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Wet Nurse

byRay Dario©

Don and May Tilden were wealthy people. Don had started his own business at the age of twenty-two and it had done very well. Now that they were financially secure they had decided to start their family. Everything had gone smoothly until their first daughter was born. Their doctor recommended that May breast-feed little June but it just wasn't working out. May tried. She really did, but it hurt her small breasts when June sucked, and she wasn't making enough milk to satisfy their daughter's appetite.

After just two weeks they made the decision to hire a wet nurse, but finding one in America turned out to be a real problem. Then a man had answered their ad in the paper and had come to talk to them. He told them that he specialized in bringing women from Mexico to America to work as maids, actresses, and yes sometimes wet nurses. To Don and May the cost of getting her to America was no problem, and of course they would be happy to sponsor her work visa. Don was told Christina didn't speak English so he had learned Spanish as quickly as he could. He had always been a quick learner when he put his mind to it and within a few weeks he could carry on a slow conversation in Spanish. All the preparations had been made and now Don, May and little June were waiting at the bus station to pick up Christina, their new wet nurse.

Finally the passengers from the bus began coming out of the gate and they watched, trying to pick her out of the crowd. They had a photograph of her, very poor quality, but hopefully good enough to recognize her. Suddenly Don saw her. Her picture did not do her justice but he still recognized her immediately. Christina was gorgeous. She had the classic Mexican face, long aristocratic nose, high cheekbones, large soft eyes, and beautiful full lips. She wore her silky black hair straight and it flowed down past her shoulders almost to her hips. She was, perhaps, a little overweight but it fit her nicely. Even under the loose cotton blouse she was wearing it was obvious that her breasts were very large and full. Her hips were padded with just a little extra and it stretched the cheap nylon pants she wore and pulled them tightly across her rounded ass and up into her crotch.

"Damn!" Thought Don to himself. "She is hot!" He knew instantly it was her, but he just stood and stared for a second. Then he shook himself out of his lust induced reverie and smiled.

"There she is." He pointed Christina out to May, then raised his hand and waved to the young girl.

Christina saw him wave and nervously walked over to him. As she walked toward them she looked at the couple. He was handsome, tall, and muscular. He had sandy blond hair and clear blue eyes. His clean-shaven face was square and rugged and had the look of a leader. He was smiling but she did not know if he spoke Spanish and she knew only a few words in English.

The lady, holding a small baby wrapped up in a blanket, was small, short, maybe a little over five feet tall, and petite. Christina didn't think she could weigh more than a hundred pounds if that. She had blond hair, cut short and perfectly styled. Blue eyes and an almost sharp nose completed the aristocratic look. The lady held herself rigidly formal as she looked over toward Christina then she smiled. Her smile lit up her face, exposing beautiful white teeth and a full mouth that was sensuous and yet proper. The smile faded and the lady suddenly looked very tired.

Don saw the look of apprehension on Christina's face and wanted to put her at ease so he spoke in Spanish. "My name is Don, this is my wife May and our daughter June." He said. He couldn't stop himself from looking over Christina as he spoke to her. "You are Christina, right?"

Christina was relieved that he spoke at least a little Spanish but she thought his strong accent and halting speech was funny. She suppressed a little laugh and smiled at the tall American. "Yes, I'm Christina. Are you Mr. Tilden?" She asked in a sexy Spanish voice.

Don swallowed before replying, hoping that his delay would be seen as searching for the right words in a foreign language rather than a flustered schoolboy reaction to this lovely woman. "Yes. We are the Tildens. Uh, welcome to America. How was your trip?"

"It was a very nice trip. I am so excited to be in America. I hope that you like me. Is that the baby that was mentioned? She is so beautiful." Christina spoke so rapidly that Don did not catch most of it and he reached out and touched her arm to slow her down.

An electric spark sent shivers through him as he felt her soft skin for the first time. Don managed to speak softly as he looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry, you are going to fast for me. My Spanish is not very good."

