tagIncest/TabooWhat Are Friends For?

What Are Friends For?


For Amy, who has the first part of this in a much earlier draft, and who also let me know the story wasn't finished yet...

* * * * *

I came home pretty wiped out. The boss had been a king-sized shithead all day, and the maniacs on the road made the trip home a major pain in the ass. The primary thing I was looking forward to was an evening of simply sitting in a comfortable chair and vegetating.

The house seemed deserted when I got home. That was really weird, because usually everybody got home before me. Calling out, I got no answer. Cool.

Suddenly, I had a burst of elated energy. I had the house to myself! There was no telling when anybody else would get home, but I didn't care. I was going to take advantage of the situation.

Shucking my clothes right there in the middle of the living room, I reveled in being naked in the most public room of the house. If I have my druthers, I'd rather leave the clothes in the closet and the drawer, but of course, society frowns on public nudity. Damn prudes.

Anyhow, I almost danced into the kitchen to fix an impromptu meal, and within minutes, I had a sandwich and a drink sitting out for me on the coffee table in front of the TV. A few more minutes into my "secret" stash in the closet upstairs and I was prepared for an evening of "laying on of hands".

The tape I'd chosen was a favorite of mine. There was a sort of a story about a father and his daughter, but, as most porn tapes go, the story took a back seat to the sex. I knew the father and daughter in the vid weren't really related, but the naughtiness was what got to me.

Which was odd, because I didn't really consider incest a possibility in real life. Sure, my daughter had grown from a gawky little girl into a softly curved, beautiful young woman, but I had never really given thought to her as a sex object...

Until that moment.

And subsequently, my cock stiffened at the thought. Without trying, my daughter Amy's body popped into my mind's eye, and wouldn't go away. It was like a moving slide show: I'd catch snippets of little scenes of Amy wrapped in only a towel, on her way from the bathroom to her bedroom; or where she'd forgotten to close her door completely and I saw her in just her tight cotton panties and bra; or in her too-tight bikini, the one she hadn't had time or money to replace before we went on vacation in Florida last year.

My sandwich gone, my hand wandered to my hard-on. As I watched the sex scenes on the TV, the actors fucking on the screen were replaced by me and my daughter. I knew what I was thinking was evil and illegal, but I couldn't help myself. Amy became the young woman on her knees fondling and tonguing her father's cock, with me in the role of the father. It was my jizz spurting all over the young woman's face, and the face belonged to my Amy.

It was getting so I couldn't tell where the video let up and my fantasy began. My cock was stiffer than I could ever remember it being before, and I swear jacking off had never before felt this good. I was so wrapped up in the thought of fucking Amy's hot, wet teen pussy, I didn't realize I was no longer the only person in the room.

With a start, I discovered the object of my sudden fantasy was before me, in the flesh. Immediately, embarrassment took over. After all, here I was, masturbating in the living room, with my daughter, Amy, standing right there! This was not the sort of display a father normally puts on for his daughter.

I started to get up, but Amy held out her hand and pushed me back to the sofa. While I wondered what was going to happen next, Amy reached down to the hem of her light sweater and deftly slipped it off. Now, my softening cock was again hard: My daughter wasn't wearing a bra! Her lovely teenaged tits were exposed to my unbelieving gaze, and she caressed her hands up and down her bare torso, finally cupping her breasts in her hands, squeezing them together as if offering them to me.

While Amy pinched her nipples, I reached out to unzip her short little skirt and get that off her, too. To hell with propriety! I no longer cared who this was. All I knew is that it was a beautiful woman and she was coming on to me... And I wanted her!

Amy took her hands from her breasts and again pushed me back to the couch. She then reached down, unzipped her little schoolgirl-like skirt and wriggled her perfect ass as she tried to get it over her hips and off. I was mesmerized by the undulations her hips made as she tried to free herself from the clinging garment. I thought how lucky that skirt was, to be so intimately in contact with her ass.

Finally, the skirt was on the floor, and Amy stepped out of it, wearing nothing but her shoes, knee-socks and a pair of white cotton panties, which hugged every curve of her ass and crotch. The cloth was tight enough, I swear I could detect a faint depression where the material curved around her pussy lips and up and into her pussy. My daughter had never looked better.

