tagHumor & SatireWhat a Little Power Can Do

What a Little Power Can Do


She gets her mojo back by responding to a challenge

This short story is entirely a work of fiction


Rowena's mind and body had been numb for months. Since her husband's death she merely drifted from day to day. Her life was composed solely of eating when hungry and washing when dirty.

Being wealthy she didn't even have to keep the house or the garden going. The buildings were managed by a 'live in' housekeeper who also laundered both Rowena's clothes and the household linen. The grounds were looked after by a local firm who manicured the three and a half acres to a well kept excellence.

What's more she had only twice shown her face at the business which she had so suddenly inherited and even then only to sign some necessary papers.

Any love for her dead husband had disappeared long before his fatal heart attack and in retrospect it was clear that he had felt little regard for Rowena other than his need for a bit of tasty eye candy to hang on his arm.

As he had once explained so succinctly, all that he required from a wife was for her to be well turned out at all times, to be obedient and to never go against his wishes.

What he did not say but soon proved was that he also needed a receptacle for his seed which was regularly donated but without any thought for her pleasure.

It was also true that a large group of his business acquaintances had been very solicitous to Rowena at the Funeral, that is until every man almost without exception tried to hit on the widow. But the wives (perhaps suspecting that this was sure to happen given her comparatively tender age, glamorous appearance, and new found wealth) had remained reserved and suspicious.

Her up-coming twenty eighth birthday would coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the company that her husband had created and which was now being run by the previous manager leaving Rowena free to do nothing, nothing at all. That is until she received a life changing wake up call from her brother who lived on the other side of the world.

"Come on Roe. It's time you got back on the bike...High time you got to use that double first which you worked your socks off for at Edinburgh and the mighty brain that you were born with...Stop being a nonentity."

Stung at the truth of this lecture she protested but even to Rowena her excuses sounded thin.

"Listen Dave I really did love him at first but that all changed after the honeymoon once I found out that his idea of a wife was a simpering doll....and by the time I woke up enough to rebel he simply wore me down. So you can get off my back for a start."

Later as she lay in the outdoor Jacuzzi, which her husband had installed to bolster his image of the successful business man, Rowena cupped her pudendum.

"When did I last have an orgasm?"

This was shouted out in despair but her voice was immediately lost in the deserted acres of a garden which was now dark as the grave.

"Well I never had one with my husband that's for sure."

This last comment by contrast was a mere whisper.

She stroked her hooded clitoris realising with a jolt that the last time she had come with a man must have been at Uni and probably at some dance or other with his erection pressed against her abdomen and her legs humping a muscular thigh.

Rowena could always attract any bloke that she fancied, get them slavering over her and begging for more, but she had saved her virginity for marriage.

"Jesus what a mistake that turned out to be."

Although this was again whispered it was no less heart felt, and when had she last wanted sex? She couldn't even remember.

Did she want it now?

Probably not, at least going by the lack of interest being shown by her clitoris which despite the attention of her fingers still refused to react.

Should she persist in her efforts? Could she think of something that would set her off, encourage some response? What used to turn her on? Men with the right look in their eyes, men who could stir her soul, make her wet with desire, but after a few minutes of no reaction her hand grew still.

"Oh well, I'll just have one more glass of bubbly then go to bed."

But after a restless night she lay in a warm bath thinking on her brother's long distance call to arms and as the water got cooler a new sense of self worth grew ever stronger. Now her ennui was banished in favour of a mounting desire to take positive action which hardened as she rose from the water.

Then, as she dried her lissom body, this momentous decision culminated in her crying out "sod you" addressed directly to her dead husband followed by a resolve to build a new life for herself.


So, as a first step, Rowena climbed into her little sports car and having neglected her appearance for months set off for the beauty salon.

"How nasty is this?" The owner was running his hands through her mane of neglected hair. "When did you last come in?.."

Then suddenly remembering that his client had only recently become a widow he sidestepped adroitly.

"...We were of course all very sorry to hear of your sad loss."

