tagMatureWendy and Thomas

Wendy and Thomas


They met on the bus and started chatting. Thomas was nineteen. Wendy was old enough to be his mother. That's what was so good about it. Over the days, weeks, their conversation turned to flirting. They met for coffee. They went to the cinema together.

Then she visited him in his small, student's one bed apartment. That's when it happened.

'Sorry I'm late,' Wendy told him, crossing her legs as she sat on the small white couch.

'You had a problem?' he smiled. She looked beautiful, the reddish streaks in her silken hair adding to its natural chestnut brown color.

She laughed. 'Sort of. I had an email from my boss with a quickie writing assignment that couldn't wait.'

The eighteen year old pulled a face as he flopped down beside her. Wendy laughed. 'What's the matter, sweet boy? Jealous?'

Thomas coughed. 'Extremely.'

The attractive woman laughed again. 'Don't cough. It'll hurt in your groin.'

Thomas grinned at her. 'I was hoping you could check it out for me,' he cheekily answered.

Wendy surprised him. Her hand snaked across to press gently alongside his penis. 'Does this hurt?'

When he shivered in surprise at her touch, she pressed the other side. 'How about this?'

The youngster took a deep breath. She'd never been this forward with him before. He loved it. Loved her. He could feel himself grow in his jeans. 'It doesn't hurt - but it sure makes me ache.'

She laughed. 'I can see that. Let me stroke you a little. That may help. Both of us.'

His teenage eyes widened further. 'Fuck...'

'No,' the eager woman replied. 'That's for later. Maybe if I kiss it? Even as she spoke, her hands were unfastening his belt, unzipping him and dragging his cock out into the open.

'You do look positively edible, you know,' she growled, lowering her head to kiss his knob and drag her tongue over his peehole.

His head went back as he groaned. 'Fuck, Wendy. Oh, my God!'

She slurped up the shaft, cupping his balls gently with her hand as she put just the head between her delicious lips.'

'That nice?' she whispered, sucking the whole knob into her mouth. 'Just enjoy.' Her hand stroked his hard shaft as her tongue lashed over the head of his cock.

'Oh... My... God...'

'He won't help you,' the sexy woman purred, as her mouth took another inch of him. She raised her eyes to meet his, holding them as she slowly took as much of him as she could.

He stared into her bewitching gaze, moaning again as she began to seriously masturbate him as she moved his hardness in and out of her sweet mouth.

Her teeth raked along his cockshaft, her hand caressed his balls, hoping to milk his precious fluids from them. With each drop of precum, the beautiful woman's tongue licked up each droplet as it appeared. His cock glistened with her saliva and the first appearances of his juices.

Suddenly, the teenager couldn't hold back. He grabbed her auburn hair, raising his ass from the couch as he began to fuck her. He thrust harder, fucking her mouth as if he was fucking her cunt.

Wendy responded by rolling his balls in the palm of her hand, gasping as he pulled at her hair. With a slight twist in her seat, she allowed his fingers to grip her hair more tightly, positioning her mouth to grip him, moving her head back and forth. Hard and fast.

'I'm gonna cum,' the teenager gasped. 'Wanna cum in my mommy's mouth...'

The words excited the eager woman. Her mouth devoured him, feasted on him, desperate to be filled, flooded by his cum.

He fucked her harder, fucking her mouth and making it his own.

Wendy used her lips, tongue and teeth on him. It was the best blowjob of his young life. Her mouth was sucking hard, blowing air on his cock when it nearly escaped her mouth.

When the helpless teenager raised his ass from the couch, she slid a hand under his cheeks, poking a moistened finger into his anus and wiggling it about. She was rewarded by the feel of his cock getting even harder, even thicker.

'Oh God,' the teenager was gasping. 'Need to cum. Need to cum in my mommy's mouth.'

'Yes, darling,' she told him, her hair tumbling over his hard, naked belly. 'Now!' The sexy woman slapped his ass cheeks as she felt the first spurt of his cum hit the back of her throat. She sucked more from him, swallowing as fast as she could, quickly wiping up the bits that escaped her mouth and licking her fingers clean. His love juices dribbled from the corners of her mouth, onto her cheek and chin.

God, he was delicious.

Taking is tribute, she eventually moved up, taking the youngster in her arms. They held each other, both of them breathing hard. Thomas kissed her deeply, tasting some of his cum in her mouth. He pulled her closer into his body, merging the two of them as one. They stayed that way for a while. It was so tender. Beautiful.

Then the youngster began to move again.

'What?' Wendy asked.

He answered with his hands, pilling up her tee shirt and ripping up the cups of her lacy bra. She gasped as he adjusted position, snuggling into her as his lips found her hard nipple. At first he softly kissed the erect bud. Then licked, sucked and nibbled.

The aroused woman began to whisper endearments into his ear at the same time as running her hands through his hair. Thomas sucked harder, loving the way her hands were under his own tee shirt, moving over his body, neck, shoulders, upper back. It was as if she was exploring him. Memorizing him.

Then her hands were pulling his tee shirt over his head, pushing his jeans down his legs. Thomas understood. She wanted him naked.

As he dragged off the rest of his clothes, Wendy was doing the same. Both naked, they flopped back down on the couch, wrapping their bodies into each other. The flesh on flesh felt beautiful.

Even as his mouth returned to her breasts, Thomas slid a hand down between her legs. She parted them immediately, opening herself to his fingers. Her pussy lips were already slightly parted, moving a little at his delicious touch. She was very wet now.

They kissed again, a deep kiss. Thomas moulded his body to hers as their tongues danced, wanting as much of his body to be pressed to hers as possible. Becoming one.

