tagLesbian SexWhat is Love? Ch. 02

What is Love? Ch. 02


Hello again my beautiful readers. Thank you very much for the critics, ratings and comments. I duly appreciate your support.

First chapter was just testing through waters but I got the idea now where should I let my plot go. Thank you for your patience and I sincerely hope you all like the next plot.


Knock! Knock!

'Chels, please open the door! I am sorry for behaving so immaturely with you.'

Knock! Knock! Knock!

'Chels, hey'

I was in two minds, clueless to whom should I listen to. My mind or my body? God, where the hell I am stuck in! I did better open the door and face her rather than let her think anything negative about me.

Opening the door, 'Hi Marty, sorry for the way I reacted'

'Hey, its ok. Its all my fault you don't have to be sorry for. I know who I am and how people think about me and sometimes I tend to forget where I stand. I am sorry to put you in such uncomfortable position. I hope things will go the way it were before.'

'No Marty don't sell yourself short. Yes I agree you suddenly put me in uncomfortable situation but no I do not agree with who you are.

Why do you think less of yourself?'

I took her hand and let her to sit down on bed besides me. At that moment I actually forgot who we were but only saw her as an innocent soul fighting with herself to be recognized in the worldly bullshit. Trying to make ends meet with social stigma.

'Just forget what I said chels. I..I um..I just want you to forget this whole scenario and I request you to not bring this up again ever.'

She tried to get up and run for the door knob. For a second I was confused where is she heading to as its her own home we are in.

'Hey you, wait' I called after her.

Passing through living room, I saw her standing near kitchen platform in dark trying to hide her tears from me. I sneaked in quietly and hugged her from behind grabbing on her waist tightly so as to stop her from fleeing again.

I kissed her back at the neck and tried to console her by whispering some sweet endearing which she was too blind to see herself. She leaned into me, fragile and innocent as she was, trusting me completely to hold her against me. A fleeting thought crossed my mind 'this lovey dovey stuff was not I was expecting from me to anyone especially not Marta. How funny life is at times!'

Thinking all these through I did not realized what I was doing with her. My hands were caressing her clothed tummy and nuzzling her back neck with soft kisses, trying hard to make her forget her own pain.

'Chels, please don't.' She said.

'Hey, I am trying to comfort you.'

'No Chels, Please stop.'

She turned over and faced me. Our eyes meeting, my hands still wrapped around her waist holding her softly. I saw the naked truth, fear, anxiety, and excitement all at once. We stared each other blankly coming to terms with our own thoughts. In any other circumstances I would have attacked my lover with passion but here I was not sure with her. Unable to comprehend any given thought process going in my mind, I saw her leaning in giving quick kiss on my lips. I did not respond. She again leaned in and gave me passionate kiss on my lips giving me a sign to do something on my own or rather face dire consequences. I was startled to see such boldness in her. I liked the way she showed me her wild side. Being a wild child, for the first time I was in vulnerable position. I kissed her back hard. Her lips parted and her tongue peaked giving me indication to part my lips. Her lips sucked my lower lips as soon I parted them. Suckling them softly for some time as to make them swollen. I moaned loudly when she suckled my lower lip harshly for the last time before diving her tongue in my mouth for a passionate French kiss. I was taken into new dimension altogether. I gripped her ass tightly adjusting in such a way so that our pussies press onto each other. She moaned and threw her head back breaking our kiss when our clothed pussies touched for the first time. I shifted my hand from her ass to her clothed pussy and started rubbing her, gripping, pinching her hard. Kissing her neck, suckling on her skin. I wanted all of her at that time. Showing my two fingers in her. Making her cum hard. Throwing her into utmost pleasure she was unaware of. I started unbuttoning her jeans, pulling her zipper down while my lips were busy suckling on her upper breast. My fingers were about to sneak in her white cotton panties when we heard car honking on her driveway.

We drew apart forcefully. She suddenly realised her parents might have come as she saw the time. I was breathing heavily trying to figure out the situation. I saw her friskily walking toward television, stopping the movie and tidying her hair and clothes but she could not erase the flush on her face. I could not stop myself laughing on this situation.

'Hey, hurry up and tidy yourself in bathroom. I cannot stand here and entertain for your jokes. Go, hurry up. They are coming.'

I rushed to bathroom to fix myself but could not stop the flush and grin on my face. Mixture of excitement and humour. I peed and washed and cleaned myself thoroughly as my panties were soaking wet.

I entered the living room. 'Hello, Mr & Mrs Fleming, How are you? I had popped in to finish dual assignment which we are working on. I better move on now as it is dark. It was nice meeting you both.'

'Hello Chelsea, I am good thanks. It was pleasure meeting you and yes its dark you should move along. Do you need a ride to your place?' Mrs Fleming asked.

'No, thank you. It will be okay'

'Okay, be careful. Goodnight dear' she said.

Marta came outside the door to wave me off. 'Goodnight Marta, See you soon.'

'Goodnight Chels.' And she closed the door without a smile or a hint of joy.

Walking towards home and thinking about it and how all it went in the end made me sad. Seeing her blank expressionless face at the door made me wonder what was all that about and why such dual face personality she is showing to me.


Hello Folks, still to come.

Stay tuned.



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