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What a Night


My name is Keith and I am nearly fifty year of age, I have been married to Debi for just a little over twenty years, Debi is ten years younger then me.

Over the years we have enjoyed a happy sex life, not particularly adventurous but satisfying for us both, or at least I thought so.... Until one special night.

For the last couple of years 'it' has become a chore, an enjoyable one but a chore nonetheless. When we first married we would indulge our urges at any time and place, if we felt horny we had sex, whether full penetrative or oral. I have always enjoyed cunnilingus so has Debi, who also enjoys fellatio.

Unfortunately nowadays the occasions where I am 'allowed' to go down on Debi are rare, she seems to have become much more sensitive to a little stubble and thus less keen.

A couple of months ago we went for a very enjoyable meal at our favourite restaurant and returned to the car for the journey home. I had succeeded in plying her with more wine than usual and she was definitely more like her old self.

We got back to the car park and I realised that it was deserted, I grabbed my beautiful wife who was wearing a white silk blouse and a black wrap round loose skirt also 4" stilettos which made her legs look endless. We kissed passionately and I slid my hand under her skirt and discovered she was also wearing fishnets stockings... like she used to

We stumbled and fell against the hood of the car, I explored further and found she was also not wearing any knickers and unusually, she had also shaved herself totally! I could not resist a little feel, my fingers gently caressed her now moist lips and sensing no resistance I teased her clitoris as my two eager fingers plunged knuckle deep in her dripping vagina, I continued my ministrations

I stood back for a moment and took in the scene, there was my wife of twenty years spread eagled across the bonnet with her stocking clad legs spread wide apart, her inner sex was all but dripping and open obscenely , waiting for my next move.

I stepped back between her legs, lifted first her left and ran my tongue from ankle to just about the top of her inner thigh. I repeated this with her right leg and drank in the warmth beckoning me forward, but I slowed my progress upwards enjoying the coolness of her flesh in her stockings. I gently rubbed my cheek against her trembling inner thigh and finally reached the target.

By this time Debi was urging me on, "come on you bastard, don't keep me waiting", her words came from her throat, rasping and pleading. She was thrusting her sex towards my eager mouth and tongue. Instinct would suggest that I would now plunge on and do as she wished, but I hesitated, I had an idea, my mind went to a scene from the Madonna film 'Body of Evidence' an absolutely crap film, rescued by a scene in a car park. I wanted to re-enact the scene, here and now.

But as an interim, and to keep her on tickover, I leant forwards and squeezed both nipples, she had pierced them a few years ago and loved it when her nipple flesh was crushed against the unyielding piercings, she jumped and squealed feigning distress but I knew better.

I whispered in her ear "stand up, and keep those shoes on". She looked at me but for once didn't answer back or question me. As she stood unsteadily on the hood I grabbed a broom and smashed the light above the car, the atmosphere changed completely, we were plunged into semi darkness. I sat on the hood and urged her to move slowly until she was positioned with her crotch inches from my face.

I could feel the heat from her sex and grabbed her still firm butt and pulled her onto my face, my eager tongue instantly probing deeply, I made contact with her clit which I sensed was now sitting proud of it's hood. I hungrily ate the 'meal' before me and Debi was quivering and panting towards an earth shattering orgasm.

As I pulled her further onto me I had a buttock in each hand, and as she ground herself onto my face an index finger made contact, accidentally (yeah right) with her unsullied anus. I had tried this approach before, usually getting a "what the fuck are you doing", but this was different she seemed alternately to be grinding onto my face and subtly pushing her rosebud onto my finger.

I couldn't believe what was happening, years of total abhorrence regarding 'back door sex', which I had put away in my mind as a fantasy never to be fulfilled, was now a possibility.

Debi now quickly reached her orgasmic peak, unceremoniously wrenching my engorged penis by the root until I too did the same, in her expert hand. She flicked my spunk from her hand across the deserted car park , climbed from the hood and adjusted her clothes got into the vehicle finished cleaning off with some tissues and stared out of the car totally emotionless.

I put my now sore penis back in my pants and proceeded to drive the 10 miles home, "what was that back there" I said "what" came the reply as she turned her back towards me." You know, when I touched you". "Nothing" she said, "Don't give me that, you were definitely enjoying the sensation of my finger against your asshole".

