tagLoving WivesWhat Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around


"Honey, let me tell you before I forget, Carol is coming over for thanksgiving dinner." My wife, Lisa, informed me.

"Is her husband coming with her?" I asked.

"It will be only her and the others I have invited." She said.

I knew Carol was a good friend of my wife. We have met in town and other places and mostly said hello when we met. I have seen her in the company of her husband at different times. Something had changed and I remembered that they no longer went anywhere together. You would see one of them but not the other.

Carol is forty two years old, five foot two inches tall. Her breasts are large and firm. With her attire, every time I saw her she had never shown any cleavage. She filled out the jeans she wore and she liked to wear them tight.

After we had our noon meal and watched some football, the guests begin to leave. Soon there was no one left but Carol, Lisa, and I. Lisa likes to play dominoes and had asked us if we would play a few games with her. I had gone to the fridge and got each one of us a beer. Sitting at the table we played several games of dominoes.

I would looked over at Carol, and when she saw that Lisa wasn't looking, she would wink at me. After about two beers each they both had to go to the bathroom. Lisa went first, and as soon as Carol heard the bathroom door close, I felt her hand on my thigh. She moved her hand up and felt of my cock through my jeans. I left her hand there as she squeezed my cock.

When she heard the bathroom door open she removed her hand and placed them on the table. Lisa sat back down and Carol went to the bathroom.

"So what did Carol have to say while I was gone?" Lisa asked.

"Only thing she had said was that she was going to have to watch how much she drank tonight." I said.

"She didn't ask you to fuck her?" She asked.

"No, why would she?" I asked.

"She has told me that her husband hasn't made love to her in over five months." Its not his fault, she just want let him have any." She said.

"I didn't know anything about that." I can't image a husband and wife living together and not having sex." I said.

"Give Carol time, she probably will make that comment again tonight." She said.

"You mean that she tells other people that her husband isn't fucking her?" I asked.

"She told me at one of the football games while you had gone to the concession stand." Sue said.

"Sssch here she comes." She said.

Twenty minutes later Lisa had to use the bathroom again. Just like the first time, I felt Carol's hand on my cock. She slid her chair closer to me and I watched as she undid the top two buttons on her blouse.

"I sure would like to feel your cock inside of me." She said.

"You would, would you, and is that the reason you undid those buttons on your blouse.?" I asked.

"I'm horny and hot, and if you want to we could go somewhere and you can take my blouse off." She said.

"I'll do more than just take your blouse off." I said.

"So you do want me?" She asked.

"It want be tonight, so why are you so horny?" I asked.

"My husband hasn't fucked me in five months." She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"He doesn't do anything for me anymore." She said.

"So he hasn't had sex with you in five months, and how can you go that long without having sex at all?" I asked

"I have, but I would like for you to take me somewhere and fuck me." She said.

"Sure, I will be glad to fuck you." I said.

"Do you have any idea when you and I might be able to hook up?" She asked.

"I will call you and let you know." I said.

Lisa came back and sat down again and Carol informed us that she had to go. After she left, we went to the bedroom and made love. We talked afterwards about Carol.

"Did Carol ask you to fuck her tonight?" Lisa asked.

"No, she didn't." I said.

"If Scott isn't fucking her, somebody is, that I am sure of, because I do know that Carol likes to fuck." She said.

"About as much as you do, right?" I asked.

"I don't advertise for it like she does, anyways you have been the only man to fuck me." She said.

"I thought you told me that I wouldn't be the only man to fuck you." I said.

"That's what I said, and you aren't going to be, and I will bring you a cream pie home one night." She said.

"So you are going to fuck another man?" I asked.

"Yes, when the right one asks, I am going to put out to him, right now I don't have the time " She said.

"Will you tell me?" I asked.

"Not right after it happens, I might later on." "Anyways you told me that you didn't want to be the only man to fuck me." She said.

"I don't want to be the only man to fuck you." I said.

"You want be, I just hope you don't fuck Carol." She said.

"She's the kind of bitch that might blab it out somewhere that you fucked her." She said.