Christina felt the spark too and when she looked into his eyes she suddenly realized that he found her attractive. This wasn't the first time a man had lusted after her. Actually that was how she ended up here. Christina's family was poor and there were six children, five daughters and one son. Christina was the second daughter and was not allowed by her father to go to school. That was reserved for their son. There was a wealthy family with three sons in their village. One of the boys had lusted after Christina. She thought that he was her ticket out of poverty and at eighteen she had become pregnant with his child. But as soon as her son was born the wealthy family took him away from her. She and her family were humiliated. Her father was furious and beat her. When the man from America came looking for girls to go to America her father sold her to him for one hundred pesos. Her father knew he would take her to America to work as a prostitute but he told her mother that she already acted like one she might as well be one.

Luckily for Christina the Tildens needed a wet nurse and since she had just given birth she was still lactating. The scummy man who bought her made her sign an agreement that for the next five years any money they gave her would go to him and then put her on a bus to America. Now here she was. She really had no idea what to expect. The scummy man made her fuck him three times before she was put on the bus and he told her while he fucked her, that she had it easy. She wasn't going to be a whore after all, just a servant. A wet nurse to rich people, maybe they wouldn't even beat her very much. She hated the scummy man, but he was in her past now and these people seemed nice enough. The man was attractive, maybe she would not mind so much if he fucked her, if he was gentle and didn't smell bad. "The trip was good. No problems." She said slowly.

Don and May led Christina out to their minivan and then Don drove them home. Christina gasped when they drove up into the circular driveway. She had never seen a house so big and beautiful. Tall columns framed the tall doorway centered perfectly among large windows promising a light and airy interior. It had five bedrooms, each with it's own private bath and all of the amenities that you would expect to find in a million dollar home.

May was tired from the drive and she gave June to Christina and went to lie down for a while. She was a fragile woman, thin and wispy, with a pale complexion. She rarely ate enough and now, after the birth, she was often tired. Don carried Christina's single small suitcase and showed her to the nursery. She put June down and, once the baby was cooing comfortably under the spinning mobile, he took Christina to her room and sat her suitcase on the large bed. Christina looked around the room. It was larger than her family's entire home in Mexico.

Don laughed at her reaction causing her to blush but she was so happy with her room that she just stood there staring around in wonder.

"You'll want to put your things away and get settled. Then please come down to the den so that we can talk about your position here." Don said, once again touching her lightly on the arm.

Christina turned and looked at Don. He was only thirty years old but still looked worldly and experienced. Looking at him she wondered what it was going to be like living in this house. Would he expect her to have sex with him? Would his wife object to her living here? So many changes, she felt completely out of her element but she knew she must go on. She nodded and waited until Don left the room and then turned back to open her suitcase.

All of her clothes together would not have filled even a single drawer in the huge dresser but she still took the time to sort them into separate drawers and to hang up the two blouses she owned. She compared her clothes with those worn by May and worried that these people might look down on her, but Don and May had seemed nice. May hadn't talked to her, Don said she didn't speak any Spanish, but she had smiled and generally acted friendly, if distant.

Once she was settled she checked on June, who was still sleeping peacefully, and then explored the exquisite home on her way to the den. Don was sitting at a desk going over some paper work but he looked up when he heard her at the door.

"Please, come in and sit down." He said in Spanish, smiling at her. "You know why you were hired right?" He used the wrong term for hired and it came out more as bought.

"Yes." She said softly.

"Do you have any questions for me?" Don asked.

"No sir, I will try to do well for you. Whatever you wish, I'll do." Christina said looking down expecting him to begin treating her like a servant. He had been so nice before but that was probably just to make her feel secure. He knew she was really his slave. Hadn't he even said that they now owned her?

Don thought that her reaction was a little odd. All he new is that they had hired a wet nurse and nanny for June. He didn't realize that she was anything other than a pretty girl looking for work and a better life, but something about her manner intrigued him. "Hmm, yes, well. Where should we start then?" Don looked at her eyes. She had such lovely eyes. "It would be better if you spoke English. Will you learn it for us?"

