tagErotic CouplingsWhat a Difference A Day Makes

What a Difference A Day Makes


My name is Brooke, at this writing I am 30+, tall, and 130 lbs dripping wet. Unlike most of the women in these stories I am not voluptuous, in fact next to most other women I look like a 14-year old boy, at least in the bust. My hips are slim, but slightly better proportioned than my chest. Let's see, what else might you want to know. I am very athletic, dark hair, nice face with a ready smile. My sense of humor borders on the absurd, which means I get jokes that no one else seems to get. For example someone handed me a report the other day. A 32 page, printed in color, professionally bound, report on the status of my school district's paperless automation initiative. For some reason I thought that was funny. Well no one else understood, even when I showed them the report. Oh yea, and the guy who wrote the report is now annoyed with me because I was laughing at his department's hard work. I guess I know which department I won't be working in!

What do I do for a living? Well I am a cross between a school teacher and a computer technician. I left my last job, as a computer consultant, on the verge of either burn-out or professional suicide and got a job teaching computer science stuff at a HS near where I grew up. Since I have all that geek stuff in my background, I also take care of the school system's networks and get involved with two local community colleges' comp-sci departments. I've developed a good reputation in the as an expert in the field. I guess that's another reason I was giggling at laughing boy's report. I know how much people still want to print stuff, even e-mails. Going paperless is a nice dream, but people are totally addicted to their hardcopy. I guess I am too, but hell, I wasn't trying to change the world, just survive.

So professionally I was doing well, recovering nicely from my near burn-out. Family-wise things were fine. My folks are still alive and doing great, a few other relatives in the area helped keep deep me into the nieces and nephews. I appreciate Christmas so much more with kids around, but I refuse to have any of my own, just yet. I know, maybe that would help my tittie-inadequacy self-image problem, but a kid just for bigger boobs, and possibly only temporary ones? Not worth it. Likewise surgery doesn't float my boat either. Although I did date a plastic surgeon once and he offered me a great discount. But he wanted to add to the bust, and fill out the hips more. I told him if he wanted his mother he should keep on looking. I heard a few years later that he did get married and using his skill turned his new wife into a younger version of his mother. I just hope she's nicer than his mom, who treated everyone of his girlfriends like she was the Whore of Babylon coming to take her precious away. I wonder what therapist would say about that relationship? I get chills just thinking about it.

What does all this have to do with the difference one day made in my life? I guess I just wanted to give you a little background. My life would certainly different, probably diminished in many ways if that day had never happened. If you knew me back in HS, you would never recognize me now. It's not that I've changed a lot physically, except for that unusual growth spurt when I was 19, 5'8" to almost 5'11 is petty weird in college, don't you agree? But the college volleyball team didn't mind. The face is still the same, maybe just a touch more make-up now. But the reason you wouldn't recognize me is because you probably never noticed me in HS. I was the perennial hanger-on, a follower, basically a non-entity until one day halfway through my senior year when another girlfriend and I snuck into the boys side of the pool and spied on this one guy in the shower. It was a memorable 24 hours!

"Come on." Patty whispered and she boldly crossed the invisible line between the boys end of the pool and ours. I followed her, not sure what she was up to, but she was my best friend and worldly beyond my measure.

I followed her past the office and snuck into the locker room. We were looking around, I remember thinking that it was just like ours, clothes everywhere, towels. I always thought girls were neater, but from the looks of things we were both a sloppy group. We heard a shower go on, which was a surprise because it was to early for the period to be ending. I grabbed Patty's arm in shock, and then she practically dragged me to where we could see into the showers.

It was Tom, a guy from my bio class. He was an average guy, on the skinny side, but a reputation as a nice guy. I wasn't into dating at all, guys tended to ignore me especially with any more 'developed' girl within view. So here I was secretly watching a guy set the temp on the water to take a shower.

He started tugging down his suit, and I gasped out an "OMG!"

Tom turned and walked over toward the other entryway into the showers. He saw us standing there and froze, then he grinned. Pat smiled right back at him! "So are you gonna take them off or what?" said Patty, my hero. I was torn between wanting to see and wanting to run away, but Patty kept a tight hold on my arm making up my mind for me.

