tagLoving WivesWhat Have I Done?

What Have I Done?


My name is Tom and 2 weeks ago I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Ever since I was in my mid twenties I have had a fantasy of watching my gorgeous wife, Becky, fucking a black guy. My wife was very conservative and I doubted she would ever do it.

I met my wife when we were both attending a small Baptist college in Georgia. She was studying to be a teacher and we hit it off right from the start. A preacher's daughter, Becky didn't smoke or drink and the furthest I could get with her was some heavy petting.

After graduating from college we got married and moved to Chicago to find work. We fucked everyday for the first 6 months after we tied the knot. But like so many marriages the passion started to fade and we got into a routine of sex on Saturday's and Thursday's. It was still great, but I felt we lacked the passion we once had.

My 28 year old wife is absolutely stunning, not just pretty. Becky has bright blue eyes, flawless ivory skin and sandy blond hair that she keeps at shoulder level. Whenever she smiles she lights up a room. She is 5 foot 10 inches and has a voluptuous body. Her firm 36DD breasts complement her perfect heart shaped ass. She works out 4 days a week and keeps her body in top shape. I am always catching other men and women checking her out.

On the other hand I had an average body. I am naturally thin but definitely not built. I am 6 foot tall with short brown hair. My dick is only 6 inch long but my wife has never complained.

My interracial fantasies started when I found a link on one of the porn sites I was visiting. I couldn't get enough of watching these huge black cocks slamming into those tiny white pussies. As I was buying interracial porn I found out about hot wives and cuckolding. Could my wife and I adopt that lifestyle? I was afraid how she would react if I brought it up.

About 3 years ago Becky and I went to a party one of our friends was having. There was a black guy that was hitting on her all night long. He must have been smooth because he kept her attention the entire night. I had a hard time hiding by erection and kept imagining her dropping to her knees and servicing this stud. After we got home that night I pulled my wife into bed and fucked her harder than I had in a long time.

"What's got into you?" my wife asked as she tried to catch her breath. "Did you see some pretty girl at the party tonight?"

I didn't know if I should come clean about what really got me so worked up. Building up the courage I stuttered, "I just got, I just got, excited watching that blah, black guy hit on you all night."

Her smile instantly faded. "What do you mean? You got turned on by watching another man talking to me?"

I whispered, "I have a fantasy of watching you fuck a black guy."

Becky was shocked at what she just heard and stared at me with a blank face. After a few seconds of silence her face crinkled up. She shouted, "What kind of husband would want his wife to fuck another man? You are a sick fuck! Get the fuck out of my bed!"

I spent the next week sleeping on the sofa. Becky wouldn't even acknowledge me when I was in the room. I finally got her to talk about what had happened. I apologized for bringing the whole thing up. I assured her that it was only a fantasy and that I would never really want her to sleep with anyone else. After 6 bouquets of roses, 2 diamond necklaces, 4 trips to the theatre, and 1 weekend at her mother's, I finally got out of the dog house.

Things settled down and 2 years later our sex life was in the pits. We decided to have kids but we weren't working too hard at it. We were fucking once every 2 weeks at best. One night when we were making love she whispered in my ear, "I wonder what a black cock would feel like?"

I was completed shocked and instantly blew my load. Becky kissed my neck and bit my ears. I was in heaven.

"Did that turn you on?" She looked me straight in the eye and I couldn't help but nod.

"I have thought about it a lot and I don't have a problem with your fantasy anymore. I know how much it excites you and if you want, I am willing to play along. Our sex life has been pretty poor lately. Maybe we can watch some interracial porn together. But you better know that this is all just a fantasy and that I would never actually fuck another man."

I was so happy that she would go this far. I immediately got hard again and we fucked for another hour.

Over the next few months we role played and watched interracial movies. Becky would comment sometimes on the size of the black guys' dicks. Her pussy was getting wet while watching these movies and I began to imagine the possibility of my fantasy actually coming true.

