tagFetishWetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 01

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Setup

Emma was 22 when she graduated from college with a degree in English Literature and Music studies, and after studying day and night for the last six-months of her life to come away top of her class, she decided she needed a gap-year of pure relaxation in Europe, her first stop being the islands of the Mediterranean. She had a near perfect slim figure thanks to playing competitive field hockey throughout her university days, with shoulder length brunette hair tinted with lighter brown highlights. Her perky breasts, though not overly large were full and firm enough to catch any guy's eye, and probably many envious girls' too whenever she went out. Her butt was tight as a drum and legs long and shapely, leaving her a few inches taller than the average girl. A stunning body, to say the least, and she knew it.

In college she hadn't been with a huge amount of guys, but the one's she had been with were mostly thick-headed jocks that, apart from their toned athletic bodies, she found she had little interest in anything else in terms of a relationship, and her relationships generally ended after a month or so of sex. With the amount of time she spent studying at her desk, sometimes her attention wandered to the internet, which she used as a way of entertaining herself, browsing porn sites at night and bringing herself off to relieve the stress of her studies.

After a while though, the regular guy on girl action began to bore her, and she found herself looking for increasingly deviant message boards and images until she found something that piqued her interest. One particular fetish that caught her attention was pissing both naked and clothed, a practice made taboo by parents as they toilet train their kids. She had a special interest in this because she had often fantasised when she was younger about just how naughty it would be for a girl her age to wet herself, in public and in private.

When she was 16 she had experimented a little. She had a plan and when her parents had gone away for a weekend leaving only her in the house (with her Auntie checking in on her in the evenings), she executed it as best she could. She started the Saturday morning by not having her morning pee, and simply drinking several tall glasses of water for breakfast. By mid-afternoon she was full the brim and ready, so she shut the curtains to her bedroom, stripped out of her pink kitty pyjamas and grabbed a couple of pairs of blue cotton panties from the laundry hamper, along with a pair of tight fitting jeans. Squirming with a mix of desperation and excitement she lay a few folded towels on her bedroom floor next to her bed and sat down, leaning back on her elbows, her legs spread slightly in front of her. Her small pink nipples hardened as her topless body was exposed to the slight draft coming in through the window.

Through her jeans and panties, she started to rub herself gently and tried to relax her bladder, and it wasn't long before a couple of squirts of piss were soaked up by the cotton. She bent forward trying to get a better view, and the increase of pressure on her abdomen was all it took to open the floodgates. A dribble became a stream as piss flowed freely from her lips, quickly soaking the panties, which became warm, wet and clung to her body. The feeling was incredible as she continued to wet through the layers of fabric and a small dark patch of dampness on the jeans began to grow and cling to the shape of her thighs. She continued pissing for about half a minute, the piss running down from her pussy and caressing her butt warmly before soaking through the clothing and into the towels.

After finally finishing, she ran her hands all around the wet jeans, taking in the feeling of the damp fabric all over her legs before pushing the jeans off to reveal her wet shiny thighs and thoroughly sodden panties. Unable to control herself much more she masturbated herself through the underwear to a thundering orgasm, which left her gasping for air while lying on the damp towels in only her panties now wet with her own juices as well as her piss.

Later, she took a long bath (in which she brought herself to another orgasm) before drying off and washing the offending items. It was an incredible thrill but unfortunately the opportunity for it again never presented itself again until she left home for college. By this point however she was having regular sex with guys, and the thought began to slip from her mind. Only as she was ending her degree course did she stumble upon the pocket of the internet concerned with wetting and, reigniting her interest, she kept it at the forefront of her mind as she made preparations for her trip.

Upon her arrival mid-July to Majorca, a sun-kissed island off the coast of Spain, she spent little time in checking into her hotel and finding the nearest beach, pausing only momentarily in her hotel room to change into an alluring red bikini, the kind kept on the body solely by lace on the hips and back. Throwing on a pair of tan coloured shorts, a hat and some sunglasses, she grabbed her bag and her orange beach towel and left the hotel.

Surrounded by the vast number of "school's out" tourists on the beach, there was skin everywhere, which kept pretty much only one subject at the front of Emma's mind. Staring through her mirrored sunglasses she observed the sights one by one. The groups of three or four of late-teen lads eyeing the women, tanned, toned, and every now and again sporting a slightly noticeable bulge in their baggy swim shorts. There was the hairy chested Italian guys trying to chat up everything with breasts, with tiny Speedos and a tub of gel in their hair. The slim German tourists, apparently unaware of bikini tops, their full breasts swinging happily as they splash in the waves and make their way up the beach. Emma spied a couple of girls about her age, one wearing a tight fitting, blue one-piece swimsuit, the other a black and blue polka-dot bikini, standing waist deep in the water, chatting. Behind them the water extended out about a mile to the rocky cliff faces that came round from the left and right to form the bay area, and in that darker, colder water various father-son couples floated in small yellow dinghies with delusions of grandeur.