"Yes sir. Who will teach me?" Christina kept her head lowered.

"Well maybe we could send you to a night class. Would you like that?" Don asked. "We would pay for it of course."

"Yes sir. I would like that very much." Christina said thinking how polite he was being to her. She half expected him to have raped her by now. Instead he was being so very nice. She almost wished he would fuck her. He was so handsome. The last fuck she'd had was by the scummy man and she wanted another soon, by a nicer person, to get rid of the feeling. Just these thoughts stirred the heat between her legs and she unconsciously spread her knees a little farther apart.

Don noticed her spreading her legs, not much but a little, and thought, "Good she is beginning to get more comfortable. Not so rigid." He smiled at her. Don made a decision right then to see how far he could get the young girl to go with him. He knew in his mind it was wrong, but she was so pretty and seemed so desperate to please him.

"Well your clothes won't do. Let's go see what else you have to wear." Don said as he stood up. Christina quickly stood and then followed as he led the way back to her room.

To his surprise she didn't protest at all when he began to go through her things. To her it was his right. Don looked at each article of clothing in her drawers and hung up in her closet. Finally he said. "Tomorrow you and I will go buy you some clothes. Until then please wear this skirt." He handed her a light cotton skirt. To his amazement she immediately slid her pants down and off, leaving only her thin panties hiding the treasure between her legs.

He couldn't speak as she took the skirt, stepped into it and then pulled it up around her waist. Don quickly recovered his composure, hoping that she had not seen the shock on his face. His mind raced and he desperately wanted to see her breasts so he decided to take a chance.

"Now please remove your blouse and bra. I want to see what will be feeding my daughter." He said, immediately feeling corny and unsure of how she would take it.

Without hesitation Christina unbuttoned her blouse. The front of her bra was wet with milk that had leaked from her large breasts and Don could clearly see her large nipples through the thin material. She reached up between her breasts and unclipped her thin bra letting her large breasts burst out to jiggle wonderfully as they settled on her chest. They were huge, and full of milk. As she lowered her bra and stood there letting Don look at her, two large drops of milk formed on her nipples and began to leak down.

Without thinking Don reached forward and touched one of the drops. His finger brushed her nipple as he did and suddenly the drop was a stream. Still without thinking he leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Instantly his mouth was full of her milk. Christina gasped softly as his lips and tongue began to massage her full breasts. It had been quite a while since she had been able to express her milk and her breasts had begun to ache a little. His sucking felt so good. Suddenly she realized that her pussy was dripping wet. She was almost ready to cum just from the feel of his mouth on her breast. She groaned softly and her hands came up to pull his mouth tighter onto her nipple.

Don realized at that moment what was happening but it seemed so natural, and it was easy to tell that Christina was not resisting. She even seemed to be enjoying it. Her milk was sweet and thin and he enjoyed the taste so he suckled her breast for another minute and then moved to the other one, taking it into his mouth and sucking it gently. After several minutes of this he kissed his way up her chest and over her neck and up to her lips.

As his lips met hers, she melted into his arms and he held her tight. Still kissing passionately they moved together to the bed and he laid her down and then lay down beside her. She never resisted as he once again kissed his way down her neck and over her breasts. He spent long minutes licking and sucking each of her nipples, sucking her milk into his mouth, and then he kissed his way down her soft belly.

Don explored each inch of her body as he made his way down. He finally reached the edge of her skirt. He slipped his fingers inside the elastic hem and pushed down. Christina raised her hips, allowing him to easily slide her skirt off. Once it was removed he dropped it to the side of the bed and kissed his way down over her panties. He gently kissed her inner thighs and began rubbing her pussy through her now soaked panties. Her smell was very strong and erotic and he couldn't hold back any longer.

