tagLoving WivesWhat If? Reading Erotica Ch. 01

What If? Reading Erotica Ch. 01

byDG Hear©

If you don't like my stories then you better leave now. I will guarantee you will love it or hate it. I just tell it like it is. (of course from my point of view) Thank you, for those who are still going to take that chance and read this story.

I would first like to thank "OmegaZone" for editing this story for me It was great of him to take of his time to make this easier for all of us to read.


I've been reading erotica for a long time now. It never ceases to amaze me what people write about. I can understand fiction, sci-fi and humor, they're interesting reading. When writing takes the traits of real life it makes me wonder.

For most marriages sex is probably mundane, so we try and find ways to spice it up. I doubt most married couples try out half the stuff we read in erotica. If they did, we'd see many more marriages coming to an end.

I want to use some of the different premises we read about and apply them to my life with my wife Marsha, my name is Roger. I'll start with the, "What If"? We had three way sex? I'll start with MFF:

Let's take three ways, with me, my wife and a third party. I can see where making it with two women would probably be a turn on for me. Wow! Just think, I can have two women do all kind of sexual things to me, I can be eating one of them out while the other is fucking me. That would be something, especially if the other women was a looker. Maybe a good friend of my wife, or even her sister. How about one of the women who work at my office? I could fuck and suck her without worry, because my wife would be right there joining me. Boy, could it get any better then that? Geez, might even get a little woman on woman action. Hope my wife wouldn't like it more with her then with me. Of course after we get done, there would be consequences to my actions.

What would my wife think? Would our married life change? Would it only be a one time thing? Hummm? Lots of questions would need answered

Now lets look at MMF, Or, in this case my wife with two men, one being me, her husband, and the other being a stranger or friend of mine. I can see where she might get a lot of enjoyment out of it. For me though, the thought of my wife fucking another guy might give me a hard on, but, the actuality of seeing her with another man wouldn't sit so well with me.

What if he was a better sexual partner then me? What would she think of me afterwards? Would she want to see the guy alone some time without me around? How would it affect our marriage after that? Would it just be a one time thing? If she really enjoyed it, would she want more? And with whom? Many, many questions would need answering.

What If? We had group sex? We are at a party, I'm having sex with anyone of my choosing, my wife is doing the same. We both have a great time and fuck ourselves to completion. We don't have a sexual care in the world. I feel and fuck all the women I can, I climax a couple of times. (That's about all I'm good for)

I look across the yard and see my wife naked, two maybe even three guys are feeling her up. They all have hard cocks and want to place them somewhere. So they start spreading my wife's legs apart. She just gets in sexual mania heaven, kind of a never never land, she has climax after climax. She even takes a cock in her mouth, even though she isn't big on oral. Right now she just doesn't care, she just wants orgasms.

This idea is a wild fantasy in my mind, but I don't ever want to see it happen. The consequences are just too great and I know I would never want to see it. The aftermath would drive me crazy. Why would she ever want me if she could have this kind of sexual life style? Why would she even need me around except to pay the bills and help raise the kids? No, this life style is just not for me.

Now in both of these cases, three ways and group, what happens after we go home? What happens to us in the real life now? Do we totally trust our spouses? Is life going to be normal for us anymore? How about when we are out alone, we see the people we had sex with. Is everything still normal in our life or did we turn it all upside down for a night of sex? More and more questions would need to be answered.

What if? We tried wife swapping, I hear it goes on everywhere. What if? We decided to try it. We could find a nice clean couple, go to their house or a motel and just swap partners. I could take this man's wife and have my way with her. We could suck and fuck to our hearts content. We don't have any worries because our partners are in the other room doing the same thing. Maybe this mans wife will do all the things for me that my wife won't. Wow! Wouldn't that be great? No problems, no worries, or are there?

