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West Side Games


I was bored one night so I decided to take a ride to one of my favorite bars in Manhattan. It was a small bar on the upper west side. I liked this bar cause it hand 2 girls for every man. I also liked this bar cause the crowd was mixed which was really rare for a bar on the upper west side of Manhattan. The bar was right off the west side highway, which was perfect. It was a 20-minute ride from my front door to the bar. I had been working really hard for the past two months. June and July are the two busiest months for me. I have to work 6 days a week and be on call for Sunday in case of an emergency.

I had been dating this really nice black girl named Gloria about a month before my busy season started. She broke up with me cause she claimed I didn't seem to have any time for her. She was a selfish bitch. The only thing she wanted to do was go out and fucking party all the time and spend my fucking money. Where the fuck did she think the money came from. Some fucking women think money grows on trees. The thing was, this wasn't the first time this has happened to me. I was tired of meeting women who just wanted to fuck around and play games and spend my money. I guess it was my fault. These are just the type of women you meet in bars. But it seems like I never learned my lesson, because here I was on another mission to another bar.

When I got to the bar, it was packed. They were having some kind of college party there. The place was packed with women. There was nothing but young white college girls wondering around the place. Some of the girls didn't even look like they were of legal age. It was very warm that evening. And these girls dressed for the occasion. Hot pants, mini skirts, and belly shirts, filled the room. As soon as I walk in there I could feel my black cock stirring in my pants. These little white girls looked good. They where dancing and drinking like crazy. I went to the bar and sat as quick as possible. My cock was starting to grow and I didn't want to look like I was some horny old man salivating over these little white girls, even though in my mind I am fucking them. It had been so long since I sunk my cock into some pussy and even longer since I sunk it in some white pussy.

I was there about 15 minutes when this pretty white girl came next to me at the bar to order a drink. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. She looked so young I thought for sure the bartender was going to card her. She ordered a long island ice tea and the bartender turned around and went to make it. She didn't look like she was 21 at all. One look into her eyes and you just knew that she must have snuck past the bouncer at the door. She had on one of those tight belly shirts and a tight pair of jean shorts. I turned side ways toward her from my barstool. Her t-shirt only went half way down her back. The first thing I noticed was her tattoo. Then the next thing I noticed was her ass. This little white girl was packing a thick little ass. She looked over at me. I didn't want her to think I was staring at her ass so I said,

"That's a nice tattoo...did it hurt."

She turned around and said, "No not really...after about the first ten minutes, you just get used to it," she said in a very high voice.

The bartender brought her drink. She smiled and said, "Take it easy," and left. I watched her walk back to the other side of the bar toward a group of white boys. When she walked away it seemed like she knew I would be watching her cause she turned around, looked back at me and smiled. Now while walking away I noticed a little extra swivel in her hips. I just smiled and started to laugh.

I ordered me another drink to take this hot little piece of ass off my mind. About 20 minutes later she came back to the bar and stood next to me again. She still had that pretty little smile on her face. She ordered another long island ice tea. I guess the alcohol was starting to take affect cause she lost her balance and almost fell on my lap.

"Ooppss...I'm so sorry," She said giggling with a little slur in her voice."

"That's ok baby...don't worry about it." I said calmly.

Her hand landed right on my thigh. Her soft little white hand was only inches away from cock. That was the first time I was touched by a woman in months. I couldn't believe how an accidental touch could get me so excited. This girl was really cute. I just had to say something. I didn't think I had a chance with her. She didn't look like the type of girl that would give a broth'a some play. I thought I had nothing to lose. She ordered her drink then I said.

"Those long island ice tea's are strong girl... you better be careful."

"Ohh... I can handle them...they taste so good."

"Yeah they taste good...but they tend to sneak up on ya." I said smiling.

(For those of you who don't live in NY. A long island ice contains about 1 shot of each of the following- vodka-rum-gin-tequila-triple sec-and a splash of soda served in a tall glass- its like 4 shots in one glass.)