Christina once again lifted her hips as he pulled her underwear down and off, exposing her sweet pussy. Her pubic hair was thick and full and black, curling up and nearly hiding her excited sex. Her cunt lips were swollen and wet with her juices as Don began to kiss he way toward them. Slowly he moved closer, building her anticipation as he did, until finally his mouth found her pussy. He pressed his tongue deep into her cunt, tasting her, savoring her sweet nectar. He made love to her pussy with his mouth, gently at first and then with increased urgency as he felt her orgasm building. Don sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and held it gently with his teeth. His tongue flicked over it rapidly and suddenly her orgasm exploded. Convulsions wracked her body bouncing her tits wildly. She grunted loudly as she came and grabbed Don's face forcing his mouth harder onto her pussy. She pushed her hips up to him at the same time and stayed tensed like that for nearly a minute before she collapsed back onto the bed.

Don slid up her sweaty body and once again sucked her milk from her breasts. After just a few sucks on each hard nipple he reached down and removed his pants and then his briefs, exposing his hard cock. Christina looked down and saw it and gasped again. He was so much larger than the other men who had fucked her. Her eyes glazed over with lust and she reached down and pulled his cock toward her dripping pussy. Don moved between her legs, letting her guide him in, and pushed his cock into her cunt. He entered her only about two inches at first, feeling how tight and hot she was. Then he slowly pressed forward, sliding inch after inch into her beautiful pussy. Finally he had his full nine inches inside her and he began to fuck her gently. With each stroke she smiled and moaned softly.

Don took his time fucking Christina. He was very gentle and loving, kissing her softly on the lips as he drove his cock in and out of her hot cunt. She wrapped her arms around him and held him to her. He could feel her large tits pressing his chest and her milk was getting him wet. They fucked like old lovers for nearly thirty minutes until Don could not control his own orgasm any longer. His tempo increased and he felt his balls tighten. Christina felt it too and she wanted his sperm deep inside her.

"Fuck me. Give me your baby." She said softly to him in Spanish.

At first he thought he misunderstood her and that maybe she was just saying to give it to her but when she repeated it he knew what she wanted. She wanted him to make her pregnant. The thought turned him on incredibly and he shot his load deep into her cunt.

"Yes, oh baby, fuck me, give me your baby." She said over and over again.

Finally Don finished coming. His sperm was leaking out of her pussy all around his cock. He rolled to the side and lay there looking dreamily at this beautiful woman he had just fucked. He knew then he was more than just in lust with her. He loved her and he wanted her to have his children.

Christina and he lay side by side smiling at each other for a long time. Neither one said anything. They both knew they were in love. Finally Christina got up and took his hands. "Let's take a shower." She said softly.

The next day May was to tired to get out of bed, so Christina bundled up little June and Don took them both to a uniform shop downtown. Don held June as Christina tried on different uniforms and finally he picked the one he liked the best. He paid for ten of them in her size to be sent to the house and then took her and June to a ritzy department store. Here she tried on several outfits and he bought her new panties and bras, making sure there were some that were very sexy and several maternity bras with the flaps that folded down to allow breast feeding.

They went to a nice restaurant for lunch and Christina was overwhelmed at the food. She ate until she was very full, smiling and happy. She was truly enjoying her new life. How wonderful America was, she thought, how perfect her life had become. Even if she was this man's slave, she was so much better off than before. After they ate lunch they drove over to the local college and checked on continuing education courses. Before they left they had enrolled her into a six-week "English as a second language" course that started the next week. Christina was so excited she forgot herself and gave Don a tight hug. Don laughed at her young exuberance and held her soft body close to his.

That night after a wonderful supper, cooked by Christina but hardly touched by May, Christina breast fed little June and then put her down for the night. May wearily crept off to bed.

"I am worried for May." Christina said softly to a somber Don.

"Me too." He replied. She seemed to be getting worse not better. "I wish I knew what was wrong. Tomorrow I'm going to call the doctor and see when we can get her in."

Christina sensed Don's deep concern for his wife. He loved May deeply. Perhaps in a way he would never care for her. She sucked her breath in sharply. That was right. She was his slave, his mistress, but not his wife and he would never love her the way he loved May. The thought made her sad. She knew that she loved him already. She loved him more deeply than she had ever loved anyone. At least she could be with him, not as his wife, but as his mistress.

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