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Wet Pantyhose


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My name is Sherry and I've been married to Todd for twenty-two years. We have one child, Kenneth. Kenneth just happed to turn twenty-one as is attending a state college. This past summer something happened when Ken was home. At first I was scared, mortified. I never told anyone this. Who could I tell? Ken best friend was at our house and that is how things started.

Ken and Glen have been best friends since grade school. I've known that Glen has had the hots for me and I guess it started when Glen was a teenager. I would never take advantage of a child (anyone under 20) and nothing really happened until this past year.

When I realized that Glen was having fantasies about me, I was mortified. Then I realized that Glen is not a child any more. I'm sure he has enjoyed his share of ladies. Then I have to admit that I warmed up to the idea, and that I do and have enjoyed the attention. Glen was 20 and I was a little older. This must have been the MILF or Stacey's mom thing. I never thought that I would be a "Mrs. Robinson."

Both my husband and Ken are night owls. Not me, I love the morning. With out fail I'm always the first person awake and that just suites me fine. The house is peaceful and very quiet as the new day greeted me. First order of business, start the coffee.

Looking back at things, I don't know how I missed it. After all, Glen should have been easy to read. I just didn't think he thought of me that way. Glen was so cute as he tried his best to wake up and join me for coffee. He looked so cute with his hair in a mess and those morning eyes. At first I was a little slow, but caught him check me out a few times. He was pretty direct, staring at my chest. I'm sure that he prayed my robe would open.

Secondly Glen ways tried to help me out. When ever I needed someone or something Glen was first to volunteer. It was cute. After some time I became comfortable with him and this new relationship of ours. Every now and then I would toss him a bone, lean forward expose some cleavage to him or not fix my skirt when it rides up to nigh. It's just these simple things that really didn't mean too much but gave Glen something to think about when he took care of his needs.

It's nice to know that someone has been checking me out. After all, women love to be naughty. My biggest fantasy is to be worshiped by two men. We just need the right environment. Most men fail to realize that. When a woman is comfortable with her body, she would love to show it off. Well most women. I'm one of those bad girls. After all these years, I'm finally comfortable in my skin.

Looking back and things, why didn't I ever think that someone out there could or would be fantasizing about me? Oh that is so nice to know that some man has a hard cock in his had, and his mind is focused on me. That he wants to make love to me to take me in my bed.

Then, things changed and in a big way. Todd had purchased tickets to the theater. Yes, he was in the dog house with me. So, this was his way of apologizing. What he fails to realize is this and its simple, I love to dress up. Sure, to have men look at me. But more importantly, the feeling that I get when I walk out of our bedroom and Todd sees me. I love that look on his face. Todd should know that I dressed for him. I always treasure the expression on his face, when he sees me all dressed up. I mean it, I dress for him! The bonus is having other see me!

Then I felt him again, someone was watching me. Within a few seconds I forgot about someone watching me as I was in a major rush. Dam, I should have wrapped the towel better but I don't have time. The towel falls to the floor and my body was revealed to anyone and everyone, but, no time to be worried as I was late. No time to think just hurry to get ready. Todd is always ready and like most nights waited impatiently for me.

There it was again, who was that? I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. Oh it's that little pervert Glen! Glen was trying to see me nude. I think he's trying to see me nude. I noticed that he backed up, but I still feel him watching me. Time to forget about Glen and Todd girl! Girl, hurry up and get ready.

Honk. I hate when he does that. Why does he feel it necessary to honk the car horn? Does he think that by honking the horn will help me? Last thing to do is to slip on my pantyhose. I hate these things; have to be careful not to put a run in them. I love the way; Todd looks at me when I'm in hose. How he always tries to touch me. It's putting them on and it's not fun when I'm in a hurry all ready dressed, hair and make up ready, and slip into pantyhose. Ok good, I didn't fall. Both of my feet in, great pulled them up, good. No runs. Slide them up and my dress down. Perfect!

Oh, my pantyhose felt wet. I grab my cost put that on. Oh dam these dam pantyhose felt different, but I just purchased them. It must be my imagination. Slip into my shoes and hurry. I race to the car. I got in and sad down. I love it when Todd looks at my legs. Dam, the crotch of the hose is wet. How did that happen? Its pretty damp, it can't be from me even though I just took a shower. Its making me wet not from arousal. What ever was on the crotch it felt thick?

