What a Day


What a day, the rain seems to be never ending, the lines at the grocery store moved too slow, and now traffic was back up from all the construction. Jess just wanted to get home and drink her cheap wine and take a hot bubble bath.

Sitting in traffic her mind started drift to her fight with her husband this morning. The threat of divorce was in her mind. She didn't know what had gotten into him lately, all the late nights on the computer, the jumpiness when she walked into the room. Was he cheating on her?

She assumed that he was and she was giving him an ultimatum, her or the computer. She really though he was going to choose the damn computer. He just seemed so distant, what was she doing wrong. She had showered, shaved her puffy pussy into a slim landing strip, put on her sexiest night gown and he still showed no interest.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Really, let's piss off the woman who is already having a bad day. Jess threw her hand out the window and flipped off the driver behind her. Pulling up to the next stop light she looked to her left and saw a younger couple holding hands at the bus stop. They looked so happy, why couldn't she and Jon be that way. Maybe divorce wasn't what needed to happen but something needed to change.

Pulling into the drive way she noticed that Jon's car wasn't there yet, maybe she would pry into his computer and see if maybe he was having an affair. She had never gotten into any of his personal things but she had to know what was wrong. When she entered the house the power was out. Great, what a way to start her weekend. What else could go wrong, her marriage was in shambles, she hated her job, and now there was no way she would be able to just sit back and relax with no electricity.

There was an eerie silence in the house, only the sounds of the rain and thunder. The rain banging on the windows was starting to calm her nerves. Jess went to change out of her clothes and slip into something a little more comfortable.

Stepping out of her skirt and unbuttoning her blouse she studied herself in the mirror. Was it her body? She put her hands on her hips and stared at the dim reflection in the mirror. Her hips were very curvy and her breasts were full. She had bright blue eyes and short blonde hair. Standing in only her heels, panties, and bra made her feel sexy. Maybe this is what Jon needed, a bit of teasing.

She began to run her fingers over the lace on her bra, feeling her nipples harden with lightest touches. She missed Jon's touch if only he would pay attention to her. Jess decided that the electric being out wasn't going to stop her from relaxing; she hoped that there was still hot water in the tank. She lit a few candles and started the water. The power had not been out long, because the water was still very hot. She added some rose scented bath oil and brought a few candles into the bathroom.

She slowly sank into the hot water and her stress slowly started to lift. She soon found herself running her fingers over her nipples again. Circling her fingers slowly around the dark pink areola. Laying her head back enjoying the sensations she longed for. She moved her hands across her body and down to her swelling clit. She rubbed it gently making small circles and pinching it between her index and thumb. The feeling was amazing. If only Jon could bring her pleasure like this.

She let a little moan escape her lips. She was getting lost in the moment when she remembered that she still wanted to pry into why Jon was so distant with her. She climbed out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her, and headed for the study. She knew the house like the back of her hand so she didn't bother to light candles along the way. The light she had from the one candle was plenty of light to rummage through his desk drawers.

She made her way to the desk. She pulled the first drawer open. It was full of papers from work, nothing interesting. The second had a few playboys and porn's. The middle drawer only had pens, pencils, paperclips, and some post it notes, the other side had more work stuff. Well everything seemed in order. Jess had known that Jon jacked off in his office sometimes. When they first moved in the new house she had sex with him all the time in there. The porn's, condoms, and playboys were no shock to her.

The lights flicked on. She started pushing the drawers back in when she noticed there was something written on the smaller post-it note. It was a website name, cumplay.com. She looked at the clock on the wall. It was nearly time for Jon to be home, she hurried to put everything back the way it was and scrambled to the kitchen to make dinner.

Right on time Jon strolled through the door, he came to the kitchen were Jess was bending over to take the pizza out of the oven. He could see her round ass poking out from beneath the towel. The sight of her ass made his cock twitch. He quickly went to the fridge and took out a few bottles of beer. He opened them and handed one to Jess, she smiled and took a drink. She got close to him and ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his lips. Jon only stood there. Jess dropped her towel and moved closer again, hoping he would be enticed to touch her. She leaned in to kiss him again, his response was the same. She picked up her beer and drank it down. Frustrated she screamed at him and stormed out of the room. Jon's cock was as hard as a rock.

