "or I will start all over again little boy!" was her ominous warning.

As he remained in place, he could hear all three women discussing his red ass and how he deserved it all. His only thought was how long he would have to wait before they would leave so his wife could finish his punishment. As much as he hated enemas, he felt it was better than having to listen to them discussing him any longer. Getting an enema was certainly better than enduring more humiliation by the three of them.

Finally he felt the women all standing near him and feeling his sore bottom, making comments to each other about how nice he looked after a proper dose of the hairbrush. All this chatter just kept him on edge until he finally heard Agnes speak out.

"Well ladies, this concludes the hairbrush demonstration, I hoped you enjoyed yourselves!"

Hearing those words, Alfred felt some relief that they would be on their way in a few minutes, until he heard those terrifying words:

"Alfred!" he heard his wife in her domineering voice, "Crawl your sorry ass into the bathroom so I can show the ladies how you get your enema!"

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by Anonymous

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by jamieanne6309/11/18

His humiliation keeps getting worse!

Agnes is a wonderful wife and if more women dealt with their misbehaving husbands in a similar manner the world would be a much better place! Alfred will suffer greatly tonight but he’ll have learnedmore...

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by Anonymous06/17/18

Progressive humiliation

Story develops well and it seems there will be two new converts to femdom spanking soon.

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by 0ra11yfix8ed01/15/18

Too short.

As it is it's a nice start but taking the action to the bathroom and giving Alfred his humiliating enema before fucking him with the handle of the brush would have made for a better read.

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by EcstaticWren01/14/18


I'm looking forward to reading the next one! I hope she really makes him squirm.

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by Graves9401/13/18

Well Trained

Seems more like fun (on the wife's part) than discipline, but I am enjoying this story very much. Thanks for sharing.

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