As we started to drive Todd was focused on driving and not paying any attention to me. I slide my hand under my jacket and under my skirt. I had to know what this was. I felt myself, no time for that. Then I felt something on my hose. It felt thick, like egg white. What was this? Oh, no way. I brought my fingers up out of my skirt and jacket. Even though it's dark, I can make it out. It looks like I have cum on my fingers.

No way! I taste it, oh yes it's cum! Where did that come from? Oh, that must be from Glen. He must have masturbated in my pantyhose. I didn't like what my fingers found. Yet it was cum. Oh my god, I had Glen's cum on my pussy. Dam, why didn't I wear panties?

Oh, what did that little kinky bastard do? How long did he watch me? I needed to change, but we were late for the show. Todd would never stop and I knew that. Why bother asking. Desperately I need to get a fresh pair.

Then it hit me, I started to feel like a slut. Startled, but I started to love it. Never before have I been so close to having two men. God, this was so naughty. I had Glen cum on my pussy and my husband was a foot away. I couldn't help myself, my body just took over. My hand went back under my jacket, gingerly slipped under my skirt. I did my best not to wrinkle my dress. Oh then, then my hand went under my pantyhose. God, my pussy cried out and my fingers answered the cry. Slowly I started to rub Glen's cum into my lips, my clit. God, I felt so bad! So alive! This is what I missed out on!

I had no control over the situation. Do you know how that felt? It was a dream!

It's always been a fantasy of mine to have two studs pleasure me for a night. What a pervert that Glen is. How could he masturbate in my pantyhose? What if Todd wants me tonight? Could I allow Todd to make love to me and have Glen's cum on my pussy? Well, I don't have to think about that for some time.

We arrived at the theater. Todd drove around and found his perfect spot. Then he parked the car. Quickly he walked around to open my door and help me out. Of course I had to give him a very generous leg shot. I allowed my skirt to ride high before I moved to get out. I wanted him to see that I was not wearing panties.

I wanted him to take me right there for him to slide his cock in me in the parking lot. Oh I wanted it. Eat me up baby my body screamed as I got out. Todd leaded us to our seats. It's hard to smile and I'm worried. Can anyone tell? What if someone smelted that my pussy was covered in cum? Crap, now I had to worry that when Glen's cum tired will others notice that scent on me.

Finally we took our seats. OK girl time to cool down. Forget about what all happened. It's was now time to relax and enjoy the theater. I can't. I can't stop thinking about what all happened. I'm excited, upset, and not sure what all of this means. No, forget what all happened today and relax. Don't think about it, just focus on the play. It took a few deep breaths to calm down and focus on the play.

I love the experience of the theater. As always everyone was dressed very nice, putting on his or her best face. It's so attractive to see people dressed nice. Don't get me wrong, I could care less what label people are wearing what I do care about is looking his or her best.

Normally I would love to enjoy a glass of wine. However, we were late and there was no way I could ask Todd to get me one. He was not in a good mood. Todd has always hated the theater. If only he looked around. Look at the beauty. Sure, he could skip the men and focus just on the ladies. Almost every lady is dressed to impressed. Most are in short skirts and almost every lady is wearing stockings. What more could a man want? So many ladies, so many legs to eye up!

Sitting in my chair things finally started to sink in. What an experience, there I was at the theater watching this Broadway show with another man's cum on my pussy. The crotch of my pantyhose wet, soaked with some young studs cum. The more I thought about it the more aroused I was. Todd has talked about adding someone to our bed, but this is wild. How could I have told him, "Honey, feel my crotch it's full of some other man's cum."?

All I wanted all that I needed was sex. From anyone it didn't matter. As the play went on I wanted to take care of myself. Oh god, I needed relief. Right then, I would do anyone. I didn't care. I wouldn't care. I wanted a body! Talk about feeling torn, from what society tells me I should be to the media telling me how I should be. Dam, put me on girls gone wild. Well, maybe milf's gone wild. My mind was adrift for the play and I didn't see anything. Just as fast as the play started, it was over.

