tagIncest/TabooWendy's Problem

Wendy's Problem


Bill was in the shower when he heard the bathroom door open. "You almost finished?" his wife Beth asked.

"Almost," he said. "You need to get in here?"

"No, but Wendy called a minute ago and asked if you might have time to stop by on the way to work this morning."

Bill felt his dick start to get hard at the thought of visiting their 24-year-old daughter. Beth opened the shower stall door, looked down at Bill's growing prick and said, "I suppose from your reaction that I can call her back and tell her you'll be there?"

"Tell her I can stop by, but not for long. I have got to be on time this morning. When you call, ask her if it would be OK if we just have a nice quick fuck this morning and maybe tomorrow after I get off work she can come over here for a couple of hours and we can take our time then."

Beth reached out and gave his cock a squeeze. "Make sure you save a little for me for this evening," she said smiling. "You are such a good daddy, but I still need some of that thing too."

"I love fucking our daughter, I can't deny that," Bill said, "but you know I will always have plenty of time for you and that beautiful pussy of yours."

"I know baby," Beth said as she left the bathroom to call her daughter back.

On the ride to Wendy's Bill thought about how lucky he was to have two women like Beth and Wendy in his life. They were so much alike in so many ways. Both were a little on the pudgy side with nice titties. Age had given Beth a little wider ass than Wendy and her pussy was not as tight as their daughter's, but overall, both of them were really hot fucks. At times when he looked at his daughter with her red hair and blue eyes it was like looking at Beth at her age. He loved them both so much and they loved each other enough to share him. This whole arrangement had in fact been Beth's idea. It had all started with a conversation over dinner one evening after she and Wendy had spent the day together.

"Our daughter has a problem," Beth had said, "it took me a while to get her to talk about it this afternoon, but I have known for months that something was bothering her and she finally broke down and told me about it."

"Is it that bastard husband?" Bill asked.

"Well, yes and no. You know Brad really isn't such a bad guy," Beth said. "He's just trying to give them the life they want and to do that, he has to travel. They knew when he took this job that it would eventually get them where they wanted to be, but that there would be sacrifices along the way."

"OK so what's the problem? Does he have other women?" Bill asked.

"No, the problem is that he is not taking care of his homework. When he comes home on weekends, he is so exhausted all he wants to do is sleep and rest and get ready for the next week. Wendy said they haven't had sex in over two months and that's just not normal for a couple who has been married for less than 5 years and has no children."

"Have they talked about it?" Bill asked, "Does he know how she's feeling and what she needs?"

"Wendy said that every time she tries to talk to him about it he just brings up that they knew it was going to be tough for a while and that things will be better once he can get off the road. She really feels guilty since he is working so hard and they did agree on this job before he took it, but some things have happened recently that have caused her to become very concerned about herself and the way she is reacting to all this."

"Concerned about what?" Bill asked.

"Last week, while Brad was out of town, she went out for dinner and drinks with a couple of her girlfriends and they wound up at this bar down in the old part of town. She said there was this guy who just kept hitting on her no matter what she did or said he just would not give up."

"Some men don't know how to take no for an answer," Bill interjected.

"The thing that she said concerned her most was that she really didn't want him to give up. She said that if she had not been with friends, she thinks she might have actually gone home with the guy. Instead, she went home, masturbated and cried herself to sleep feeling guilty about needing sex so much that she was afraid she would eventually give in to her need and wind up fucking a total stranger."

"What's she going to do?" Bill was really getting concerned at this point. He knew how much his daughter loved her husband and he also knew how dangerous it was for a young woman to get picked up by a stranger.

"She was totally at a loss," Beth said. "I talked to her about how anything like that would probably make her feel so guilty that she would start to hate herself and Brad for putting her into that situation, but I did have an idea of how we can help her get through this rough period in her life."

"What can we do, you know I'll do anything to help her."

"It's not so much what we can do, it's what you can do honey. You can start making love to our daughter."

Bill dropped the fork he was holding. "I can what?" he said. "Now just listen for a minute before you start thinking I've totally lost my mind. One of the things Wendy said to me was that she wished Brad was more like you. She's a smart girl and she knew even as a child that you always made love to me no matter what else was going on in our lives. She said that she always knew that no matter how tired you were, that you always found time for me and that was a priority for you. That's what gave me the idea."

Bill listened to his wife and was a little surprised at the excitement he was beginning to feel thinking about his daughter in a sexual way. "But Beth……"

"Please, hear me out before you make any comments. I told Wendy that the only solution I could come up with was that she needed someone who loved her and would not present a threat to her marriage, but someone who could provide her with the physical as well as the emotional side of a sexual relationship. She said that the only person she knew who could fill that role was you. As I sat there and just smiled at her I could see the little light go on in her head, she realized that you were exactly who I was talking about. We discussed it for almost and hour. I told her that the final decision would, of course, be yours."

"So she was open to the idea?" Bill asked.

"She confessed to me that when she lived at home, she would listen to you fucking me and masturbate while she thought about you doing her too. That's a really big thing to admit to your mother, but I guess she figured since I had opened the door for that kind of conversation, she would come on in."

