tagBDSMWhat Goes Around...

What Goes Around...


Blindfolded and tied to the chair, he sat quietly, listening for clues as to his captor's whereabouts. His heightened anticipation was evident as his erection pressed tightly against his jeans. He was shirtless but was grateful for it because the raised welts on the flesh of his back were sensitive, the heat permeating his nerve endings. The sweat trickled slowly down his temples; his breath was even and steady. He was unafraid, but anxious.

He heard footsteps approach him and he held his breath, preparing for the oncoming assault. It was unnerving that he could not see what was forthcoming, but at the same time, exhilarating. He slowly released the air he was holding and braced himself; for what, he was uncertain. He heard a soft chuckle and felt hot breath against his ear. It caused the goose bumps to rise on his skin. Fingertips gently and slowly flirted up his inner thigh, and came to rest on his erection. He felt a palm cup around his hardness, rubbing him, up and down. He moaned softly, unable to suppress his pleasure.

Again, soft laughter. He felt the fingers tightly squeezing him; pleasure quickly changing to discomfort. He bit the inside of his cheek, resisting the urge to speak, certain that his opinion would not be welcomed. She said something about what a nasty fucker he was; and then he felt a violent, unexpected slap to his face; his teeth piercing the flesh of his cheek. He jerked his head to the side, and told her to go fuck herself. He pressed his tongue up against the cut and savored the salty, metal tang of his own blood. He felt her weight fall onto his lap as she straddled him, the warmth of her sex pushing against his erection. She gently put her hands on his cheeks and calmly warned him to be respectful. He nodded and she gave him a pat on the top of his head, in obvious condescension. She wrapped her legs around him, her thighs tight against his hips.

Despite the painful reminders of her earlier punishment, he ached for her. He fantasized about freeing himself and overpowering her; stifling her smugness with his angry kisses; binding her hands; forcing her to the cold floor; and then ramming his hard cock into her; desperate protests from her escalating his own desire. He imagined her fighting him as he held her down, kicking him and bucking against his cock, but being no match for his strength. He wanted to fuck her until her rage turned to passion, until she begged him for release; until her soul was exposed.

He moaned as she rubbed her cunt against his erection, his jeans moistened by her juices. His arms yanked hard against the restraints as he tested them for a weak point. She sharply pulled in her breath and he sensed that his struggling fuelled her arousal. She rested her head on his shoulder. He could smell the perfumed scent of her hair as it gently tickled his chin. He felt her breath and lips warm the flesh on his neck as her panting increased and the pressure against his cock intensified. In spite of everything, he wanted her to cum, hard.

He felt her nails score the flesh on his back as her passion grew into a full blown orgasm. She moaned and pushed her mound hard against him, savoring the sensation that coursed through her body. He felt his own orgasm building and was certain that within seconds he would cum right along with her. As if sensing the rise of his pleasure, she suddenly pulled herself away from him. He groaned his objection as his bliss quickly receded. She told him that he was being a selfish prick and then slapped his face again. He called her a fucking bitch and she laughed and kissed him, irate, forceful and raw. He felt her teeth pull on his lip and the heat of his arousal surged through his body once again. She told him that he disappointed her and that he needed to try harder to be polite. She tightly wove her fingers through his hair at the nape of his neck and pulled hard, enforcing her will.

He resisted the urge to growl in protest. Instead, he fantasized about her in his position, her eyes blindfolded, her hands tied behind her, his fingers entwined in her hair and forcing her to satisfy his need. He thought about shoving his cock into her mouth, deep into the back of her throat, her gagging against his size. He would fuck her mouth hard until he ejaculated, his hot cum spilling into her. Although he thoroughly enjoyed the torture she put him through, the sadistic cunt still deserved it.

His aching arms brought him back to reality. He realized suddenly that she was loosening his blindfold and pulling it away from his face. His eyes protested against the light as he waited for them to adjust. She was behind him, whispering in his ear. She told him that now that she was satisfied she was going to let him loose but he would have to promise her that he would stay seated until she left the room. He nodded in agreement, saying nothing. She sweetly kissed the top of his head as she pulled the knots free. The loosened ropes fell away and puddled on the floor beside the chair.

Now the hands, he begged silently, holding his breath. He did not move a muscle. She unclasped the buckles on his wrist restraints and pulled them off him. He dropped his hands to his sides enjoying the warm achiness in his biceps. She walked around the chair and crouched in front of him, her skirt rising, deliberately exposing her pussy. She reached down and unbuckled the restraints that secured his ankles to the legs of the chair. The moment he was free from the last restraint he quickly rose and pushed the chair backwards. Alarmed and caught off guard, it was effortless for him to capture her...

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