tagLesbian SexWhat Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?


"Who's that?" Cammie Waters asked Lou, the owner of Leather & Lipstick, the only lesbian bar in town.

"Don't know," Lou responded as she set a Tequila Sunrise in front of Cammie. "Ain't never been in here before, far as I can recall."

"What's she drinking?"

"Stormy Weather."

An elegant drink for an elegant lady, Cammie thought. "Send her one from me, Lou."

"What's Indie gonna have to say about that?"

Indie, or Indigo, was Cammie's girlfriend. Yes, was. Past tense. Indie broke up with Cammie not even two hours ago, which is why Cammie was now sitting in the bar. "We're no longer together, Lou."

"Oh, sweetheart. I'm so sorry. Wanna talk about it?"

"Thanks, but maybe some other time. Right now, I just want to ..." She said nothing more as she stared at the red head across the bar from her. She was stunningly beautiful. Cammie figured she must be in her late thirties or early forties, but she could easily pass for early thirties.

Lou made the drink and took it over. The woman toasted her thanks, then returned her gaze to the countertop as she began nursing the alcohol. After a few minutes, when no offer to join her had been extended, Cammie took it upon herself and made her way over. She sat next to the woman and said, "How pathetic is it that two beautiful women like us are the only patrons in this bar on a Tuesday night?"

The red head looked up, tried and failed in her attempt to smile, then looked back down again. After fifteen second's silence, Cammie said, "My girlfriend broke up with me tonight. We were together for almost a year, and all of a sudden, she decides that maybe she's not as into girls as she initially thought. How are you going to be with a woman for a year, and then decide you're not a lesbian?"

"She was either lying to herself the whole time she was with you, or she's lying to herself now," the red head responded.

"I suppose you're right," Cammie said. She sipped at her drink, then broke down into tears. "It's just not fair. I gave her my heart. How could she treat me so terribly?"

The red head took Cammie into her arms. "Go ahead, honey. Let it out."

"It's just so fucking unfair," Cammie said as she continued to cry.

"I know, I know," the red head said as she rocked Cammie back and forth. She inhaled deeply and was struck by the young woman's coconut-scented shampoo. She had also been struck by her looks as well. She figured the young miss to be of Asian and African descent. She stood around five-five, was light-skinned, measurements probably 34-26-38, and had almond-shaped eyes that were dark and mysterious.

"I'm so sorry," Cammie said as she pulled away and began rubbing at her eyes. "Please forgive me. I didn't mean to break down like that. It's just ... When I got home from work, she had already packed everything and moved it out. She didn't leave me with a single picture of us together, like she's erasing whatever it was we had."

"You poor dear," the red head said as she placed an encouraging hand on Cammie's arm. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that."

"Thanks," Cammie said. She sniffled, then downed her drink before asking for another. "So, what about you? Why are you here?"

"My boyfriend and I have been together for sixteen months," she began. "Have ... HAD! Although frequency of sex had been faltering these past few months, when we did have it, it was passion-filled and erotically rough. Plus, he had begun sending me flowers and other gifts on an almost-daily basis. He called me today and asked if I would like to go to dinner at Fiddler on the Green."

"Nice," Cammie interjected.

"I thought he was going to ask me to marry him tonight. I really did. All signs pointed toward it. Imagine the excruciating torture I went through as we finished our meal and talked about everything but. Finally, there at the end, he told me he was leaving me for another woman. I was devastated. I walked out, and next thing I knew, I was standing in this bar."

"That's over six miles from here," Cammie noted. "Are you telling me that you walked all that way?" She looked at the woman's feet. Cammie immediately recognized the Chantal Thomass silk stockings. They probably cost this woman fifty dollars easy, but now they were torn to shreds, tattered from her walking in them on the pavement.

"I just wandered," the red head said. She downed her drink, and Cammie immediately ordered her another. When it was brought, "No, dear. I've got it." She handed Lou her Black card as she said, "Two more of each." She sniffled, trying her best to hold her emotions in check, then placed a hand over her eyes and silently wept.

It was Cammie's turn to offer comfort, and she did. She took the woman in her arms and held her until her weeping ceased. When she looked up, Cammie moved a line of the woman's hair from her face and said, "You are too beautiful a lady to suffer so."