Why did she have to be such a bitch? She was going to pay, why couldn't she just let him be the person in charge? If she only knew how he felt about her.

Jess rushed off to their bedroom, putting her panties on then an oversized shirt. She climbed into bed and though about what she was going to say to him once he came to bed. She looked at the clock it wasn't even 8 yet. It would still be a few hours before Jon came to bed.

Well screw him she though, if he won't please me then I'll please myself. She pushed back the covers and crawled onto his side of the bed. She pulled her panties to the side and furiously worked her clit until her pussy was nice and wet. She rolled over to her stomach and pushed her fingers in and out of her hole until she had an orgasm. She pulled off her panties cleaned herself with them. She put them under his pillow, hoping the he could smell her cunt when he slept.

She soon drifted off to sleep. The storm was getting worse and the thunder louder.

Jess dreamt... Dancing ladies, ladies sucking her husband cock, him smiling at her while she watched. The girls coming to her and pushing their breast into her face. Another pushing her fingers into her mouth. Two at her feet and two at her wrists, holding her in place while she watched her husband fuck a skinny blonde with tits bigger than his head. All of them laughing at her, making her scream...

Jess woke up and screamed. She opened her eyes and the room was dark. What time was it; the power must have gone out again because the clock was flashing 12:00 over and over. She went to roll over to check her phone but couldn't. She tried again but her body wouldn't move. She screamed again. This time she heard the door open. She saw someone enter with a light. It was Jon; he came and sat beside her on the bed. What's wrong, he asked. I can't move, she said. He placed the candle on the night stand and rubbed his chin, is that so? He lifted her arm and watched it fall back to the bed. He lifted her leg and watched it fall. He looked at her and smiled.

What the hell is going on Jon, Jess screamed. Jon covered her mouth and slowly spoke to her. You are my wife, you are a woman, and you need to learn your place in life. I am very tired of being in your shadow! I've sat around for to long and you have become a nightmare. I can't stand being around you, you try to control every aspect of my life. Things will change as of right NOW!

The power kicked back on and Jon moved away from the edge of the bed. Jess had tears rolling down her face. He flipped on the TV and inserted a DVD into the player. Jess I know you were in my study tonight, I know you think I'm cheating on you but I'm not. I love you, but you're a bitch and I can't stand you. Your work has made you big and powerful and you think that I am some pussy that you can push around. I'm going to show you what is going to happen to you.

The movie started playing, great Jess thought, he's going to make me watch fucking porn. Bastard! He turned up the volume and climbed into the bed.

The beginning scene was a young girl, she was naked and moaning. A girl walked up to her and slapped her in the face. Then sat her up, she was on some kind of pillow thing, it had nubby things on it and the girl moaned when her pussy came in contact with it. It was some kind of vibrating pillow, the woman turned a dial and this pillow hummed louder and the girl moaned louder. The woman slapped the girl again. The next scene was a man and he was spanking a girl with his hand, her butt was red and had hand prints all over. The next was an Asian woman who was tied with her hands behind her back being fucked by a black guy with a huge cock.

Jess felt Jon move on the bed, she tried to see what he was doing. But her body wasn't moving, she continued to watch the movie. Her lips felt warm and wet, next she felt something on her nose and cheek, and she moved her tongue and licked her lips. It was salty and bitter. Jon started laughing then he pushed his fingers into her mouth, "suck them clean." He had been jacking off and shot his load all over her face while watching this movie.

Jess had no choice but to suck his fingers they were being pushed in and out of her mouth. She could hear Jon's breathing he was almost panting. He got up and turned the DVD off and sat beside her again on the bed. You married me, your mine, you are to treat me with respect and obey me. I am going to teach you where you belong, do you understand? Jess didn't answer.

Slap, Jon's hand stung across her cheek. He bent down and ran his tongue over her hot cheek. Answer me. YES, Jess snapped back. Slap, answer me politely you bossy bitch! This time Jess answered in a softer tone, good girl. He kissed her lips.