"Babe, I have no plans of ever fucking that bitch." I said.

But I did, Carol had slipped me her cell phone number on one of Lisa's trips to the bathroom. The last time she had gone, Carol and I had kissed on the lips. I had my hands under her blouse and on her tits when we heard the bathroom door open.

That was on a Thursday night, the next night I gave an excuse to go to run an errand. To buy some gas or something. I called Carol and she said that she could meet me. We met on a dirt road in the country and just off the road in a farmer's field. I drove there and waited a few minutes for her to arrive. She parked besides of my truck and got in.

"Now I know why Lisa wanted this truck with four doors, so she can have her bed with her all the time." She said.

"I did overhear her sister ask Lisa one time if she could fuck in the front seat." I said.

"Lisa has been screwed on this seat, hasn't she?" Carol asked.

"I don't know but she told her sister that it could be done on both seats." I said.

"Are you ready to fuck me right now on this seat tonight?" Carol asked.

"We are going to fuck." I said as I put my hand over her shoulder and drew her toward me and kissed her on the lips.

We kissed and tongued each others mouth. Breaking the kiss she undid the buttons on her blouse and took it off. Reaching back, she undid her bra and took that off. I watched as she slid out of her jeans. She wasn't wearing any panties. Sitting on the seat nude, she undid my shirt and I removed it. Next I felt her hands on my belt and she unbuckled it and unsnapped my jeans. My shoes I had already removed. Down came my jeans and boxers.

Out in the country getting ready to fuck on the front seat of a truck brought back memories of my teen years fucking the high school whores. I would borrow dad's truck, pick a whore up, go park and fuck most of the night away.

"You have a condom?" she asked.

"Have you had sex with anyone besides your husband?" I asked.

"Yes, I have, one man that works the same shift I do." "But that's not the reason I want you to wear a condom." She said.

"You may not believe this, but my cock is to thick for a condom to fit properly and not be tight." I said.

"I don't use a condom at home and I haven't used any with the other married women that I have hooked up with." I said.

"Damn you are thick and long, you sure was telling the truth." She said as she sat there and stroked my cock.

"I told you they don't make a condom large enough for men like me that have a very thick cock." I said.

Nothing else was said as she lowered her mouth over my cock and began to take my cock into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed my cock inching more of it into her mouth. She was a pro at sucking cock, that was for sure. She released my cock and sat back on the seat.

"Sucking your cock has made me horny and wet." She said.

I slid over to her and took a nipple and began to suck on it. Massaging her boobs with my hand as I sucked each nipple.

"That sure feels good, fuck me." She said.

"There is no way I am going to leave here tonight without having your cock in me." She said as she shifted in the seat.

"Just lie down on the seat and I will give you a cream pie that you can take home with you." I told her.

"I want be taking it to him, he want be having sex with me." She said.

"Fuck me baby, its been too long since I had a cock in me, and I have never had one as thick and long as you are." She said.

"What you must be at least ten inches long and at least that thick?" Carol asked.

"You measure it." I said as I put her legs on my shoulders and shoved my cock into her.

"Easy baby, let me get used to it before you shove it all the way." She said.

"Give me some more baby." She said as she put her hands on my hips.

"Aaaaagggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!" She screamed as I shoved almost all of my cock into her tight hole.

I thought to myself for an instance, the next time I pull back out and go back into her, this slut is going to get all of my cock. She screamed as I shoved all of my cock deep into her and held it. I really couldn't drive my cock into her the way I would have liked to. The roof of the truck, the steering wheel, the seat with the doors closed didn't allow for much room to move around. I did manage to fuck her though.

"Damm that feels good, it doesn't hurt like it did." She said in a soft hoarse voice.

"Aaarrrrgghhh I'm cccuuummmmiinnngggg!!!!!!!!!" She screamed into my ear.

We both came at the same time. I gave her a big cream pie as I held my cock in her. She held me until my cock began to go limp and she let me pull out of her. As I got up and slid across the seat to the driver's seat, I felt her hand on my cock.