We started talking at the bar. She told me her name was Ashley. And that she lived in Westchester. I told her my name was Jason and that I also lived in Westchester. The bartender came back with her drink. She went to get her money out of her jeans. She looked so funny trying to dig her money out of her pants. I just started laughing and paid the bartender myself.

"This ones on me baby." I said while laughing.

"Thank you...that's very nice of you." she said.

This girl was already toast. I knew the last thing she needed was another drink. But I didn't care she was cute and she was standing next to me. I thought she would bail out and go back over to the white boys. She grabbed her drink off the bar and turned toward me. We started talking about all kind of things. She was really cool. We talked about the bar, the people in the bar and different bars around the city. The longer she stood there the harder my cock got. Ashley told me that she was a junior in college. I couldn't believe that she was a junior. When I tell you she looked young it was an understatement. The more she talked the younger she started looking and sounding.

I'm not a big drinker maybe one or two beers and I'm cool. I used to do that drinking thing when I was younger. I just got tired of going home and getting sick. So I just sipped my beer and watch this little white girl down her drink. We talked about relationships and all that crap. I asked her if she ever dated a black guy. She told me that she never did. She admitted that she was too afraid to, cause of her parents. She said her parents were racist. We both started to laugh. I fucked plenty of white girls when I was younger, and I know that the one thing white fathers have nightmares about is a big black man pounding on there daughters pussies. I then said.

"I guess I won't be getting invited to dinner any time soon."

Ashley started laughing, and then she looked at me and said in her high-pitched voice

"Well...there in Europe right now... you could come over and they would never know"

That's when I put my arms around her waist and pulled her body to me. I gave her a soft kiss on the lips. I don't know what made me do it. I am usually not that aggressive especially in a bar in front of people. I also wanted to see if it was for real. She didn't pull away; Ashley actually moved in closer and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We tongue kissed for a few seconds. She had nice soft lips but they tasted like pure alcohol. I was into to this chick and I thought I might have a shot.

"Come on baby let's get out of here." I whispered into her ear.

I said it cause it just felt right. I knew she would say no but what the hell I thought. She looked at me with a grin on her face like she was shocked. Then she smiled and asked me if I drove to Manhattan. I told her my car is right out front. Then she just stood there. It looked like she was thinking for a second. Then she said.

"When we get to my house your going to have to be real quiet... I have nosey neighbors"

I couldn't believe what she just said. I asked her if she wanted to say good-bye to her friends before we leave. Then she told me that she took the train down to the city by herself. I thought for a second that, "that's was kind of weird." Most girls travel together. But that thought left my head real quick. I wanted to get out of this bar before she changed her mind. I knew she was drunk and drunken women are very unpredictable.

I most have drove a hundred miles an hour up the west side highway. It had been at least 4 months since I have gotten laid. I looked at her from time to time while I was driving. She was so fucking drunk. From time to time I had to yell out her name to keep her from falling asleep. The ride to her house was only about 15 minutes. She actually lived only 2 towns away from me. When I got to her block I asked her which house was hers. She told me it was the one on the corner and then she reminded me to be quiet cause of her neighbors. It was 2 a.m. and I knew damn well that her old white neighbors would be sleeping.

We went into the side door, which led into the kitchen. She was stumbling all over the place. Which was a little turn off. But I didn't care; I just couldn't wait to stuff my cock into that little white pussy. Ashley wasn't acting at all like she was in the bar. When we first met she was very talkative. Now she was very quiet. I knew why she was so fucking quiet. It was those long island ice teas. I used to drink them back in the days and I new how they can sneak up on yeah. They go down smooth but pack a punch.

Ashley took me upstairs and right to her room. She walked in front of me while we walked up the stairs. My eyes were locked on to that thick little booty. I told myself, "In a few minutes I'll be all up in dat." I was so fucking horny. My cock had been hard for hours. I told my cock "Relax big boy... just a few more minutes and we'll be all up in that pussy "

Ashley told me to sit down and relax on her bed. She said, "I'll be right back."