She looked at Cammie, placed a palm on her cheek, and said, "So are you. What do you suppose we should do about that?"

Cammie slowly moved in and kissed her. It was soft, gentle, unrushed. They held one another there for countless seconds. Cammie pulled away. She smiled. "That was nice."

"It was," the red head said. "I just ... I've never been with another woman before."

"I'd be honored to be your first," Cammie said. "I promise to treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve."

The red head moved in and kissed Cammie with the same gentle sweetness Cammie had employed. "I'd like that. My name is Jillian, by the way."

Cammie kissed Jillian's offered hand, then said, "Cammie. My place is just a couple of blocks from here, if you don't mind walking a little further tonight."

"For you? Not at all."

They quickly tossed back their remaining drinks and hurriedly made their way down the street. By the time they had reached Cammie's apartment, the alcohol was coursing through their veins and they were full-on blitzed. Even still, they took their time undressing one another, unwrapping special gifts that only the other would enjoy this evening.

Once fully nude, they began to kiss ever-so softly in a standing embrace, their hands exploring every curve of the other's body. Jillian palmed Cammie's voluptuous ass, bringing a soft moan to her lips, while Cammie lightly pinched one of Jillian's nipples, inciting a moan of her own. Cammie slowly worked a hand between Jillian's legs to her shaved pussy and found easy access to her clit. Jillian parted her legs slightly to grant Cammie better admittance.

Cammie began to move, guiding Jillian toward the bed. Jillian fell back, and Cammie's mouth immediately found its place upon Jillian's soft pussy. Jillian reveled in the sensation of having Cammie's mouth on her just as much as Cammie reveled in being there.

She began to slowly manipulate Jillian's clit in her mouth. Jillian's breath caught several times. "Oh, Cammie," Jillian whispered. "Don't stop. Please. It feels so wonderful." Cammie didn't. She continued on as she had been, not deviating once, and soon Jillian was arching her back as she pulled Cammie's mouth closer to her. "Yes, yes. That's it. That's it, Cammie. Here it comes," and she spurted her cum into Cammie's mouth.

"Oh, Wow!" Cammie said when she came off her. "I've never been with a woman who could ejaculate before. That was awesome."

"You continue to treat my pussy like that, and I'll continue to cum for you," Jillian promised. Cammie took that as an invitation to carry on, so she did, and a few minutes later she was treated to another mouthful of Jillian's sweet secretions. Jillian pulled Cammie up to her, and the two began kissing once again.

Jillian gently rolled, moving Cammie onto her back. Jillian mounted her, continuing to kiss her, then slowly made her way to Cammie's neck. Cammie tilted her head to the side, granting Jillian full access to her soft neck flesh, and when Jillian found that sweet spot, just one of many of Cammie's erogenous zones, Cammie placed a hand behind Jillian's head and held her there as she grabbed Jillian's generously plump rump and squeezed it.

Cammie had greatly enjoyed sex with Indie, but they had never once made love, not like this. Jillian's expertise in matters of heterosexual lovemaking easily carried over to their lesbian sister.

Jillian removed her mouth from Cammie's neck. Cammie would notice later the hickey that Jillian had blessed her with. Jillian slowly, softly kissed her way to Cammie's breasts, giving equal attention to both. Without having even touched them yet, Cammie's dark brown nipples and areola were rigid in anticipation of Jillian's hot, wet mouth encircling them, and once the two met, "OOHHHH!" and Cammie came.

Jillian tenderly sucked Cammie's left nipple first, then moved to her right. While her mouth was on one, her fingers were on the other, lightly pinching and squeezing it. "Jillian," Cammie whispered. "You're doing things to me I never thought possible." And all she's done is kiss you and suck your tits she thought to herself. What's going to happen when

Jillian moved a hand between Cammie's legs and immediately felt a very low-cut and soft patch of pubic hair. It felt nice in her hand. She worked Cammie's clit with her palm while inserting her middle finger into the young lady. She immediately went for the G-spot, and Cammie cried out as she bathed Jillian's hand in an ejaculation of her own.

"MMMMUUUUWWWWAAAAA!!" Cammie cried out as she came, then very literally began to cry as she was overcome by emotion. Jillian moved up and kissed her. "J-Jillian, what ... What was that? What happened?"