"I was drunk, and it was a complete surprise to me, I never expected to enjoy anything 'there' and when I did I was confused", "not as confused as me" I said sarcastically. We lapsed into silence, Debi thro' embarrassment and me as a long held dream had in my mind been cruelly taken away before it could be acted upon.

We arrived home ten minutes later and silently entered the deserted house and separately went about our business. I poured myself a beer, "do you want a drink, darling", yes please just a hot chocolate. I put my beer away and joined her in the lounge for the hot chocolate. Debi was still quiet but seemed a little more at ease since the strained conversation in the car.

She got up and announced "I am off to get ready for bed", she disappeared to the bathroom and I settled down to relax and enjoy the warming glow of the chocolate. Debi came back into the room and asked "are you coming to bed"?

I went to the bathroom and prepared for bed, a light shower and brushed my teeth. As I turned out the light I wandered into the bedroom, the lighting was low and the air was heavy with scent. Debi was already on the bed still dressed in her stockings, but with a sly knowing look, a half smile..

I sat on the edge of the bed and she crept behind me and whispered in my ear "We can try it now if you like", my penis instantly reacted by twitching to life. "try what"? I said, "you can fuck my A-S-S if you want" she spelt out,without a tremor of uncertainty in her voice. " I have cleaned myself for you , I know you have been very patient and feel now is the right time"

She turned on the bed and as I in turn did the same, I was met with the vision of her beautiful ass facing me, beckoning. As I got closer and peppered her with butterfly kisses she reached under a pillow and passed me some special lubricant "use this" she said. I poured a copious amount onto my hands and lovingly caressed her buns, at each caress I moved closer to the target, gently spreading her cheeks to reveal her asshole.

I leant closer and gently blew on the target, she flinched but said nothing. My fingers drew ever closer and I started to apply a little pressure, the lubricant had a hint of ginger which was warming to the touch. Her asshole eventually gave a little and one finger slid in up to the knuckle. I moved my finger in a circular motion, slowly allowing a second finger to be introduced. Debi just murmured encouragement and squirmed under my touch.

I applied more of the lubricant and knelt on the bed, my rock hard penis, with its purple engorged glans resting against her asshole. I gently pushed forwards and Debi moved herself towards me, there was a moment where her virgin ass refused to yield then with a gasp I was in, just past her outer sphincter, she grunted and I applied a further forward motion. My penis was in all the way, she let out a muffled scream into the pillow and we stopped, briefly, we re-adjusted our position, it now felt like my cock was held in a vice she was so tight and seemed to be drawing me to greater depths.

After a moment I reached around and grasped each pierced nipple and roughly twisted them, with a yelp I could feel her respond by gripping my imprisoned cock. I couldn't believe this was happening, before long I was thrusting deep into her warm bowels every thrust bringing forth an animalistic groan .This wasn't going to last long, I could feel my balls tighten and I grabbed her by the waist for one last forward lunge and then I unloaded spurting copious amounts of my seed into her ass, my heart racing as my penis twitched rapidly subsiding, it slipped from her ass and spunk dribbled slowly into view. Debi was wide open to the rear and still craving the release that only an orgasm can bring.

I turned and pushed her sideways, assuming a '69' position, I urgently plunged my tongue into her saturated and eager pussy. I drank in her juices and Debi sucked eagerly on my semi-hard cock, it reacted like days gone by and stiffened, I pushed into her throat as she gagged, then like the expert she is , relaxed as I went deeper.

With each thrust her thighs gripped my ears and her pussy pushed and ground a rhythm on my face, the heat and pressure was almost unbearable, my head was pounding but I continued with my labour of love, I opened my eyes and as she was about to go over the top thrust two fingers into her still receptive asshole she screamed and clamped her thighs on my head, her whole body went into spasm, simultaneously I shot my load deep in her throat.

I was completely exhausted, Debi collapsed as she rolled onto her back, her arms spread wide her generous breasts heaving as she caught her breath, her legs also wide apart, pussy lips still engorged from my attentions her asshole showing no evidence of what had gone on only minutes before.

Jesus Christ I exclaimed , that was fucking unbelievable, she just smiled and dozed off as only a woman can who has achieved the heights of ecstasy we had both experienced, on an incredible night of exploration....... What next?

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