tagLoving WivesWes Watches Wendy

Wes Watches Wendy


Wes walked into his modest suburban home and kissed his lovely blonde-haired wife Wendy. He stood only 5'6" but felt tall next to his 4'10" wife. She was living proof that good things do indeed, come in small packages. Wendy curved in all of the right places, had an ample bosom, the face of an angel and her blue eyes sparkled.

Merely beholding her beauty, lifted his spirits and made the burden of a hard day at work disappear. The brown haired husband worked for a marketing agency, the potential to earn good money was very promising, but it would take time. The 22 yr. old couple was doing all right, but he longed for financial security. Wes was a wiz with computers and earned extra money repairing and selling computers. He used his cellar as a workshop. Wendy was willing to get a job, but he preferred that she stayed home and care for the house. Wes went upstairs to shower.

He emerged from the shower, dried off and entered the bedroom. Wendy was changing her dress and he could not resist molesting her. After a passionate love making session, Wes could not help but wonder if his five and one-half inch dick was enough for her. Wendy had never been with another man and he worried that she needed more! Wes had been true to her ever since they married, but before they married the good looking, brown-eyed-handsome man had played around quite a bit.

On several occasions, he shared his dates with a friend who was well-endowed and watched in awe as the girl's went wild and screamed out in lust while being filled with the large cock. He wished that he could provoke that kind of response and wondered if a large cock could inflame Wendy. He got hard just thinking about his wife and a well-endowed lover. Often, he had asked her about it but she said that he was insane, and he was all she ever she wanted.

A few days later, two men in their early thirties brought a computer to be repaired. Wendy felt uncomfortable the way the two 6' men ogled her, she directed them to the basement and informed them that her husband was down there.

Wes told them to set the computer on the workbench; they introduced themselves as Dan and John. Noticing the computer that Wes was working on displayed an erotic story site, John recommended another site; Wes went to the recommended site and said, "Wow, look at all of these stories of husbands watching their wives servicing big dicks, I love husband watching wife stories!"

John asked, "Have you ever shared your wife?"

"No, it's just a fantasy but I would love to try it. My wife thinks that I am crazy and says that she will never do such a thing."

Dan added, "Well, if she doesn't want to try it, then you will have to persuade her; have her read some of the sex stories and rent some videos on the subject. That will plant the seed in her mind and stimulate her curiosity; soon she will crave a big cock."

"I'll try it, what have I got to lose? If she does consent then I will have to find a well-endowed stud for her!" They told him that it was not a problem, dropped their shorts and exposed two of the largest cocks that he had ever seen and told him that they would be honored to introduce his wife to big dicks!

Over the next few days, Wes had her reading stories and watching porn with him; they always fucked like rabbits afterwards and he could tell that the huge cocks turned her on. He urged her to try fucking a big dick, She still said no, but her refusals were not quite as firm as before!

On Saturday, Wes called John, told him that the computer was ready and asked when he wanted to pick it up. John asked how his wife was coming along, was delighted when he heard of her progress and advised Wes to encourage her to drink alcohol when they watched the porn. Wes stated that he was not going anywhere and John said that he would be over to pick up the computer later that night.

About 9 pm. Wes let John and Dan in and led them to the basement, Wendy was drinking beer and reading sex stories! Wes opened the cooler and served beer to every one, telling his wife to drink up or it would get warm. John pressed against her and asked what she was reading. Her face turned crimson when she felt his manhood on her buttocks. The shy little wife could feel it growing and felt her pussy moisten as she answered, "I...I'm reading stories that my husband showed me!" She felt like she was on fire as her nipples hardened and her pussy tingled.

John noticed her nipples harden and whispered in her ear, "Is it the stories or my big dick that is turning you on so much? Just think what it would feel like inside of you; your husband would love to watch me fuck you! Why don't you let yourself go and find out what it's like to make love to a real man?"

The flustered and frightened wife turned to go saying that she had to shower and go to sleep! The black-haired blue-eyed man grabbed her, held her close, and kissed her ruby-red lips. He guided her dainty hand to his throbbing cock and smiled as she sighed and squeezed the stiff monster. He reached for her love hole but she broke free and fled upstairs.

All three men had raging hard cocks, and were stunned when she ran away! Wes asked, "Should we go get her?"

