Wet Day Afternoon

byHidden Friend©

The next day was Saturday; she was just waking up when her mother popped her head around her bedroom door.

“I’m just nipping out for a while, your brother’s already gone and your father’s asleep, so I’ll see you later” Laura kissed her daughter lightly on the lips and headed out.

Kate relaxed for a while her mind drifting, then the thoughts of the night before came to mind. Climbing from her bed she headed for the bathroom, where she took a quick shower before cleaning her teeth. Quickly she slipped her mother’s silk dressing gown on, before looking at herself in the mirror. The gown reached mid thigh and showed her shapely legs off nicely, it was also almost transparent and the darker area of her pussy was visible.

Fastening the belt loosely she opened her parent’s bedroom door and crossed to the bed, at the sound of the door opening her father turned towards her

“Good morning Kate, what are you doing in here”

“O, I thought I’d come and see what you would like for breakfast as Mom and Mike are out” So saying she lent forward to kiss her father good morning, while making sure the robe slipped open allowing him to glimpse her naked body. Looking down she could see the outline of his morning erection and watched as it gave a slight jerk as he looked at her.

“Um, Kate I think you should be more careful, that robe leaves nothing to the imagination” Kate looked down as though surprised to realise the robe had fallen open

“Oops, sorry Daddy I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but can I ask you a question”

“Of course you can dear”

“Do you think I’m too thin”? So saying Kate allowed the robe to fall to the floor and stood up her legs slightly parted and hands on her hips. Mike tried to hide his arousal as he spluttered a reply

“No, no of course not Kate, you’re a very attractive young lady, now don’t you think you should cover yourself up?”

“O Daddy, it’s not as if you haven’t seen it all before; do you really think I’m attractive daddy”

“Yes Kate I do, now please cover yourself up”

“You don’t think my breasts are too small?”

“Kate! Enough, your beautiful, now why don’t you go and get dressed” Standing in front of her father Kate gently cupped her breasts, lifting them slightly she brushed her nipples causing them to engorge and harden.

Paul couldn’t believe what was happening, his 18-year-old daughter stood naked before him. He found he had to fight the urge to reach out and caress her young body; his cock was a rod of iron covered by just a sheet. He couldn’t understand what had come over Kate; to flaunt her body like this was definitely not normal behaviour for her.

Kate realised that she was going to have to take the lead and that her father wasn’t going to make the next move. So quickly she pulled the sheet from of her father, at the sight of his rock hard cock she let out a soft moan of desire. Before her father could respond Kate climbed onto the bed beside him, reaching down she wrapped her fingers around his erection, marvelling at the silky smooth feel of it.

Paul was surprised as his daughter pulled the sheet from him before joining him on the bed. The feel of her warm hands on his cock drew a cry from his lips, his hands went up to push her away, but the push turned into a caress as he ran his hands over his daughters back. He slid one hand between her parted thighs, feeling the heat and moisture of her pussy. He heard her moan and felt his cock enveloped in the warm wet depths of her mouth.

However he decided that could wait, if his daughter wanted fucking then a fucking she would get. Not to gently he pushed her way before forcing her onto her back; pinning her down he raised himself above her.

“Is this what you want?” With those words Paul rammed his cock straight into his daughter’s waiting pussy. Kate screamed out in pleasure as she felt her father’s cock buried in her hot tight cunt.

“O yes Daddy, fuck me, fuck your hot slut daughter, fill me with your daddy cum” Paul started to pound his cock into his young daughter, all thoughts of the wrongness of the situation forgotten as he enjoyed the feel of his daughter’s tight pussy gripping his penis in it’s hot embrace.

“That’s it my little girl, daddy’s going to fuck your tight young pussy and fill his little slut daughter with his cream”

“Daddy fuck me, fuck meeeeee” Paul rammed into his daughter, his ears filled with her cries and shouts of pleasure, he kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth, feeling her own tongue moving against his. Bending his head down he sucked a nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue before gently biting it. He felt Kate’s body respond to his actions, her hips jerking and her body shaking.