Kicking off her shoes, Amy bent over with her butt in my face, and pulled off her socks, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and wiggled her round ass at me as she inched the cotton material to the floor. Intentionally, I'm sure, Amy bent over until her hands went clear to the floor, then deliberately stepped out of her underwear, one foot at a time. All this time, of course, I had an amazingly unobstructed view of my daughter's wet, warm cunt! I wanted so much to lean in and kiss it...

But before my befuddled brain could get my astounded body to move, Amy dropped to her knees before me and swallowed my stiff cock down her throat in one hungry gulp!

I nearly hit the ceiling when I felt how deep Amy was able to take me into her mouth! She was even better at giving head than her mother! And that's saying something! At that point, not caring much where my daughter had learned to suck cock so well, I just sat back and enjoyed the feeling of the blowjob I was receiving from Amy and her daddy-sucking mouth.

Unfortunately, though, Amy was *too* good at cock sucking, because within only a few short minutes, I could feel myself reaching the point of no return. While I would have dearly loved to fill my little girl's mouth with cum, I was afraid that with the down time my cumming would cause me, that it would kill this fantastic, almost surreal, scene. I didn't want things to end so soon, so I picked my daughter up from the floor, turned her around, and lifted her bodily, slipping her carefully down the shaft of my cock.

Now, believe me when I say it took a herculean effort to keep myself from shooting Amy full of jizz right then and there. Her pussy was so warm, slick and tight that I almost considered it a mistake to have taken myself out of her mouth and slid my hard-on into her cunt. But, I was successful in avoiding cumming too quickly, and once the immediate sensation receded, I began pumping slowly into my beautiful daughter's hot, clutching pussy.

Of course, I built back to the edge of cumming in almost no time at all, so it was kind of surprising when Amy started to orgasm before I did. Her body tensed, vibrated, and while she let out with a panting scream, I felt my balls get suddenly warm and wet. Apparently, Amy was as excited about all this as I was.

Wearily, Amy bounced and wiggled around on my cock, trying to help her poor old daddy out. After not too long, I let out a yell and started to pump my sexy daughter full of hot, sticky daddy-sperm.

My horny, lovely daughter came again while my cock twitched inside her grasping cunt, and when we both came down from our orgasms, I took Amy in my arms and pulled her in to me, cuddling her while we recovered. Amy let out a little whimper when my softening cock popped free of her pussy, but she then snuggled in close to me.

For a few minutes, we lay there together, just sort of basking in the wicked, wonderful afterglow of our forbidden tryst, then Amy stood up and took her place on the floor in front of me again.

She licked the combined juices off her grateful daddy's dick, lovingly tonguing every inch of my cock and balls. When she was satisfied with her work, she rose up, leaned in and kissed me, sharing the taste of our love with me.

Now, I'd tasted my cum before, out of curiosity, but I didn't really think much of it. Mixed with pussy juice, however, I wanted more.

Getting up, I reached around Amy and pulled her in close, kissing her more deeply. After a few more minutes of kissing, I sat her down, then took up a comfortable place between her legs, where I could get a close-up view of her fabulous pussy, now oozing with both cunt and cock juices.

As I said before, I didn't really think much of the flavor of jizz, but I now wanted to lap it out of my daughter's pussy in the worst way. With little hesitation, and with even less thought about who I was going down on, I dove into Amy's cunt and licked away, scooping up as much of our combined cum as possible.

I felt pretty proud of myself when I was able to bring Amy off twice with my tongue while I ate her pussy. Once I felt I had cleaned her up pretty well, I got up and sat back down beside her, pulling her in close and kissing her as she had done to me, sharing our combined flavors.

Eventually, though, Amy laid down on the couch, putting her head in my lap, and we both settled in to watch the rest of the video together.

I started to wonder what my wife would have thought about this, idly thinking how hot it would be for her to join us, when I was startled by a small sound.

Afraid it was my wife and that she'd be mightily pissed, I turned toward the sound and was surprised once again.

Instead of Amy's mom, the sound came from Susie, my daughter's best friend. The sound I'd heard was the gasp of a girl on the brink of orgasm. Susie's skirt lay puddled around her feet, and the fingers of one hand were shoved down into her tight panties, and she was rubbing her pussy frantically, watching Amy and my fucking. In Susie's other hand, however, was the digital video camera I'd bought Amy for her eighteenth birthday.