For starters, my wife is in the other room fucking and sucking some other guy. I don't like that idea. All the questions come back to mind. Does my wife think he's better looking then me? Is his dick bigger? For some reason that always seems to come up. Is she enjoying sex with him more then with me? Does he get her off better then I do? The questions go on and on.

No answers, just questions, the consequences are just to much to pay for a nights fuck of liberation with a stranger. Some may say I'm a male chauvinist, maybe I am but, I don't cheat on my wife because I don't want her having sex with other men. If that makes me a chauvinist, so be it. At least I'll be a happy married chauvinist.

I believe fantasies in our sex lives can be good, but what after they are lived out. Do we just stop with the one fantasy? Or do we start living out others? Do all the people we have sex with outside of our marriage feel the same as we do, or are they just out there for there own pleasure?

I don't know the answers to all these questions but, I'm sure many readers have done a lot of the above or at least would like to try some of them. I know I can get pretty aroused reading many of the erotic stories, but how will it affect my marriage if any of them are lived out?

The, What if? That bothers me the most is "cuckolding". This I believe is when the woman goes out, finds a man to fuck her, in front of her husband, this in my opinion turns him into a wimp..

Here's the problem I have with this: What if my wife tried this?

I tell my wife that I want her to have sex with another man so I can get excited watching her. I tell her to find a man who is better looking then I am, more then likely younger. He has to have a body like a god, with six pack abs and a gigantic cock that she could hardly get her hand around. He has to be able to have multiple orgasms and great staying power. Then I tell my wife that I want her to give herself totally and completely to this man so I can get off.

I want her to give him oral sex, better then she has ever given me, I want him to do the same for her till she has an orgasm. Then I want her to take him in her pussy, which only I have been in, (or maybe a few lovers I don't know about) and ride him like there is no tomorrow. After multiple orgasms, I want her to take that big cock that she is worshiping and put it in her ass, a place where she doesn't care for me to be. Have some more orgasms, look at me during all this and tell me how much she loves me and what a wonderful husband I am.

Maybe next time he can bring some of his friends with him and they all can enjoy her, while she enjoys them. All this time I will sit there and masturbate while listening to her tell me what a wonderful, understanding, loving, husband she is married too.

What kind of a man, husband, even father is this kind of person? Why would any woman want to be married to a gutless, wimp like this? It's got to be the money and support. She can do what she wants sexually and probably does anything else she wants while this sorry excuse for a human being sits there and says, yes honey and jacks off.

Sorry about that readers, got a little carried away.

Now that I got your attention let me explain how the reading erotica experience ruined my marriage.

I have been reading erotica for quite awhile. My wife would always walk in and ask, What are you reading now?

I would always answer with, some crazy story about a wife trying to make a wimp out of her husband, and go on to explain whatever story I was reading. Not knowing that I was giving her ideas. I was busy reading about affairs while she was busy having one.

We are a couple in our early 40's but this affair stuff could happen to any age group. We have two teenagers ages 13 and 16. If you know anything about teenagers, they are never around, always out doing something.

We have what I thought was a good marriage, apparently it was too mundane for my wife. After the kids got to be teenagers my wife decided to go back to work. That was probably the downhill start of our marriage. She worked in an insurance office, filled mostly with men. She liked to dress nice for work and I know was getting compliments. She wasn't a beauty queen but she was a good looking women and when dressed up could attract attention.

One day I was telling her about the wife swapping story I was reading and she just came out and said, "would you ever want do that"? I should have heard bells going off in my head but, I just explained to her about the consequences of our actions and what might happen to our marriage.

We've been married nearly 20 years so our sex life wasn't the best. We just did it every once in awhile. We both got our jollies off now and then but, no big fireworks. It was just as much my fault as hers.

Every time she came in the room and I was reading a story she wanted me to tell her about it. I was telling her how stupid the people were, and they were bound to get caught. She asked me like what for instance?

I showed her story after story where people took photographs, and camcorder tapes of married people having sex. I said why would these people be so stupid to leave that kind of evidence? They were bound to get caught.