She then went into another door; I guess it was the bathroom or something. I was sitting on her bed going nuts I couldn't wait for her to come out. I thought maybe she was in there putting on something sexy. I was so excited I didn't know what to do with myself. I was going to tear her pussy up. I was going to give her the fucking of a lifetime. My cock was painfully pushing into my jeans. She was in the bathroom for about 5 minutes when I decided to take off my pants. I decided to take off all my cloths. I jumped out of cloths and sat on her bed leaving my boxers on.

Another five minutes went by and she still didn't come out of the bathroom. The anxiety was killing me. I started to wonder if she was getting sick in that bathroom. Then she came out of the bathroom. She had a flushed look on her face. She still had on what she was wearing when she entered the bathroom. She used the wall to hold herself up. Then she looked at me as if she forgot I was there. When she noticed that I was sitting on her bed in just my boxers, the reality of the situation hit her.

"Look...Jason... I'm sorry...I don't feel well... I drank way too much and I am sorry I dragged you here. I don't know what got into me."

It was like a light switched on in my head. I went from being excited to being very angry. "Was this little bitch serious," I thought to myself. I knew she wasn't trying to back out of this shit now.

"What do you mean you dragged me up hear...are you fucking serious?" I said angrily.

Ashley was totally out of it, but I didn't give a damn, I was pissed the fuck off. What kind of game does she think I'm fucking playing? The tone in voice made her lift her head and look at me. It was then that I saw the fear in her eyes. I had never seen fear in a woman's eyes like that before nor have I ever been in a situation like this. Ashley said,

"Look... I'm sorry...I ...I. ...Just can't...can you put your cloths back on and leave...please... just leave."

I couldn't believe this bitch was kicking me out. I was furious. I stood up and walk over to her.

"Is this what you do, you little fucking cunt...is this what you do...bitch." I said angrily.

Ashley started crying and whimpering. She must have thought I was going to feel sorry for her and leave. I was pissed off and horny. I walked right up to her grabbed a clump of her hair. My sudden action startled her and she made like she was about to scream but before she could make any sound I closed my other hand over her entire mouth.

"Don't you even fucking try it bitch...look cunt... I came hear for some pussy and I am not leaving until I get some...what the fuck do you think I came here for...do you think this is a game or something... cause I don't play fucking games."

I could feel her body trembling. The fear in her eyes excited me to a whole new level. I felt powerful and strong. I few moments ago I thought she was so fucking cute. Now the little white bitch disgusted me. I felt no love for this little playa.

"I am going to move my hand from your mouth...I swear if you try to scream I am going to knock all of your fucking teeth out... Now Ashley... I am a man of my word...test me if you dare... but I promise you will be spitting out teeth."

She then nodded her head. I kept my hand over her mouth for a few more seconds before I removed it very slowly. She gasped for air once my hand was off her mouth.

"Oooh... please... I'm sorry... please Jason... I am sorry if I up set you... please...I beg of you just leave." She whispered.

I didn't want to hear any of that bullshit. I had one thing on my mind. I wanted to fuck this little cunt tease and teach her a fucking lesson. I took my free hand, in one swift hard motion I ripped her belly t-shirt right of her body. Ashley yelp when I ripped her shirt from her body. I immediately brought my fist to her face.

"Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up? I swear Ashley... I will bust your fucking ass if you make another fucking sound... you got that bitch... Now off with those fucking jeans... do it quickly before I get really fucking angry.

I don't know what was exciting me more at that moment, the site of her small young firm breasts or the pure fear that I felt from her trembling body.

"Please don't do this to me... I... I'm... sorry...Please don't make me do this... I... I'm only 18."

When she said that I could feel my blood boiling. This little bitch has been telling me stories all fucking night. I knew she looked young, but there was no way she looked 18. I was so angry I slapped her across her face. She started crying again, this time a little louder"

"Please don't hurt me... I'm sorry"

"How the fuck did you get into that bar and where the fuck are your parents" I said demandingly."

Ashley was sobbing and had her head down.

"I told you, don't fucking lie. If you lie I am going to take your fucking life and you will never see your parents, your friends, or anyone again."