John answered, "Not now, I'm not a rapist, she isn't quite ready yet but will be soon and when she does give it up, she will be one hot fuck. Her nipples were hard as nails and I bet her pussy was leaking love juice; she will be well worth waiting for."

Dan added, "I can't wait to get into her sultry little panties, she is hot!!!"

The men left and Wes rushed up to join his wife. He held the trembling girl in his loving arms and tried to comfort her. She asked, "Do you really want me to screw that guy? What would you think of me and how could you possibly enjoy watching him put that big thing in me?"

"I will always love you and always think that you are the most wonderful girl in the world. It would be so sexy watching you enjoying a big cock, as long as you can separate love and lust. I want you to experience great sex but please don't stop loving me. You are my most cherished treasure on earth and I could never bear losing you."

"Give me time, I have to admit that he turned me on and I was tempted but I just don't know." Wes reached down and discovered that she was indeed very wet and ready for some loving! While he fucked her, he pictured her taking a huge dick in her tight little pussy and came quickly. Before they went to sleep, Wes called her a 'nasty little girl', getting so wet for another man's big cock.

Two weeks later, they were watching dirty movies; she was feeling her drinks and getting extremely horny. Wes decided to invite the guys over and see what would happen; he explained the situation and told them that the door would be unlocked and to come right in.

Wendy was a vision of loveliness in her pink satin robe, brassiere and panties. They cuddled and he removed the bra and panties. His lips sucked her rubbery nipples and two fingers worked into her slippery pussy.

The startled wife tried to cover up when she looked up to see John and Dan staring at her nakedness. Wes went to the kitchen to bring them beers; the poor wife was petrified! Before she could tie the belt on the robe, both men sat beside her; she felt like a mouse trapped by two hungry cats! Hands traveled all over her luscious body and lips kissed her, her hands were placed on two stiff cocks and fingers found their way in to her soaking pussy! Wes placed the beers on the coffee table, walked to an easy chair and sat back to enjoy the show.

The two horny dudes stood up and dropped their shorts and underpants; they let them fall to the floor and faced the awestruck wife. The stunned girl stared in disbelief at the two huge cocks in front of her face. Dan was a redhead and his 9" dick was surrounded by fiery red pubic hair. John rubbed his 10" monster against her pretty face. Her hands were placed on the throbbing monsters, her face turned crimson and she was consumed with burning lust! The little wife felt both fear and desire.

Her tiny hands stroked the large dicks, she marveled at the thickness of the two stiff cocks, her little fingers barely fit around the massive hunks of meat and she felt so naughty and slutty when her eyes gazed upon her wedding ring rubbing against John's colossal cock. The young wife felt a longing deep inside of her; desire filled her loins and the urge to devour these two 'big bringers of pleasure' was overwhelming.

John demanded, "Put my big cock in your sweet mouth and suck it, little girl!" Her big blue eyes sparkled like a glass of burgundy wine, her angelic face appealed to her husband for guidance and without saying a word; the innocent wife conveyed to her husband that she needed him to tell her what to do!

Wes had his dick out and was playing with it. The lewd seen across the room had his dick harder than it ever has been before. Wendy, his innocent wife, looked like a wanton slut with two big dicks in her hands. He could see the desire and lust in her blue-eyes, a part of him wanted to say 'stop' but a stronger part wanted to see his wife submit to the two horny men with the gigantic cocks. He was compelled to tell her, "Go ahead baby, I want you to enjoy yourself, let your hair down and go wild; but after it is over come back to my loving arms!"

Dan said, "You heard your husband, suck our dicks, you know you want them." Her lips slowly opened as Dan slid his stiff cock into her mouth. Wendy could feel the veins of his cock on her tongue. She lovingly stroked John's cock as she sucked more of Dan's manhood into her mouth. Saliva dripped from her chin as she desperately tried to swallow the whole thing. Red pubic hair tickled her nose as his balls slapped her chin. The little wife choked and gagged when the big dick became rock hard and ejected hot cum in her sucking mouth! She liked the taste and desperately tried to consume all of his slimy joy juice! He vigorously continued fucking her face and cum leaked out of her full mouth and mixed with her saliva and trickled down her chin.

When he finally withdrew his withering dick from her mouth with a 'plop', the young wife attempted to catch her breath, but John had other ideas and pushed his cock between her parted lips and fucked her face with fervor. She cupped his heavy ball sack with her little hands and tickled his balls; this increased his arousal and soon his seed was jetting down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth and his cock was still squirting all over her face, tits and stomach. She was ordered to lick both cocks clean and she willingly complied.