I started surfing some of the cuckold web sites and started looking for a black bull in the area. After searching for several days I came across a large black guy name Jerome. He was 29 years old and very handsome. Jerome was clearly in great shape. His profile included several pictures of his 11 inch cock. A few of them had a white hand grabbing the cock, proudly displaying a large wedding ring. His balls were twice as large as mine and his profile title was Heaver Cummer.

I began writing to him and sent him a few pictures of my wife. After speaking with him on the phone several times we met in person at a quiet park. I instantly knew this was the man who should introduce my wife to black cock.

Jerome told me he was an attorney and had been fucking married women for six years.

"I just want you to know I have a lot of experience as a bull. I have fucked 26 wives so far and I want your wife to be number 27. Some bulls out there become attached to the wives or just don't back up their boasts with results. I am a complete professional and I want you to understand some rules that I have."

I shifted back into the bench, trying to hide my erection. Jerome was for real and I realized that my cuckolding could soon happen.

"First, once we go down this path you must agree that you will not interfere with your wife's decisions. This will end when Becky or I decide, not you. I will need your help in the beginning to get acquainted with Becky. After that, all I will need is for you to stay out of the way. I am a very busy person and I don't like to have my time wasted. I want you to think about this for another couple weeks because I want you to be sure this is what you want.

Second, I do not wear condoms and I do not pull out. I don't care what your wife does for birth control or if she doesn't take anything at all. I have knocked up 4 wives so far. The first wife didn't know her husband was replacing her birth control pills with sugar pills. The second couple used the rhythm method, alternating our meetings between her fertile and infertile periods of the month. They got off on the pregnancy risk. This went on for 6 months until the inevitable happened. The third couple got pregnant by accident when her diaphragm failed. I remember how distressed they were. How do you explain a black baby to your friends and family?

The fourth couple was something quite different. I had been fucking his wife for several months. Her husband wanted me to help him convince his wife to purposely have a black baby. Several months of discussions didn't help. I finally told her I would only fuck her if she was unprotected. She only lasted 3 weeks until she caved. She was angry that her husband put her in this situation. I told her that she should get back at him by staying on the pill but telling her husband otherwise. I told her to tell her husband that in exchange for doing this he would not be able to have sex with him. He must have thought this would only go one for a few weeks but we strung it out for a year. Her poor husband got nothing for a year! When he started to demand a blood test she went off the pill and 3 months later she was pregnant with triplets.

I am not saying this is for you and your wife but nevertheless, it will be your complete responsibility to raise any children.

Third, what I do with your wife is completely up to Becky and me. I do not care if you watch sometimes but I must warn you some things might be too hard to watch."

Jerome and I met 3 weeks later and I agreed with his rules. We came up with a story that Jerome had just started working with me. I told Becky that he had recently moved into the area and hadn't been able to meet very many friends. I invited him out to a night at the local club with my wife and her friend, Kim. We were all having a great time dancing. Kim was exhausted dancing with Jerome all night and came back to our table to rest

Jerome approached my wife and asked her is she would like to dance. She took his hand and they went out to the dance floor. As I watched them move to a fast song Kim leaned over and said, "You are playing with fire."

Jerome had turned my wife around and was fixating on her ass. I don't think I had ever had such a stiff erection. Becky and Jerome were now dancing to a slow song and he had his hands wrapped around her waist. They looked so hot on the dance floor that other people stopped to watch them. The two were made for each other.

Kim broke up my fantasy. "Becky told me about your sick fantasies. You are fucked up. What makes you think if she were to fuck a black guy she wouldn't get hooked? You need to stop this right now."

I tried to space out our encounters with Jerome so that she hopefully wouldn't catch on to what we were doing. Becky and I would also hang out with some of my other black and white friends to further avoid suspicion. A month later my wife and I went to the beach with Jerome. Becky was wearing a sexy white bikini that barely covered her assets. Jerome looked great in his swim shorts, sporting rock hard abs and huge arms. After a few hours I was feeling sun burnt so I retreated under our umbrella.

"Let's go swimming," pleaded my wife.

