tagIncest/TabooWhat a Trip Ch. 02

What a Trip Ch. 02


What has come before:

This story finds our 18 year old protagonist reconnecting with his mother's older sister on a visit to her home before he starts college in a nearby community. Turns out he's a lot more grown than she expected and she's a lot more... everything... than he expected.

All characters are over 18.


Well, there I stood. Aunt Linda had been, I suppose the word is, kind enough to loan me a swimsuit from, what I guess, was a former boyfriend. She had also just sashayed away to her backyard pool in a little bit of nothing she was almost wearing. A bikini I could handle, but a thong bikini... well, that was going to take me a minute to process. I suppose I had to literally adjust to it. That adjustment would be fine in jeans. We have all had to make a little genital recalculation from time to time, haven't we? The trouble was that here I was holding a pair of swim trunks, which I was fairly certain weren't going to provide me the same kind of deniability.

The glass patio doors slide open and I heard Linda sing out, "C'mon slow poke. Last one in is a something or other." The door slide closed behind her, and I looked down at my situation.

Okay, so, I had a stiffness that was just not appropriate for a family reunion. Let's call that a con. I did, however, have a bathing suit. This was mostly a pro. I mean, at least my decidedly wilder than I remembered Aunt wasn't asking me to skinny dip or anything. So, let's call that a pro. Sort of. I could tell from looking however, that even if these shorts fit me, they would cling a bit more than I would like. Aunt Ell wandering around in next to nothing was tough enough, but I would never be able to hide the effect she was having on me if I wore this suit. So, I guess that goes in the con column. But, you know, I could wear a t-shirt over it. Yeah, that's it. A t-shirt will cover a multitude of sins. Great. I can do this.

I closed the bedroom door and skinned out of my clothes. Strangely there was a bit of an electric thrill that shot through me as my bare feet dug into the carpet while I was standing there completely naked. Aunt Linda had been just down this hall. She had stood in this doorway wearing the tiniest of bikinis. In a way we were sharing the space... naked. Now, that's... a mistake. Focus Bob. Focus. You can't wear a bathing suit in front of your aunt, shirt or no, with a raging hardon. She's going to notice. Hell, it's all I could think about. So focus.

I slipped into the trunks, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't as bad a situation as I had imagined. They did, actually, fit reasonably well. My turgidity issue wasn't much better, but at least I could fit in them. There was no lining, but the waist fit comfortably and the legs weren't too tight. Okay, so one hurdle down.

I found a t-shirt with a sufficiently long reach, adjusted my trunk trouble, and took a few breaths. I thought of puppy dogs and homework. I thought about the anxieties associated with started a new life at school. I took a moment to think about how expensive everything would be. And then, sure enough, with a little lack-of-thought my trunk issue calmed itself down. Sure these were a little tighter across the front than I would like, but I could comfortably tuck to the left and all was fine.

I opened the door and stepped into the guest bathroom where I grabbed a towel. I wasn't sure if Aunt Linda kept towels outside, but it seemed like a good precaution. Tossing it over one shoulder I headed for the door.

As I stepped to the glass door, I looked out on the backyard. It was a nice isolated spot. Not country, so much as well groomed suburban. There were hedges and trees as well as a nice privacy fence. The pool itself was nothing fancy, but did feature a diving board and seemed to have a hot tub attached as well. The patio table had an umbrella and four plastic chairs. There seemed to be a cabinet for towels and pool sundries. There was even something of a bar. It was a really nice spot. I could spot the lighting around the perimeter, but of course it wasn't on just yet. The single most attractive feature of the pool area was Aunt Linda laying on the diving board at the far end of the pool.

As I opened the patio door, Linda's head popped up a bit and peeked through her toes to spy me walking down the rear steps onto the patio proper.

"I see you found a towel, bud. Good deal. You'll also find a few in that bin next to the bar. Feel free to use them when you like and just drop the used ones in that hamper next to the door when you're done."

I stepped over to the chairs and pulled one out into the sun. Laying the towel across it, I sat down and stretched my legs out in front of me, reclining my head towards the sun.

"Don't fall asleep over there, handsome. The sun is pretty high and you aren't lathered up in SPF 5000 or anything. You'll fry and that will ruin your trip, I'd bet."

"No trouble Aunt Ell. I'm just enjoying the moment. I don't think I'll stay out too long."

Hearing a bit of a shuffling across the pool area, I opened one eye slightly and peered down my nose at Linda sitting up at the end of the board. She adjusted her top slightly. It was a casual move done unconsciously, but I have to admit that after the teasing and the brief peeks, it was enough to fire my imagination a bit more than it should. Fingers sliding under bikini material and shifting over full breasts. Well, I really should close my eyes. In a minute, certainly.

Linda spun around on her behind and crawled up on all fours as she climbed to her feet facing away from the house and from me. On the edge of the board she hovered in space. Tanned skin, full curves, a couple of blue strings tied across her back and the barest evidence of a white thong dipping between her full, curvy asscheeks. She wasn't 20, no doubt, but that mature ass had only the smallest hint of cellulite. Taken as a whole she was a spectacular mature woman.

I was painfully aware of the state of my arousal. As much as I might like to accept that she was just family and that family could be comfortably unclothed around one another, I just wasn't there yet. This gorgeous woman was three quarters naked and I was reacting like every red-blooded male my age would. Uncomfortably.

Linda suddenly bent at the waist and touched her toes. I jerked reflexively upright, coughed and discretely tried to adjust myself to hide the fact that I was petrified in this somewhat tight pair of trunks. As I sat up, Linda sprang backwards and dove off the board into the pool.

Of course, she did. I mean, she wasn't just showing me her ass. She was diving. Really, Bob, what's your dysfunction?

Linda slipped into the water with a bit more splash than she might have when she was younger, but with a grace that anyone would envy. After a second or two under water, she popped above the surface. Her short hair was swept back from her face and she swam three strokes to the edge of the pool.

"Okay, Luganis, it's your turn. Cannonball time?" Linda's hands grabbed the side of the pool and she pulled herself up out of the water with a grace I certainly didn't have. She stood up with water glistening on her skin.

"I don't know, Aunt Ell. I... uh... I'm out of... uh..."

"What? Practice? Well, it's just a cannonball kid. Not exactly rockin' the difficulty levels."

"Uh." I blubbered.


Linda looked down and saw what had been all too apparent to me. A woman of a certain breast size really shouldn't dive in a string bikini. She looked at the pool deck – nothing – and then back to the water, where her top was floating in the middle of the pool.

"Well, kid. I guess I see which cat got your tongue. If you need to cool off, you could do me a favor and fetch that top for me?"

I'm sure I was a blur as I ran past her and cannonball-ed into the middle of Linda's pool.

"Oh the memories," she smirked as she stepped over to my chair and wrapped herself in my abandoned towel.

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