"That was an orgasm from your G-spot," Jillian told her. "Have you seriously never had one before?"

"No," Cammie said as happy tears continued to issue from her eyes. "That was my first."

"If you learn to control it, harness it, you can attain a G-spot orgasm without any physical stimulation," Jillian told her.

"Will you teach me?" Cammie asked, then amended that to, "Will we be together long enough for you to teach me?"

Jillian kissed Cammie. "We will," she promised. "Now, do we stop here, or will you allow me to taste you?"

Cammie playfully grabbed Jillian's head, and without much force at all, pushed her down to her pussy. Jillian slowly inserted her tongue into Cammie's slit. Aside from her own (which didn't count), this was Jillian's first taste of pussy, and she wanted to enjoy it. She lapped at the pool of warm cum that was puddled just inside Cammie's pussy, and immediately she got wet as she fell in love with the rich, thick cream. She took her time swallowing, though, allowing it to roll around her mouth so every taste bud could participate in this experience. She soon reached the point where she had to insert her tongue a little bit more and a little bit more, but that was okay, because Cammie was creaming heavily without the benefit of having an actual orgasm. Jillian inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to move them in and out at a moderate pace.

Jillian finally kissed her way to Cammie's clit. She took it into her mouth and emulated as best she could what Cammie had done to her. Cammie's soft moans of, "Ooohhhh, Ooohhhh," were enough to tell Jillian she was on the right track. She continued on in this fashion as her hand began working faster and faster in and out of her own pussy, and soon Cammie had an orgasm. A moment later, Jillian did as well.

Cammie's wasn't from her G-spot, but it was intense for the young lady nonetheless as she grabbed Jillian by her hair and mushed her face as far into her pussy as it would go while bucking her hips and pushing her pussy across Jillian's mouth. Jillian licked her clean, then took her place next to Cammie. They kissed, then just lay there in one another's arms, completely spent and still very drunk, and they went to sleep.

Jillian awoke the next morning and stretched her arms and legs widely. She suddenly became aware of the little electric pulses emanating from her clit and looked down to see Cammie servicing her once again. She smiled. "And here I thought last night was just one big wonderful dream."

Cammie smiled, then moved into a sixty-nine. Jillian began to suck Cammie's beautiful clit. She loved the way Cammie's short, soft pubic hair felt against her mouth and face. She closed her eyes and began to make slow, sweet love to Cammie's pussy with her mouth. A few minutes later, and they both were coming.

"It's kind of hard for me to believe that you've never been with another woman, Jillian. No one has ever made me cum the way you do."

"There is an art to making love," Jillian told her. "It transcends gender and sexuality. Once you learn how to truly make love to another person, you can apply that to any person."

"Just promise me that I'll be the only one you apply it to," Cammie said with a small laugh. Jillian gave a small smile. "Oh, no ... I wasn't trying to say that I just assumed we were seeing each other now," Cammie said apologetically. "I was just ... I don't know." She buried her face in her hands out of embarrassment. "Oh, God. I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Jillian told her. "Really, Cammie, it is. I rather enjoyed last night. And this morning. I was actually hoping you might want to make this a regular thing."

"Really?" Cammie asked with a big smile.

"Really," Jillian answered.

"I don't want you to think I'm trying to rush anything," Cammie said in way of an explanation. "I know we're both just getting out of long-term relationships, and—"

"Cammie, I think we were meant to find each other last night," Jillian said to her, "but there has to be more to this than just sex. I want to know everything about you so that when the time comes, I'll know I'm in this because I love you, not because you know how to get me off."

"I want the same thing," Cammie said with a shy smile. Jillian kissed her. "Thank you. I'll try my best to be everything you need."

"So, this nefarious girlfriend of yours," Jillian began. "Why not start there?"

"Could we not?" Cammie asked. "At least, not immediately. How about my parents?"

"Okay," Jillian said.

"Well, they're Fundamentalists, so they're pretty much opposed to the idea of me being a lesbian. They call it my 'life choice,' but I've tried to make them understand that it isn't a choice at all. I am attracted to women, and that's just the way I am. I have been as far back as I can remember."

"That's curious," Jillian said after some thought. "You say that it isn't a life choice, yet did I not choose to indulge in this last night, and again this morning?"