Then his young hands were moving again. To her ass. She lifted her buttocks up, freeing them for his groping touch. Twisting on the couch, she felt his cock touching her pussy mound. He was so hard again!

'Do you want to fuck, my love?' the sensual woman tenderly asked.

'God, yes!'

Wendy pushed him back on the couch, sliding one leg across his so that she straddled his young body. Facing him, her eyes locked to his. Tender. Loving. Bending down and forward, she covered his mouth with hers, letting her breasts flatten themselves on his strong young chest. Her auburn hair fell wildly over his head and shoulders.

Sitting upwards, she kept her crotch above his, wanting to tease the young man for a moment. Then she couldn't wait, taking his cock in her hand and guiding it to her pussy slit. When he groaned, the sexy woman rose up, put the tip of his cock between her outer pussy lips, and then sank slowly downwards, impaling herself on his upthrusting cock.

'Oh, geez...'

Her hands held his face. Her body held him there for a moment before she made another move. Rising upwards, she gripped his cock until it nearly escaped from her. Then she came back down and sheathed him fully within her.

'Oh, fuck!'

She smiled at the moaning youngster. Each time her hips rose and fell, he humped his hips upwards to meet her, trying to keep his young manhood deep in her.

Suddenly, they found a rhythm that worked for them. Wendy ran her hands around his neck as she steadily fucked him, working her cunt muscles, gripping him and holding him inside her even as she let him slide outward from her.

Each time she came back down and felt him fill her again; she let out a little gasp of pleasure. It felt sooo good – sooo right.

As her breasts swayed and bounced above him, her fingers played with them, tweaking her nipples. Watching the aroused boys eyes widen, she held them up for him, before letting them fall back down onto her chest. Hearing his aroused growl, she slapped them playfully from side to side, and then bent forward, bringing a nipple close to his mouth.

Holding his head, she fed her tit to him and his mouth devoured it, sucking on the erect bud. The sexy woman continued to rotate her hips to keep the sensations flowing, even as they concentrated on her breasts. The feelings flowing into her pussy from the touch of his sucking mouth on her nipples had her shuddering.

Even her anus ring was tingling.

Her steady, gyrating, pace continued, moving her lower body over his as she felt her orgasm sneaking up on her. The teenager had a hand under her ass now, his finger running across and around her anus, and then pushing in slightly, sliding the tip inside.

Suddenly, he was fucking her in two places. His cock thrust up into her, his finger now sliding in and out of her tight little anus.

Her whole body shook and shivered as she came, calling out his name. 'Thomas... Thomas... Thomas...'

He held her close, his whole body merging into hers as she jerked and twitched on him, his cock still embedded in the loving woman.

He held her throughout her orgasm, hugging her, stroking her hair, pulling her forward onto him so she could nestle her face into the crook of his shoulder.

Wendy kissed his skin, so very warm and glistening wet now with their delicious sweat. For a while they held one another, at peace in each other's arms. The kiss they shared was soft and loving - but then the teenager couldn't hold back.

His cock was twitching inside her, his tongue was slipping into her mouth, entwining with hers.

She giggled at his continued playfulness, starting to move her hips again, not wanting them to stop before they'd both had enough.

'I'm still hard,' he unnecessarily whispered.

Wendy laughed. 'I know. I can tell.' Her cunt muscles gripped him again. 'I need to make you cum again, Thomas.'

As she spoke, she moved onto her side, allowing her young lover to spoon in behind her. Draping a leg over his hips, she guided his young cock back into her, loving the feeling of his body pushing up against her butt cheeks.

Both pairs of hands began to toy with her boobs as he began to fuck her. Wendy purred in satisfaction, allowing him to set the rhythm, do the fucking. As he got into it, she pushed back against the teenager, in rhythm with his fast, short, hard, strokes

'Give in to those urges, sweet boy,' she groaned. 'Fuck your mommy hard...'

He did, thrusting faster, the sweat dripping from him and onto his beautiful lover.

'Oh, Thomas...' she began, pushing back against him, starting to talk dirty as much to herself as to him. 'Fuck... cunt... prick... asshole,' all came out, the aroused woman not caring how she strung them together. She was turning herself on even more; just by hearing the words come from her own mouth.

It was wonderful. Just like having her son deep inside her. It was heavenly. Loving. Tender. Raw. Hot. All of those things.

She loved having him deep inside, loved the feeling of the powerful thrusts of his cock into her, loved having him use every part of her body for their mutual pleasure.

Then the teasing boy slowed. Exquisitely slowly. Then increased the pace, dangerously fast. She loved it, torn between wanting it to last forever and wanting to cum and cum and cum...

'Want to cum with you,' he whispered. 'Want to cum with my mommy.' He took both breasts in his hands, kneading them, pulling her nipples, and licking her delicious neck. Long licks and little bites. Then he was lost to his loving lust. He started to fuck her faster.

Her head tilted back to allow her to kiss his cheek, just as her cunt gripped him. Milked him. She let out a little scream, then a louder one. So fucking good. This was sooo fucking good!

As they moved together, they'd somehow become one again. Wendy was riding high. Flying. So was her young lover. 'Fuck me, Thomas,' she gasped. 'Fuck me and don't stop fucking me ... ever...'

She was on the verge. So was he. She could feel it sweep her up, carrying her away with Thomas inside her. Their orgasms were simultaneous. Bursting through them both. Merging with one another. Two as one. Lovers together. How it would be between caring mother and loving son. Everything it should have been.

'Promise me one thing,' Thomas eventually said – much later - as Wendy had showered, and was preparing to return to her own home.

She smiled at him, running a hand across his face. 'Anything. What's that, sweet boy?'

'Don't let this be our last time together...'

She smiled.

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