“O god daddy, I’m coming, I’m cumminnggggggg” Kate felt her body explode as she climaxed, her body shaking with release, as her father continued to pound his cock into her pussy. Her mind was awash with sensations, her body rocking to one climax after another as she felt her father’s cock expand in her cunt. Suddenly she heard him groan as his cock started to shoot his cum deep into her womb.

“O baby, daddy’s cuming, daddy’s cummmmmiiiiiinnnnnngggggg, arrhhhhh” With a cry Paul pushed his jerking cock deep into his daughter, feeling his cum shoot deep into her, as her body milked his cock as she exploded into another orgasm.

Slowly Kate felt her senses return, she was lying cradled in her father’s arms, she could feel the juices running down her thighs from her pussy. Looking up she gazed into her father’s eyes.

“Are you all right Kate?”

“Mmmmm, I’m fine daddy” Lifting her head she kissed her father deeply, allowing her tongue to explore his mouth as she felt his hands caress her body.

“What the hell’s going on here”? They both broke apart at the voice, turning towards the door Paul felt the guilt of what he had done drop on him. His wife stood in the doorway, a look of anger and disgust on her face.

Kate stood and walked across the room to her mother, she kissed her on the lips, her arms encircling her and pulling her against her. She felt her mother respond to the kiss, her hands caressing her naked body and running over her ass. Stepping back she reached up and unfastened her mother’s blouse, before unzipping her skirt. She watched as Laura allowed the clothing to fall to the floor at her feet, underneath she was naked. She moved willingly back into Kate’s embrace their nipples pressing together and sending shivers down their spines. Gently Kate led her mother to the bed, lying together they kissed deeply. Kate rolled her mother onto her back; slowly she kissed her mother’s face, trailing kisses down her neck and shoulders until she reached her waiting breasts. Bringing up her hands she massaged her mother’s breasts feeling the weight as she alternated kisses between them. She could see her father sitting beside her his cock once more hard and erect as he watched the two women before him.

Pushing the image of her father from her mind, Kate returned to the pleasure of her mother’s body. Gently she teased her mother’s breasts, licking and then blowing on the nipples, she watched them harden like twin buds. Reaching down she slid a hand between her mother’s thighs, running the fingers along the slit of her pussy, feeling the juices already flowing. Kate kissed her way down from her mother’s breasts and across her stomach. Her mother’s hands on her head pushed her lower until the sight of her mother’s pussy, glistening with juices filled her eyes. Kate ran her tongue along the slit; lapping the juices she savoured the taste. Gently she parted the labia with her hands before plunging her tongue deep into her mother’s cunt, drinking down the juices that now flowed freely into her mouth. Replacing her tongue with her fingers she licked upwards until her tongue brushed over her mother’s clitoris. Her mother’s body jerked and she moaned as Kate nibbled, kissed and teased her clit.

Laura could feel her climax fast approaching under her daughter’s administrations, through a haze of pleasure she watched her husband move behind her kneeling daughter.

Paul couldn’t sit still anymore; the sight of his gorgeous wife being eaten out by his 18 year-old daughter was just too erotic. Moving behind Kate he pushed the head of his cock into the sopping opening of his daughter’s cunt.

Kate’s moan of pleasure was muffled by her mother’s cunt as she felt her father’s cock plunge into her. She lifted her head; her lips and cheeks covered in her mother’s cunt juices and cried out her pleasure. Her father pushed her face back into her mother’s pussy as he fucked his cock into her open cunt.

“That’s it baby, eat mummy’s cunt while daddy fucks your pussy”

Laura cried out “O god, that’s it honey eat mummy’s pussy, o god, mummy’s cuming baby, mummy’s cuuuummmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg” Laura’s hips bucked, grinding her pussy into Kate’s face as her climax crashed over her. The taste and sight of Laura’s orgasm pushed Kate over the edge and her own climax rocked her body, her cries of pleasure muffled by Laura’s cunt as she continued to drink down her mother’s juices.

Paul continued to ram his cock into his daughter’s cunt; he could feel his own orgasm fast approaching as Kate’s pussy milked his cock. Moaning in pleasure he thrust into Kate, feeling has cock jerk as he pumped his cum deep into his daughter’s womb.