Seeing the video camera, my cock twitched again at the thought of being able to watch myself fuck my daughter again and again, and a different part of me was afraid what would happen if anybody ever found out...

To say I was startled to see Susie would be an understatement. However, watching her masturbate so boldly from watching us was an enormous turn-on. I love seeing women masturbate themselves with their panties still on. It gives the impression that they're so horny they can't wait long enough to get their underwear off to satisfy their swollen little clits. So, I was really enjoying seeing Susie's hand working so hard beneath the material of her panties.

Amy saw me notice Susie and smiled, knowing why I had gotten hard again. With a light kiss on the tip of my again stiff cock, Amy got up, went over to her friend and took the camera from her. After setting the camera down, Amy wrapped a hand around Susie's waist and pulled her in close, then pushed her other hand down into Susie's panties. Both girls' fingers wrestled inside the close confines of Susie's underwear, and Susie writhed on the sensation, not trying to hold back her pleasure any longer.

I was a little surprised to see Amy lean in and press her lips against Susie's. I wasn't aware that Amy also liked girls, but if I hadn't been hard already, the sight would have certainly done so. While my cock throbbed watching the two girls making out, I decided that Amy wouldn't be the only one to taste Susie tonight!

Apparently, Amy had the same idea. Before I could make a move, she broke their kiss, reluctantly dragged her hand out of Susie's panties, and nudged her girlfriend in my direction.

Susie came over and stood before me, a little unsure of what she was about to do. Of course, her shyness just made her sexier. I didn't know if she was a virgin or not, the kiss she and Amy had shared couldn't tell me that, but I didn't really care. If I was her first cock, then fabulous. If I wasn't, big deal. All I knew at that point was that I wanted to fuck this girl, as much as I had wanted my own daughter.

A frightened look came across Susie's face, and she looked up from her hypnotized stare at my cock and glanced in Amy's direction. Evidently, she received whatever response she was looking for, because immediately, her demeanor changed. From a shy little girl, Susie transformed into a panting, cock-hungry woman.

With a sultry look, Susie pulled off her oh-so-nicely-filled top, then reached around and released the clasp on her lacy bra. She waited a bit, preparing herself for my reaction, then shrugged the bra off her shoulders and away.

Susie had a really nice pair of teen tits. I love my darling Amy's tits, but Susie's were just a little fuller, and they stood out proudly on her petite frame. I hadn't seen any other real tits in person except my wife's before today, and now I'd been introduced to, I think, two more sets of the most beautiful breasts in the world.

Once Susie was sure I'd gotten a real good look, she grinned and slicked her panties down in one smooth move. Here again was another added treat: Susie's pussy had a thick tuft of hair on it.

Now, don't get me wrong: I love pussy. Any color, hairy or not, I love pussy. It just happened that my wife keeps her pubic hair shaved because she knows I like being able to see what I'm getting right up front. And my Amy's cunt was beautifully trimmed, as well. So, Susie's fuzzy muff was amazingly arousing, in contrast.

With a coquettish smile, Susie started to turn around, to give me a good view of her shapely woman's form. She still had on her knee-socks and shoes. I never really understood the whole "dressing like a catholic schoolgirl" thing before, but the implied innocence simply added to the naughtiness of seeing her out of the "uniform".

As Susie turned, I drank in the sight of her intoxicating body. Her body was perfectly shaped, her her tits in perfect proportion to her size, her legs amazing, but I quickly discovered that Susie's ideal feature was her ass. When her fabulous butt spun into sight before me, I immediately reached out and grabbed her hips, stopping the turn with her back to me.

I don't think I'd ever seen such a perfect ass. My fingers caressed the soft globes for a moment before cupping each in my palms, then gave a gentle squeeze. Susie moaned a little at having her butt played with, and I quickly thought, "If she liked that, she'll love this!"

Again reaching to her hip with one hand, the other pressed into the small of her back. Susie got the idea, and slowly bent over, making her ass cheeks part, revealing her damp, furry cunt lips and tightly puckered little asshole.