Jon took a pin from the night stand and went to the end of the bed. He raised Jess' foot and poked her foot with the pen, did you feel that. Jess replied that she could. He worked his way over her body poking and asking if she could feel. So, Jess your able to feel my touch but not able to move, GOOD. The pill I slipped in your beer will wear off in a few short hours but it will be enough time to help you learn what you're expected to do.

He kissed her lips again, she did not respond. He pulled her lip with his teeth, she cried out. For now on, I will make the advancement on you. If I want to taste your lips I will come to you. When I do kiss you, you will kiss me back! He bent down and kissed her again, she opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside her mouth. He sucked her bottom lip and held her face in his hands. She moaned and he stopped.

Your goal in life should be to make me happy, when I'm happy you will be happy. Do you understand? Jess didn't, "No," Jon I don't know what you're saying. You are only pleasing yourself, you don't care about me or anything in my life. You come home and bitch about your life and never take into consideration mine. When we go out in public you contradict my words and make me look like a fool. You make fun of what I want to eat, drink, watch, read, and this is done in front of our friends and family. When I want to fuck you your never in the mood. Well this my dear is going to change. I will be making all the decisions from now on. We will fuck when I want and you will never contradict me in public again. Do you understand now? "Yes," Jess sobbed.

She didn't think she did any of the things he had mentioned. She had a stressful job and he could probably eat pizza 7 out of the 7 days of the week. His friends were annoying and the movies he wanted to watch were all action and not interesting to her.

Jess, listen to me. Do you love me? Yes, she answered. Do you want to make our marriage work? Yes, again. Then you're going to do this, understand? "Yes."

I know you're in control at work but at home I'm in control and you have to let go of being in charge. We are going to start with a little exercise. I'm going to touch you and you're going to feel everything. You will do as I say, do you understand? "Yes."

Jon ran his fingers down her neck and traced her clavicle. He drug his nails across her chest until he reached her breast. He caressed her nipple one at a time, Jess let out a little moan. He pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger. He increased pleasure until he cried out. Then he flicked it and continued to pinch again. He moved his mouth to one of the nipples and sucked hard. Jess moaned again. He began to roll his teeth over the nipples biting softly and repeating the sucking after each bite.

Do you like this feeling? "Yes," Jess mumbled. Actually she more than liked this, she felt a fire starting in her stomach, and she felt her snatch getting wet. Jon moved his hand down her body until her reached her pussy. He pulled at the small amount of hair she had left. This has to go, I want your pussy bald at all times. He pulled apart her lips and pushed back the hood to her clit. This is a beauty he said as he pushed hard on it. He took his fingers and spread her lips wide open and spit on her opening.

This is mine! Stop using it as you see fit. You will only touch if I say touch and only cum if I say cum. Then he pulled and pinched her lips harder than he pushed her clit. She let out a whimper and he slapped her once again. Stop whining, you're acting like a baby.

Tears rolled down her face. Jon loved seeing her like this, helpless and needy. Something he never saw from his wife. He went to the head of the bed and turned her head to face him. Open your mouth, your going to get a good fucking now! Jess opened her mouth and Jon slid his cock slowly in her mouth, wanting to get it nice and lubed up before he picked up the pace. When his cock was nice and wet he fucked her mouth faster, shoving more and more inside her. Jess started to gag on his cock, Jon kept fucking her mouth. He grabbed a hold of her head and shoved his cock deeper, releasing his load in the back of her throat. She gasped for air when he pulled out. Then he kissed her lips, she spat at him.

You will learn to like what I have to give you, you ungrateful cunt. Jon disappeared out of her sight and she felt sadness. She didn't dislike what just happened it just scared her, he's never been forceful with her, ever. It was a turn on, but did she really want him to know?