Emma set herself up a spot about halfway down to the shore from the back of the beach, lying her towel out carefully to get as little sand as possible on top of it. Out of her bag she took a large bottle of mineral water and a middle-factor sun cream. Wriggling out of her shorts, she kneeled on her towel and began to apply the cream, starting with her shoulders. She slowly massaged the milky liquor along her left arm, across the top of her chest and down the other side. Reaching behind her, she pulled on the lace keeping her pert breasts hidden, and slipped off her bikini top, exposing her curves to the world. She took up more of the sun cream and rubbed it on carefully, one breast at a time, making them glisten in the afternoon sun. She was well aware that her action would attract some attention, and got some thrill from her little exhibition knowing others would too. After she finished polishing her boobs, she slipped them back inside the bikini cups and re-tied the lace, much to the chagrin of some of the nearby beach patrons.

After working the cream into her long legs, and across her face, she lay back, her curves shining from the cream, and let her tan build for an hour or so, periodically taking large mouthfuls of water from her bottle, and dreaming naughty thoughts about the people she'd been watching earlier.

Startled, she awoke from a short nap with the familiar urge to pee, noticing that she'd drank the whole bottle of water while slaking her thirst. From the tightness in her stomach and her recent rediscovered passion for the piss, she came to a quick conclusion that she would pee right here on the beach somehow. She'd done it privately before, and the incredible feeling she had got must be multiplied when the naughtiness is applied in public she though.

"Why the heck not?" she muttered to herself as her eyes searched the sands for an idea. She felt pissing in the sea was a bit of a cop-out as it's not exactly wetting herself since she'd already be in the water. Half the excitement came from seeing herself pee she remembered.

She crossed her legs involuntarily as she wriggled slightly on her towel. She spotted public bathroom and changing facilities about 100 feet away, thrown together from corrugated steel and tarpaulin. About as non-private as you can get without standing in the middle of the beach. Surrounded by so many people, she didn't feel confident enough to go on her beach towel but the changing area, somewhere where so many people will ultimately pass through would do.

She picked herself up from the sand, slipped on her shorts and quickly moved into one of the open-topped cubicles. The walls of the cubicles were barely high enough to keep adjacent occupants from looking her right in the eye, and the bottoms of the walls were open so that crouching on the tiled floor one could see the feet of those next-door. A small wooden bench sat on the back wall of each cubicle. Emma decided to to sit on the bench and pee right through her shorts and bikini bottoms. She brought her feet up onto the bench so she could get a good view of her front and felt herself relax as she had done six years ago in her bedroom.

Within moments, she felt her piss streaming into her red bikini bottoms, being quickly absorbed by the padded material, warming her pussy delightfully. She checked that the flimsy lock on her door was bolted across before slipping her hand into her shorts and panties to feel the piss cascading over her fingers. Her tan shorts began to dampen and the dark wet patch spread out around her shaved pussy and outlined her butt before it could no longer absorb the piss. Emma heard her pee spilling out of her shorts, covering the bench and splashing onto the ceramic below her making her even hornier as she plunged two fingers deep inside her still peeing pussy and began masturbating furiously. Meanwhile she took her other hand and reached into her bikini top rubbing, squeezing and massaging her firm tits one by one. Her pee flow began to fade but she kept grinding her hands inside her until she began to shudder all over, cumming hard and fast. Her sex juices squirted out, mixing with the dampness already clinging to her crotch. She stifled herself enough so as not to scream out loud with pleasure and attract attention from the adjacent cubicles. Breathing heavily, she leaned against the wall for a few moments more before regaining her composure.

She put her feet back onto the piss covered tiles with a splash and slipped out of her blatantly soaked shorts to reveal her bikini bottoms, now dark and shiny with her toilet. The last few errant drops of pee fell from her crotch and ran down her leg as she set herself up to leave. No one would question wet pants at the beach and they would dry pretty quickly in the heat outside. She looked at the mess she made as the puddle of urine began to run into the adjacent cubicle she noticed with a naughty smile. She left and, curiously, in behind her went both of girls she had spotted standing in the water chatting to each other a while ago. Though she thought nothing of the chance encounter, it did give her pleasure in wondering if anyone would realise what had happened in there that day, wondering how they would react and if they would be as turned on by it as she was.

Emma knew that this gap year was going to be the most exciting year of her life yet as she headed out into the warm sea to wash herself off before returning to her spot on the sand.

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