She looked at me and she knew I meant business.

"My parents went away for the weekend... and... and I got bored so I took the train to the city... I...I...swear ...I swear that's the truth... please...don't hit me again."

She was weeping and coughing. I didn't believe one word that was coming out of this little white bitches mouth. For all I knew her parents would be home any fucking minute. I was even more determined to teach this little 18-years-old Ashley a good lesson. She needed to learn the rules that I play by. I then wrapped my hand around her throat and pulled her close to me. I looked angrily into her eyes and growled.

"I don't believe... Not one God Damn word...you're a fucking, lying, little cock teaser. Now... off with those fucking shorts... and I don't want to hear a fucking sound... and stop that fucking crying you little bitch... do you think those phony fucking tears are going my make me feel sorry for you."

She started to slowly unbutton her jeans. I screamed at her to hurry up. I was treated to the cutest little bald white pussy I have ever seen. Ashley had that embarrassed look on her face. She brought her hands up to cover her little breasts. Then she looked up at me and said.

"Please... don't do this...I... I...I'll suck your cock...please...I don't want to have sex...I'll suck your cock... please don't ...don't fuck me... please don't rape me."

Now this little bitch was calling me a rapist. I didn't break into her house, I didn't snatch her off the street, She bought me here to fuck and now she's calling me a rapist. She saw how my eyes grew wide. She must have thought I was going to slap her again. She then raised her hands and braced herself. I had had enough of her bullshit I was ready for some of that pussy.

I grabbed her by the head and started marching her ass toward her bed. She tried her best to resist but her drunken ass had no balance and no strength. I got her to the edge of her bed and turned her back to me. I held her tightly by the waist against my body. I could feel the softness of her plump white ass rubbing against my cock through my boxers. I bent my head down to her ear and said.

"Your God Damn right...your going to suck my fucking cock bitch...your going to suck this big black fucking dick after I fuck you're little white pussy... and your gonna suck my cock as if your fucking life depended on it...cause if you don't, I am going to shove my fat cock in your fucking ass...now...SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BEND OVER."

The powers I felt was incredible. It felt evil and good at the same time. Ashley still didn't move. I used my right hand to slip my boxers to the ground. I pushed her on her back forcing her to bend over. My cock saw her pussy first and jumped. I bought the tip of my cock to the entrance of her young white pussy. I could fell the heat coming from her pussy. I started to push forward. Her pussy hole was dry and tight. She started to whimper again.

"Please... please don't rape me...it is too big, its going to tear me apart"

"Shut the fuck up Ashley...speard your fucking legs or I am going to put it in your fucking ass."

She spread her legs immediately. I guess she thought about her choices. Actually it was the only choice I chose to give her. I took a half step back and spit on my throbbing black cock. This time when I got to the entrance my cock found a lot more room. I couldn't take it anymore. I started forcing my cock into her pussy. I looked down and watched that bald little pussy stretch. Ashley's whole body started to tremble.

"No...no...no...please... its to big... please take it out... please," she begged.

I told her to shut the fuck up. I then placed my hands in and slowly forced my cock into her little white body. Inch by inch I feed my cock into her. Her pussy tried to fight the invading organ, but the battle was short. Slowly I defeated any attempt by her pussy to drive out my cock. Her pussy was one of the tightest pussies I have ever been inside of. I still had another couple of inches to give. I stopped a few seconds to enjoy the feeling that this little lying bitch's pussy was giving me. Ashley must have thought I had given it all to her. I grabbed her by the back of her head and slammed her head into the sheets on the bed. I wanted to use the bed muffled her screams. As soon as I knew her face and mouth was secure. I pulled my cock out and slammed all 9 inches of my thick black cock deep into her body. When my balls landed flush against her pussy lips, I felt like justice was served. Ashley screamed into her mattress. I pushed her head harder into her mattress to muffle her sounds. I held my cock in that position and enjoyed the feeling of her cunt muscle stretching and contracting. I knew she wasn't a virgin. But I also knew this must have been the largest thing to ever enter her young little white body.

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