Other times I showed her where there were wire taps on the telephones, some husbands had their wives followed. These women were too stupid to notice anything. All this time I was just feeding her information and didn't notice it myself. I never figured it would happen to me.

After Marsha started working, our sex life did get better. We tried different positions we hadn't tried in years, I had no complaints here. Our social life was different also. We started going out to more gathering, you could call them parties but they were mostly people standing around trying to impress each other. These were the people Marsha worked with.

Whenever I told Marsha I didn't care to go she would get really angry and say, "all I ever wanted to do was sit in front of the computer and read that pornography".

She would follow up with something like "you don't want a real woman, you want a fantasy one."

I looked at her and said where did that come from? We've been together 20 yrs. And I've always given you what you wanted. She would kind of apologize and say she just wanted to go out and have some fun, but didn't want to go to these parties alone without me. I soon relented and away we went to another gathering.

I believe now, that she would have preferred to go alone but, I told her that the wives that cheat usually went to these parties alone. Again I gave her the ammo she needed.

At these gathering, (parties if you prefer) Marsha was always in the thick of things. The minute we walked in the doors she would start making her rounds, she didn't have to introduce me anymore since it was pretty much always the same people. I would just sit back in a chair and observe all the people there, mostly the wives of the salesmen.

There were a lot of good looking women there, all sizes and shapes. They were always dressed up and seemed to be pretty friendly. They always seemed to gather in a cluster, I guess this is so they could gossip. My Marsha, though, hung out with the men, she liked the attention. I kept an eye on her to watch for funny business, but never saw any. Again I told her while reading my stories that is one of the mistakes the wives made. Letting men have a touch and feel at parties.

She did seem to spend a lot of time around a guy named Bob. He was one of the lead salesmen and was a couple of years younger then us. He was married to a cute gal named Nancy. She was one of the prettiest gals there, but didn't socialize like a lot of the other wives. She was overweight and felt insecure (if that's the right word) about it. She came over to where I was sitting and observing and sat in a chair next to me. We just started talking and she was telling me about herself. I've talked to her before at parties, she's just a nice lady.

She was in her 30's and had just had a baby six months ago, she said she never lost the weight after having the baby. She also had a child that was eight years old from her first marriage. She mentioned her first husband was killed in an auto accident about 3 yrs. ago. She said that's when she met Bob, and he seemed so nice and eventually after a short courtship they got married.

I then asked her to tell me about Bob. At first she was hesitant, she looked a little worried. I asked her what was the problem?

She said, "I shouldn't be telling you things, but you seem so nice and easy to talk to, I miss that at home. Bob doesn't like me talking to other men. Then she said I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be telling you my problems," and she seemed so nervous.

The party was well on it's way to a drinkfest, so I ask Nancy if she would like to step out on the porch for a few minutes to get a breath of fresh air, she seemed like she needed it. She thought it would be all right since Bob was busy entertaining Marsha and wouldn't even know she'd stepped out for a minute.

As we stepped out on the porch we saw a porch swing and just sat down and began to talk. Nancy was one nice lady, she seemed very sweet and caring. She was the kind of person you couldn't help liking. She just seemed so gentle and genuine, it's hard to explain.

She began telling me about Bob, how when they first met he was kind and considerate, played with her son and treated him like he was his own. How he consoled her in her time of grief and was there for her. She became very fond of him, so when he asked her to marry him she said "yes". Thinking this was a good man and would be a fine father for her son.

Things changed shortly after the honeymoon. He became domineering, and somewhat mean. After drinking at some of these parties, he would cuss and swear. He no longer treated her son like a father would. It was, take care of the kid, or can you do something with him to keep him out of my hair. She was thinking of leaving him and taking her son away but, she got pregnant and thought maybe he would change since he had a son of his own. He didn't change.

He started calling her fatty and big butt and other derogatory remarks. Told her to lose some weight and dress sexier like the girls where he worked. She knew he was talking about Marsha, there weren't that many women in the office.