I told her that I needed the shade but suggested Jerome go with her. She slowly walked with Jerome out to the water, her breasts slightly rocking with each step. She looked so hot in that tiny bikini. It didn't take long before they got into a splashing fight. A large wave knocked her over and she managed to spring her ankle. In pain, Jerome carried her back to the beach. The sight of this muscular black man carrying my almost naked white wife was unbelievable. I couldn't help but imagine Jerome carrying Becky to our bed and giving her the fucking of her life.

My wife and I continued to watch interracial flicks and fuck like rabbits. A month later I invited Jerome over to have dinner. Half an hour before he was to arrive Becky changed into short tan shorts, shed her bra and put on a tight red shirt.

"Honey, don't you think that outfit is too revealing?"

With a smile, Becky turned around and said, "You are the one who wants me to fuck him."

I didn't know if she meant she was going to fuck him or if she just wanted to tease me. When Jerome arrived I could tell he enjoyed my wife's attire. After dinner I took Jerome out to the porch to smoke a cigar and have a beer.

I leaned over to him and said, "I think tonight is the night."

I knew that Becky had never said anything about making my fantasy a reality. I told Jerome, "Let's go inside and talk to her about it. This might not go well."

She was finished with the dishes when we came back into the house. I mustered up the courage and said, "Jerome and I were talking and we want to act out my fantasy. I think you want it too, otherwise, you wouldn't be wearing that."

Becky's nipples started to harden and she turned beet red. I took her to the guest room, pulled down her shorts and felt her pussy. "You are soaking down there. You can't deny you want to fuck Jerome."

She started to tear up and confessed, "I know that I told you I would never do this but I am completely infatuated with Jerome. I don't want to cheat on you. What happens if this is a horrible mistake?"

I held my wife close and told her she would not be cheating on me. All three of us wanted this.

"What about condoms? Since we decided to have kids we don't have them anymore and I haven't taken the pill in months."

I could tell she really wanted this to happen. She was tearing up again, not because she was afraid of fucking Jerome, but of not being able to realize our fantasy.

I convinced her that if we were going to do this she should take him bareback.

"What are the odds that Jerome would actually knock you up? The first time needs to be special"

"I don't think I can do this if you are watching," she replied.

My heart instantly sank. All this work and now that my fantasy was going to happen, I couldn't watch it. I couldn't risk her changing her mind so I agreed.

Becky and I came out of the bedroom and let Jerome know our decision. He extended his hand out to my wife and led her to the master bedroom. Walking down the hallway, she looked back at me. Her eyes were almost pleading for me to stop this but at the same time begging me not to interfere. The door shut.

I started to panic. I remembered that there was a small hole in our bedroom closet. I went to the guest room and to my amazement I had a direct view of our bed.

Jerome was already down to his boxers. Becky's back was facing me as I watched Jerome slowly undress her. First, he pulled her shirt over her head. He began making out with my wife and gently rubbing her beasts. He slipped one hand into her shorts and massaged her ass. I could hear them kiss and Becky started to moan. After several minutes, Jerome reached down to unzip her shorts.

Becky pulled away and whispered, "I don't know if I can do this."

I thought I was going to die and my thoughts started to race. Luckily Jerome was a pro.

He spoke in a soft voice, "I tell you what Becky. Let's slow this down. Let me just take off your shorts and you can leave your panties on. I promise I will not take them off."

Becky nodded and Jerome slowing pulled her shorts down, leaving only her black lace thong. He picked her up and carried her to our bed. The vision of him previously carrying my wife at the beach flashed into my mind. Jerome laid her down on the bed and spent the next hour kissing and caressing her body. He told her how beautiful she was and ran his hands through her hair.

My wife stopped and said, "I don't think I can take my panties off either."

Once again my heart stopped but Jerome came to the rescue.

"Maybe your husband can take them off?"

This guy was good at this. She called out to me and I came into the room.

"Honey, the last thing that stands between my pussy and 11" of black cock are my panties. I think you should have the honor of removing them since you are giving up exclusive access to my body."

My hands shook as I pulled the panties off my wife. Looking at her neatly trimmed bush, I knew the next time I saw her pussy it would be stretched and full of cum.

Jerome spoke up, "I would like to have them. I consider them a trophy."

