tagIncest/TabooWhat a Family!!!

What a Family!!!


I was lying on the bed naked. It was a warm day and my cock just wouldn’t leave me alone. I had to take care of it one way or the other and since I was between girlfriends at the moment, my hand would have to do. The morning was filled with a few chores and some swimming in my parent’s pool with my sister Jennifer or Jen the Brat as I used to call her. She’s two years older than I am and I have one other sister two years older than Jen. Her name is Nicole or Nicky as she’s known to all her friends. Being only six years apart we grew up quit close.

Nothing has ever happened between us other than the normal brother-sister stuff that all kids do. I’ve seen my sisters in towels more than I can count but never saw anything that they didn’t want me to see. The only exception to this is once at my aunts wedding. This was a few years ago but I can still see it like it was yesterday. Both my sisters were in the wedding. We went to the church early the day of the wedding so the bridal party could get ready. I was standing by a drinking fountain outside the woman’s restroom when another of my aunts opened the door to come out. There standing naked in front of the mirrors putting on makeup was both of my sisters. I froze taking in the sheer beauty of there bodies. The door closed and it was over.

I’ve cum a thousand times to that image burned into my head. Jen standing there with her 32A tits, nipples hardened by the cool air as she did her makeup and Nicky’s 34C’s swaying back and forth as she fixed her blond hair. I know they’re my sisters but I couldn’t help it. I’d tried to see them naked again a few times but it never worked out.

I just turned eighteen a few weeks ago and would go off to college in the fall so I fully expected to enjoy the summer and take it easy for a while. After I woke up this morning I found Jen in the kitchen eating breakfast. She had on her bathing suit. I love her bathing suits. The way they show off her body would make any man think twice. She and my mom had the same taste in swim ware. My mom and dad are close to our age as well. Mom was only eighteen when she had Nicky. I guess Nicky was an accident so they got married and for the most part had been happy ever since. Mom is a knock out. My friends all the way through high school often came over to my house hoping to catch my mom in the pool. She never said anything but I think she liked the attention.

Anyway, back to my story. As I found something to stuff in my face Jen informed me that mom and dad had some running to do and would be back for lunch. I grunted my response without looking up at her. “Hey, Greg, she said as if she wanted something. Can I barrow a CD from you?? I’m going out with my girlfriends tonight and I forgot mine at College.” “Sure” I said “but you owe me one”… She then asked if I would like to go for a swim with her. I said yeah and watched as she cleared her dishes and headed out side taking note of that wonderful butt of hers.

I finished my food and hurried out side. Jen was already in the pool and I wasted no time joining her. We played around for a while. Splashing and dunking each other like little kids again. Then the unthinkable happened. I grabbed for her hair to drag her under the water but all I came up with was her top. There she stood in the water looking at me with her tits pointing strait at me. They are bigger than I remember them but again that was a few years ago. I couldn’t help but gawk at her as she came over and took her top back. I said I was sorry and that it was an accident. She said that it was no big deal but that she was done swimming and went in the house. I waited for a while then followed her in to make sure she wasn’t mad. I walked in the house and found mom and dad to be back. They didn’t act like anything was wrong so if Jen was mad she didn’t tell mom or dad which was a great thing in my eyes.

We all sat down to eat lunch and Jen was normal. The only thing that wasn’t acting normal was my cock. I couldn’t shake the image of her pert breast begging me to suck them. I was hard all the way through lunch. I told them that I was going to lie down for a while to get some sleep but really all I needed was to relieve the pressure between my legs. If I didn’t cum soon, I would go crazy with lust.

I lay there on my bed stroking my cock when I heard the water run in the shower. Jen must be getting ready for her night out I thought and imagined being in the shower with her. Those breast bouncing up and down as I slide my cock in and out of her cunt. I didn’t know if she was still a virgin or not but I thought she wasn’t. I over heard some of her old boyfriends talking in the locker room one day and if only half of it was true Jen was a wild little thing in bed.

Stroking my manhood faster and faster I was almost there when the door to my room suddenly opened and Jen stood there in a white blouse and pleaded skirt looking at my cock while saying something about borrowing my CD. She let out a little squeal and stood there with her mouth open. I had nothing close by to cover up with so I tried to hide it the best I could with my hands. Jen look up at my face then back to my cock. “Did I do that to you?” she said in a soft voice. I didn’t answer, not sure what to say. I then asked “Are you mad at me?” “No of course not, how could I be. To know that I have that effect on you makes me crazy.” She said in almost a whisper. Just when I was starting to think that things were going to be OK after all, it got worse… Much worse… Mom poked her head in my door and asked “What’s up?” She stopped mid sentence when she saw me laying on my bed with a hard on in hand and my sister still staring… She didn’t say anything just stood there looking first at my cock then my sister…

“Honey, could you come here for a second”. My mom yelled to my dad down the hall. This was it, I was going to die… I thought my life was over.. How could you ever explain this to your dad? He stepped into my room and didn’t say a word… I didn’t know what to do… I wanted to jump up and get dressed but somehow I couldn’t move… This would go down as one of the worst days of my life I thought as I laid there watching my parents and my sister watch me back… The only thing about it was I’m the only one naked…

