tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 07

What Kate Did Ch. 07


I was like a dog with a bone. “You didn’t answer my question, Kate. I said, ‘Haven’t you had enough cock yet?’”

She turned away from me and sobbed, her breasts heaving. There were tears in my eyes, too. Of course I was angry, but I knew I was being irrational. Greg had been screwing her since they’d arrived so what was different this time? Maybe it was the surprise element, yet why should I have been surprised? He would have overheard Jan suggesting that Kate take a shower and had excused himself from our discussion shortly thereafter. It had not occurred to me that he was going after her. Whose fault was that? The reality was I had been really stupid and I was simply venting my own frustration on her. And despite the fact that every time I opened my mouth to harangue her, I was only making things worse, I just couldn’t help myself.

“Why are you crying, Kate? Is it because I’ve found you out? Or do you feel guilty because you obviously enjoyed yourself so much out there. Don’t tell me you didn’t, Kate. I could see it on the fucking monitors!”

I regretted the last outburst the moment the words left my lips but it was too late. And who was I to condemn her for enjoying it? I had been sporting a hard-on for most of the shoot. Not only was I crassly insensitive and utterly illogical, but a dreadful hypocrite to boot. She looked so vulnerable too, curled up in the foetal position as she was. I sat down on the bed with my head in my hands.

“I’m sorry, Kate, I shouldn’t have said that.” My voice was breaking.

“I don’t blame you, Joe. I have been saying far worse things to myself, believe me.”

She looked over her shoulder at me. Her tears had caused her mascara to run and it had streaked down her cheek.

“At least let me explain. Greg knows everything. He’s Pete’s partner; you know, the man at Hot Productions. Pete told him that you and I are married and the reason why I am doing this. Greg told me that he didn’t want you here but it seems that Pete, who has the major share of the company, insisted. Anyway, Greg is still unhappy about it. He is trying to provoke you, so that he can have a reason to get you off the set. It started at the airport when he made sure I was sitting next to him. Then he said he wanted to talk to me when we were in the pool yesterday. He insisted that I sit next to him last night. And also that I sleep with him.”

“It didn’t seem like you needed much persuading!”

“That is a really nasty thing to say.”

“What do you expect me to say? It seems that every time I’ve seen you, you’ve got your legs wide open! And then when I saw you before the shoot you didn’t even mention it.”

“Oh yes, just like you didn’t mention Colette!”

“Kate, she put me in a very difficult situation.”

“Oh and mine isn’t, I suppose.”

She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds. She was doing her level best not to cry.

“I wanted to, but I was so wound up I couldn’t. Joe, do you honestly think that I would be doing this if I had any other choice? Greg is the producer. He is the man who will decide whether or not I make more films. We both know how important it is that I get the opportunity. He has made it expressly clear what he wants from me. Now if I don’t cooperate with him, what does that do for my chances? I don’t want you to get hurt, Joe, but it was your choice to be here. You didn’t have to be. May be if you hadn’t lost your job, I wouldn’t be here either… No, I’m sorry, that’s not fair.”

She began to weep.

She was right and I deserved it. I had only been thinking about myself. I could only relate to events as they affected me. I had not even tried to see them from her point of view.

“I take no pride in what I am doing, but at least I was prepared for it. It was no surprise, either when Greg told me that once the filming with Tom got under way, I would have to act as if I was really excited….”

“But you did get excited, Kate. I saw it with my own eyes.”

She ignored my interruption.

“What I had not anticipated, had never entertained for one single moment, was that I might actually get turned on for real. And that’s what happened out there. I read somewhere that women have been known to get wet, even though they are being raped; they feel betrayed by their own body and experience a degree of self-loathing afterwards. Well I know just how they feel. I am sorry it has upset you so much Joe, but I couldn’t help it.”

Her words devastated me; it was as if a knife had been thrust in my stomach. She had been sexually excited by a stranger, a good-looking, sympathetic and very well endowed stranger! She was again weeping as she turned away from me. What a bloody mess we were in!

She was still curled up with her legs closed tightly together. Greg’s semen continued to seep out of her puffy labia lips, but now it was trickling across her thigh and on to the bed. Even though she was full of his cum, this beautiful, naked vulnerable creature was the woman I adored above all else. I slipped off my shorts and lay down on my side next to her. I eased myself into her, eased being the operative word. There was no resistance whatsoever as I slipped into her hot wetness, the third man she’d had inside her, in the space of an hour.