Wendy rested her head on the sofa; she tried to compose herself and thought that her defilement was over. Suddenly her shapely legs were spread and she looked down to see Dan going down on her smoldering pussy! Waves of rapture washed over her entire body, his tongue embarked her on a voyage to nirvana and when he sucked her clit, she exploded her love juices in his mouth and saw all of the colors of the rainbow; she reached a sublime state of bliss that she never knew existed. He slid his tongue down to her tiny tush-hole and fucked it wildly with his flicking tongue! Wendy was moaning loudly when John put his hardening cock in her mouth. The once innocent wife gulped and slurped eagerly on his manhood; she felt the monster come alive in her mouth and tried to gobble it all up!

Wendy felt disappointment when Dan's tongue stopped working its magic and wanted to encourage him to continue, but she couldn't speak, her mouth was stuffed full with John's big dick! Then suddenly!!! She cried out but the sound was muffled; John held the back of her head to his cock as he fucked her face. Her pussy felt so full, Dan was pumping her pussy with his large cock! It felt so good; she humped back vigorously while continuing to feast on John's big cock. All of her inhibitions were gone; the only thing that mattered was the immense pleasure that the two big cocks were bringing to her inflamed body.

Wendy fucked back violently when Dan reached his climax; he withdrew his cock from her hungry hole and splashed his cum all over her tits and stomach.

Dan's cock was replaced by John's big dick. The little wife wrapped her legs around his hips, her twitching cunt swallowed up his big cock and she moaned out in ecstasy, "Ohhhh...Godddd, it feels so goodddd!!! Yesss... fuck meeee!! Pound my naughty pussy with your big fat cock!! It hurts sooo gooddd!! I'm cummingggg. Yessss, please don't stoppp!!!" John shot a load of hot cum up her hungry pussy and cleaned his cock on her thighs.

Wes could not believe his eyes; the sight of his wife's gaping pussy leaking another man's cum was so lewd and vile but at the same time so erotic; the voyeur husband could not hold back his own climax!

The guys left saying that they hoped to be invited back very soon; they told Wendy that she was fantastic. She just gave them a contented smile. Wes held his wife in his arms and told her that he loved her. A look of disbelief covered her face and she said, "I don't understand; you just watched me service two men and act like a wanton slut. How the hell does that make you love me?"

"Wendy, that didn't make me love you. I already loved you and I just wanted to tell you that I still do. They were right, you were fantastic and I don't have to ask you if you liked it. All I need to know is if you still love me?"

"Yes, I do, but I have changed, I have new cravings and desires. You have opened a door that perhaps you should have left closed. Let's hope that this new lifestyle doesn't ruin our marriage."

"It won't, I want to be with you, no matter what. You are the same wonderful person, the only difference is that you have expanded your sexual horizons; look at it as a road to wild passionate adventures that we will travel together! Our marriage may not be normal, but, 'fuck normal', let's enjoy the ride!" The young couple made passionate love and went to sleep.

Three months passed, John and Dan came over once a week but that was the extent of their new swinging lifestyle. Wes had become friendlier with his boss, Mark, Wendy and Wes attended a couple of company functions, and Mark made no secret of the fact that he found Wendy attractive, he lavished her with amorous attention and his stunning wife, Rita, seemed to find it amusing!

After a meeting at work, Mark pulled Wes aside and invited him to bring his wife over to their home for cocktails and a poolside barbeque that coming Saturday.

As they drove up the long winding driveway to the mansion, the young couple was impressed. A beautiful and quite sexy Hispanic maid let them in the spacious home. Wendy marveled at the tasteful furnishings, Wes stared at the sexy French maid's uniform and lusted after her sensual body. The maid swung her hips and guided the young couple to the pool area. Carla, the maid was instructed to bring them drinks; they could not take their eyes off the older couple.

The 42 year old man had dark hair with traces of gray, he had a gut but what really caught their eyes was the outline of his mammoth cock, which the white thong that he wore did little to conceal. His 36 yr. old wife wore a string bikini that was stretched by her humongous breasts and her thong did not conceal the bush of red hair.

The voluptuous redhead's green-eyes were captivating as she asked the young couple where their bathing suits were.