But she merely smiled and let them get on with the rescue operation. However, as she had hoped, Rowena felt much better for the full makeover and headed off immediately to buy herself a totally new wardrobe. She would later send every piece of clothing chosen by him to a charity shop thus hopefully making her husband turn in his grave.


Then followed a week or more of catching up with the company papers which she had previously steadfastly ignored. A process that gradually revealed to Rowena the inherent problem in the business, a problem which had obviously been present even before her husband had collapsed and died on the boardroom table.

"How could he not have seen what was needed, and how come none of those highly paid hangers on never did?"

She then put her brilliant mind to solving the difficulty and in time, being far more astute than her husband had ever been, came up with a workable answer. However the polishing of that solution then occupied the time until the next scheduled management meeting but by then she had already entered on an orgy of self fulfilment.

It was as if the application of her mind to the business problems had seemingly unlocked her libido and her body then strove to make up for lost time.

Rowena had no need of battery powered dildo's, no need of her husbands porn, being now so hyper aroused that just her nimble fingers or the pressure of her crossed thighs were enough to keep the resurgent desire on a lasting high.

Her body and mind would suddenly demand instant gratification wherever she was. Around the house, in the garden, in a changing room, in her car, or even watching TV, she came hard in so many places that her clitoris became somehow super tuned.


But that fateful day finally arrived. While sat in her sports car and having parked in the vacant Managing Director's slot she checked her appearance in the mirror. Earlier Rowena had been tempted to scrape back her hair in a bun and wear her distance glasses in an effort to appear more business like but eventually sense had prevailed.

Why should she hide her luscious beauty, why should she pander to the opinion that all blondes were mindless bimbo's, an opinion which had haunted Rowena ever since puberty. So she smiled and whispered aloud to herself.

"Right, up and at 'em," then as she entered the lobby, "good luck girl."

She joined the meeting of the senior staff and it had already been in progress for some time with those assembled wondering why the normally conspicuously absent owner had showed up at all when Rowena spoke for the first time.

She had waited until the initial enthusiasm had worn off and they were about to address the agenda before opening her mouth. But her firm intervention served to stop the assembly dead in it's tracks.

"You must all be surprised at my attending this meeting."

She fixed each person present with her eyes and saw varying degrees of interest but all about to be changed for ever.

"This company is headed for failure and not one of you has the sense to realise the inherent problem so for a start you can tear up this useless agenda."

She gestured at the Company Secretary while ripping her own copy in half even as those assembled turned shocked looks towards Rowena. Four men and two women, all got up in their power suits and each with their mouths open in surprise.

But then, as if she was completely unhinged, they turned towards the manager who merely shrugged his shoulders. He knew that this woman called the shots, indeed she paid their salaries.

"Good. Now that I've gained your full attention let me remind you that this business is solely mine. It is not owned by some invisible block of shareholders to whom you can appeal. So I urge you to listen carefully because what you are about to hear is how the company will operate from now on."

Having then distributed her own business plan it only took a scant ten minutes before the majority of those around the table accepted that the document contained the answer to all their ongoing problems. Not only that but those of more intelligence soon realised that this was also something they should have come up with.

However had this fashion plate of a woman merely brought in outside advisors? How could such a sexy blond bombshell have thought up and put together such an insightful document? But as Rowena then moved onto the implementation of her solution even the doubters were eventually forced to recognise that a far superior brain to their own was now firmly in charge.

By now the new boss had also got the measure of those present in the meeting and having issued her instructions she left them to consider the finer points but not before inviting the two weakest of the management team to join Rowena in her husband's old office.

There she took pleasure in personally sacking the pair before ordering them to clear their desks and while holding out her hand for their company car keys.

Later she leant back in the chair behind the ornate desk before whispering."Bloody hell that was great." But then looked round critically and spoke with feeling.

"Before I can even bear to work here all this dismal furniture will have to go."


That night, and in bed with a very expensive male Escort, her excitable clitoris stood to attention and the resultant orgasm was the first she ever achieved during penetration by a male erection.


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