“I love you, Kate. Whatever happens I love you.”

She stretched her arm behind her and caressed my neck. “I’m so sorry, Joe.”

I gently cupped her breast. “So am I Kate.” The next moment I was jetting into her. But it was not just the sexual release; I also felt free of my anger and anxieties.

I was at peace with the world as I held her in my arms. I woke up and glanced at my watch. We’d been asleep for two hours. I shut the bedroom door quietly behind me in order not to wake her.

I stepped out into bright sunlight. There was a huddle of people on the terrace at the far end of the swimming pool. I noticed the light deflectors first and then I saw the cameras too. Of course, they were shooting the second scene. As I approached I could see that Wayne was on his back sporting a huge hard-on whilst Colette, who was facing him, was getting herself in position to lower herself on to it. Wayne’s dick was perhaps an inch or so longer and slightly thicker than Tom’s but it did not have his classic shape, being somewhat smaller at the sharp end so to speak. However this was a more practical design given its overall size and thickness. Impractical, however would be the right word to describe his elongated scrotum and large heavy balls. Running without adequate support would have been nigh on impossible.

“Can I have some more lube please, Jan?” Colette squeezed some onto her finger and inserted it into her vagina. Then she did the same to her anus. She looked over at Greg, her impish grin once more in evidence. “Houston,” she said into an imaginary microphone, “we’re ready for docking!”

Greg was barking out instructions. “Now remember what I said, Wayne. Let Colette slide down on you first and let her get herself comfortable before you start to move. We’ll give it a couple of minutes and then Rudi’s going to go in the back door. Frank, are you happy with that camera angle for the double penetration? You need to be down between Wayne’s legs shooting up at her crotch. Rudi, you will be standing over Frank, but it won’t matter. You won’t need height for this shot.”

Jan came forward to touch up Colette’s lipstick.

“Three, two one and action.” Colette gingerly lowered herself onto him. The head went in easily. She adjusted her position and slowly lowered herself on it. I know she’d said she could handle it, but I’d still not expected her to take it all in one smooth motion. Strange as it might seem there was an almost childlike innocence about her, an innocence made all the more plausible by the sweet little rose tattoo on her pert behind. It was thus all the more jarring when she slowly raised herself and revealed a thick heavily smeared dick lodged deeply inside her. She continued to ride him in this languorous way until Greg called a halt. She changed her position so that she could sit, rather than lay on him but they were still connected

“I’m having a wood problem, here!” It was Rudi. He was stroking himself but he was not managing to achieve an erection.

Jan went to work immediately. In essence she began to fuck him with her mouth, taking him in, releasing him and then taking him back in again. She was caressing his balls with one hand, whilst her other was between his legs and it would appear, although I could not see it, that she may have been fingering his anus. Whatever she was doing, it was succeeding, because his dick was getting stiffer.

“So you think that Oahu is the nicest of the Hawaiian Islands, do you Wayne? I’ve always preferred Maui. I’m going there again this year.” It seemed surreal that Colette, fully impaled on Wayne’s huge cock, should be discussing with him her forthcoming holiday in Hawaii. It was as if they were work colleagues, idly chatting at a break. But when I thought about it, that is exactly what they were. They were work colleagues having a break whilst waiting for Rudi’s erection to return.

“OK we’re ready, team.” Greg looked around at everyone.

Once more the cameras were rolling. Once more, Colette was leaning forwards; once more her puckered anus was exposed. Rudi came up behind her, his erection in his hand and pressed his tip against it. There was just a hint of lube outside, but evidently enough inside for her opening to dilate and for the crown of his cock to slip inside. I watched his buttocks contract as he sought to get deeper. I moved round to watch her face as he did so. It showed she was in some pain but it was obvious that it was not, by any stretch of the imagination, unbearable. Soon they were both fully inside her and fucking her in sequence.

Rudi was the first to come. He pulled out and spurted over her back, his later emissions landing in the crease of her behind and trickling back into her open anus.

Colette then dismounted from Wayne and he stood up. She knelt down in front of him as he began to unload. Jan had told me that he was well known for the sheer quantity of semen and she wasn’t wrong. He seemed to go on and on. It was all over her face and chest by the time he had finished.