"Let me clean the cum off of your cock." She said right before her mouth slid down it.

She cleaned my cock,licking and sucking all of the cum mixed with her juices off of it. We each began to get dressed. She slid her jeans on and a wet spot appeared in the crotch of the jeans. Then the bra and blouse soon followed but not before I had sucked her tits some more. She has a firm set that don't bounce or sag.

"Thanks I surely did need to fuck tonight." She said.

"A married woman should never have to go with out cock especially if she isn't getting any at home." I said.

"With you around I want ever have to go without as long as I have." She said.

"Call me sometimes." She said as she opened the door and got out.

I didn't know at the time that when I said that a married woman should never have to go without cock that it would come back to haunt me.

Carol hasn't been the only married woman that I have hooked up with since I have been married to Lisa. She was the first one that I had fucked on the front seat of a truck or car seat since my teenage years. As for as Lisa getting it on in the truck with another man, I didn't know. Only thing I know is, it can be done.

Two weeks later on a friday night I fucked Carol in a hotel room. We spent three hours there.

Saturday morning when I checked my email, I had one from a woman that had an email address that read hotnhornynurse. She informed me that she and her lover had saw me drive up, park, and knock on the hotel room door. They both had watched as Carol let me in.

Her lover wanted to hook up with Lisa and she wanted to hook up with me. We emailed each other and we did hook up at the same hotel one friday. Her email address was right, she is a hot and horny nurse. This married slut couldn't get enough cock. Every email from her was about hooking up and finding a place to fuck.

One friday night Lisa got dressed and said that she was going shopping with her sister. I didn't say anything, but Lisa and her sister weren't wearing very much when they left the house. They both had revealing tops on that didn't hardly cover the nipples. Tight jeans and probably no panties. I had no reason to believe that she might be cheating on me.

Two hours later the house phone rang and I answered it.

"Hey buddy do you know were your wife is tonight?" A male voice asked.

"She's with her sister shopping." I told him.

"She's been shopping alright, she been looking for cock and she has found it and she has had a good fucking laid on her. I just fucked your wife and we are at Hotel 6, room 13." He said.

"Not my wife, you must be mistaken." I said.

"She came on the red truck, the same one she drives to work. The same truck that you came on to the hotel that night with Carol. Buddy, we are in the same room, on the same bed you and Carol screwed on." He said.

"Remember the lady that saw you and Carol that night at the hotel?" he asked.

"Yes, so what?" I asked.

"I was with her that night and I know that you fucked Carol that night." He said.

"So what I keep asking you?" I asked.

"Payback is hell sometimes; you are fucking Carol, you have fucked my slut, now we am fucking Lisa." He said.

"Lisa is a good fuck. Like I said, I have fucked her once tonight with my eleven inch cock. She is on the bed right now getting her pussy pounded by another man. If you will listen you can hear her moans of pleasure. There are five of us here to fuck your pussy. I am waiting my turn again to fuck her and give her another cream pie. I hope you have been enjoying the cream pies she has been bringing home to you the last three months." He stated to me.

"Oh by the way, you aren't the only one fucking Carol. My buddies and I had her last Monday night while her husband was at work. We screwed her in her bed. She is like the slut here, she can't get enough cock." He said.

"You bastard." I said.

"Just to let you know that I am telling the truth, Lisa has two tatoos, one on her left ass cheek and the other one on her right breasts." He said.

"She doesn't have a virgin ass anymore, another friend of hers took care of that for her. I would like to try her ass myself, but since I have a monster dick, I will keep stretching her pussy for her." He laughed.

"You sick bastard." I said.

"Call me whatever you want to, I have had your pussy. The pussy you thought another man would never have." He said.

"What's your fucking name?" I asked.

"Your wife calls me Stud, her stud I should say." he said.