Next thing I knew Todd whisked me to the car. I didn't think. He just moved my body. In the car, drove home and then we pulled into our house. Todd pulled into the garage and I opened my door. Into the house we went, and all I wanted was a shower. The kids were out and the house was in pretty good order. At least they didn't have a party.

Finally in my bedroom all that I wanted was to undress and take a shower! Todd came up behind me, grabbed me and started to nibble on my ear.

I whispered to him, "Oh baby, take a shower with me!"

If he only knew how badly I need someone to take me. I wanted to get it for someone to take me. I didn't want to wait for a shower, but I didn't want him to find out.

"I don't want to take a shower." He pressed his hard cock against me. "I want you." He reached down and grabbed my skirt. "I've had a hard and long day and I want some. I want you now! I want to make love to my wife, and I'm going to make love to my wife."

Todd pushed me against the sink, turned me around to face the mirror, lifted my skirt up, and then ripped down my pantyhose. I felt exposed having him down on his knee. Could he notice the scent? Would he notice the scent? I didn't take a lover but I did have cum on me. Then he kissed me, licked my cheek. Oh, I felt myself running down my thighs. I was very aroused. He turned me around again to face him. Todd was still on a knee.

"Oh baby, I love it when your wet!" He looks up at me. Then goes in, takes my pussy in his mouth.

Oh god, his tongue on my clit felt good. I have, have to stop him. I can't allow him to do this. I'm dirty down there. "Oh baby, stop. Come take a shower with me." He stands kissed me. I could taste it! His cock pointed out and he was going to take me. Helplessly he spun me around again facing the mirror. His strong hands on my waist and pushed me forward giving him access to my wet pussy.

Then I felt Todd as his cock enters my pussy. God, he felt good. His cock pushed deep into me. I wanted to warn him, wanted to clean myself, but his cock was deep in me and I'm sure Todd's cock was surrounded by Glen's cum.

Don't get me wrong I love foreplay and love to be seduced, but every now and then it's nice to be taken hard and fast. Todd did just that. He bent me over the cold counter, ripped my clothes off and took me. Then Todd slid his cock into me without caring if I was ready. Only this time I was more then ready, my pussy was slick for his cock. The tip of his cock touched me and slide deep into me. God, I would be nice to opened up more, to be stretched, and a little more friction!

Oh god, Todd's cock felt great. Todd quickly worked up to his fast rhythm. I wanted him deep in me and I was ready for him. "That's it baby use my body! I love feeling your cock in me."

Oh I shouldn't have liked it. I had cum on my pussy and it was not my husbands. I loved it and I was so aroused. The thought that I had Glen's cum all ready on me was so kinky. I loved it.

"Oh baby, I want to feel you cum in me! Cum for me baby."

Todd loves having me talk dirty to him. He started to grunt louder, pushing his cock harder into me. Todd's pace faster and faster. I looked at him in the mirror. He looked almost in pain as he got ready. Oh yea, then I felt it. Todd thick mushroom head swelled as he started to cum. Feeling him cum sent me over the edge. God, I needed it. Relief as the orgasm rips through my body. I convulse on his cock, I love cuming when I have something in me. He gives one quick thrust, finished. Finally Todd pulled his cock out of me.

Todd walked into the bedroom and went to bed. I took a moment to gather myself. What a naughty girl I was. I was surprised as to how much I loved it. Now, I was ready to join Todd, my husband, in bed.

In bed I had time to ponder. Now should I tell Todd what happened? Having Todd fuck me like that makes me feel good. The feeling that I got of having Todd behind me grinding me and having his head pushed into my sounder. To have Todd act this way having him pull my hair as he pumps his cock into me. Should I tell Todd what Glen did? After all I carried another man's cum in my pussy today. Yea, I didn't have sex with Glen but still. Some things are private and I can't tell Todd.

In the past, Todd has talked about a threesome or even swapping. Maybe this is what I needed to start. God, it would be fun. Could I have Todd watch me? What if the guy was hung, and knew how to use it? Could I suppress my feelings of pleasure as this god filled me, stretched me, and filled me with his meat? I do mean meat! How would Todd react? Would he want to watch? Ya know, I think that watching him with a woman would be fun! Next time he brings up the idea, I'm open.

My last thoughts for that night, what to do with Glen and how much do I tell Todd?

The End.

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