Bill's cock was totally hard at this point, like most fathers of beautiful daughters, he had at times had fantasies about taking his daughter, fantasies about her becoming his daughter/lover and he had masturbated to those fantasies often. Now it appeared they might just become a reality. Beth moved around to his side of the table, reached down and put her hand directly on his crotch as she kissed him long and hard.

"It seems that Wendy is not the only one who likes my little idea," she said as she gave his cock a playful squeeze. "She's coming over this evening to talk to you about it, she knows I was going to pave the way for her."

"Are you sure you are OK with this sweetheart," Bill said earnestly.

"She's our daughter and she needs her daddy's help right now. As long as you don't ignore my needs, I can see nothing wrong with you giving her what she can't get at home. I'm going out this evening with some of the girls from the club; I think you both will be more comfortable, at least for now, if I'm not here. Besides, if you two want to get started tonight, I know you'll be more open and relaxed if it's just the two of us. The only restrictions I have put on this is that you use the guest room and under no circumstances are you to impregnate her. She's on birth control pills so the second one should be no problem." Beth kissed her husband again, "Got to go get ready, have fun tonight," she said.

It was all Bill could do to keep from jerking off as he waited for his daughter's arrival. He went over what he was going to say to her in his head at least a thousand times. He had his little speech about two people who love each other enjoying each other's bodies and that there could be nothing wrong with that as long as it was what they both wanted. Finally just as he thought he was going to go insane from the anticipation, he heard the front door close and Wendy came into the den where he was sitting. He got up, walked over to her and was getting ready to give her his speech when she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her self hard against him and kissed him deep and hard on the mouth. She tasted so sweet and felt so good in his arms. His cock was already hard, but with her pressing her tummy against it, it began to get harder, thicker and was actually throbbing as they broke the kiss.

"Wendy, baby," he began, "I just want you to know that………"

"Mom called," she interrupted, "she told me that you were just as excited about this as I am, so just hush and fuck me."

Bill watched as he daughter undressed revealing her body to him little by little until finally she was totally naked standing in front of him. Her nipples were swollen and hard with desire and her pussy was as bare as the day she was born.

"I shaved my pussy just for you Daddy," she said, "I thought you might like your little girl hairless, what do you think?"

"I think you're beautiful!" was all he could muster.

"Then get out of those clothes and make love to your horny daughter," she said as she turned to bend over the arm of the sofa. "Mom said you like it doggie, so do I."

He wasted not time in getting his clothes off and moved quickly in behind his daughter's upturned ass. As the head of his cock penetrated her she moaned.

"Oh Daddy, that feels so good," she said as she pushed back onto his stiff dick. "Now fuck me Daddy, make your little girl cum and cum."

Bill started moving on his daughter as she matched his thrust by pushing hard back against him.

"Wendy baby, you are so tight and wet. Oh God baby, you have got such a sweet little pussy, it's as good as I have ever imagined it would be."

"Daddy, did you jerk off thinking about me? I used to play with my little pussy and wish you would come in and catch me and fuck me so I wouldn't have to use my fingers any more." "Wendy I've shot more loads thinking about you than you could ever imagine," he said as he continued pounding hard into his daughter. "This is so good, and it's even better knowing that your mother is probably somewhere thinking about us doing this and getting hotter by the minute."

"Am I as good as Mom?" she asked.

"Oh baby, I'd never tell her, but you are the best fuck of my life."

"I'm getting ready to cum Daddy," she said hoarsely. "Oh God Daddy, give me that load in my pussy, fuck me Daddy, fuck your Wendy!"

Bill felt his daughter's pussy begin to spasm as her orgasm began. The friction of her tight pussy on his cock was already more than he could stand and as soon as the first contraction hit he began to cream in her.

"Oh my God Daddy," Wendy screamed, "your shooting off in me, I can feel it Daddy, it's the first time I've ever felt a man cum in me, it's shooting out so hard Daddy, fill me with all that hot, thick cum."

Finally after emptying what felt like a gallon of sperm into Wendy's pussy, he let his cock slip out of her tight little hole. As he watched, some of his cream leaked out of her well filled cunt and dribbled down her thigh. For the rest of the evening Bill and Wendy made love in almost every position that could be imagined. He amazed even himself by staying hard for over 2 hours and came in her pussy 3 times and in her mouth twice. Wendy lost track of her orgasms after number five, that had been a particularly intense one while she and her Daddy did a "69".

"I've never been fucked or eaten like that in my life Daddy," she said as the evening drew to a close. "Mom said you were good, but she never told me just how good."

"Wendy," Bill said with a smile, "it could not have been any better for you than it was for me. This was like a fantasy come true, I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and find out it was a dream."

"Yeah, it is a little far fetched, a Daddy and his daughter fucking and sucking with Mom's blessing. Where is she tonight?"

"She thought we might be more comfortable is we were alone."

"She is so sweet, I wonder if she would like to watch us sometime? Oh Daddy!" Wendy said with a twinkle in her eye, "I wonder what it would be like for you to have both of us at the same time? Do you think Mom is open minded enough for that. You could eat one of us while the other one rides that cock and then we could switch off."

"We can talk about this later," Bill said with a laugh.

From that day on, anytime Wendy needed sex, Daddy was available. Did they ever do the three-way thing with Mom? I'll tell you later.

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