tagIncest/TabooWhat Is Incest?

What Is Incest?


Disclaimer: Only adults have sex here. Nothing to get freaked over. This is a semi-serious essay, I hope.

***** WHAT IS INCEST? *****
Do you go to family gatherings
looking for fuck-partners?


Well, that is one way to start.

It is pretty common in Russian to say "Yób tvoyú mat", meaning "Really?!" or "Gosh!" But literally it is "(I) fucked your mother" and serves as an emphatic exclamation. "What, you can't pay me yet? Fuck your mother!" "Oh no, the team lost again, fuck your mother!" "What a babe, fuck your mother!" "The bus never even slowed down for me, fuck your mother."

This does not go over too well in the Anglophone world.

Who was the first motherfucker? Probably not Oedipus. Human sons (and daughters) have been fucking their parents, and vice-versa, for a long long time. Those kids have been fucking each other too, and uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, all one big happy horny family fuckfest, right?

Yeah, lots of Mommy-fucking and Daddy-sucking and sister-swapping, right?


Wait. Let us start over.

Just what the fuck IS incest? Alas, like True Religion, there is no simple answer. The biology is pretty simple but still ambiguous: If you have sex with someone whom you share a certain quantity of DNA, it is genetic incest.

But what is the critical ratio of DNA? And what does "having sex" mean?

DNA first. It's called consanguinity, or "with the blood", even though literal blood has nothing to do with it. The Anglish language is a bit archaic, hey?

Anyway, we measure degrees of consanguinity. (I will omit double-cousins and similar rarities.) Your identical twin or clone has the same DNA as you -- zero degree, no separation. Your parents, children, and full siblings have 1/2 of your DNA -- first degree. Your blood uncles, aunts, grandparents, and grandchildren have 1/4 of your DNA -- second degree. Your blood first cousins have 1/8 of your DNA -- third degree. Other blood cousins have even smaller proportions.

(My partner's parents are second cousins. Their great-grandfather said their kids would be morons with tails. He was wrong. Whew.)

Some say fucking relatives is not incest unless pregnancy is possible, penis in vagina (PIV) -- a strict Bill Clinton definition of "having sex" -- and is discouraged because of possible birth defects. What are those chances?

Fucking your clone or identical twin will not have much effect unless one of you undergoes some serious XY-chromosomal tinkering. Mating with parents, children, or siblings DOES likely have serious birth defect risks -- but good hard data is lacking. Figure a risk between about 10% to 30% above the general population. For first cousins the risk is in the range of 1.5-3%.

Now we hit ambiguity. First-degree fucking is generally verboton. But cousin or uncle-niece mating is common or even expected in much of the world -- in some places, up to 60% of all marriages! Genetic incest in one place is not considered such elsewhere. Some cultures ban sex within the clan or moiety where any shared DNA is vanishingly small; other cultures insist on it.

Do you prefer a culture where you cannot marry your cousin or uncle, or one where you must, or one where you have an option?

Family can have a lot of sweaty fun if only PIV baby-making sex is 'incest'. Stick with oral or manual gratification; squirt the semen soup into a mouth or anus or armpit or empty eye socket. First base, second base, third base -- safe!


So much for biology. Humans DO occasionally think with brains instead of gonads; we social animals have developed rules, mores, taboos. And laws. Laws up the wazoo. Some are even reasonable. But nowhere are they consistent.

Many jurisdictions outlaw sex with in-laws as incest. With certain in-laws, anyway. And with step-relatives. These fuckers may have essentially zero shared DNA but they're still 'family'. And even ex-in-laws and ex-step-kin are considered family in some places.

This makes much real-world sense. IRL (In Real Life) incest is usually abusive, usually an older male victimizing a child. A step-parent or father-in-law or uncle by marriage may have been a notable authority figure in a child's life; the fucking is compelled, not consensual, whether or not the younger person is of age. Is it incest even if they are not blood kin?

Such "authority figures" may not even be family, but if they are close -- teachers, pastors, counselors, godparents -- they are just as sexually abusive. Rape is rape, whether inflicted by papa or padre or pedagogue.

And I label such authority-figure abuse as just that, abuse.

But I can't see all in-law or step-kin sex as incest. Suppose old Dad has rid himself of old Mom by divorce or death and marries a Sweet Young Thing not much older than studly 19-year-old Sonny. Sweetie is now legally Sonny's step-mother -- as of the marriage last month. Is she an authority figure? Is their fucking incest or merely unsurprising cheating?

My story APPLES & ORANGES (to be finished and posted Real Soon Now) is about a divorced father of four marrying a widowed mother of three and merging their families into one big house. Most of the kids are aged 18-19 and have a good time exploring the sexuality of their new step-kin. It posts in Group Sex, not Incest. They have not been 'family' long enough to cross that line. I do not know how laws handle this.


Once again, what is incest?

I know very well what Incest is here on LITerotica. It is the most popular category. It is what most of you pervs (er, I mean Gentle Readers) hunger for. Oh Daddy! Oh Mommy! Yes, THAT is what you guys and gals want.

The most-read stories numbers do not lie. Most of you desire hot-n-heavy motherfucking, followed by hard-driving fatherfucking, then steamy-sweet sister-brother action. Intertwined sisters are down the list. Cousin and in-law sex do better than uncle or aunt sex. Brothers 69ing do not rate well.

LIT Incest is not IRL incest. IRL incest is grubby; consensual adult incest is vanishingly rare. LIT Incest is sanitized, often moving, more often just stroking. The Incest stories I write are for your fantasies, not mine.