“Wayne,” Colette looked up at him as the cum dripped from her chin, “what was the name of that hotel again in Oahu?”

We had finished dinner. Greg had said he wanted to talk to Kate and to me and we had gone to his room. I took the scotch that Greg offered. I looked around me. His bedroom was larger than the one I occupied, and I was sharing mine with four of the crew!

“Cheers!” He raised his glass to us both.

“You said you wanted to talk to us.” I glanced at Kate perched alongside me on the bed.

“Yes, Joe. Kate may have told you that I was dead against the idea of your being on the set.”

“Yes, she did mention it.”

“Well, I was wrong.”

“That’s OK, Greg. We all get it wrong from time to time.” I raised my glass to show there were no hard feelings.

“You see Joe, I thought you might not be able to handle watching other men fuck this pretty little wife of yours here, but it seems that you can after all. In fact I’d go so far as to say you actually like watching her being fucked. It certainly looked that way this morning. That’s what I meant when I said I was wrong.”

I looked at Kate. She seemed bemused by it all.

Greg looked over his glass at me. “So is that what turns you on? Watching her?”

“Where is all this leading to, Greg?” Kate’s voice was soft but it was clear she expected an answer.

Greg smiled at her. “He likes to watch,” he said, nodding in my direction, “I like being watched, and you my dear, can’t seem to get enough of it. I would have thought it was pretty obvious. I want to fuck you in front of Joe. But trust me when I say I’m not out to humiliate him. I promise I will only do what you both want. And how will we know what he wants? There is an infallible way to find out. Just feel his dick, Kate. He might tell you a lie but his dick can’t.”

“That’s ridiculous!” She folded her arms. “Joe’s not like that.”

“Do you think so? Let’s test my theory then. Are you wearing knickers?”

“Yes I am.” She looked at me seeking my moral support.

“Joe,” I turned to face him, “would you like Kate to show them to me?” He paused for a moment. “Come on then Kate, what’s his answer?”

She reached out and touched me through my shorts. Disappointment was writ large on her face when she felt my erection.


“You’re right,” I said. “I’m sorry Kate.”

“Don’t be too apologetic Joe. I daresay you’ll find that she is also getting excited. It’s easy enough to find out.”

“No!” Kate’s voice was surprisingly sharp. It occurred to me that she might be wet but be embarrassed for it to be known.

“Don’t be alarmed, Kate. Nothing’s going to happen unless you want it to.” He seemed remarkably laid-back but I sensed an inner confidence too. He picked up the bottle of scotch, topped us up, poured another one for himself and sat back in his chair. He looked at us both, a smile playing on his lips. “Well, Kate, are you going to show them to me?”

She looked at me. Was she hoping I would say no, don’t do it? Had she felt my rigid cock, she would have realised that there was no chance. She had a resigned look on her face as she briefly parted her legs and gave Greg sight of her white lace panties.

“OK Joe, would you like your wife to remove her skirt, now? What does his dick say, Kate?”

She touched me and immediately withdrew her hand. “I’m not going to play this pathetic game any longer!”

“So be it, Kate. Do you want to leave?” She made no move.

“Why can’t we just talk? That’s what you said we were going to do, Greg.”

“We can talk Kate, if that’s what you want, but I don’t think you do. I think you quite like this little game. Now both Joe and I want you to take your skirt off and, if you’re honest with yourself, so do you. So what’s stopping you?”

She stood up and undid the button at the side of her skirt. It fell to the floor. She sat down as modestly as circumstances permitted.

“What do you think, Joe?”

“She looks very nice indeed, Greg.” I smiled at her but it was not returned.

“I think your top can come off now, don’t you?” Greg sounded nonchalant.

She pulled it over her head exposing her full breasts and erect nipples. All that remained were her panties and they were revealing as much as they concealed.

“Tell me Joe, does it give you a hard-on seeing your lovely wife sitting here in front of me, wearing next to nothing? It certainly gives me one!” He touched himself through his trousers. “And now I’m wondering how I should get rid of it. I think I might have to fuck Kate. Is that all right with you?”

Kate stared at me, waiting for my answer. I sensed she wanted me to say yes. I wondered if it was so that she need not feel any guilt for what would happen. But I wanted to say yes anyway. I stared back at her as I nodded in affirmation, my mouth again dry, my heart again pounding. I took another mouthful of scotch.