Tom smiled nervously and said "I was planning on it, but now I am not sure."

Patty pulled me in front of her and as I looked behind, she pulled her straps down over her shoulders, exposing her breasts, then pressed them against my back, holding me against her. "You get to see when I get to see."

"What about Brooke?"

Patty's hands came up and covered my almost negligible breasts, "We'll see about that another time. Right now it's your move."

Tom complied, and pulled his trunks down, kicking them to the side. There he was, naked as I felt and I was feeling really strange. Patty's hands on my breasts weren't helping me. Her chin was on my shoulder and she was breathing hard in my ear. I swear the room was spinning.

Patty moved next to me, giving Tom a clear view of her chest. Even I looked over at her, and I had seen her breasts lots of times. Her breasts were large for a high-schooler, hell they were large for an adult! I don't ever remember seeing her nipples so tight, even on those days when the gym shower was out of hot water.

Tom pursed his lips and let out a small whistle. He took a step closer and I tried to back away, but Patty wouldn't let me. She had one arm holding me around my shoulders and her hand on my arm.

"Touch it." Queen Patty commanded Tom. He said no, then he stood closer, "You touch me."

Patty didn't hesitate one second and took his thing in her hand, squeezing it. It seemed in no time before it started growing! It must have only been 4 or 5 inches, but at the time it seemed enormous.

Patty's hand caught mine and she took it and wrapped it around his cock. I was holding it as it expanded. It was both soft and firm, I was floored. I barely felt Patty let go of me as I stood there fondling it. She pushed me down on my knees and I got a eye-level view as I held on to it. She reached over and kissed Tom, I think he touched her tits and she whispered something to him. He nodded.

Then she was kneeling by me. "Kiss it."

"Wha?" that broke my reverie.

"Kiss it, like this." The amazing Patty kissed the tip and it jumped in my hand.

She looked at me, "Go ahead it doesn't bite."

So I kissed it. I think I was beyond surprise. The head was soft, softer than the rest, but it had a rubbery feel. I thought I was only going to touch my lips to it, but I held it there for a few seconds.

"Sorry to leave you needing a cold shower, but the period is about to end, and I have to get my cock-kissing friend out of here before she gets more than she can handle." Patty said.

She pulled me up and I turned 11 shades of red at her words. Tom stopped her for a second for a kiss. Her hand touched him again, wrapping around his cock and pulling it gently.

To my surprise he kissed me as well. He took me in his arms and kissed me. I could feel his cock against me as it nested in the valley made by my thighs and crotch. I was about ready to pass out!

Patty dragged me out and we waited by the office until we heard all the guys heading into the shower from the other side. Them we slowly made our way back to our side. no one was the wiser because the girls were in our shower. Patty and I went last, next to each other, and lost in our own thoughts. I was shaking a little, even in the hot shower. Was I in shock or still excited. I had seen a real cock, and kissed it. This morning I would have told you that only a dirty, nasty girl would do such a thing, and only a real slut would enjoy it. Was I a slut? Washing my pussy told me that part of me certainly enjoyed it. Patty enjoyed it as well, and she liked having me there. If I am a slut, what does that make Patty? She was no dirty girl, she was amazing. I looked over at her and she was washing herself as well. No! She was doing more than washing herself. My face burned hot as I realized she was doing something that I sometimes did in my bed, very late at night or very early in the morning. Her eyes were closed, one hand up tight to her pussy, the other was holding the shower head-directing the flow at her pussy. Thank goodness the other girls had finished and we were alone.

I stepped close, and hissed at her. "Patty, will you..."

Her hand came down from the shower and grabbed my shoulder, squeezing hard, and her body shook violently. I moved in front of her as she fell against me, wrapping my arms around her and losing the battle to hold her up when the swim coach/gym teacher, Mrs. Terrance, came into the showers.

Panicking, I said the first thing that came to my mind. "Miss T, she slipped."

I got her down on the floor by the time Miss T got there, Patty's thighs had released her hand. I think Miss T noticed. She cocked her eyebrow to me as if to say "Slipped, yea right!" as she knelt down and roused Patty from her stupor.

Patty didn't even have the decency to blush as Miss T took over and asked if she was OK.