“That’s it baby, I’m cumming, I’m filling your tight pussy with daddy cum”

“Yes, O god yes, fill my pussy with daddy cum, fuck me hard and fill me with your seed, O god daddy I’m cuming too, I’m ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Paul knelt there his hands gripping his daughter’s hips as his sperm filled her pussy; as his orgasm subside his softening cock slipped free accompanied by a rush of his cum and his daughter’s pussy juices. Lying on the bed he hugged his wife and daughter as their breathing returned to normal.

Finally Paul climbed off the bed; looking at the resting figures of his wife and daughter he lent forward and kissed them both on the lips.

“Why don’t you two stay here, I’ll go grab a shower and then see about breakfast”

Kate and Laura watched as Paul headed for the bathroom, Laura kissed Kate deeply before moving down her body. Parting Kate’s thighs Laura gazed at her red pussy lips, cum leaking from her well fucked pussy. Gently she lapped the juices up with her tongue, savouring the combined taste of her daughter and husband. She felt Kate’s hands on her legs and needed no urging to scoot round until she was lying on top of her daughter in a 69 position.

Laura drew her tongue up, sliding it over Kate’s wet and engorged labia. Kate felt the tongue drawing nearer her clitoris, felt the slow, sensual pleasure flowing from her mother. Then, Laura hesitated, drawing out the inevitable, before her tongue flashed over Kate’s clit. Each time Laura’s tongue dabbed at her clit Kate’s body jerked at the sensation it caused. Kate could feel the juices flowing freely, seeping down and out of her entrance. The tongue flicked again, then returned immediately to circle her clit in slow, lavish licks, Kate moaned. Raising her head she looked at her mother’s pussy, raising her hands she parted her mother’s labia before running her tongue across the opening before sucking the engorged clit into her mouth. Slowly and gently they lapped the juices from each other’s pussy’s drinking them down as they brought each other to another orgasm. As their bodies convulsed they heard applause coming from the doorway, turning their heads they saw Paul standing there a robe loosely fastened around him.

“Come on you two, you had better get showered as I’m going to start breakfast” Laura and Kate hugged before Laura stood gently slapping her daughter’s naked buttocks.

“Don’t stay there too long,” she said as she headed for the bathroom. Switching the shower on she slid the door shut allowing the hot water to pore over her; she heard the shower door open and close behind her and then Kate’s hands slipped around her waist.

“I love you mom”

“O honey, I love you too” said Laura as she turned and kissed her daughter “But if we don’t hurry up your father won’t be happy” Standing together they gently washed the sweat and juices from each other’s bodies before stepping from the shower and drying each other. “Mom, will you shave me?” Kate asked as she ran her fingers through her pubic mound.

“If you’re sure you want me to”

“O yes Mom, please” Laura told Kate to sit on the toilet; she trimmed the hair with scissors before she lathered her daughter’s pubic region. With skilled stokes she moved the razor across her daughter’s bush until with a gently wipe she cleaned the remaining foam from her daughter’s pussy before planting a kiss on the naked lips.

Laura stood behind her daughter as she watched her clean her teeth, she couldn’t resist cupping and caressing the firm tight buttocks displayed to her. Kate pushed back into the caress enjoying the feel of the warm smooth hands. Straightening up she kissed her mother; Laura took her daughter’s hand, leading her back to the bedroom. Bending over she lifted the short silk robe from the floor and pasted it to her daughter.

“Why don’t you wear this, I’ve another in my wardrobe”

Kate gasped at the sight of her mother in her robe, it was also silk, but it was so transparent that she could have been naked, her breasts with their firm pointed nipples stood out clearly, the bottom of the robe only just covering her clean shaven pussy.

Paul had just finished cooking the breakfast and was carrying the plates to the table when he heard his wife and daughter coming down the stairs. As they sat together eating Laura told him about the events of the previous day, he found he couldn’t wait for the chance to see Mike fuck his wife and daughter. He would however have to, as Mike was away for the weekend with his friends, still he thought, that meant he had the weekend for fun with his wife and daughter.

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