"Hey I have to go, we told Tiny that he would have to be the last man to fuck your wife. He's getting ready to fuck her now. You wouldn't believe the cock that this black man has. He's long and huge, that's why we wanted him to go last. Wish you could see this, she acts like she doesn't want his cock. Two men have her shoulders pinned down. Her legs are on his shoulders. There he goes inside of her, its a good thing that she has a lot of cum in her. The slut is taking his cock, holy shit I can't believe it, the fucking slut is taking Tiny's cock." He said.

"Fuck you!!!!!" I said as I hung up the phone.

I somehow knew it was true, he was getting my pussy and probably had Carol's too. Me and my big mouth again. Just three months ago I had told Lisa that I didn't want to be the only man to fuck her. She had said that I was still the only one, but that was going to change.

Then I remembered her saying, "After I have had your cock all these years, I don't believe that there is a cock longer and thicker than yours that I can't take. I will be fucked because you have put your cock into a pussy that you wasn't suppose to." She had said.

Then I remembered the promise I made to her that I would never fuck Carol. She found out from somebody and I got an idea who it was.

Carol had told me one night that she had talked to a man that wanted to fuck Lisa. I had paid no attention to her. Now I knew Carol had blabbed it out to someone that I had fucked her in Hotel 6 and in room 13.

Was Lisa in the same room that Carol and I had been in that friday night and with five men like the caller had said?

Then there was aknock at the door and I got up to answer it. It was Lisa's sister, Dawn.

"Hi." I said as I opened the door.

"Can I come in?" She asked.

"Yes, is Lisa with you?" I asked.

"No, she is busy doing something else." She said.

"Would that something else be having sex with another man at a hotel?" I asked.

"Yes, but don't tell her that i told you." She said.

"I want." I said as I told her about the telephone call that I had just got, leaving out the name and room number of the hotel.

"He called and told you that he was fucking Lisa in a hotel room?" She asked.

"Yes, he did and its true because you were there wasn't you?" I asked.

"Yes it is true. She took me to get my car before she left to go to the hotel. She wanted me to follow her to the hotel." she said.

"So do you know what hotel and what room they are in?" I asked.

"Hotel 6, room 13." She said.

"Why this room, or do you know?" I asked.

"Lisa asked Carol when she came over to this house one day if she was having sex with you." She said.

"And so Carol spilled her guts to Lisa and gave her all the facts and details?" I asked.

"I was here and heard all that she said." She said.

"So why are you here tonight, Dawn?" I asked.

"Lisa told me at the hotel that if I couldn't find a man to have sex with tonight that I should come here and that you probably would fuck me." She said.

"I will be glad to fuck you Dawn if that's what you want." I said.

"Lisa was right, wasn't she, you have been wanting to get into my pants haven't you?" She asked.

"You are here, so you must be wanting me to get into them also." I said.

"I do, I want to have sex with you right now, in the same bed you and Lisa make love in." Dawn said.

"Lisa might come home any time and that wouldn't be good at all." I said.

"We are wasting time talking." She said as she pulled her top off revealing a large firm set of boobs. There was no bra to take off. She slid out of her jeans, no painties either.

"Let's go fuck." Dawn said as she led me down the hall and into the bedroom.

"Don't worry about Lisa coming home anytime soon. What the caller didn't tell you was there are five men with her in the room, she will be there all night." Dawn said before she put my cock into her mouth.

I fucked Dawn twice that night and she had three orgasms.

"Where is Jack tonight?" I asked.

"My husband, Jack, oh he's one of the men at the hotel with Lisa tonight." She said.

"You could have stayed at the hotel, but you chose to give it to me instead, didn't you?" I asked.

"That's right, I can be there the next time Lisa plans a gang-fuck. Tonight I just wanted your cock." She said.

"I want you to do me a favor one night?" She asked.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Lisa told me how you like cream pies, I want you to give me a cream pie one night and let me take it back home to Jack." She said.

"Dawn, just let me know when." I said.

"I will." She said as she pulled her jeans on and finished dressing.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Lisa told me that you had a long and thick cock and you knew how to satisfy a woman." She said.

"She did, did she?" I asked.

"Yes and I want more of it." She said as she grabbed up her purse and went out the door.

I want more of her pussy too...........

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