"There's a theory behind that, believe it or not," Cammie told her. "Some say that all people are naturally bisexual, but where some embrace it, others deny it."

"So your argument, then, is that I am not choosing to be a lesbian, but just embracing my natural predisposition to bisexuality?"

"Yes," Cammie answered.

"Then by your own argument, Cammie, you are bisexual instead of fully being a lesbian," Jillian pointed out.

"No," Cammie said as she began to correct her new lover, "I know who I am. I know what I want. I am a lesbian through and through. I do not desire to be with a man. You, on the other hand, could leave here today and meet a man who knocks you off your feet, God forbid, thus, you are bi while I am a full-blooded lesbian."

"I don't want to be labeled," Jillian finally said. "What we have is what we have, and that is enough for the both of us."

"It is," Cammie said.

"On that note, then, I should be going," Jillian told her as she stood and began dressing herself. "I have some house cleaning I need to do, as in getting rid of all that sorry bastard's junk he left at my house."

"Need a hand?" Cammie offered.

Jillian held up a finger as she grabbed her phone and speed-dialed. She then asked, "What's the address here?"

"Three-zero-three Pinehurst," Cammie answered.

"Yes," Jillian said when she was greeted. "Send a car to three-zero-three Pinehurst. Thank you, Sonia." Then, returning her attention to her new lover, "I need to do this by myself, Cammie, but thank you. Are you working today?"

"Day off."

"Would you like to meet for dinner at Avery's Steak and Pub around seven?"

"Um ... I'm going to be honest with you, Jillian. I'm a waitress at Waffle House. I make decent money, but I really can't afford Avery's even if it is Dutch."

"Number one, never be ashamed of what you do, for it forges you into the person you are yet to become," Jillian instructed Cammie. "Number two, I invited you, which means I will be paying for dinner. Number three, be gracious enough to accept, for I like the idea of us being more than sex buddies."

Cammie smiled. "I accept."

"Do I need to send a car, or do you have transportation of your own? I ask this only because you walked to the bar last night."

"It's just a few blocks up the street, which is why I walked," Cammie explained. "I have a clunker, but it'll get me there. Seven, you say?"


"I'll be there with bells on."

They kissed, then Jillian went downstairs to await her ride.

Around three, there came a knock at Cammie's door. She opened it to find a delivery person with a large box. She signed for it, took it, and placed it on her bed. She opened it and read the card that was lying on the thin sheaf of wrapping paper:

This might be a bit more appropriate than bells. Hope it fits. I guessed your size.


Cammie opened the paper to find a Hafize Ozbudak Peach Crystal Decorated Silk Crepe Dress and peach colored lace up stiletto shoes with 4-inch zippered heel. This must have set her back at least six hundred dollars she thought, and wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into. Oh, God. I hope she doesn't think I'm a gold digger.

Cammie wore the outfit, and she looked amazing in it. The color of the dress and shoes went perfectly with her skin tone. She bought and applied peach nail polish, and fixed her hair and make-up just right. She had to admit, she was stunning.

She met Jillian at the appointed time only to find Jillian was already waiting for her at a table. She was escorted, seated, then Jillian ordered the two a glass of blush. "You look beautiful," Jillian told her. "I hope you don't mind. I saw it and thought of you immediately."

"I deeply appreciate it, Jillian. It was very kind of you. I just want you to know I'm not a money-grubber, okay?"

"Heavens no, Cammie. I would never think that," Jillian assured her. "You know nothing about me. For all you know, you were taking some crazy old cat lady home with you last night." She took a moment to collect herself. "I have money, and I don't mind spending it. Please, if I see something I'd like you to have, allow me to buy it for you."

"I'm sorry I overreacted, Jillian. I just wanted you to know that my feelings for you are going to be honest. It's like you said this morning, when the times comes, we'll know it's real because of what we feel, not based on something superficial."

Jillian slid a foot toward Cammie and pressed it against her shin, then moved it up to her thigh. "The sex is still a good thing, though."

Cammie smiled. "Come back to my place and I'll show you just how good it can get."

"Dinner first, then dessert," Jillian said with a devilish grin.

It was eleven-thirty. Jillian and Cammie were lying in each other's arms softly kissing one another, still enjoying the euphoria of great sex and perhaps even a sprouting love. "This was better than last night," Jillian said.

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