What a Treat


Tracy asked "Gloria are you going to Sally's Halloween party next week?"

"No afraid not, my husband refuses to dress up and won't g," I answered.

"My husband won't go ether, so why don't we go together and leave the two stick in the muds home."

I didn't have to think twice about it "okay Trace it's a date. Now what are we going to wear?"

"We're sitting here doing nothing let's go to the costume shop now."

"I'll drive," I said with my keys already in my hand

There were 1000's of costumes to pick from as soon as I saw this one costume on the rack I knew that was what I wanted to go as; Elvira, the beautiful and sexy vampire.

Tracy picked out a sexy women's tuxedo outfit so she could show off her legs in the fishnet stockings. We were both pleased with our selections.

Sally's party wasn't going to start until 11:00PM. It was late for a party, but she wanted to have it later so the guests with kids could be finished with their trick or treating.

I was all dressed and at Tracy's house at 7:30 PM, way too early for the party, but I knew if I didn't get out of the house early I would have hit the couch and not wanted to go. I only had to wait a short time for Tracy to get ready.

I know I must have looked good in my costume because Tracy's husband talked with me while I was waiting. He usually just says hi Gloria and walks by and sits in his den.

Tracy looked fabulous and she said I did too.

Even though we're in our mid 40's no one could ever tell our age. Trace had heavy makeup and I wore a black wig and had the white face makeup on so someone who knew us might not recognize us.

I was driving out of her neighborhood when I said "where are we going to go? We can't drive around until the party."

"I have an idea that I know I want to do and I think you'll like it too" she said

"Okay what is it?" I asked

"When I was at the hair salon some girls were saying that there's a Halloween party that's open to anyone that has on a sexy costume. I think we should g," She laughed.

"I'll give it a try."

We drove for about 20 minutes when we found the house. It wasn't too hard to located because it had Halloween decorations and there were cars parked up and down the street. We had to park a block away.

We arrived when a group of people were already starting to go in. I noticed the men had to give money to go in, but women were going in without paying, odd for a party.

"Hello girls, look how sexy you both look welcome to our party," Frankenstein said as we entered.

"Follow me Tracy I see the bar over in the corner."

The music was loud and the room was packed. There were decorations all around the house, it looked great.

We each got a drink and were looking at all the costumes when Peter Pan and Capt. Hook walked over and asked us to dance. We accepted, hey it was a party.

We danced several dances with several ghouls and goblins and periodically fill up our drink glasses.

We were taking a break when a mummy came up to me and asked me what sorority I was with. I said "what do you mean?"

He said "I was just wondering how you heard about our frat party."

"This is a frat party?" I asked

"Yeah what did you think it was?" he said

"I'm sorry," I said "too much to drink. "

"Well drink up, get you warmed up for the bare what you dare contest," He said and walked away.

"Ah Trace, the girls at the beauty salon that told you about the party, would they have been about college age?"

"Yeah I guess so why?"

"This is a frat party!" I said loudly, but not as loud as the music.

"You know Gloria I was thinking everyone was moving faster then the people we usually hang around with."

I started laughing and she joined in. I then told her what the mummy said about the bare what you dare contest.

We drank and danced and had fun even after or maybe because we knew everyone here was half our age.

The master of ceremonies for the contest was a scarecrow. Basically the contest was just an excuse to get girls naked or close to it. The scarecrow asked for participants.

Tracy said "Gloria go do it."

I said "Okay this could be fun." I walked to the front of the room with about 7 or 8 other women.

When it was my turn I danced and teased and then figured what the hell. I was wearing a long dress with a slit to show my leg and black thigh high stockings. I shimmed out of my panties and held the skirt open to show my pussy. I seemed to be big hit and Tracy was laughing and giving me a thumbs up.

I didn't win the contest someone got completely naked and was doing backbends, ah to be young again

The scarecrow came over to me while I was sipping a drink and Tracy was off dancing.

"You were really hot, do I know you from class?" he asked.

"No I don't remember any scarecrows in any of my classes," I said.

"Come to think of it I don't have an Elvira's in my classes." We both laughed.

"Elvira can you show me your pussy again?" he asked.

Feeling in the party spirit I answered "If you show me you cock," and smiled

"Let's go in the corner," he said and took my hand and I followed.

"You firs,t" I said

He reached into his pants and released a fully erect cock. There were several people watching.

"Your turn," he said

I still had my panties off so I lifted my dress high enough so he could see my pussy and so could the others that were standing near by. I was really getting hot having these strangers looking at me. I reached out and took his cock in my hand and some of the guys started hoot and cheer.

It was about that time Tracy came to the rescue, rescuing me from myself that is.

"Time go, have another party to attend," and pulled me away from the scarecrow and his friends.

They pleaded for us to stay, but we headed out the door and walked back to my car.

"That was so exciting," I said to Tracy.

She laughed and said, "You did seem to be enjoying yourself."

We got to Sally's party late, but it was in full swing and no one noticed we were late or that our husband weren't with us for that matter.

We mingled and drank some more and danced, a lot calmer then the other party, but it was fun.

When we getting ready to leave we found Sally our hostess and told her what a wonderful time we had.

Sally said "Oh Perfect timing, my son finally arrives when the party is over."

"Gloria I would like you to meet my son Jimmy."

I tuned around and the scarecrow was standing in front of me smiling!

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