Jess heard it before she felt it. She heard Jon smacking his hand with something, then she felt a sharp sting across her breast. Again and again, the stinging sensation was moving down her body. Jon stopped and moved her legs apart. He continued hitting her with his newly acquired flogger. The bright pink marks that he was leaving were getting his cock hard again. This was much more arousing than any DVD he had watched. He hit her calves, moving up her legs hitting her thighs, inner thighs, he drug the strands over her pussy, back and forth. Then he hit it with the flogger, over and over until her pussy was a bright pink color. He placed his lips on her mound and kissed gently across her tender sex. He slid his finger between her slit and ran it up and down touching her clit with each upward movement.

Jess was so lost, she was hurt, aroused, mad, and frustrated. What was he doing to her. She just wanted him, she loved the feeling he was giving her body. She wanted to be his forever. He pushed his finger deep inside her and she gasp. He curled it up touching that special spot that made her melt. Don't you cum, or you will regret it. He massaged her spot until her head was spinning. She screamed she was going to cum. He stopped and slapped her pussy. She cried out in pain and in shock. He struck her pussy again, I told you, cum when I say cum and I didn't tell you to cum.

He started again, this time he pushed her dildo inside her. This piece of shit belongs to me now. This is my toy, to use on you when I want to. He slammed the toy back in her, making her body move with each thrust. Jess began to moan and grunt. His cock was throbbing but he had to make his point. He continued to push harder and harder. Jess was able to move her hands, she clenched the sheets. Jon's time was becoming shorter and shorter.

Yes, Yes, FUCK ME! Give it to me baby, shove that toy deep in me, oh yeah make me cum!

Jon, stood up and slapped her hard across the face again, this is for my pleasure, not yours! He flipped her over, pulling her hands behind her back, securing them with the Velcro cuffs he bought. He then pulled each leg apart and tied them to the end of the bed. Now, when the pill has worn off she is still mine to use. He pulled her back enough so she was up on her knees in his favorite position, doggy style. He took his flogger and began slapping it across her ass.

She cried out each time it came down upon her. You will tell me how much you love me and deserve this, each time I hit you. Tell me you're sorry for being a bitch, for not thinking about me, and for breaking our vows.

Jess, cried but did what he asked. He spanked her over and over, bruises were starting to show on her naked flesh. His cock twitched again. He stopped and ran his fingers across her purple marks, she winched and her body moved. He had moved quickly enough that she was still restrained before the pills wore off.

He moved up on the bed and slid his cock between her ass cheeks. Stroking his cock back and forth needing to release. He pumped his cock faster and faster as he squeezed her ass. She cried out in pain the harder he squeezed. He pulled back, lined the head of his cock with her pussy, and slammed inside her. He pumped furiously inside her, shooting his load within her cunt. When he pulled out he cupped his hand under her and gathered his spunk that oozed out of her. He brought it to her lips and told her to drink it.

She opened her mouth and swallowed his cum.

She was mentally exhausted, sexually frustrated, and physically excited. How could she have not known she was acting like this? She began to think about all the things she had done in the past several years. Her marriage started falling apart when she accepted the management position at work. She got big headed and she began to realize he needed to be the man of the house and she was stopping him.

She loved her husband and this was her wake up call. She begged him to forgive her, she told him she loved him, and she would always love him. Jon, whispered in her ear that he loved her too. He said that he was going to uncuffed her but she was still to just lay there and not get up. Jon untied her legs and uncuffed her arms. Jess lay on the bed and didn't move. Jon got in bed beside her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her forehead, nose, and lips.

He kissed her lips again and she parted them, allowing his tongue to invade her mouth. She moaned and he moaned too. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her head back to look at her face. You are my wife, the love of my life, my one and only, you are to obey and cherish me. I will always love you and always cherish you. I need you to act like a loving caring wife not some pissed off woman who thinks the world owes her. You now know what I am capable of doing to you if you act like this again. Do you understand?

Yes Jon, I understand and I'm sorry. He released her hair and pushed his lips on hers again. His cock was stirring again. He laid her beside him and ran his hand gently down her body until he was over her sex. He fingered her clit until she was shaking. Cum for me baby he whispered and she violently released. The feeling was amazing, she had never felt anything so intense in their six years of marriage. She lay spent next to her newly in charge husband. He smiled and told her he wasn't finished with her.

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