For another moment, I absorbed the sight before me. My mouth quirked into a little smirk as I imagined what she was anticipating, and was rewarded with a gasp of surprise when I speared my tongue into Susie's tight, pink little butt.

Apparently, Susie had never played with her asshole before. Certainly, she hadn't had anybody else play with it. It didn't take very long, though, before the high pitched squeal of surprised delight was replaced with a low purr of pleasure.

I flickered my tongue all over this girl's fantastic ass, and Susie made the most wonderful sounds to let me know I was doing the right things. Reaching out while I rimmed her, I found and clamped down on the girl's stiff, dangling nipples. I think Susie came right then and there, with my tongue in her butt crack, and my fingers roughly kneading her taut nips. The sounds were definitely right, and her movements on my tongue indicated she was having a terrible time controlling herself.

When I leaned back for a breather from my delightful task, I discovered that Amy hadn't been content to stay back away from the action to film it, and had brought the camera up and was presently pointing it at Susie's sweating, panting face. I was pretty sure she had probably also filmed my tongue dancing around her best friend's butthole. That was fine with me. Right now, the only thing on my mind was to get as much of this young woman's body as I possibly could, and if I could re-live it on video again and again, that much better.

One way or another, I was going to get more, so I pulled Susie down next to me on the couch, so she could rest for a bit. Throwing an arm around her, I mugged for the camera, then looked over and saw Susie smile weakly in Amy's direction, too.

When I was sure Amy had gotten a good shot of the two of us together, I pulled Susie into me. Susie lifted her face to mine, and we kissed. This was a much different kiss than I had ever gotten from my wife, and different even from the one I had shared with my daughter. Susie was a lot more unsure of herself, so she was much more tentative, more submissive, than I was used to. The gentleness of her kiss made my cock seem like it grew another half inch, and another degree harder. I was amazed at how this was affecting me.

After a few minutes of this, I realized that Susie wasn't about to make any more first moves than she already had. It was up to me to make myself and this girl feel good. Well, I was pretty sure I was up to the task.

Gently, I pulled on the back of Susie's head. She got the idea and leaned over, grabbed my stiff cock in her slender hand, opened her mouth, and took as much of me as she could. I could tell she was trying to deep-throat me, because every once in a while, she would inch her way down the shaft, then gag her way back up. While I appreciated the attempt, it wasn't a very attractive sight, so I caressed her hair a little and whispered for her to only take what she could. I didn't want to turn this girl off to giving head by thinking she had to deep throat every guy she fucked.

Once she was assured I was happy with whatever of me she was able to take, Susie gleefully went to town sucking and licking my cock and balls. While she was definitely pleased with my stiff dick, Susie seemed even more fascinated by my scrotum and the firm nuts inside. She licked my balls, and marveled at all the movement that occurred when she tickled them. For a little while, she lay there with her head in my lap, gently stroking my cock and watching as my balls stretched and contracted on their own.

When she'd had her fill of that show, Susie rose up again, and to my surprise, opened wide and gulped me down to the base. I nearly shot off deep in Susie's throat, but managed to hold back. Not that I wouldn't have gladly given her a mouthful of my creamy jizz, but as with Amy, I wanted to deposit it elsewhere.

Susie whimpered her disappointment when I pulled her off my cock, but when I took her hand and urged her to stand, she got the picture. She kept her back to me, expecting me to take her in the same position I had my daughter, but instead, I turned her around, again placed my hands on her hips, then pulled her in again. When her knees hit the couch, she climbed up and positioned herself so she could slide down the length of my cock.

Oh my god, was this girl tight! Whether she'd been fucked before or not, her pussy was the tightest I'd ever been in! Thank god her juices were running so freely, or I probably would have never got in. An ecstatic moan filled the room as Susie settled her pubic bone against mine. Somehow, I got the feeling she'd never been stretched this wide before. And I probably wasn't the thickest cock she'd ever have in her, either. This girl was in for some wonderful surprises.

I just sat back and enjoyed the show as Susie rocked back and forth, and occasionally lifted herself up and slid back down my shaft. Watching her teen tits bounce as she rode my cock was a treat in itself, but what I really liked seeing were the looks of contented ecstasy mixed with wanton lust.

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