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What A Girl Wants


In another place and time you said to me, "I want that beautiful mouth of yours wrapped around me again." I smiled, agreed heartily, and nodded mostly to myself. I've never forgotten that moment, those words, and the way they made all of my nerve endings tingle with desire for you. It's all about want, isn't it? Want and timing, but that's another matter entirely.

Today I find myself wanting to be romanced. I want to be kissed and held, cuddled and stroked. One by one, I want to feel rather than see the buttons of my blouse coming undone under your careful ministrations. The gentle breeze from the ceiling fan is what I want to sense as you gently push the blouse from my shoulders. I want to feel your mouth lightly nip the hollow at the base of my bare neck. I want you to take your time with me, brush those amazing fingertips lightly across my already stiffening nipples and watch them respond, just for you. I want you to slowly unzip my plain and deceptively simple jeans and I want to watch your eyes light up and dance as the French onyx lace tap panties come into view. I want to feel you trace your fingers across the floral pattern I picked with you on my mind and feel the heat emanating from deep within me. And when your hands leave me for a moment, I want to hear the scraping of belt buckle across the hardwood floor and the jingle of change and keys as your slacks hit the floor.

The weight of you as you sinks down onto the bed next to me; yes that's what I want. To feel the warmth, the burning passion running through your soul as you lower those skillful lips to my upturned face and capture my mouth with you own. I want to feel your fingers gently caressing my scalp as one by one you pluck the pins that hold my fiery red tresses piled carelessly on top of my head. I want to hear that delightful groan as I lean over, tickle your chest with my curls and lower my head into your waiting lap. I want to feel your cock grow harder and harder in my mouth as I tease the head and the tip with my lips and tongue before sliding the entire length of your straining shaft deep inside me for the first time in a long time. I want to revel in the familiarity of the taste and feel that is uniquely yours. The sharp uptake in breath is the encouragement I want as your hands fall to play with my hair as I gently cup your balls and feel how swollen and full they are for me. Over and over my lips slide up and down, sucking, squeezing and pleasuring you. Eyes closed, head thrown back and arms guiding me, I want to watch a little as you gets closer to coming for me.

And then it dawns on me that this isn't how I want it to end. I want to hear that low voice growl at me, "enough. I need to be inside you." and have those strong arms pull me upright and onto you. I want to hear the almost desperation in your voice. I feel it too. I want to slide down onto my knees on top of you and inch by inch feel that hard cock as it slides home deep inside me. I want to lean forward and tease you again with my hair across your chest as you thrust in and out of me. I want to ride you. Hard. I want to feel your thumb as you find my clit and stroke little circles around the very tip. I want to lean back a little and feel the heat between us, feel your hands tugging on my nipples, caressing my breasts. Between the constant pressure on my clit and the deep thrusting into my pussy I won't be able to think straight for long. When I can't stand it any longer, I want to come for you, all over you, moaning and screaming, gripping and squeezing, gushing my hot cream down over your rock hard cock while you work me, as orgasm after orgasm wrack my body and transport me to that place I love to be. And as I come I want to feel you come too, hear that primal scream and greedily receive all that you have for me. And when it's over I want to collapse in a tangled heap of limbs and bodies, sheets and blankets, sanity and sweat, breathing hard, face numb and souls sated.

Yes baby... that's what I want.

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