Note that the LIT category is named Incest & Taboo. I triage the erotica possibilities as:

* Sex with someone closer than a first cousin is INCEST
* Sex with a first cousin or further is MAYBE INCEST
* Sex with step-kin (non-blood) or in-laws is TABOO

Again, this is for LIT stories, not real life legalities. Readers here can be rather picky about whether a piece is incest-y enough. If I write of cousin sex then I had better throw in a sibling or parent too.

LIT incest ranges from the sublime to the gorblimey, same as everything else here. The difficulty of writing Incest is devising motives and actions that make sense to me. I must somehow make it seem natural, or ironic. T'ain't easy, folks. Most kids do not want to fuck their parents or siblings. Cousins... well, that's another matter. Cousins are fair game, right?

Or maybe you DO want to fuck close relatives. As consenting adults, of course. LIT has rules about that.

I mentioned motives and actions. How can an author make it happen without being "Oh Daddy! Oh Mommy!" ludicrous? Some mechanisms I have seen and.or used include:

* INADVERTENT: They didn't know they were kin (maybe after long separation).
* ACCIDENTAL: His cock just sorta slipped into Mom's / Sis's / Aunty's cunt.
* NATURAL: They grew up sleeping nude in the same bed so it's no surprise.
* UNAVOIDABLE: They are thrown together with nowhere to turn but each other.
* IMPULSIVE: They suddenly realize they are mutually-attracted sexual beings.
* SCHEMING: One wanted the other for a long time and strategized a hookup.
* RITUAL: Some social pressure demands that they fuck despite their wishes.
* WHATEVER: It just happens. There's a general orgy and kin are fair targets.

Do any of these make you roll your eyes at the idiocy? Do you roll your eyes and continue reading anyway because it is hot?


Maybe *I* am the wrong person to define incest. That should be up to YOU, the Incest/Taboo reader. What do YOU think is Incest and what is Taboo? What illicit relations turn YOU on?

Do you dream of mythical mother- or father- or sister- or brother-fucking? Are you thrilled when Daddy or Bro or Uncle or Step-Dad slips it to a Sweet Young Thing? Or when Sonny pokes the hell out of Mommy or Aunty or Sis or a step-daughter? Does mother-in-law sex wet your whistle?

Do you salivate over three sisters (or two sisters and Mommy) in a triad daisychain, eating-out each other? Or maybe three brothers, or two brothers and Daddy, all slurping cock in mutual fellatio?

Or are your tastes more refined? Do you seek Incest-Plus?

Gay incest is easy. BDSM incest is not hard to imagine -- even fairly normal families can be Dom / Sub models. Multi-racial incest is a bit harder but I do have some stories there. I wrote a piece of non-human incest, my most-read story on LIT. I have also written ghost incest. (But no necrophilia. Not yet, anyway.)

Anal incest is obvious. I get requests for stories of moms, step-moms, and in-laws getting pounded up the ass. Are high heels mandatory here? I also see a theme of Sonny turning Mom into a gangbanging slut and/or gloryhole pussy. Do you want this?

I see requests for cuckold / wittol incest where the incestuous relationship is threatened by cheating. (A wittol is a willing wimp who LOVES to watch their partner cheat.) There is not much demand for softcore romance incest. I mean, what is the use of incest if the family are not fucking?

Look into your heart -- what is the incest for YOU?


Let us look at Incest-plus-Taboo as a game.

Games have rules. The rules here are simple. List the names of everybody you consider as your 'family'. It might be all your blood relatives out to first or second cousin, any step-kin, your aunts and uncles by marriage, all your in-laws and out-laws, your godparents, etc. You get to decide whether you only list living family or if you include the dead too.

(No, we will not do necrophilia here! Not unless you are *really* a perv. You should also probably exclude pets, livestock, and invisible friends.)

After each name you will write two numbers. The first is either zero or one hundred: Have you had sex with that relative? The second number is somewhere between zero and ten: Have you or would you fantasize about having sex with that relative, and how intensely? The more intense, the higher the score.

We could fine-tune that first number. Have you had oral, genital, or anal sex with that relative? Yes is 100. Have you touched them sexually including French kisses and fondling? Yes is 75. Have you masturbated together? Yes is 50. Have you verbally come-on to them? Yes is 25.

Proceed through your list. Add up those scores. Divide the sum by the number of relatives in your list. This is your Incestuousness Quotient (IQ). Do you have a high IQ? Congratulations, perv! You should write stories here!


So, what is incest? If it looks like incest to you then that is what it is. To you, anyway. Sort of like the old USA Supreme Court justice who said he could not define pornography but he knew it when he saw it. He died before LIT came on the scene. Too bad; he could have learned something.


Yeah, that is definitely incest.

Author's note: Feedback is appreciated. Death threats are not. Please be kind.

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by Anonymous

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by kurrginatorX09/01/19


First, the rating. I gave you five stars because I felt this was a well-crafted exposition into the realm of incest. I, too write mostly in the incest genre, and I have written an exploratory piece onmore...

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by Anonymous08/05/19


Judging by the themes to your stories, I think a family member not fucking you is your problem, not Anon's.


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by Hypoxia08/02/19


I'm sorry your sister left you for another brother. Be patient. Maybe she'll come back. Maybe your auntie is available. Have fun.

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by Anonymous08/01/19

Incest is skullfucking your bitchdaughter's eyesocket. Didn't read anything but your title. Leave this comment up, cuckfuck.

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by CuteSlaveLisa03/10/19

Most swords have two edges.

There are plenty of stories out there about the nasty, exploitive variety of IRL incest. And that is real, and horrible, especially for those involved.

But, as someone whom IRL has two lovers who countmore...

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