Miss T helped her up and I wished the water would have just dissolved me down the drain. Patty came up like a rocket, actually bumping into Miss T, she stumbled and they both grabbed me to steady themselves. Now I really felt inadequate. Miss T was what Patty will probably look like in 7 or 8 years, while little ol' me would never measure up physically.

Miss T gave us each a look, that had me shivering, but didn't faze Patty any. It was like she was daring Miss T to say anything.

I think Patty won some sort of exchange that was beyond my ability to comprehend. It tweaked my curiosity, but still was out there somewhere. Whatever just happened, Miss T walked out and left us to clean up.

As we walked out of the pool area, finally dressed and back on earth, Patty asked me if I was coming over after school. It was like she wanted to make sure of something that happened every afternoon for the bunch of years. After school I would head to Patty's because it was always more interesting than my house. Patty lived with just her Mom, Elaine, and her older sister, Cathy. I never knew her dad, he and her mom divorced a long time ago. Patty never mentions him.

My house was pretty dull in comparison. Just Mom, Dad, and me. Since both of them worked, I wasn't to thrilled hanging around alone.

"Of course I'm coming over."

"Good, I have a surprise planned."

"What is it?"

"If I told ya, it wouldn't be a surprise. Oh, and bring your skimp."

My skimp was a bathing suit I wore for just sunbathing. It was a tiny thing, something my Dad would flip out over. Even Mom hadn't actually seen me in it. I use it when Patty and I would lay out in her backyard, her very secluded and private backyard. Patty had a similar suit. It was so small she could never wear it to the beach or pool because she tended to fall out while walking. But it offered just enough coverage to not be naked.

I don't know what her surprise was, but I knew I needed to talk about her stunt in the shower, both showers!

Thinking about it made me blush.

"I know what you’re thinking about, you little cock-kisser you." She whispered to me.

I blushed even more and pushed her away heading to my next class. The rest of the school day ended with me still blushing every time I thought about Tom and his thing and what Patty did. I am so glad neither of them were in any of my afternoon classes and for the first time ever I was glad Patty wasn't in my lunch period. I doubt I could look either of them in the eye.

School finally ended, and like usual a quick stop at home, drop off stuff, grab other stuff, including my skimp, and off to Patty's.

Patty was flying solo, Cathy was at work and Elaine was out until later.

We were changing into our suits, Patty had stripped down and sat cross-legged on the bed fiddling with ties of her suit bottoms in her hands. She looked nervous for some reason. "Brooke, um..."

I looked right at her. She put her suit bottoms down.

"I'm sorry about earlier."

I sat on the edge of her bed, holding my top. "Which earlier, the boys shower or ours?"

She grinned with her usual self-confidence. "Oh not the boys. I'm not sorry about that, are you?"

I blushed again, damn fair skin.

"I knew you would like it. Tom was just a bonus. You looked so sexy on your knees like that."

"Yea, me sexy. Sure."

She looked at me, her apology forgotten for the moment. "Yes, Brooke, you. I know you think big tits make a girl look sexy, but you are wrong. The look on your face, how gently you touched Tom, and when you kissed him. I thought I was going to die."

I blushed deeper while she kept talking. "I know you think guys never notice you, but you are wrong on that score as well. Yea they tend to stare at my chest, but they look at you a lot also. You are always to busy looking at the ground to notice."

Patty sounded so strange.

"Tom even gave you such a great kiss. He barely touched me."

Patty jealous? Of me?

She surprised me and grabbed her breasts. "These can be a nuisance as well. So many people treat me like I am an idiot because I have big tits."

I never thought such beautiful breasts could have a downside. Her fingers left red marks where she had grabbed them.

She regained her composure and smiled at me. "Brooke I wish you could see yourself like I see you."

I dropped my eyes.

"I was saying that I am sorry for getting so carried away in our shower. I was so turned on by what happened that when I was rinsing off I couldn't stop."

"We could have gotten in serious trouble. We didn't fool Miss Terry for a sec."

"Terry wouldn't report us."

"How do you know that?"

Patty smiled. "Come with me."

