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Wet Panties


I met my best friend Alexandra when we were both ten years old. Alex and I played together all the time as kids, and have continued to chill together as teenagers. We know all there is to know about each other and being eighteen there are some juicy secrets that Alex has shared with me that I wish I didn't know.

There is one secret of mine that Alex doesn't even know about, and that is that I am in love with her sister, Ashley. Well actually in love with her fabulous body, but what's the difference. Since Alex and I have been friends since the age of ten, I have had the pleasure of watching her sister grow up. Ashley is the same age as Alex and I.

I spent the night at Alex's place last Friday. I try to get us to stay at her place, so I can see Ashley, even though she is out a lot with her girlfriends. Anyway, it was around midnight, and I wanted to get my clothes off because I wanted to get ready for bed. I told Alex I was going to go to the upstairs bathroom to change.

As I was walking towards the bathroom, I noticed Ashley's bedroom door was slightly ajar. I stood next to the door and peered in. I couldn't believe my own eyes! Ashley was standing in front of her mirror rubbing her breasts through her shirt. She then proceeded to move to her bed and lie down. She took a minute to rub her hands up and down her whole body before returning to her breasts.

I very quietly sat down next to her door and glued my eyes to the sight in front of me. She removed her shirt and continued fondling herself. Then she removed her pants. I already knew she didn't wear panties. She started rubbing her pussy with her right hand. Then she finally used her left hand to pull the lips apart and drove two fingers deep into her pussy. A moan escaped between her beautiful red lips. As she finger fucked herself, I undid my pants and jammed three fingers into my already dripping cunt. As Ashley inserted a third finger into her mound, she lifted her ass up off the mattress, and increased her speed. Her moans were increasing and I knew she would cum soon, so I also picked up my speed to stay with her. After a couple of minutes, she came and I wasn't too far behind. A deep, long moan came from Ashley, as she came. The second after I came, I silently snapped my pants back together and got ready to get the hell out of there before I was caught. I took one more quick look at Ashley lying there in bed. She was licking her fingers. I sat there gazing at her and right when I decided to leave I heard her say, "Come in here."

I sat there in absolute fear. I had been caught. I didn't know whether to run, or to go on ahead into the bedroom. Ashley must have known this because while I was still deciding, she got up and went to the door and opened it. She looked down at me and a huge grin spread across her beautiful face.

"Caught wet handed."

I started laughing. I was so glad she had broken the ice. She was still naked and I kept looking up and down her gorgeous body. I just couldn't help myself. She was so hot! Her long brown hair with blond highlights. She had the cutest, barely there freckles on her nose. Knowing I liked what I was seeing, she reached her hand out and I gladly accepted it.

She pulled me up and pushed her naked body against me. Having her naked breasts smashing against mine was quite a turn on. She ran her fingers through my hair.

"Did you know I was out there the whole time?"

Ashley ran her fingers down my cheek, neck, and stopped at my breasts.

"I wasn't exactly sure, but I felt like I was being watched."

I knew my cheeks were still red from being caught. Ashley knew she had to calm me down.

"Don't be embarrassed love, I'm not."

"Why not?"

"I have always wanted us to hook up and I'm glad I was able to put on a show for you."

"And what a show it was, my panties are soaked from watching you getting yourself off."

"Well…" Ashley teased. "Let's get those wet panties off of you."

I stood somewhat helplessly as Ashley undid my pants and helped me out of them. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips lovingly.


"Mmmm," was the only sound I could make.

She started kissing me harder, exploring every part of my mouth with her tongue. Then she rammed her knee into my pussy. She leaned back, but kept her knee in my pussy while she pulled my shirt and bra off. She cupped my breasts. As she started rolling my nipples between her fingers, I started moaning and humping her knee. I was like a dog in heat. I was humping Ashley's knee so hard that she put a hand on my back and pulled us a step back, so she could lean against the wall.

I started moaning loudly because I could feel my stomach tightening with my approaching orgasm. Ashley sensed I was nearing my climax, so she lowered her head down to my breasts and took a pink nipple into her hot little mouth. She rotated between sucking and flicking her tongue against my nipple. I felt my orgasm hit and bit my lip to keep quiet.

After I came, I rested my head on Ashley's breasts. We stood there a minute, with Ashley holding me while I recovered. When I regained my senses, I was fully aware that my lips were inches away from Ashley's left nipple. I could tell by the way her body jerked, that she didn't think I would just start devouring her nipple.

"Oh baby!"

As I was sucking on her sweet nipple, I moved my hand to her almost bare mound. She had a little bit of light hair down the middle of her mound. I ran my index finger along her slit. I just let my finger dance around her slit, while I continued sucking on her beautiful, perky breasts. Finally, I let my finger go beyond her slit and I brushed against her clit. Ashley let out a moan.

"The bed!"

We moved to the bed and got in with me on top. I got her pillow and placed it under hips. I started licking up and down her pussy lips, and then drove my tongue deep into her cunt.

"Oh shit, baby don't stop."

I used my thumb to stimulate her clit, while working her pussy with my tongue. After a couple of minutes, Ashley told me to stop. I stopped and looked at her. She had a hard time getting a breath.

"The nightstand."

I got off the bed and opened the drawer and pulled out a seven inch vibrator. I flashed Ashley a wicked smile.

"How long have we had this?" I teased Ashley.

"Just a few months. I told you to stop eating me out because I want to cum from penetration."

I climbed back on top of her slightly sweaty body. I bend down and we started kissing. After a few kisses, I pulled my head back, but used my left index finger to rub her clit. She started moaning and trying to hump my hand, so I turned the vibrator on and got ready to put in her pussy.

"Hard or soft?"


I turned the vibrator on high and shoved it deep into her pussy. All seven inches disappeared inside her beautiful pussy.

"Oh god, fuck me! I've been a dirty little slut!"

I started pumping the vibrator in and out as fast as I could while still rubbing her clit. The vibrator was glistening with her juices. I was happy she lasted as long as she did. I loved fucking Ashley with the vibrator. When she came, her body was shaking and she was coming off the bed. I gave the vibrator a blowjob while waiting for Ashley to come back to the world. When she did finally return, I was still licking and sucking her sweet girl cum off the vibrator.

We lay in her bed looking into each others eyes and then started making out. Finally, Ashley broke the silence.

"I'm so glad you're my sister's best friend."

"Me too, and I'm really glad she's got a sexy sister like you."

Sometime in the next half hour, Ashley and I fell asleep in each other's arms. I awoke at three in the morning.

"Oh shit, Alexandra!" I thought. I quietly got out of bed, so I wouldn't wake up Ashley. I crept back into the basement. There in front of the television, I found Alex asleep. She must have fallen asleep shortly after I left to change. If she knew Ashley and I were getting it on, she surely would have kicked me out of the house.

I went back upstairs to the bathroom and changed into my pajamas. I stole a quick glance at Ashley sleeping peacefully in her bed. I went back to the basement and got in my sleeping bag. I thought about Ashley and I for a few minutes and I bet when I finally fell asleep, I had a huge grin on my face!

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