Wendy said that they were under their clothes. Rita suggested that they disrobe, relax and enjoy themselves. A couple of hours passed and they swam, drank and enjoyed each other's company. Rita caught Wendy staring at her husband's crouch and as the young wife tried to look away and asked her, "Do you see something you like, my dear? You don't have to look away and pretend that you don't notice my husband's big cock! I'm sure that he would be delighted to give you a better look. Mark, come over and introduce the little girl to what she is yearning for and I will entertain her hubby!"

Rita embraced Wes and kissed him passionately, she guided his lips to her huge tits, he nursed on the rubbery nipples and she smiled when she noticed him watching Wendy with Mark! "At first I thought that you were worried what your wife was doing but I get it now; you are a voyeur, you like to watch, don't you? Have you ever watched your little wife have sex before? Please tell me, I want to know!"

"Well, yes, but only a for the last three months with the same guys."

"Guys? Do you mean to tell me that sweet young thing took on more than one man? Did you get off watching her get ravished? Did they have large cocks?"

"There were only two men, they had big dicks and yes, I did cum watching her suck and fuck them!"

"You are both so nasty! I thought that she was sweet and innocent; I'm so very proud of you, I like to watch too, so let's relax and watch my husband ruin her with his enormous cock!"

Mark was kissing the young wife, his lips kissed down her neck, he sucked her stiff nipples and he guided her hand to his throbbing cock. The skimpy thong fell to the ground and the enraptured young wife stroked and squeezed his massive manhood.

The monster was much larger than John's big dick and she could not fit her fist around the fat cock! Her legs grew weak and her small frame shuddered when she anticipated being fucked by this 14" satisfier. Mark carried her to the grass and set her down. He licked her pussy, sucked her clit and nibbled on her pussy lips. The young girl went wild with lust and fucked his face with fervor, her orgasm was earth shattering and the juices freely flowed from her clammy cunt! Mark turned to a sixty-nine position, he continued to lap her pussy and she accepted as much of his big cock into her hungry mouth as she possibly could.

Carla wiggled down the walk in her high-heels and smiled at the young wife trying to gobble up the big cock. Rita instructed her to put the drink tray down, get comfortable and join Wes and her as they watched the sex show! The sexy Latin lady stripped down to her stockings and heels and gazed at Wes' lap; she spotted his stiff dick and declared, "Looks like someone is glad to see me! Let's pull his pants down and free his dick from its confines. I think that it needs some air!"

With that said, the two sensual love kittens tugged down his bathing shorts and played with his dick and he fingered their pussies while they watched his wife submit to the big dick, devil.

Mark had the pretty wife on her knees and he plowed into her pussy from behind. She moaned, groaned and fucked back hard at the colossal cock. Mark taunted her saying, "You little slut, tell me how much you love my big dick, beg me to fuck you and let me know that you would do anything that I say for the privilege of having my mighty-member stuffed up your sloppy cunt! Talk to me slut, or I will pull out right now!"

"No, no, please fuck me, I do love your big fat cock up my pussy and I will do anything you say. Oh, it feels so good, it's so deep inside me, I'm cumming, Ohhhhhh...Yesssss!!! Aggggggggg..." Mark pulled out and then rammed his cock in her tight ass. The horrified young wife cried out, "No, please don't do this, I've never done this before and you are sooo bigggg, agggggg...shitttt!!! It hurtssss soooo much, please stopppp..."

Mark sank his mighty weapon deeper and said, "Shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch! Soon you will like it and beg for more. I'm going to fuck the shit out of your stinking shit hole!!! I'm going to tear you a brand new ass-hole and make you love it!!!

Rita strolled over to the screaming wife and spread her legs in front of Wendy's face and announced, "You make too much noise bitch! We don't want the police called to our home so I will muffle your screams with this beautiful cunt." The voluptuous redhead sat in front of Wendy's face and grabbed a fist-full of blonde hair and roughly brought the pretty face to her sopping pussy. The young wife smelled the aroused cunt and felt an urge to taste it. She never would have believed it but she achieved the best orgasm of her life while feasting on the delicious cunt and bucking back at the throbbing cock stuffed up her ass! The pain in her butt subsided and was replaced by intense pleasure. Rita was correct; her smoldering cunt muffled the screams of the licentious little wife. Rita reached a powerful climax and made sure Wendy licked it all up. Mark was still pounding her ass.

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