“I wasn’t sure if we should tell you or not but since this has happened, I guess it makes since to let you in on something” my mom said without taking her eyes of my cock… Good I thought, anything but this would make my life a lot better at this moment. With that she turned to face Jen. Jen looked at her and without saying a word my mother got down on her knees, lifted Jens skirt and started licking her pussy… I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! First that I got to see Jen’s pussy but then my mother??? It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen… I still couldn’t believe my eyes!!! My cock jumped and now I really need to cum… My dad didn’t say anything just watched as my sister spread her legs to let my mom go deeper.. Jen started breathing heavily and soon couldn’t stand on her own… My dad moved up behind her to hold her as my mom continued her assault… With her left hand Jen reached back and started stroking my dad outside his shorts… It was obvious that he was as hard as I…

I laid there watching and taking it all in when Jen looked back at me and smiled… “I wanted to let you suck my nipples earlier in the pool but was afraid you’d freak out on me” My dad reached around and took Jen’s left breast in his hand… Stroking it just enough to make her nipples stand out… Again Jen looked at my cock and said “This is all my fault, I’ll take care of you”… With that she pulled away from mom and dad, walked over to my bed… Getting down on her knees she reached out and took my cock in her hand… I looked over at mom and dad… Dad had taken out his cock and mom was sucking him… I looked back at Jen just in time to see my cock disappear into her mouth.. “God you feel good” I said putting my hand under her body searching for one of those wonderful breasts I’ve thought so much about… Just then my mom got up walked over and climbed on my bed between my legs… As Jen was sucking the top of my cock mom started licking the bottom… Oh, what a feeling that was… I couldn’t believe this was happening… Dad came over, lifted Jen’s skirt and sank his cock into my sister… Here I am with my sister sucking my cock, my mom licking my balls and watching my dad take my sister from behind… I couldn’t hold out any longer and told Jen that I was going to cum… She started sucking harder and mom said to save some for her… With that I came in Jen’s mouth and she kept all of it.. Then my mom kissed her deep and long tasting my cum in her mouth…

My dad was close too and sank his cock deep within my sister one more time before crying out in pure pleasure… He withdrew his cock and sat on the floor… Even though I just came I was still hard… My mom stood and took off all her cloths… Her body was better than I imagined it was… Her breast were a little smaller than Jen’s with bigger nipples… “I want some of this” she said climbing onto my bed and sinking herself onto my cock… Jen said that she was going to cancel with her girlfriends and spend the night at home… “Good”, I said with a grin.. “I want to fuck you so bad… I have for a long long time”… “Well, now is your chance” she said. “And you can have it anytime you want it too” with that she turned and walked out of the room in search for a phone…

“How does that feel?” asked my dad as mom bobbed up and down on my cock… “like heaven” she answered. Jen walked back into the room and said “I’m all yours for the night”… She walked over putting one hand on my chest took moms right breast into her mouth… “I’m going to cum” was the only thing mom could get out before her body dropped into a profound orgasm…

After mom recovered she joined dad beside my bed and they kissed deeply… “Our little boy has grown up right!” mom said to dad with a smile… Jen jumped up on my bed while lying on her back asked me “Are you ready for our first time?” Oh, yeah!!! You bet” I said as I crawled between her legs… She was so wet I slid right in without any trouble… She let out a shriek as I filled her with my cock… I laid there fucking my sister while looking into her eyes… I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she really was… She was quit a woman now and god did she feel good… I slid slowly in and out of her for the longest time totally enjoying a long time dream come true…

Mom stepped around to the foot of the bed where Jen’s and my head were.. She bent down and offered us a breast each… We positioned ourselves so that I had mom’s right breast and Jen had her left… It was the most exciting sex I’d ever had by far.. Dad came over closer to the side of the bed and played with Jen’s tits and then started playing with her clit while I fucked her… Once in a while I could feel his hand touching my cock as he gave her clit a flick or two... I couldn’t hold out long and started to really pump my cock into Jen’s pussy… Everyone knew what was about to happen and mom told me to cum in her… Just before I let loose my seed deep inside her womb my dad reach back and cupped my balls… I was shocked but it was to late to stop… He squeezed them just right as I unloaded into Jen’s sweet cunt… Jen now had my cum in her mouth and her pussy all in the same day…

I was spent and laid back against the wall at the head of my bed to catch my breath… Mom, dad and Jen wasn’t ready to call it quits yet thought… Jen continued to suck mom’s tits as mom bent over and took Jen’s tits in her mouth… Then my dad did something I would have never dreamed!!! He climbed between Jen’s legs and started licking my cum out of her pussy… I still couldn’t believe any of this was happening… I just watched the sexual frenzy that was happening at the foot of my bed… After driving Jen to an orgasm of her own my dad took my mom from behind until he came inside her…

Everyone was spent by this point… Dad suggested that we go for a swim… I followed mom out the door toward the pool with Jen and dad in front of her… Reaching back she stroked my cock all the way outside to the pool… We swam for a couple hours, touching, stroking, sucking and playing with each other’s bodies…. The fun wasn’t over yet but that’s a whole story on it’s own… I’ll tell you that one next time….

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