tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat Happened After Britney's Bath?

What Happened After Britney's Bath?


Britney gets out of the tub dripping wet. I get her a towel and as I put it around her, she reaches out and grabs me and kisses me. She tastes so good and she grabs and fondles my breasts. She pulls at my shirt and unbuttons it very quickly. She pulls it down my shoulders, urgently. She pushes me toward the bed and we fall onto it. She continues to kiss me and removes my bra. She rubs my breast and pinches my nipple, hard.

"You like it rough, Don't you?" she says while pinching my other nipple. She begins to kiss my breasts licking and biting them.

"Yes," I answer her. She feels so good, I hope this night never ends I think to myself.

She begins unbuttoning my pants and pushes her hand down my panties. She rubs her finger on my clit and pulls it out and sucks my juices off her finger.

"You are so wet, Angela. You like this, Don't you?"

"Yes," I reply while she gets up and jerks my pants from my body. She then pulls my pants off and dives her face into my pussy. She licks my clit and reaches up to play with my tit. She is licking and sucking and she sticks her hand inside me.

"I want to taste you." I say to her. She puts her legs over my head and puts her sweet pussy right in my face I begin licking and sucking her clit. I insert my fingers into her sexy little hole. Meanwhile, she is still working on me. She works her fingers in and out faster and faster. She is gonna make me cum, but I hold back and wait for her to cum also. I speed up my fingers and my tongue, she tastes so sweet. She starts rubbing her pussy against my face as I lick, bite, and suck her juicy pussy. She shoves her finger into my ass and I cum onto her face at the same time she cums all over my face and I swallow all her juices. She falls off of me onto the bed beside me. We fall asleep.

When I wake in the morning Britney has made a list of things for me to get at the adult store and a local grocery store. Which I will gladly do. When I return she is still nude (doesn't need closes if you ask me.) She takes the sack from me and sits it on the table.

She looks at me and says, "Do you wanna play, or do you wanna eat?" I smile at her and pull out some strawberries and whip cream.

"Lay down", I say to her. I remove my clothes and walk toward her, I put whip cream on her nipples and her pussy. I top her pussy with a strawberry. "Mmmm, now that looks good, lick your nipples clean." She licks her nipples, while I start at her pussy I lick her and suck her and dip the strawberry in and feed it to her. I then get out a strap on and put it on. I get on the bed and dive into her pussy roughly in and out. She moans loudly.

"That's so good," she says.

"Do you like the way I fuck your tight little pussy?"

"YES!" she says loudly. I bite her nipple and move the faster and faster inside her. She is so beautiful as she moans and begins to shudder. "I'm gonna cum," she says and bites her lip as the pleasure takes over her whole body.

After she calms down she says, "Let's take a shower." I follow her as I watch her ass sway her juices shining on her legs and lower ass cheek. She turns on the water and we climb in. I grab the soap and push myself against her back reach around and scrub her sexy tits. I then move down and wash her tummy, she turns and begins kissing me softly. She takes the soap away and begins washing me, rubbing my ass and back. She drops the soap and when she bends over I stick my soapy finger into her ass and start moving it in and out real slow.

"Ohhhh," she moans, "put some in my pussy too." So I put three fingers in her pussy and move in and out of her pussy and ass rotating. She pinches her nipple while I pleasure her holes. Thump! We hear a noise and stop. I get out to go see what's going on. Britney follows behind me I open the door and who is standing there. Its Justin Britney's Boyfriend.

"Justin," Britney says excitedly, "Do you want to join us?"

He grins, "Sure, Britney, I was watching and fell while trying to jerk off." Britney walks over to him and gets on her knees and upzips his pants. He is as hard as a rock.

"I guess you were, you missed a good show." She takes his cock into her mouth and sucks greedily. I am just watching right now, I knew they were lying about being virgins and I had to know why.

"Britney," I ask, "why do you tell the public that you are a virgin?"

She stops sucking him to answer, "because some of my fans are way too young and they look up to me, plus my mother doesn't need to know."

"You are a clever girl," I say to her.

"Come over here and help me," she says. So I join her in sucking at Justin's cock. We both lick and suck at it and kiss each other. Then I move up and kiss Justin, Britney does the same and we push him to the bed. We strip his clothes in a hurry. Kissing his young sexy body. Britney jumps on top of him to go for a ride and I straddle his face. He licks at my pussy and she fucks his cock good. She slowly raises her self up and slams down onto his cock and increases her speed. Up and down, she begins to cum, and then gets off his cock, but he is not done so I climb onto his cock and she sits on his face. He laps up her cum while I ride him. She cums again all over his face. Then he cums inside me and I cum all over him. Britney and I then lick up all the cum mixture that is all over his cock. We then kiss each other again. We all fall asleep tangled up together.

When I wake up they are still sleeping so I go take a shower, I think of all the wonderful things that happened and I play with my clit. When I get out of the shower, Britney is being fucked doggie style by Justin. I stay at the door and watch the two lovers. They are so beautiful together. She begins to moan and screams his name several times. He is pounding at her gate very quickly and they cum and fall to the bed. I walk from the bathroom. They see me and I start to get dressed. "Where are you off to?" Britney asks.

"I need to go and get something, I will be back if you want me to," I say to her.

"Oh defiantly, you are awesome. What are you getting?"

"Its a surprise" I reply.

"I love to be surprised," she says.

I go and get my boyfriend, Robbie and tell him all the details of what has taken place. He doesn't believe me so I tell him to come with me and find out for himself. When I return, Britney is reading and Justin isn't around.

"Where's Justin?"

"He went back, he has to catch a plane. They are on TRL tomorrow. Who's that? Is that sexy guy my surprise?"

"Sure is," I say to her, "let's show him a good time."

"I'd love to." She takes his hand and leads him to the bed. She kisses him and sucks on his ear. She is dressed so she begins removing her clothes and his. She looks up at me.

"Come over here," she says. So I move toward her and take off my clothes.

We are all naked now. She sucks his cock while I kiss and lick her pussy which I love to do. I shove my fingers into her. She continues working his cock. She is so wet and juicy. We change positions again. She grabs the strap on and puts it on.

"Lay down Angela, its my turn."

She climbs on top of me and begins fucking me real good. Robbie gets behind her and starts fucking her up the ass. She loves this and pushes herself into him. We all climax together and fall sleep.

To Be Continued...

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