“Now I’ve always said that actions speak louder than words, Joe.” Greg was again smiling. “In which case, I think you ought to remove her pretty little panties.”

I knelt in front of her grasped the sides and slid them over her hips, a task made simpler by Kate raising herself off the bed. I slipped them down her legs and over her feet. I brought them to my face and inhaled her musk. I studied my naked beautiful wife. She was still staring at me; I don’t think she’d even blinked. Save for the slow rise and fall of her breasts she was motionless. She had rarely looked more enticing. I wondered if Greg really appreciated how lucky he was.

“Is she wet enough for me?” he asked.

I only had to place my hands on her knees for her to part her legs. I pressed my face to her fragrant fanny, savouring the muskiness of her sexual arousal. I gently pulled her inner lips apart and pushed my tongue into her glistening coral pink cleft. I felt her hands on my head, a gesture more redolent of affection than of unbridled passion. I gloried in her divine tasting nectar as it coated my face and tongue. I paid special attention to her clitoris, already protruding from her soft folds. I pulled back to see the results of my labour of love. Wet enough? She would never be more ready for him than she was at that moment.

There was a sound of a zip being undone and I turned to see Greg slip off his trousers and free his powerful cock. He walked across to her whilst I resumed my former position, next to her on the bed. He knelt astride her and leaned forward to kiss her, his hand caressing her breasts.

Kate’s reaction was predictable but no less exciting for being so. I was spellbound as I watched her fingers encircle him. Greg leaned back to admire the view and Kate and I found ourselves looking into each other’s eyes. The next moment we were kissing and she tasted her own arousal on my face. It was intensely exciting to know that even whilst her tongue was in my mouth, even whilst her hand was pressing against the back of my neck, holding me to her, she was still caressing Greg’s cock.

Greg’s voice was soft but nevertheless insistent. “I want you to suck me, Kate?” She pulled away from me. There was just her knowing smile as Greg eased himself forward. He was straddling, all but squashing her breasts as he moved himself within range. She opened her mouth to him and captured his crown. Her eyes never left his as she sucked on it, as she cupped his heavy scrotum, as she gently felt the weight of his testicles and as she softly squeezed his thick shaft.

“Now Joe, I want you to tell that lovely wife of yours what you want me to do to her.”

My heart was beating so fast I’m sure my voice must have had a tremor in it. “I want him to fuck you, Kate. I want him to fuck you senseless. I want your fanny stretched round…”

She reached out her hand to my lips and stilled them. “I know what you want, Joe.”

I stripped off, conscious of my shortcomings as it were, but undoubtedly excited and fully erect.

Greg meanwhile had got off her and had returned to his seat. He looked proudly at his jutting erection. “Now come and stand astride me and we’ll give Joe a little show. And if you really want him to have a good view, position yourself with your back to me.”

As she straddled him Greg immediately cupped her breasts and began to play with her nipples. It was an inelegant stance but he was right; I could see everything.

“Kate, would you like Joe to put it in?”

“Yes,” she replied, her voice not much more than a whisper. Her eyes pleaded with mine, her desire all the louder for being unspoken.

I knelt down between his legs. I had never been so close to another man before. I gingerly put my hand out to hold it. It was the same yet totally different, a rigid pulsating thickness that filled my hand. I leaned forward to kiss her clitoris, holding the little nub with my lips, and teasing it with the tip of my tongue. It was too much for her and she gently eased her hand down and sought to cover herself.

I held Greg’s rigid cock by the base whilst Kate began to lower herself onto it. She briefly stopped when she felt it at her lips, allowing me to slide it back and forth along the whole length of her slit. It was already slick with her juices when I lined it up with her opening. I sat back on my haunches as her pink lips gently spread around his crown. I watched as she sank down on it, utterly entranced once more, as she impaled herself in one smooth motion. I felt an overpowering elation, an elation bordering on tears. Kate’s eyes were closed and I sensed her whole being was now focussed on her vagina.

She leaned backwards, and rested her hands on Greg’s abdomen. His hands cupped her buttocks and he could thus assist her as she slid up and down his cock. He slowly raised her and I watched his heavy thickness emerge, liberally coated with Kate’s secretions. He lowered her and I saw it slide back. He warmed to his task and increased his speed.

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