Still naked, she padded out of her room. I dropped my top and followed her, at least I had my bottoms on. Being naked wasn't a big deal. In this house full of girls it never caused a comment. I'd seen Cathy and Elaine in various stages of undress. I think that was one reason I felt so comfortable over here. No one got uptight about little things.

Patty went into Cathy's room. "This is a real hush-hush. She doesn't know I know about this." She pulled a box from the bottom of her sister's closet and sat on the floor rummaging through it. "Brooke, I trust you with my life, but this is part of Cath's life. Will you swear to keep it between us."

"I love Cathy. She's practically my older sister as well. I wouldn't hurt her for anything."

Patty pulled out a Polaroid picture. It was Cathy, probably back in high school. She had her arm around another girl, a familiar girl. "Recognize them?"

"Cathy of course, but the other girl, sorta."

"That's Cathy and her girlfriend Ann. Ann Southern, but her married name is Anne Terrance."

"Wow, Cathy and Miss T were friends in HS." Cathy's face had filled out a little since HS, but Miss T's face looked almost gaunt compared to how beautiful she looks today.

She pulled another picture out, Cath and Miss T, kissing, not only kissing, but kissing topless. I was shocked.

"Cathy's a..."

"No, she's not. Trust me I know."

I was confused.

"At most she's bisexual because I know she like guys."

Bisexual. The word left a strange taste in my mouth. Was that a bad thing? I looked at the picture again. They certainly looked sexy. Patty handed me another picture. Cathy and Miss T in bed, looking very happy, and very mussed up. Cathy was even waving at the camera.

"Who took these?"

"I have no idea. I can't even tell Cathy I found them." She laid out several more pictures, all very sexy. I was feeling that dizzy feeling again.

Patty's voice moved while I was looking at the pictures. "I have to admit the pics got me really excited. Almost as excited as watching you." Her voice was coming from behind me. Her body pressed against me and her arms came around me. "It wasn't Cathy or Miss Terry that turned me on, but the idea of Cathy and her best friend. I knew then that I wanted my best friend too." She hugged against my back, shaking. She was crying. My Patty was crying.

I twisted within her arms and hugged her to me. "Patty..."

She sniffed. "Don't say anything yet, please. I've gone this far, I need to say these things before I chicken out."

I was still confused, but one thing rang true, my best friend was crying, Patty never cries!

"When I saw these pics I was dying to ask Cathy how, and why. But most of all when I looked at those pics, I saw you. You and me. I know you might hate me, but I have been going insane thinking of how to ask you. Knowing it might ruin being friends."

I held her nude body to my almost nude body and tried to calm her down. She was almost hysterical.

"Patty, Patty, take it easy." I stroked her face and hair. She still was crying and mumbling. I couldn't stop her. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't listen. She was totally caught up in some kind of fear cycle. My friend, who isn't afraid of anything was suddenly afraid of me. My friend who thought I was pretty, no more, she thought I was sexy. It struck me, Patty loved me. More than just friendship, she really loved me. I wasn't confused anymore, well maybe somewhat confused about what to do, but not confused about her feelings, or mine. I loved Patty, and would do anything for her. How to get her to realize this.

So I kissed her. Harder than Tom had kissed me.. It took several seconds before she responded. Her crying still had her gasping. Our kiss turned into a series of kisses as she calmed down. She fell backwards and I followed her down. I ended on top of her, still kissing her tear-streaked face when she stopped. She looked at me. "I love you Brooke!"

"I know Patty, I love you too!"

At my words, her legs opened and I felt them wrap around me. Pushing up on my arms I looked down at my Patty. Her face radiant, Her perfect breasts pulled a little towards her sides from gravity. Her nipples tight little nubs. Her pussy was pressed against my lower stomach, right above my bottoms. She was so wet, it felt like liquid fire on my skin.

"Are you sure Brooke?"

"A hell of a time to have second thoughts, Patty-mine. I'm just not sure what to do."

"Oh I think you two will figure it out just fine."

I tried to jump, but Patty's legs kept me against her. I looked up and it was Cathy. Oh my god!

I rolled to one side, Patty released me and looked at her sister.

"I don't care what you do, just not on the floor of my room, OK?" Before we could answer, she continued. "And stay the hell out of my stuff, Brat."

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