I asked her if he ever got violent with her? She mentioned that he grabbed her a few times and raised his hand like he was going to hit her, but never did. I could tell by looking at her and by her actions that she was afraid of him. I felt sorry for her, it just seemed she deserved better.

She wanted to get back inside before he missed her, she didn't want a confrontation with him.

As we walked back inside we could see they put some music on and people were dancing. Of course Marsha and Bob were dancing, but not close. I guess she learned from me telling her about the stories I read where the cheating wife would rub up to close to other men, another sign to watch for in a cheating wife. After the dance ended Marsha came up to me and asked me to dance, it's wasn't my bag but I wanted to be the good husband. So we danced a couple of slow ones.

I glanced over at Nancy, Bob was talking to her, it didn't seem like very friendly talk. They didn't dance, he did go and dance with a couple of other women. Nancy pretty much just sat there.

As we were getting ready to leave, my wife had to say her goodbyes to everyone, especially the men. While she was doing that I walked up to Nancy and asked if everything was alright. She said Bob wanted to know why she left the room and where did she go? She mentioned she stepped out for a breath of air and then went to the rest room. He said she better not be flirting with anyone or she'd regret it. She told him she didn't flirt with anyone, she was a married woman and would act as such.

It's kind of funny when you think about it but, men who cheat on their wives don't trust their wives. I guess they feel if they cheat, then their wife must be cheating also.

When we got home Marsha was sexually wound up. Someone must have got her that way, I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but I did get the rewards. Marsha was hot, she kept saying come on, tell me about these fantasies you keep reading. I told her about how the cheating wives just couldn't get enough. They would bring in men to fuck and suck them when their husbands weren't home. How sometimes the husbands might see them doing it from another room. I just told her about anything that came into my mind about some of the stories I'd read.

She went nuts on my cock, she had multiple orgasms which didn't happen very often. Apparently these stories really were turning her on.

One day when I was reading some new erotic stories. Marsha asked me to tell her more about the cheating wife and how they got caught.

I was surprised and looked up at her and said, "Why, you aren't cheating on me are you"?

She looked at me and laughed and said, of course not silly! I just find it interesting.

That did put a thought in my head to watch for anything different, even though I didn't think she would cheat on me. Boy, was I wrong!.

I told her a number of things about the cheating wife. The things for the husband needs to watch out for. Habits, late night work, separate cell phone, charge card bill, motel reservations, hung up phone calls, even girls night out. I guess I gave her a bundle of what not to do and how to cover her tracks, what a dummy I am.

She was smart, to this day there isn't a link to her doing any of the above stuff wrong. Unbelievable! She was some kind of actress. She must have really listened carefully to all the stuff I mentioned.

So your asking, how did she get caught? The answer is Time, and luck on my part.

Time because anyone who cheats is going to get caught. I guarantee it! It may be in a week or two years, but the cheater will get caught. Marsha has been cheating on me for over six months, ever since she took the new job.

She was doing her cheating during working hours, maybe once or twice a week, normally at lunch time, and always with guys who had as much to lose as she did. I had no reason to suspect her of cheating so that helped her cover her tracks.

Other times she cheated was on Friday nights when she knew I went with my sons to the high school football and basketball games. She was never into sports, so it was no surprise that she didn't go to games. She always left after us and returned before we got back.

I hate to say this but she was a good cheater, thanks to my help and reading erotic stories. She pretty much followed the hints I gave her about not getting caught.

Bob was one of the reasons she got caught. He wasn't as smart as she was in covering his tracks. Bob wasn't the only one Marsha was having sex with, she was having it with some of the agents in the office. Most of them were married and all had as much to lose as her. Bob wanted her, he wanted to be the only one that had her, he was mad that she was having sex with other men. He was a control freak and wanted Marsha to leave me and quit her other lovers and just be with him. He was infatuated with her..

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