I gave the panties to Jerome and walked out the room. I thought about his collection of panties that he must have taken from all the women he had fucked. Jerome went over to the door and closed it.

I went back to my hole and watched the two as they kissed. Becky took him in her mouth and gave him a great blow job, staring into his eyes the whole time. Jerome ate her out for a long time, making Becky squirm and gasp. They continued to caress each other for over an hour.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. They weren't going to fuck. They were making love. What did I do? This isn't what I signed up for. It had been 2 hours and Jerome still hadn't fucked my wife. He left the room to go to the bathroom where I stopped him.

"When the hell are you going to fuck her? I have already cum twice watching you two through the closet."

"I figured you were somewhere watching. Look, do you think I can just go in there and slam 11" of cock into your wife. She is used to your 6 inches. The foreplay will also make her first orgasm mind blowing."

I replied, "It looks like you are making love to her, not fucking her."

"Tom, the first two times a fucked a wife did not turn out well. I could not get a repeat performance. I finally asked the second wife and she told me the sex was the best she had ever had. Her problem was that the next day she felt like a slut. She had been a devoted wife for 10 years and then one day she found herself on her marital bed getting slammed with 11" of black cock. She felt like a whore and that she had been used by her husband and me. I knew then I had to make the sex as passionate and comfortable at possible for the wife. That is why I spend so much time making sure she feels good. I want a repeat with your wife. I don't have the time to constantly look for new wives to fuck. I can't remember having a woman as beautiful as Becky. I sure would have never let another man fuck her."

With that Jerome went back into the bedroom. After another half hour of foreplay he motioned for my wife to straddle him.

"I know you probably don't think you need lubricant, but you have to take a lot of cock tonight." Jerome rubbed the KY all over his dick.

"I don't know if I can take that much cock."

"Believe me, you can take it but your pussy will never be the same again."

Jerome positioned my wife so that I could see her face. I watched as Becky slowly slid down the enormous cock. Sweat was poring down her forehead and down her breasts. She moaned and closed her eyes. After she passed the 7 inch mark a tear came down her cheek.

Jerome whispered, "We don't have to go any further. I don't want you to hurt yourself."

My wife lay on his chest and they kissed for a while. Jerome was caressing her skin and telling her how beautiful she was. Finally, my wife got back up and looked into his eyes.

"I have to do this. Not very men are gifted like you. I owe it to you and my husband to take all of it."

Inch by inch Becky lowered herself down. She clenched her teeth and began to cry. She stopped to catch her breath several times until she finally managed to get all 11inches of cock in her. Becky had closed her eyes and Jerome turned his head around and mouthed to me, "Beautiful."

He was right. I couldn't believe by loving wife had actually been able to do it. She started slowly sliding up and down from the tip to the base of the cock. Her moans were getting loader.

"Ohhh yes. I love this big black cock. Ahhhhh. I can't believe how deep....it... isssss."

After Becky had gently rode Jerome for half an hour he pulled her close and whispered, "Now it time for you to get the best fucking of your life."

My wife smiled and rolled off onto the bed. She lay on her back but Jerome had other plans.

"Let's try doggie style Becky." She got onto her hands and knees as Jerome grabbed a hold of both hips.

This was it. I was finally going to see my wife nailed by this stud.

Jerome slowly pushed his cock in until his balls rested against her. He gradually increased his pace over the next five minutes until he was pile driving her as fast and hard as her could.

At this point my wife could only scream in complete ecstasy, "Oh God. Oh yes. Please...don't...stop! Yes, oh Jerome, ahhh, ahhh!"

Watching the thick black cock hammer into my wife was amazing. She had orgasm after orgasm. They were completely covered in sweat. At times Jerome would have to slow down so that they could rest. They fucked this way for another half an hour until he announced that he was about to cum.

Becky turned around, looked into his eyes and pleaded, "Please shoot your back cum inside me. Fill this married pussy "

Jerome made one last grunt and plunged balls deep, releasing a torrent of cum.

He collapsed on my wife. I could see his cock was still pumping more and more cum into her. He must have shot 15 to 20 loads. I didn't even touch my cock and instantly cummed all over myself.

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